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Warning: this story consists of the following (in no particular order): incest, oral and some facts about my life. If you consider the licking of a pussy a massage well then it has that too. All characters in this story are over 18. The characters are real people with their names changed for obvious reasons. It’s up to you to figure out what you feel is real and what is not; well one part I point out is completely truth. Also, no copy is to be made of this story without the direct approval of the author which is me: LIVE4THEBJ. Now onto the story.


Since the original story there have been much that has changed in our lives; more hers than mine. Sandy decided to take it upon herself to go for nursing school, and well for me I pursued EMS. Unlike Sandy I dropped out finding being responsible of people’s lives after taking a crash course in medical rescue was more responsibility than I could handle.

Sandy on the other hand was more book smart than me, and she absorbed her reading material like a sponge in water. I am proud to say she graduated and is currently applying for jobs all over the place, but still doing her massaging business for the money to pay for it all. Unfortunately she had to drop some clients mostly the high profile ones that as one would expect would make or break an appointment at a moments notice, but she kept enough on to keep her going.

So looking back to what we shared with Literotica we say It’s been a solid 2 years, probably more since we last had our incident. Since then we spent very little time together, and what time we spent she was face first in her nursing books trying to memorize obscene amount of information in shorts amount of time. I have to give her credit though she can do it, and she can do it well: memorize that Is. For me, I never had that talent, hell I barely passed history class. For who really needs to know about this and that in history? Okay, maybe a history professor, but not me that’s for sure. Nope, all I need to know is how to fix a computer, setup a network, encrypt a drive, that is my niche and I get well paid to do it.

But now that the pressure is off of her she called me and wanted to cut loose for one night: really let off some steam. When she said that I have to admit the first thing that came to mind was that day on the massage table when she engulfed my cock whole, and brought me to the most intense orgasm of my life. In case you are wondering and I am sure you are, nothing came of it since then. We acted like everything is everything, and that incident never occurred. To put it mildly, we were never awkward around each other since, but we never discussed it either. It was almost like It’s the most natural thing in the world that siblings do to each other when the moment is right but don’t dwell on it.

Okay I admit to focusing on it several times. For I am divorced male with a high sex drive and take that plus opportunity like dating sites, let’s just say quite a few of my “dates” as you can call them I was picturing my sister’s face on many of them as I was doing my thing. As to the details of that, it’s truly amazing how many people I came across openly said, showed, and informed me of similar interests in incestual relationships. I confined in a select few about what we did, or for a better word what she did to me. It turned them on, but they also gave their view point as someone who is a female and shares experiences and others fantasies of incest. Was a nice wanted insight, and served me well the two years that I didn’t see much of my sister.

I am most thankful that we are close as ever; this would be true whether the incident happened or not. Then came the night where that changed. The thing about me and my sister Sandy, well more her than me is she loves to drink. She I guess you can say is a borderline alcoholic; she can go days without a drink but once she starts she doesn’t know when to stop or has the desire to stop. Not to say it’s drinking day after day, it’s more one drink after another till she either goes to bed or passes out where she stands. To say a wine bottle is safe with her is further from the truth than I can express. But that is Sandy and I love her. If I really felt it was an issue I would be more aggressive about trying to help her, but as long as someone else is driving or she is drinking at home I don’t see the harm.

So that brings us to the most recent event the night that resulted in another sexual encounter much further than I would ever have expected to go. Granted I am as guilty as her for how far it went, but can you blame me? I did say she tried to be a model and on top of it she is my sister, plus I get off on incest, and most of all she came onto me even if she doesn’t remember it. I am sure you are confused at this point so take a moment and read part 1 first for it’s not very long and then come back where you left off on this story and I will lay out the series of events of what recently occurred. How recent? Lets just say she is sleeping kartal escort naked right now a few feet from me.


