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When I first saw her, I thought she was very, very attractive. Somewhat slender but shapely. A tingling started in my loins and my heart had started to race a bit.

We had made eye contact and I felt that there was some kind of electrical spark between us as she kept looking my way as well.

I was a bus driver at the time, parked up at a terminal waiting for my time to depart.

She was sitting on one of the benches with an older woman, who I was to find out later was her mother, and they had been waiting for their bus to arrive for them to board.

My time ran out and it was time for me to head off.

Why I never introduced myself I will never know. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it and as fate would have it, I would see her some more over the next few days.

The third time I saw her as I was driving the route near the terminus, she had a young girl with her. I was kind of guessing whether it was her daughter, maybe a niece even.

I thought I would never find that out as over the coming weeks I had different routes to drive along picking up and dropping off passengers and thought I would never see her again..

Then around 3 weeks after our first sighting of each other, lo and behold, she boarded my bus alone in a different suburb. The eyes were there. The spark was there again. My heart started to race again. It must have been an omen. There was no way I was going to let this meeting go by unchecked.

As she rose out of her seat and pulled the cord indicating she wanted the next stop, I beckoned her to me. She reached the front of the bus and I already had my phone number written on a ticket stub. I held it out and asked if she would give me a call with the prospect of a date in the near future.

There. I had built up the courage to make the first move. She took the stub and smiled, and said, “We’ll see.”

She would do one of 2 things. She would either call, or she wouldn’t. I had nothing to lose.

A couple of days later she called and we arranged to do a day out. We arranged that I would pick her up and we would go down to the docks to see some tall ships that were on display. She said she would be bringing her daughter along.

The little blonde haired girl I saw with her a few weeks ago was definitely her daughter. Her daughter was a cute little thing but she made it abundantly clear that I was not her father. I took comments like that in its stride.

The woman and I talked a lot on that day while in the car and as we walked around looking at the tall ships. We seemed to be hitting it off very well and I could see a future there for the 2 of us.

We agreed to multiple dates after that as we were getting on so well together. I was not only smitten with her but I had started to fall in love with her and I believed the feeling was mutual.

As might be expected, we had sex. Damn it was good. She was right in to all the aspects of sex that I also enjoyed without any violence. I was relentless in giving her oral sex as she would have multiple orgasms just from that. Gently munching on her clitoris after having licked her lips until she was extremely wet, and what a wonderful syrupy taste it was, would give her thunderous orgasms until she more or less demanded that I inserted my hard steel cock in to her and bring her off again. Of course that would bring me off also as I would jet so deep and fiercely in to her, spurt after spurt, so much so that it made my balls ache so pleasurably.

She would reciprocate the same to me also. She had a talent of taking my hard cock in her mouth, go up and down a few times deeply while firmly massaging my balls, and then jamb my cock between her cheek and the side of her teeth and gums while still going up and down. The wetness. The firmness. Rubbing the head of my cock in all the right places while still jerking me, against her inner cheek and along her teeth, no male could ever deny themselves of that sensation or pleasure. If there was ever a place higher than heaven, I reached it. Many times. And you know what? She would also swallow all of my spunk without hesitation. Seeing her throat muscles moving as she swallowed my semen would bring me off to another orgasm immediately after just having reached an orgasm. A double whammy so to speak. I mean, if a woman can have multiple orgasms, why can’t a man?

And of course there was the anal sex. Doing her doggy style would leave her rosebud winking at me. Very tough ataşehir escort bayan decision not to pull out and just shove my hard cock in to her ass as I was getting closer towards my climax but then she would surprise me. She would wet her finger, reach under behind my balls and stuff her wet finger up my ass. Ohhhhh. Could this woman give pleasure. Then out of the blue, as wet as she was, she would pull forward popping me out and come back to me telling me to put it in her ass. I would already be so wet from her juices, no lube necessary. After pushing the head of my cock in with a little resistance, I would then slide the remainder of my 6 inches in to the hilt, stop and allow her to settle with my size and girth. Then I would start. Slowly at first and gradually picking up speed. She would get worked up just as much as I would and after a short time of doing this, we would both reach our goals. Her orgasm brought on by my hard cock pounding her ass and my orgasm bought on by her tight anal grip. Talk about explosive orgasms. Totally out of breath we would be. Totally exhausted and fucked. That is the time you wished you’d died and gone to heaven.

After some months, I suggested marriage. She was a loving and caring girlfriend, a caring mother, and she ran a nice tidy home. The sex was great. What else could a man ask for?

During our courting time, she had said that she had previously been married and as it turned out, her ex-husband was a dominating and violent alcoholic. With the help of a friend of hers and some family members, she was able to escape his clutches and move back from interstate, to try and resume a normal life once again. I never met the man but from what I could gather, no family members liked him anyways and were happy to see the end of him.

