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I decided to split the last part into two chapters.

Enjoy and comment as appropriate.



Saskia looked over at her mother as she drove away from the cottage on the Monday morning and still couldn’t gauge how the weekend with Alex had gone. Rowan had been quiet when Saskia had pulled up but had a glow about her. She gave off the air of someone completely and utterly relaxed.

Her daughter considered it a positive result that she wasn’t morose and depressed or spitting feathers so it could not have been that bad. She hadn’t asked the specific question as she assumed that Rowan would offer up the information voluntarily but that had not been forthcoming. She could not wait any longer.

“Well … how did it go? Did the pair of you get along? I had hoped that Alex would still be there when I came to pick you up so I could see the interaction between the pair of you, but I guess he has to go to work.”

Her mother looked over at her with a dreamy expression.

“It was fine dear. Yes, he had a meeting so had to leave quite early. He woke me up when he pulled out … the boy has no consideration for anyone.”

Saskia caught the slight upturn in her mother’s lips and tried to work out what the enigmatic smile meant but was at a loss to understand. She pressed on with her interrogation.

“So, what did you do, just sit and talk or did you do stuff together? Did you use the facilities … it is a wonderfully equipped place don’t you think?”

Rowan’s voice was full of innuendo.

“Oh yes, dear. We used just about every thing they had to offer. I can’t think of any facility we didn’t use. In fact some of them got used more than once. We did lots of physical activity and I can’t say that I’ve ever felt so thoroughly fucked … err … I mean knackered after a weekend of activities.”

The small giggle that accompanied that statement sounded odd to Saskia’s ears but then the whole of her mother’s behaviour was decidedly odd. The aura of sated calmness about her was unnerving and had never been witnessed by her daughter before. Rowan stretched languidly and gave a small grimace and whimper which set Saskia’s thoughts flying off at tangents.

‘If I didn’t know better I would say she got laid this weekend.’

She shook her head to try and dispel that thought.

“So what did you do? You can’t just have sat and talked for the whole weekend? Did you play tennis, swim, go for a walk …? Did you invite anyone else over?”

Rowan turned to her daughter and smiled sweetly.

“No, of course not. It was just Alex and me and we had a lot of quality time together … alone. Now you know what it was like when you used to come home from school and I’d ask what you had done and you would say ‘not much’ or a ‘bit of this and a bit of that’. Suffice it to say that Alex and I had a wonderful weekend together and have sorted out our relationship … “

Rowan paused and Saskia looked over at her and caught sight of her mother biting her lower lip with an expression of utter bliss on her face. The expression was gone as soon as Rowan realised that Saskia was looking at her. She cleared her throat and continued in a neutral voice.

“We will be seeing more of each other … in fact I might go and stay with him for a while …”

Rowan trailed off once more and Saskia glanced over again and saw her mother looking at her with another goofy expression.

“Well, I’m glad if has sorted out the problem between you two.”

Her mother smiled happily.

“Oh, it certainly did that.. You were right by the way … I think I would give him the same description you did … ‘pretty much the real deal … in terms of what I look for in a guy’ … all that has done has shown me that your Dad and I have some issues … we may not … umm … “

Rowan coughed as she halted but otherwise seemed unfazed by the fact that she had started to say something indiscrete. Saskia was perplexed by the linkage between the comment about how perfect Alex was and her relationship with her husband and it set her mind racing.

‘What the hell have they been talking about … what the hell have they been doing?’

Saskia looked over at her mother who was far too calm and relaxed and had a sudden insight which left her reeling.

‘OMG… Fuckkkk! Come on there has to be some other explanation … but she said there was no one else there over the weekend … and she shows all the hallmarks of having been laid … Alex was the only one there … fuckkk … there were signs from before … their attitude to each other after the night before the wedding … and then he got that chubby when he saw her in my sexy dress that night … then Mum’s attitude over him going off with Emma … Jesus … the jizz on my dress was because they were fucking at the wedding … it was nothing to do with Emma … they have done it before!’