As I was saying she just finished nursing school and she really wanted to let loose. At first she wanted to go to some foreign island with me but I don’t have that kind of money, and the trip wouldn’t be cheap, so we both settled on a night of bar hopping. This particular night we decided to go with our favorite “The DragonFly”. This place it’s really hard to explain for it’s sort of all over the place. It has an expensive new age look to it, but has Jazz musicians play there some nights, they serve the common American cuisine and then on top of it they have a variety of sushi. The bartenders and hostess are always attractive people: male or female, and sometimes even the busboy as my sister pointed out can be hot.

It has an ambiance that one could take someone there for a date to try to loosen her up for a night of hot kinky sex and at the same time one could take their sister there just for a night of drinking and socializing. We at least intended the later. That is how it started at least, but this particular day I decided to try something new: Guinness. I heard of it, know of it, and quite frankly never ever tried it. Usually my poison would be a Corona or a series of Corona’s or something of similar nature. Other times it’s Captain and Coke for while I love Jack and Coke I also learned while with others that Jack Daniels just makes me mean: very mean so I stay away from it at least when I am with someone.

So my sister and I decided to go drink-for-drink to see who taps out. Now you must understand that her and many others can drink me under the table; I am truly a lightweight. Drinking was never my thing, and when I did do it I could get drunk quite easily. For instance, 3 Corona’s and I am buzzed. But tonight, was a different story. Understand we went drink-for-drink, and I never ever had Guinness before. 6 Guinness’s later I swear to you I am not even buzzed, and she on the other hand is hammered and she can tell I am not buzzed.

At first we thought “maybe they are water down” but then I pointed out we went beer-for-beer which means we both got a drink at the same time and finished at the same time. So that was out, but some weird reason I was not even catching a buzz let alone drunk and under normal circumstances I would be trying to flirt with the bartender at this point for quite frankly sober I am shy as they come but put a few drinks in me and I am a gigolo. However, 8 drinks later nothing. So once we finished with number 8 we agreed we stayed our welcome and left to go walk around a few blocks to see where we can go next.

The area and town is a nice one; changed a lot in the last few years and almost looks like a small NYC on Park Ave. Around 11pm is when all the model wannabe’s come out, and ironically most have Swedish accents as we heard when we blended into the crowd.

After some looking and debating we settled on this one place that was happening. It had various large groups of people, but lucky for us had two stools just waiting to snagged and we did just that. Unfortunately for us there was a group of very attractive but clearly drunk which equated annoying woman next to us and based on their discussions were all from the same job bitching about their job and their manager: yawn!

Ordering another round for Guinness we start going drink-for-drink and beer-for-beer just to see if any change takes place in my sobriety. As the time went along and the drinks continued to get filled I yet to feel a thing, and my sister on the other hand is having trouble staying on the stool. On top of it, one of the ladies with the “junk in the trunk” if you know what I mean is literally dry humping my hand that I placed on the pipe beneath the bar. What the pipe is for I don’t know, and not only that but my sister is watching her do it with a shit eating grin.

To say this is humorous is an understatement, in fact we are both trying not to laugh as this girl is basically fucking my hand with her over tight jean covered ass. Did she eventually stop you wonder? Well yes, after her friends finally figured out what she was doing and embarrassingly grabbed and took her away, and my sister and I burst out laughing almost drawing attention to us. We also took that as our queue to leave.

Grabbing her purse and letting her lead the way we start to try to squeeze pass and through crowd but getting bumped and shoved along the way to the point my sister gets pushed so hard that her ass is pressed against my crotch which normally wouldn’t be a big deal except I am sporting a hard-on due to the events that occurred minutes ago. Whether she stopped or paused for whatever reason, what she did next can be only explained in one way, she intended to do it. After her summer dress covered ass is pressed against my crotch, she reaches back, squarely places her hands on my rod, and squeezes it. Then on top of it, she maltepe escort bayan looks over her right shoulder, gives me a smirk, and winks at me.

If it wasn’t at the age I am now, I would have came right there. There is just something so sexy about a sibling grabbing your cock whether it’s through your pants or not, and acknowledging It. I know I was horny before, I am a lot worse now after she did that.

