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As the water covered her naked body, Sara began running her hands slowly down her long soft legs. She had a long day of unpacking, and was ready to relax. With the candles lit and her music on, Sara started to think about her new neighbor. Stephen was a tall, with dark hair and crystal blue eye: a very attractive man. Her hands started roaming seductively up her large breasts. Stimulating her erect nipples, she started squeezing and rubbing them. Sara imagined Kimberly, the neighbor’s girlfriend, watching her with those luscious green eyes staring, gazing deep into hers.

Surprisingly, the thought of being with a woman aroused Sara even more. Bringing her fingers into her hot box, she went deep inside. Sara let out a soft moan through her rosy lips as she imagined Kimberly reaching down rubbing her clit hard and circling around. Sara arched her back and began pumping her fingers in deeper.

Thinking about Stephen grabbing her neck and pulling her close, kissing her deeply, his hand kneading her soft breasts Sara worked her short strong fingers faster. She rubbed her hot pussy, throwing her head back to the edge of the bathtub. Sara’s legs spread wide, her hands exploring her body. The thought of touching Kimberly’s milky white breast, and taking one in her mouth. Sucking hungrily, while Stephen kisses down her leg. Having Kimberly bathe with her, their skin touching and bodies rubbing against one anthers. Stephen would like to watch the two beautiful girls touching and kissing. Sara felt her orgasm building. Frantically she moved her finger in and out of her throbbing pussy, until she finally erupts. Sara lay back down in her bath, relaxed and ready for bed.

Sara had a lot more unpacking ahead of her. All day she took boxes from the car to the house and put things away. When Sara went out to get the last set of boxes she noticed Stephen getting ready to mow the lawn. It was hot out and Sara saw the sweat glistening on his bare chest. Stephen notices Sara and came over to talk with his new neighbor. ‘How is the unpacking going?’ Stephen asked; as he looked her up and down. Sara had long red hair, athletic figure with large breasts, and was very attractive with her big brown eyes. She was wearing short jean shorts with a fitted white tee shirt. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her hair was wet around her face from the heat. ‘I am almost done, these are my last boxes’ she replied smiling with her eyes. Stephen asked her to join him for a cold drink when she is done unloading her boxes.

Sara finished up and walked over to Stephen’s house. It was a nice big house with a large lawn and a pool out back. Stephen answered the door and invited her in. They sat talking and drinking for a few hours. Sara noticed the way he looked beylikdüzü otele gelen escort at her and touched her, she could feel her self getting wet. The conversation turned to sex. Stephen couldn’t take it anymore, she looked so sexy sitting there telling him about the things she has done. Sara noticed the bulge in his pants, she wanted to reach over and touch him. Just as she was thought about it, he got up and she got a better view. Stephen walked and stood behind her, moving her hair out of the way he kissed down her neck.

Sara reached back and ran her fingers though his hair, they both had a lot to drink, and his touch felt so good she didn’t want him to stop. His hands gently wandered from her face on to her neck then slowly down her breasts, where he stopped and teased her erect nipples through her shirt. Sara turned to face him; his lips met hers. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, kissing harder and deeper, Stephen pulled Sara’s shirt off and he saw those beautiful round breasts he had wanted to touch since he first saw her. Stephen took one in his hand; he squeezed her breast and circled his thumb over her hard nipple. Sara reached over and unbuttoned his shorts to pulling them down, his rock hard prick sprung out of his pants.

Sara was impressed with his long thick cock, wanting to take it into her mouth. Stephen pulled Sara’s shorts down and revealed her shaven pussy, he ran his hands down her body and across her wet lips Sara let out a moan. Stephen sat down on the couch and pulled Sara’s head close to his awaiting cock. Sara took his head in her mouth, she sucked and licked it, as she grabbed his shaft and stroked his length. She took him deeper into her mouth, Sara sucked hungrily as she pumped his hard cock in and out of her mouth. While he gently fucked her face, Stephen reached back to touch Sara’s wet pussy.

He rubbed her clit and plunged his fingers into her tight wet pussy; Stephen felt her warm fleshy walls. His strokes got faster the deeper Sara took him in her mouth. Sara wanted to feel his manhood inside of her, she stood in front of him and slowly she lowered herself down on his large head. Stephen rose up to meet her, resting his hard prick deep inside of her. Sara took him further into her love box; she rocked her hips and rose back to the tip of his head, teasing his cock. As Sara came back down, Stephen met her grinding his pelvic bone on her clit.

The couple’s bodies pressed together, they were fucking faster, harder. Sara’s hands ran through Stephen’s hair pulling slightly as he filled her with his every stroke. Watching his shaft pump into Sara, Stephen clasping her hips moved her body frantically up and down. She beylikdüzü rus escort squeezed her muscles around him, both of them ready to erupt; the sweat lubed their bodies as they slid against each other. Stephen took one of Sara’s bouncing breasts into his mouth he nibbled on her erect nipple. She arched her back towards pushing her breast further into his mouth as he erupts inside of her, moaning at the height of her intense orgasm Sara wiggled her hips side to side and pressed her body hard against his, collapsing as she came.

