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Frank sat stunned in front of his computer, his head spinning, his face flushed, chills running down his spine. He was not sure what to do but he felt like throwing up… Slowly the call sunk in, Darlene was in trouble, he had no idea what to do and the only help he had was some guy telling him to lock his cock in a chastity device. Hell, he did not have one and had never even seen one except in pictures. Where would he get one and why the hell should he do it anyway…who was fucking with him anyway?

While Frank let his mind run in little circles, Darlene had challenges of her own. Master Q continued his brutal assault on her once tight pussy. After three hours of repeated pounding, multiple loads and purposeful stretching her in every way possible, Master Q decided it was time to busy himself with other endeavors and called his two loyal helpers.

While Darlene slowly came to her senses after three hours of being brutally fucked, she  took a deep breath and noted that Master Q appeared to be done with her. She almost began to allow a glimmer of hope back into her mind…maybe this was over, maybe she had served her purpose and would soon be free… maybe just maybe…

The room grew quiet, she remained tied spread eagle, the gag remained in place, her pussy was sore, her body exhausted from the long struggle. Her wrists and ankles were sore from the struggle against the restraints. But the room was quiet, Darlene began to relax. She felt a cool breeze across her sweaty body, her pussy dripped…no flowed with cum…Darlene needed rest but she needed to be free!

Darlene lost what little sense of time she had left. Had Master Q just finished r****g her or was that hours ago? Darlene no longer knew. Suddenly she was startled from her haze, men were entering the room. Maybe they had come to release her. She struggled to comprehend what was happening.

Who were these guys? When would they help her? What is taking so long? Then suddenly it all came into focus. She felt a new hard cock slammed balls deep into her raw pussy. Oh, God, no! All she could think is that she could not take any more. After a few deep thrusts she realized who had joined her. It was not her rescuers, it was Master Q’s men. They were being rewarded for their service with the opportunity to fuck her unsupervised. Now that was a dangerous thing for Darlene as theze guys were loyal to Master Q but definitely had no compassion when it came to fucking white pussy. Their motto was that white women deserved the roughest fucking possible. They loved to pinch, bite and slap any white bitch they could. They especially enjoyed doing all three while they doubling penetrated Darlene’s vagina. This would be Darlene’s fate for the rest of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Frank continued his waffling and indecisiveness. His emotions ran from anger to pity for himself. He could not understand why this was happening to “him” totally self-centered and oblivious to Darlene’s fate. He dialed Datlene’s cell multiple times but eventually he could not even get to her voice mail as it was “full”. Somehow he still believed he could do something, that Darlene would magically come back to him.

Eventually, he thought of the directions he had received…chastity…like hell he would do that! Anyway, who would know….this was just a game to embarrass him…though Darlene certainly would have begged to differ!

Master Q’s played their own games with Darlene until dusk. Then when they had dumped enough loads to be dry and noticied that Darlene had literally been fucked into u*********sness with exhaustion they performed their next assignments for their boss. First of all, they in the most casual way possible hosed her down and cleaned the cum on and in her…James did not like to fuck a messy white girl…they could be gaped because he would still find their pussy tight but he did not want to wade through other’s cum!

The next task was the guy’s favorite…they got to fuck with a whiteboi’s mind. They were given the task of calling with the chastity “instructions”.

Darlene’s cell phone rang again and Frank quickly answered. Once again, before he could say a thing, Frank was told by a gruff voice to “shut the fuck up and listen”. Master Q’s men loved this part because they were in charge and let the whitebois know it referring to them as “whitebois” and “pussies”. Frank was told he had until 7am the next morning to lock himself into a chastity cage, take a nude picture of himself in the cage and post it on tumblr and xhamster then put the key in an envelopein the planter in front of the thrift store downtown. Again, Frank was reminded that if he did not complete his assigned task perfectly, he would never see Darlene again. Before Frank could object, in fact, before he could even utter a word the cell phone went dead…

To be continued…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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