For those reading this, I am sure you are wondering what’s next; take her to the alley and bend her over and fuck my sister right there. Sorry to say that isn’t what happened. Oh let me guess, we went into the car and she gave me road head. Nope that didn’t happen either. Instead, we finally made it out of the bar, and worked our way the few blocks back to the car to head to another bar. However, as I was driving along, and watching her legs get more and more exposed by the long slit in her summer dress, I also notice her drifting off to sleep. I am not surprised, she had a lot to drink and she is as thin as a rail so it’s clearly time to take her home. But there is one small problem, she drove to my condo and she is in no state to drive home.

So being the responsible brother, I park the car, help her out of the car, and she starts mumbling some nonsense about needing to get home and looking for her car keys. I just take them away with the intention of hiding them till she is completely sober which at this point won’t be till morning and get her ass to bed.

Lucky for me I have a spare bed that isn’t exactly comfortable but for such situations can work in a pinch and this is one of those times. As I finally get her up the stairs through the door I can already tell she is going to be sick, so I quickly get her to the bathroom, hold her ponytail out of the way, and let her vomit the contents of the night. My hard-on went from hard to soft after that, and while I was still feeling the pulsing in my crotch, sex was the last thing on my mind right now.

After she finally finished depositing what she needed to into the toilet I helped her stand up and realized she got some on her dress. Using the mirror to help her understand the circumstances without a second thought she lets the straps off her shoulders, and the dress just piles by her feet leaving her completely butt naked. THE HARD-ON RETURNS!

Like I said in the original story seeing her naked wasn’t something I was unfamiliar with, but back then in her hippy days she had a full muff, hairy legs, hell she even had armpit hair. Today, it’s a different story for there wasn’t a single ounce of hair on her from neck to toe. Aside from her eyebrows and the top of her head she was completely bare. Hell I could even see her clit sticking out; yeah I look…what?

Now let me detour for a second for I am going to bare some truths to you fellow readers. What I am about to share with you is 100% factual. I lost my virginity at 18 years old and I am not saying this for the rules of the site; nope I am saying it because it’s true. While my friends lost their virginity much earlier in life I was stuck going through the hell of puberty and not getting any pussy till months after I turned 18. Then after that girl I met this girl and she was fat, and no one wanted her but man she could get me hard licking my ear. Why am I telling you this? You will understand for it bears on this story so just stay with me on this.

So anyway one day I am with this fat chick in her grandma’s house and we start making out and at some point I am not sure if she took her pants off or I took her pants off but somehow her pants came off and here I am looking at this fat girls pussy and all I could think about is “man I wonder what that tastes like” for the first and only time I fucked I was just banging the girl, and when I say I banged her, I banged her for two-hours. How do I know it was two-hours? Because we started at the beginning of a two-hour movie and we stopped at the end of the movie. That is how I know.

So I never tasted a pussy before and I was really curious, unfortunately for me this girls pussy was not ready for the licking for one swipe with the tongue I was gagging and ever since I swore off eating pussy. I am re-iterating this, this is 100% fact!

So jumping around 3 years later I am 21, in a relationship and finally get a 9 to 5 day job that doesn’t require me to put produce on shelves. At this day job is some hot woman, and there is one that I later learn used to be a stripper and is a total slut not to mention loves women and men, and thought I was hot. Me hot? Who would have thought. Well once she found out I was seeing someone she made a bet with her friend she could seduce and fuck me: well duh I am a male horny guy that is only 21 and she was to put it bluntly, HOT!

Well I didn’t have to wait long for to shorten this story she got me back to her place the following night, this and that happen and we are in her bedroom stripping done to nothing. After she gets completely escort pendik naked she slides up on the bed looks at me and opens her legs. Now when I say this was the sexiest thing I ever seen in my life, I mean just that. This girl was a perfect 10; nice flat stomach, short, very fit and the baldest smoothest and the yummiest looking pussy I have ever seen.