I also found out that the woman that was with her at the bus shelter, when I first saw her, was her mother. Mother was very protective of her daughter after the terrible relationship she had been in before, and I suppose it was expected, but I was able to work around that. My girlfriend had stipulated that if she agreed to marry me, that I would need to take on her daughter as well.

I was ok with taking on the daughter as well, and so we got married.

Things were still great after the first few years, and then she became pregnant. A lovely little girl to our family.

I am sure there are quite a few males that can relate to my next comment.

Ever have the sense of feeling that once a woman gets her wedding ring and the wedding cake acts like a deterrent from having more sex, that the sex dies?

It certainly started to feel that way.

Sure. We would still have sex but there was a definite reluctance on my wife’s part and to actually have sex with her was getting further and further apart and harder to obtain. And no, I am comfortable in saying she always remained loyal to me, just that her sexual desires dwindled somewhat. As a lover, I had always been considerate to give my wife multiple orgasms each and every time we had sex until l eventually had mine. She claims she gets tired. We both still enjoy the sex when it happens but these days they seem few and far between leaving me quite frustrated. To have sex with a woman that has given birth by way of 2 caesarean sections leaves her with the perfect fit each and every time. Nothing short of her being a virgin. What a feeling.

As time progressed in our relationship, the little one started growing up and my step daughter hit high school.

My step daughter could never talk to her mother about things of a sexual nature but for some unknown reason she could always approach me. I had always been the open type to discuss anything and everything, explaining all aspects of life as best I knew them to be.

Now that she was a bit older, she came home from high school one day and asked me, “What is masturbate?”

Believing her to be just a little too young still, my response to her was, “A group discussion.”

Get it? Masturbate. Mass Debate. Group Discussion?

She didn’t catch on and just quietly I think some readers still might not catch on but in the end I told her when she got a bit older I would explain it to her.

She got to the age of 18, and just finished high school. We were in the lounge room when she approached me again with the same question. No one else was home and wouldn’t be for several hours. I thought to myself, “Was she really that naive? Surely other kids at school would have talked about sex and masturbation escort kadıöy and all that stuff? Surely there was more than a young male at the school whose horniness would have been pressed on to her?” Then again, maybe not.

I had been watching her slowly grow up over the years to become model material. A very pretty face, beautifully shaped body, average sized breasts, average looking hips, lovely legs, long blonde hair down to her waist. What a lovely, beautiful development she had become. I don’t mind saying that due to the lack of sex with my wife, I had masturbated several times thinking of my 18 year old step daughter. And they were pretty awesome orgasms for a hand job, ya know?

I sat her down and started to explain about the birds and the bees and she said she was aware of that stuff because she had learnt it in sex ed. The mans hard penis goes in to the womans wet vagina, blah, blah, blah, but she still had no idea on masturbation or actual sexual activity.

Bells. Alarms. Whistles. They all started going off in my head.

I asked if she had kissed any boys, maybe at school or out of school. She said she had, but she hadn’t found it to be too delightful as they may have been a bit rough or sloppy or they would only be quick pecks. She said she got no joy from them.

I asked her if she would like to know and experience what a proper kiss should feel like?

She replied with an emphatic yes, so I approached her. I took her in my arms, gently rubbed the side of my face against hers and slowly slid my lips close to hers. Our lips touched and I started to kiss her. Her response was a little slow until I started to slowly insert my tongue. She opened her mouth slightly allowing me entrance and our tongues touched. We slowly started to battle our tongues with one another and it was a natural instinct on my part to pull her in closer to me. I was getting horny. My penis started to grow in my pants and she was sure to have felt it against her groin.

As we continued to kiss, her arms reached up around my neck pulling me in even harder for the kiss.

Her nipples had gotten quite stiff and she was pressing, then rubbing them in to my chest. My hands lowered from her waist and on to her back side, gently squeezing her cheeks. Surely she must have felt my erection by now and if she did, she wasn’t pulling away from me. If anything, she was pressing herself even harder against me.

We stopped the kiss and looked in to each others eyes.

She then said to me, “Have sex with me. I want to know what it feels like. I want to learn about masturbation. I want to learn it all.”

Was it a wish come true or was I playing with fire?

“Bedroom?” I suggested.

She nodded in agreement. We held hands walking to her bedroom.

Once inside I stepped behind her and started to kiss and nuzzle in to her neck. My hands came up around the front and undid the buttons of her blouse pulling the bottom out of her waist band. I slid her blouse off her shoulders and in doing so l kept kissing her neck and then on to her shoulders. Her blouse dropped off her back and down her arms, and she was wearing a very sexy, lacy bra that did not require to hold her breasts up but merely cover them in a dress statement. As I continued kissing her neck and shoulders, my hands came up and held her covered breasts slowly massaging them and gently tweaking her nipples through the thin bra material. Exquisite little rubber erasers pressing in to the palms of my hands and finger tips. She began to moan. I stepped back slightly and unclipped her bra from the back, took off my T shirt dropping it to the floor and pressed my bare chest against her bare back. I kissed her neck and shoulders again, holding her bare breasts in my hands after her bra dropped to the floor. She reached over her head with one hand to bring my face even closer to her skin if that was even possible.