Saskia tried to come up with another reasonable bostancı escort bayan explanation for Rowan’s words and behaviour but in the words of Sherlock Holmes … Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth

Alex and their mother had spent the weekend fucking!

And she had set it up!

Chapter 32

After dropping Rowan at the station, Saskia sat in the car and pondered what to do. She repeatedly picked up her phone and put it down again as she tried to work out what to say to her father … or whether to say anything at all. She had no proof that her mother and brother had been having sex over the weekend and would sound like a crazy person if she rang her father and told him about her suspicions. Suspicions built on what? That her mother looked and acted like she had just got laid and that she and Alex had mended their relationship. OK, there had been some inkling at the wedding that things were different between the pair of them and the circumstantial evidence of the stained dress but that would hardly stand up in court! Saskia knew that her father would want more proof than her skimpy suspicions but then started to think about some of the comments he had made in the past … about Rowan only being happy if Alex was in a relationship with a clone of herself. Did her father have an inkling of what was going on in his wife’s head? If so why had he suggested throwing them together over the weekend to sort out their differences if he thought they might end up having sex together? Had he cuckolded himself?

Under those circumstances why would she tell him anything? Did she owe it to him to let him know that his wife and son were possibly committing incestuous adultery? Yes, he was her father and she had always been Daddy’s Girl but should she take his side in what was sure to become, a horrendous family schism? No, she needed to have a civil relationship with both her parents going forward especially against the background that she felt sure that they were going to split up. No, she would not say anything … even if she was disgusted by her mother’s behaviour!


No, that was the wrong word as she saw the attraction of Alex as a man … as a lover … a partner … a father to her child … a husband … but those particular traits were not something one was supposed to act on if it was a family member!

However, despite the social and moral strictures against it, it would appear that both she and her mother felt the same way about Alex but her mother had got there first!

Saskia looked at herself in the rear-view mirror and realised that what she was feeling was not disgust but jealousy or, to be more precise, envy. It could hardly be considered jealousy as she would not have made a move on her brother whatever her new-found recognition of what he was as a man. Her mother, on the other hand, certainly seemed to have made advances … or was it the other way round? Saskia pondered whether Alex may have been the instigator but concluded quickly that he had been doing his best to avoid contact with his mother … he had run away from the wedding after all. Was that a sign that he was trying to do the right thing? She thought back on the conversations with her mother after he had left that evening and realised that Rowan had also reluctantly accepted what he had done. They were trying to fight the mutual attraction until they had been forced together over this weekend … and who had organised that?


She slumped back into her car seat and considered whether she should do anything at all before realising she needed to prove herself right first. She needed evidence of their illicit relationship so decided to skip her lecture at uni and go back to the cottage as there would surely be some evidence of their physical activity if they had, indeed, been making the beast with two backs.

There was a van parked in the drive when she returned to the remote house and realised that it was the maid service come to clean the property for the next guests. She hoped that they would not have cleaned all the evidence away and walked towards the house passing laundry bags outside the front door ready to be sent for cleaning and plastic bin liners full of rubbish.

She was possibly too late but entered the house anyway thinking of all the possible locations that the two lovers would have consummated their illicit relationship.

Did they ever get further than the stairs after the video call on the Saturday afternoon? She looked over at the ornate staircase and could envision her mother still in the bikini laying back on the stairs as a fully clothed Alex forced her legs apart so he could access Rowan’s dripping cunt with his mouth. In return she pulled his head harder against her needy clit and with a look of bliss on her face.

Saskia closed her eyes and shook her head to rid ümraniye escort herself of the image but she could still see the two bodies splayed across the lower steps of the stairs …

“Can I help you, lady?”

The vision disappeared but Saskia had to shake her head to clear it completely as she realised that someone was speaking to her. She looked around to see a young African man with a vacuum cleaner staring at her expectantly and she cleared her throat to give her time to get over the shock of the vision. She had made up a plausible story as to why she was there on her the drive over but her head was still reeling from the salacious image.