I didn’t even think about it, I just dove head first between her legs and for the next 30-minutes I ate this girl through more orgasms than she had with anyone (I later learn) to the point when I stopped eating her, I looked up her hair was a mess, she could barely keep her eyes open, and the first thing she said and I quote “You are driving me crazy!”

Ever since then I been a pussy licking, eating loving man. I love to eat the pussy, and the control I can have over a woman just using my tongue. The only thing that gets me hotter is a smooth sexy pussy, and that my friends is what was in my bathroom, reflecting off my bathroom mirror, but in this case that pussy belonged to my sister.

So what did I do? Well first she finally showed signs of being able to stand-up, so I reached over and grabbed the mouthwash and told her to at least rinse her mouth out to get the taste out. Yeah I caught a glimpse here and there, who wouldn’t? She spit it out and mumbled she is going to bed and I sat down to pee for at that moment I couldn’t stand and aim at the bowl for I was so fucking hard from just seeing my sister’s bald pussy; not only bald but tan. Not sure how or where she got that tan from, but she clearly wasn’t wearing any clothes when she acquired It.

After I finished peeing I shook my hard-on, pulled up my pants and started to head to the spare bedroom for my sister is familiar with my place and knows right where it is, but the odd thing was she wasn’t in it. Then I panicked thinking she found the keys and took off in the car: naked! Nope, the car is still there and from what I can see she isn’t in it.

Checked the couch, nope nobody there and I know she isn’t in the bathroom which leaves one place and no not the kitchen. So I peak into my room and there on my king size bed is my sister, face down on the bed, on top of the comforter, butt naked, ass sticking out with her lips and clit on full display, snoring!

“That’s just great!” I bursted out and then said to deaf ears “well you could have at least got underneath the blanket.”

But nope, she didn’t, so being the skinny-mini that she is, and me being as strong as I am, plus taking what I learned at EMS rolling her this way and that way to the point I was able to get her off the comforter and underneath it. Then figuring well it’s my place and I pay the mortgage I am not about to sleep on the crappy bed, strip down to my boxers, and get in next to her, turn off the light, and catch some shut eye.


“Oh God…that feels so good…oh baby…god your ass feels so fucking good, the cheeks are so cold but yet so perfect…” having a wet dream or so I thought. I wasn’t sure at first for they can be very vivid, and others not so much. There were times I would wake up and I swear I can taste pussy on my mouth but I am alone, and didn’t get any the night before, and then other times I will wake up to drool on my pillow, but this time what I thought was a dream, and technically is, was also reality.

In the dream I was on my side fucking a girl in the ass or pussy not really sure to be perfectly honest, and just so into the feel of her cheeks pressed against my crotch. But as I am coming out of the dream I can still feel the cheeks, but also can feel the air on my cock so I know I am not in any hole at least not at the moment. Then I also feel a hard nipple pressed against my hand and my cock wedged against an ass and then I think “SANDY!”

Yup you guessed it, I woke up fondling and dry humping my sister. Now don’t cry rape, for I WOKE UP this way, I didn’t do this intentionally. Sandy, she is snoring and dead to the world; well not completely for she was pushing back, and her nipple was hard so she was enjoying the attention.

So here I am, awake, with a hard-on, and quite frankly a very sex woman naked in bed with me. The boxer shorts are still on, but my cock found It’s way out of the hole…obviously and I am horny now, very fucking horny. Then comes the dilemma, not only is the person I am in bed with passed out, but she is also my sister Sandy. So in the eyes of society or the eyes of the law the buck stops here as they say. But as any guy knows, we don’t always think with the right head especially when the head is wedged between a perfectly tanned ass.

So acting on hormones and not logic I have a desire that I haven’t felt since that day I ate that girl out for a half-hour to eat a pussy, and not any pussy I wanted to eat my sister’s pussy. Not caring if she was awake, or sleeping, I had to at least taste her once even if it’s the last time I ever get to taste her. But my comforter can really trap air, and I have had woman try to suck my cock while underneath it but coming out after bursting for air saying they could barely breath. So as I am working my way away from her body and down it I am also using my feet and legs to push the comforter off the bed.

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