Stephen asked Sara if she would like to join them for a barbecue and swimming later that evening. Sara accepted the invitation. She headed back to her new house to shower and look for her green string bikini. Sara put it on and examined her lightly freckled body in the mirror. Her red hair rested on her small shoulders, her top barely containing her large breasts, her bottoms hardly covering her dainty ass. Sara chose a short skirt to wear over her suit.

When Sara arrived, Kimberly was finishing up in the kitchen. As Sara glanced at her, thoughts of last night’s bath came into her mind. She was wearing a soft pink bikini, she had her dark hair pulled back from her face. Kimberly’s top exposed her round mounds and Sara could see her nipples protruding through the thin material. The suit showed off her exquisite figure, short toned legs and tight little butt. Sara thought she could see the outline of her thong trough her shorts.

Kimberly turned, looking Sara over and smiled at her. Stephen had told her about their afternoon together, it had excited her. Kimberly offered Sara some wine and they joined Stephen on the back deck. They sat talking and laughing though dinner. After the second bottle of wine Kimberly suggested they go for a swim. She stood away from the table and slowly pulled her shorts off. When she turn and walked towards the pool Sara saw Kimberly was wearing a thong, exposing her perfect ass.

As Sara dove into the pool, the warm water felt great against her skin, and as she came out of the water she looked up and saw the dark sky full of bright shinny stars. They were all taking turns diving off of Stephen’s diving board, Sara dove off, not realizing that her top was loose, until she came out of the water and felt the nightly air tantalizing her bare breasts. Kimberly noticed and started laughing. ‘What a great idea” she reached up and untied her top exposing her white breast and dark brown nipples, then she tossed her top on to the pool deck. Sara smiled sheepishly and tossed her top next to Kimberly’s. Stephen sat on the edge of the pool by stairs enjoying the view. He looked good sitting there with his hair all ruffled, and the moonlight beylikdüzü türbanlı escort showing off his toned body. Kimberly and Sara came over to him. Kimberly reach up untying his swim shorts, ‘ Its’ only fair’ she told him seductively, as Sara helped her pull them off and toss them aside.

Kimberly noticed Stephen’s cock was standing at attention, begging to be touched, so she asked Sara to help him out. She reached up and grabbed Stephen’s thick shaft. With her small hands, Sara began stroking his length. Kimberly fondled Stephen’s balls in her hands rubbing and squeezing them gently. Stephen liked watching the girls please him. Sara’s hands worked faster on his hard prick, running her thumb over his head circling his slit as she reached the top.

Kimberly reached over and ran her fingers though Sara’s hair; Sara turned looking into Kimberly’s green eyes and instinctively leaned over to kiss her soft lips. Kimberly didn’t turn away instead she returned the kiss excitedly. Stephen couldn’t take it anymore, he came with a loud moan. With out leaving her lips, Kimberly grabbed Sara and laid her down on the pool steps. The girl’s hands ran over each other’s hard bodies. Stephen watched them in the soft moonlight. Kimberly stood and pulling off Sara’s skimpy bottoms, then she kissed up her body till she reached Sara’s awaiting mouth. Their tongues moved frantically into each other’s mouth. Sara teased Kimberly’s nipples, squeezing and pulling on them.

Stephen climbed into the pool. He reached over and moved Kimberly’s bottoms to one side helping her from behind. He slid his fingers into her wet pussy. Kimberly kissed over Sara’s breasts. Her hands and warm mouth worked with womanly knowledge over the lightly freckled mounds. Her tounge flicked and cirlcled Sara’s nipples, her soft lips began sucking it into her mouth. Kimberly teeth tauntingly nibbled on her hard nipples. She worked her way down her stomach to her navel, running her tongue inside. Sara moved out of the pool, yearning for Kimberly’s tongue. She placed her sex box at Kimberly’s mouth, as she stood doggie style. Stephen stood behind her, placing his head at her entrance slowly entering her wet pussy. Kimberly licked up Sara’s leg to her pussy, licking her lips, and started sucking on her clit. Sara ran her fingers though her hair pulling her closer. Kimberly’s tongue entering Sara as deep as she could, circling and sucking her sweet juice.

Stephen ran his hands down Kimberly’s back as he worked his cock faster into Kimberly’s tight pussy. He loved watching her with other women. Kimberly moaned as she came with Stephen pounding into her. She was rocking her hips back to meet him, the water splashing all around them. She still managed to work her powerful tongue in and out of Sara’s box.

The threesome worked into an erotic frenzy. Sara threw her head back as she released her juices into Kimberly’s mouth. Kimberly licked her dry as Stephen pulled her hips back so her body was tight against his, releasing second load into his girlfriends sweet pussy. Kimberly looked seductively up at Sara ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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