“Hi … umm … I was wondering if you had found … err .. an earring? My mother and brother were staying here this weekend and she thinks she may have lost it in the bedroom.”

The young man looked confused.

“Sorry … I no speak good English … I get Zara.”

He started climbing the stairs and Saskia half expected to see the images of Alex and Rowan moving out of the way to let him pass … She waited in the hallway until he returned with a much older lady who looked down at her from the galleried landing and spoke with an East European accent.

“Can I help you?”

Saskia cleared her throat again.

“Yes, my mother was staying here this weekend and thinks she lost her earring in one of the bedrooms. Have you found it … a small solitaire diamond stud … it may have been in the sheets of the bed.?”

The old lady shook her head.

“No sorry, dear, I always check the bed clothes very carefully as it has happened before. You are welcome to look on the floor of the room as we haven’t vacuumed up here yet.”

Saskia nodded her thanks and climbed the stairs … treading carefully, hoping that the hallucination did not reappear as she passed the point where she had imagined her mother and brother having noisy oral sex. She berated herself for thinking that way.

‘What the fuck are you thinking about? You’re getting too involved in this … seeing visions which tie up with your assumptions … you need to get your head seen to!’

The hallucination did not manifest itself again and she laughed self-consciously as she got to the top of the stairs without further surprises. The old lady pointed down the corridor to an open door and Saskia made her way tentatively towards it. She was nervous about going inside so stood on the threshold and looked in. The room was empty with the windows wide open and there was a distinct smell of air freshener. A frisson of disappointment passed through her while she surveyed the bare mattress as she had hoped to find sheets soiled from a weekend of incestuous debauchery. She reckoned that her mother and brother were probably fucking on this very bed just a few hours ago. Sighing in disappointment at the lack of evidence she stepped in through the doorway and her mind was immediately filled with an unbidden image of her mother riding her son as his mouth sucked fiercely on the large nipples of her breasts hanging in front of him.

“Goddd … baby … yeah bite my tits … I love your cock … promise me you’ll let me ride you cock every day …

This image was different than the one on the stairs as it was as real as if she was in the room with them. She was sure she could reach out and touch them and could hear everything … the sound of her mother’s buttocks slapping against Alex’s thighs … the wet sound of his rigid shaft pumping into his mother’s greasy pussy … the breathless moans and whimpers as they sweated their way towards a mutual orgasm … she could even smell her mother’s arousal … it was her own live sex show featuring her mother and brother … and it was the hottest thing she had ever seen! She moaned as her own arousal mounted and sub-consciously raised one hand to cup a breast as her nipples hardened and the other went to her pussy as her juices started to flow.

She hurriedly dropped her hands away when she realised what she was doing and chastised herself as she shook her head to try and clear the salacious vision. However, all that happened was that the image morphed to Alex standing on the floor as Rowan lay on her back with her head over the edge of the bed as her son fucked deeply into her straightened throat as she pulled his buttocks closer.

‘Fuck Mum … you sexy cock sucker … I’m going to come so fucking hard … I love fucking your face …!’

Saskia marvelled at her mother’s ability to deep-throat her brother’s monster cock but then shook her head at her stupidity … this was nothing more than her fantasy, it was her interpretation of what could have happened but why did it seem so real?

Her rational mind was telling her NO, this had not happened and her brother did not have such a magnificent cock.

If so, why did it feel like she could reach out and run her hands over Alex’s back or drop to her knees and rim his arse with her tongue escort kartal before licking down to his large sperm filled balls?

Her mind screamed at her.


The vision changed again to Alex kneeling behind his mother who was arse up, face down moaning continuously as her hands clasped the sheets in time with the savage thrusts of her son into her tight pussy.

“Alexxx … you’re making Mummy come againnn … fuck me darling … harder … fuck me … give me your baby … fuck Mummy …!’

