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Note to readers: This is meant to be a slightly more plot driven story, so if you’re looking for hard and fast, try one of my other attempts. If you enjoy this story, please send me feedback, if only for the sake of my ego and remember to vote 5 before you leave. And remember folks: Do try this at home.

This story is dedicated to Holly, Ian and Carl. If Holly’s reading this, then apologies for the reference, but thanks for the accidental inspiration you provided. If Ian and Carl are reading this, this is the story I was writing. Enjoy.

* * * * *

Twenty minutes before I was going to leave, the phone rang. It was Grace, my girlfriend, and she was phoning to have one of ‘those’ conversations. I knew what was coming before she’d even finished the first sentence.

“I think you’re a really great guy, I just don’t think we really connect, d’you know what I mean? It’s nothing to do with you, it’s me.”

Yeah, like fuck it is. There’s no surer way to crush a guy’s heart than to fob him off with those kinds of weak excuses. Especially 20 minutes before a date. I hung up sullenly when she’d finished and stalked off down the hall.

“Who was that?” My sister Annie popped her head out of the living room. Seeing the look on my face, she realised. “Shit sorry Chris. Was that Grace?”

I nodded dumbly, still apoplectic. She pulled her head back in, recognising from experience that I’d appreciate some time alone. I continued down the hall to my bedroom and slammed the door. Sinking down on the bed, I squeezed by eyes shut to block out the tears of frustration and fury and started to beat the shit out of a pillow.

This was about the fourth or fifth time a relationship had ended this way. I was always “really sweet” and a “really nice guy,” but “we never really connected, you know?” Yes I did know, but couldn’t work out what I was doing that repelled women after 3 or 4 weeks in my company.

I’d resigned myself to a depressing evening trying to work out where I’d gone wrong, but there was a knock on my bedroom door before I could start properly wallowing in my self-pity.

“I’m going to rent a video in a couple of minutes. You wanna help choose?” Annie’s voice floated through the door.

I considered for a second and the picked myself up off the bed. “Yeah, okay. I’ll be there in just a sec.”

Annie was my twin sister and we’d always had a kind of psychic connection. When we were younger, we used to finish each other’s sentences and predict each other’s moods. The bond had got weaker as we’d grown older, but we were still very good friends. Our parents had moved around a lot before Mum died, but we’d always have each other to talk to, wherever we went.

We’d decided to accompany the film with generous amounts of alcohol and so stopped at an off-license on the way back. Annie said it’d do me good to drown my sorrows for a night, “if only so I can see you smile for once.”

Armed only with a couple of bottles of Smirnoff and under the influence of a god-awful film, we decided to have a Brother-Sister discussion about Life, the Universe and Everything, before we broached the discussion of relationships.

“So what happened with you and Grace then?”

I downed my shot of vodka before responding, partly to get it over with, but mostly in a vain attempt to put off answering. I hated vodka, but it was the easiest way to get drunk. “Nothing much. We just had a state-of-the-relationship conversation and decided it was best to break it off.”

“Bollocks. Was it really that bad?”

“Pretty much.” I shot her a rueful grin and she returned it with a flash of teeth. “Let’s move on shall we?”

After a while we got onto the subject of first crushes. I’d admitted to Pamela Andersen (being a true child of the80s, Baywatch and a kartal escort red swimming costume were the primary reasons behind that) and Annie’d confessed to Gianluca Vialli (God only knows the reasoning), before we got onto first crushes on ‘real’ people. I’m still a bit confused as to why I told the truth. Maybe it was the fact that I subliminally knew it was the right thing to do. Or maybe it was the vodka.


“Well attractive girl like you, impressionable sheltered lad like me. You’d been my best friend for years. If we weren’t related, odds were we’d have got it on eventually.”

I looked up from my shot glass to see Annie blushing furiously and realised the faux pas that I wouldn’t have dreamed of making in sober conversation.

“Look Ann, I erm…look, I didn’t mean anything serious by it, I just…”

I was saved from digging a deeper hole by her leaning over and kissing me. The shock rendered me speechless for a good few seconds afterwards, with a fizzing nerve recollection of her lips on mine hampering rational thought. Annie was watching me to gauge my reaction, chewing her lip and playing with a strand of her hair. My confusion extended to not knowing what to do next, so we sat there looking at each other for a minute, before I took the initiative, leaned over and kissed her.