I turned her around to face me and we kissed again, pushing our bodies hard against one another, embracing one another with her arms around my neck and my hands on her waste pulling her in tightly. My hands roamed up and down the perfect skin on her back as my slightly hairy chest rubbed in to her breasts with those protruding nipples digging in to me.

Boy was I getting hard. I was having some trouble trying to control my emotions as all I wanted to do was remove her bottoms and plough my hard cock deep in to her. But I had to show restraint as I had always considered myself as a lover with a lot of consideration maltepe escort for the woman, and her feelings and emotions.

I asked her if she was ready to take things further and she nodded with a huge smile.

I said that she needed to step out of her jeans which she did, and I stepped out of my jeans. So there we were. She standing, wearing skimpy panties that matched her bra and me in my underwear. We looked in to each others eyes and I said for her to lower and take her panties off. As she did, I lowered and stepped out of my underwear now showing a very erect cock which was facing her way.

I grabbed her hand lightly and gently dragged her with me on to her bed. We kissed some more while I played with her nipples. I kissed her nipples taking her breasts in my mouth one at a time, switching from one to the other and flicked my tongue over them.

My fingers started to delve in to her pussy, stroking her lips and briefly brushing her clitoris.

Her constant moaning indicated that she was thoroughly enjoying what I was doing to her.

Crawling over her and gently spreading her legs, I lined my steel hard cock up with her pussy and asked her if she felt she was ready. I thought she was ready as she was extremely wet down there.

She pulled me on to her, crushing her breasts with my chest and she spread her legs wide and encircled my waste. I asked if she were still a virgin and she nodded yes with a twinkle in her eye. I could see she really wanted this. I told her the first time might actually hurt her a little but she would soon settle and learn to enjoy having a cock in her pussy. She pulled her legs down on my lower back and started me on my journey to that golden gate of pleasure. The head of my cock touched her lips and she shuddered as my cock started to part her lips. Slowly I entered her. Just an inch or so until she could feel my girth and let her get used to that. Again, slowly, with only an inch in her, I started with back and forward motions. Gradually I inserted more until I felt her hymen giving a little resistance. So back and forth I went again. She was breathing heavy. Her nipples were still very erect. She had her arms around my back and my neck. I looked at her and kissed her very passionately again. She relaxed and kept enjoying the minimal thrusts I was giving her. Moaning and groaning. She climaxed right there and then. She shuddered with eyes rolled to the back of her head.

She asked me if that was all it was and I told her there was a lot more to come.

“Please” she said. “Give me more?”

I nodded and with a flick of my hips I penetrated her hymen sinking in my entire length of 6 inches in one full swoop. In to the hilt balls deep I was. Damn. It was so hard not to explode right there and then. I so wanted to come in her but I also wanted for her to climax with me when I was ready to also climax. I could feel her insides grabbing hard on to my cock and I hadn’t even started pumping. The claws came out. She scratched my back deeply drawing blood. She settled a little and so I started. Slowly all the way out, then just as slow all the way in. She was raising her hips to meet my gentle penetrations. Slowly in. Slowly out. I sensed a feeling of frustration from her and could tell she had accepted my size ok but now she wanted some action. I started to speed up my assault on to her pussy and with every thrust she moaned, and moaned, and moaned. And then she started with the Oh Oh Oh.

I knew she was getting close to her climax and I had been ready for a while now, ready to release my torrid spray. It was so painful holding back from ejaculating in to her.

Now she started with the Oh Oh Oh and a shortness of breath. She was close, as was I.

Then she climaxed.

Her orgasm was fierce. She held on for dear life, literally squeezing the life out of me. I gave her a couple of more very hard thrusts and let loose. My semen jettisoned, 3, 4, 5 times, from my cock so fast and so hard that when I gave a final thrust I swear I went in another ½ an inch deeper.

WOW!! What an orgasm. Her first at receiving and mine, which was way over due, hadn’t felt this good for a long long time. Aching balls and all.

My cock started to die, as it does, very slowly. I lifted my weight from her so she could breath and slowly rolled over, taking her with me, still buried within.

Both of us were perspiring and were getting our breaths back again when she said, “Is it over?”

I nodded.

She nearly cried. “Why???? I want more!!” she said.

I kissed her sweetly and told her that, “This is the way guys work until they can rebuild their strength again.”

“Let’s give it a rest for now and I promise you that you will have some more and I will definitely teach you what masturbation is.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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