Alex stopped thrusting causing Rowan to whine in frustration and tried to skewer her hips back on the solid shaft of her son’s immobile cock.

‘You want my baby Mummy-slut? You need to ask nicely … what’s the magic word?”

Rowan lifted her head from the bed and looked pleadingly back at her son.

‘Please Alex … give me your come … come inside me … make me pregnant … I want your baby!’

Saskia stood rooted to the spot with her mouth agape.


“Did you say something dear?”

The vision faded and Saskia blushed at Zara who looked at her expectantly.

“What? No … sorry … just thinking out loud.”

“Did you find it … the earring?”

“Sorry, I was in a bit of a daze. I’ll have a look now.”

“If you could please miss, we have to clean up here before we finish.”

Saskia exhaled in relief as the older woman left but felt dizzy and confused. She needed to get hold of herself otherwise she would have a breakdown as she felt sure this was a hysterical over-reaction to her sub-conscious desire to find proof. She tried to make light of the vivid salacious images complete with sound-track and the reaction of her own body by trying to convince herself of a psycho-babble interpretation.

‘I know what this is … I’m capturing the remaining sexual energy waves that they produced and my genetic connection enables it. The taboo nature of what they were doing makes those energy waves extra-strength and so I can still pick them up after all this time!’

There, that was the theory but she knew it to be bullshit and giggled to herself.

She bent down by the bed but there was no discernible residual smell of the debauched sex that she was sure had taken place and went to look in the bathroom as there may be some used condoms or empty lube tubes … anything that would show that they had been doing the naughties. Once again her mind presented her with a vivid vision as she could make out the shape of two people entwined inside the large glass cubicle. They were fucking standing up and she could see her mother’s feet locked around Alex’s hips and her arms around his neck as his hands clasped her fleshy buttocks with her back pressed against the tiled wall as the shower beat down on them.

Alex thrust his rigid cock back up into his mother’s grasping twat and Rowan felt every vein and ridge on the beautiful shaft that continued to bring her so many orgasm she had lost count.

‘Fuck Mum … I’m gonna come inside you again … your pussy feels so tight … I can’t stop coming inside you.’

‘Yes, baby … come in me … knock me up … own my cunt with your cock!’

Alex tried to stand taller to really pound into Rowan’s welcoming body but suddenly slipped and his elbow caught the mixer tap and the pair cursed at the sudden deluge of colder water but then broke into fits of giggles.

The image faded but refocussed with Rowanon her knees as she took every inch of Alex’s massive organ into her throat.

“Jeez Mum, you are going to suck my soul out through my cock … fuckkk …coming … fuckk … yess!’

He held Rowan’s head tight against his groin as he flexed his hips in time to the spurts of his come pulsing deep into his mother’s throat.’

Eventually he released her and she pulled her head back, coughing as she recovered her breathing, with strings of saliva, semen and phlegm connecting back to Alex’s red and inflamed penis. She kissed the tip collecting the last remnants of his come as it oozed from the piss slit. She looked up at him and smiled naughtily as he helped her to her feet and kissed her tenderly.

‘I’ve been wanting to do that properly ever since the chamber.’

The image faded and Saskia stood staring disbelievingly at the empty shower cubicle and realised she was feeling even more horny … her clit throbbed and her panties were damp.

She went to leave the bathroom and then turned back and looked thoughtfully at the shower cubicle. Surely her mind would have not invented the comedy moment with the cold water, would it? This was getting too bizarre for words and she really needed to get out of the house before she went mad. She left the bedroom and looked at the open door across the corridor. The bed was made or had not been used and no unbidden vision popped into her head as she entered the room. She smiled in mock triumph to herself as it proved her psycho-babble theory as there were no residual sexual energy waves in that room and decided to try another room on this floor and then look downstairs. The next bedroom was also made up and had obviously not been used for any purpose, least of all incestuous sex between a mother and her son.

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