It was incredible; twenty times better than it had ever been with any of my exes. Our mouths meshed, tongues tentatively exploring each other with the slight first kiss awkwardness enhancing the experience. My hands started off on either side of her face before working their way through her hair, down to her hips and then sliding up to caress her breasts, reveling in the warmth underneath her blouse, the alcoholic fuzz evaporating in an instant to leave every microsecond crystal clear.

After an eternity, we separated and my brain switched back on to deliver an unwelcome message: That was your sister you just kissed. From the look in her eyes the same thought was circulating in her head. Conversation openers, apologies, jokes and more flitted briefly through my mind as I searched desperately for something to say, before eventually coming out with the hideously inadequate “Goodnight then” and fleeing to my room, hands still burning from the illicit caress.

Breakfast was a stilted affair. Dad was still away on his ‘business weekend’ (long ago discovered as a euphemism for ‘shagging his secretary’), so it was just the three of us, me, Annie and an uncomfortable silence that was growing harder to break with every further second that it persisted. Finally Annie broached the subject we were both thinking about.

“Did you mean what you said last night? About fancying me?”

I buttered a piece of toast furiously and avoided eye contact. With luck I could dodge the question.

“Cause I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s nothing wrong with it. Us, I mean. I mean if we both like each other, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with us having a relationship. I mean, I’m on the pill, so kids wouldn’t be an issue and I just think if we’re adult enough about it, there shouldn’t be a problem.” Long silence. “Are you going to leave that toast alone and answer me or what?”

I’d listened to her argument and could find no real flaw in her logic. Moreover the conclusion was one that I liked. I looked up at her and found my voice. “Okay then.”

A long silence followed. Then another. Then my sister interrupted with “So do you wanna fuck then or what?”

We ended up in her room. Maybe because she was the instigator, but maybe also because my room was a mess and hardly conducive to a romantic atmosphere. There was still some awkwardness as we regarded each other, not quite sure how to start. Suddenly one of maltepe escort bayan us moved and we were kissing again, the sensations enhanced by the taboo we were breaking. My desire for her was overwhelming and my hands were desperately trying to touch every part of her body at once.

We separated momentarily so she could relieve me of my T-shirt and I concentrated my hands on undoing her blouse. I slipped one hand inside the cup of her bra and fondled a breast, reveling in the feeling which more than equaled any of my feverish early-teen imaginings, her nipple an exclamation point against my hand as I gently squeezed. She reached behind her back and undid her bra while I extracted my hand to remove her trousers. I slid them down her bronzed thighs, enjoying the silkiness and warmth of her legs, dwelling there while she stepped out of her jeans, leaving her clad only in white knickers, the contrast against her olive skin making her near nudity much more erotic.

My erection was by now creating quite a tent in my trousers, so she helped me out of the last of my clothes and we collapsed on the bed. She straddled me and we continued our exploration of each other’s mouths, her tongue rubbing over mine. My hands slid upwards from her hips, dragging across her stomach to run over her pert breasts. I cupped them, enjoying their weight and rubbed my thumbs across the smooth skin.

Her hands moved down my torso to explore my erect dick and I jumped slightly at her touch. Her hand cupped my prick and started stroking, squeezing, touching and teasing me. Go, she was an expert; the sensations she was causing were so intense as her hand rubbed my shaft before moving to brush the sensitive spot under my bell-end, the constant rhythm creating waves of heat.

All of a sudden she broker off the kiss, gave me a wicked grin and placed her head in my lap. I groaned loudly as her lips enveloped me, her practiced tongue lapping at the tip. I felt the suction create pressure inside me as the heat rose and I exploded, lost in a tsunami of pleasure as cum surged out of me.

“Jesus, where did you learn to do that?” I stammered once I’d recovered enough breath to speak.

She gave me another wicked grin. “Practice makes perfect. I assume that was good for you too?”

“Better than good”

I embraced her, glorying in her warmth and enjoying the way her breasts pressed against my chest. I rolled her onto her back and began using my mouth on her neck, my hands roving over her body, sliding slowly up and down her sides. My tongue worked as I licked and sucked, moving slowly down to her chest. Her tits bobbed as she breathed, her excitement clear as I applied myself to her soft cleavage.

I kissed all around, slowly working my way from the outside to the center, running my tongue around her dark aureolae, enjoying the feeling of erect nipple in my mouth before tightening my lips and beginning to suckle. She gasped as my mouth increased the pressure, my hands sliding underneath her body to stroke her back, which arched at my touch, pushing her breast into my face. My hands roamed her body, stroking and caressing, luxuriating in the touch of her skin, trying to pleasure every inch of her while my mouth worked at her nipple, eliciting gasps and moans.

After a minute, I reluctantly relinquished her nipple and moved down her body, my hands sliding into her knickers briefly before pulling them down. I used my fingertips, brushing the inside of her thigh, working my was up almost to her pussy before going back down, teasing, tantalizing, but never quite touching, my mouth just inches from her, blowing gently on her skin. Each time I moved up, she arched her hips, her body moving unconsciously towards my fingers, trying to gain the contact that she desired. I stayed escort pendik there for a minute, enjoying her frustration and arousal, before finally going down on her.

She groaned at the first touch, a pent-up animalistic noise amplified from being stored for so long earlier. My tongue began to lap languidly at her folds, already aroused from my previous attentions, slowly and steadily licking, my lips working as I slid my tongue in and around her pussy. She was getting wetter every second and I kept up a steady rhythm, enjoying the excitement that I was causing. Her breathing became shallower as I moved my tongue onto her peal. The effect was electric as she arched her back again, pushing more of her pussy into my face. Her breasts bobbed as she began to pant; the noises she was making exciting me further.

I freed a hand from under her arse where it had gravitated and slowly slid a finger into her pussy, curling it find her sensitive spot, attending to her clit from two sides before withdrawing slightly to add a second finger, using hands to drive her to the peak of ecstasy.

I felt her orgasm build up inside her as her pussy tightened and she got much louder. Suddenly she cried out, a wordless moan of pleasure as she lost herself in the shudders of her climax.

We lay there for a second before I pulled myself out of her lap, casting an admiring glance at the sweat-sheened and still panting body of my sister. Part of my brain was trying to resume normal service and point out that this was incest, a religious and moral sin. My libido saw a very fit young woman and suspended normal service indefinitely.

Annie sat up, her cheeks still flushed, and flashed a thousand-volt grin at me. “Shit bro, if I’d known you could do that I’d had propositioned you years ago.”

“You wanna…you know…do the whole thing?” Damn, I’d just eaten my sister out, but I was still nervous about asking for a fuck.

“You think after that, I’m going to say no?” she moved over to me and straddled me, slowly lowering herself onto my straining erection. I felt her warmth envelop me and shuddered as she hooked her hands around the back of my neck and began to rock gently up and down. My hands found their way to her back to stroke up and down her spine and my lips found hers again.

My senses seemed heightened, touch especially. Brief touches fizzled on my skin, her nipples brushing my chest, her hands in my hair, the warmth of her thighs on mine. I felt the delicious friction of her on me and the tantalizing rub of her tongue on mine, both of us venturing into each other, enjoying the heat that was building in both of us.

Our kiss broke and we contemplated each other. I stared into her deep brown eyes and felt my libido jump another notch as she looked back at me. Suddenly she shuddered, her eyes closing as her body shook.

“Oh my God” I gasped as she began to move more energetically, her torso writhing as she went faster. Friction built inside of me and I felt the heat surging, centring in my loins and growing with every movement and every moan from my sibling as our bodies bucked together, one organism in search of pleasure.

She collapsed first, her pussy contracting around me, squeezing my penis and my senses whited out in a neural overload as I felt the tide overwhelm me, wringing my body dry and leaving me an empty husk.

We lay there for a while, entwined in each other’s arms, enjoying each other’s warmth and basking in an shared post-orgasmic afterglow. We fucked several more times that day and again the next day, but however good the sex was, we realised that it wasn’t right. After a few days we decided to put our physical relationship in the past, putting it aside as an enjoying, but never to be repeated mistake.

Like fuck we did!

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. Feedback is always gratefully accepted and for my ego’s sake please vote 5 before you leave. Any story suggestions, constructive criticism, wholesale abuse, etc. should be sent to this address.

The Earl will return…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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