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Big Dick

The whole group of us had returned to my girl’s apartment after the concert. A full day festival at Red Rocks, with trance, house, jungle, all the “techno” music terms of the early 2000’s, flowing through us. Why stop the party just because we were back on campus?

Kelly, my 5 foot-nothing, blonde, nubile, cheerleader girlfriend typically hosted our evenings amongst friends. Allison, one of her closest friends, a bit tomboyish always in tow for a while. Allison crushed hard on Justin, a Midwestern baritone voiced, all American looking friendly guy, who also happened to be our dealer for anything we could want. Typically he simply supplied us with our regular stock of weed, but occasionally we all enjoyed a dab of acid, or a baggie of shrooms or a night with X. Tonight, we also had a couple of work-exchange guys who worked for Kelly, Tim and Kevin; 2 athletic German guys, looked like Spanish soccer (sorry, football) players with a kind of internship.

Despite the “Rave on the Rocks” concert we’d come from, that night we’d only enjoyed our fair share of weed, and an equal amount of vodka; Kelly and Allison’s drink of choice. Conversations flowed, the pipe passed around, shots poured and downed. As always, conversations were a variety of music, life and sexuality.

I should let it be known, while Kelly was my girl, we were not exclusive. I was 19, she was 21. We were in a college town, and knew that opportunities may have arisen. I knew that she was also fucking Tim. This was actually the first night we’d all hung out since he’d found out I knew. I tried to play it cool, but I can’t deny that I’d puffed my chest up a little. As open as I want to be, I’m still a bit territorial. Though, the conversation of inviting others into bed with Kelly and I had come up. I knew she was toying with trying to get Tim and I at the same time, but didn’t know how or when.

As the night wore on, Kevin left back to the Crash Pad he and the other exchange kids were at. Allison threw in her towel, giving up on another failed attempt to engage with Justin. As Justin, Tim, Kelly and I smoked our cigarettes outside, Kelly excused herself inside (which was not uncommon). As Justin finished his smoke, he faired us all a goodnight, and made his way home. So, there stood Tim and I alone, for the first time ever.

He spoke English just fine, but I could tell he was nervous about our having been left alone to talk between us. I addressed the elephant in the room,

“Listen, I know you and Kelly are hooking up. I’m ok with it. She’s happy, and neither of us are going to be able contest with that. Just don’t hurt her and we’re good. Cool?”

“Um, deal. Should we go see where she went?” he was curt. Not rude, but still not fully versed in American slang and I don’t think wanting to drag on a conversation with the other guy. I could also tell, we were kind of at a stalemate for who was going to go home and leave the other with Kelly that night.

As we walked in the apartment, the people gone, but the party remained: Shot Glasses on the counter next to the vodka bottle; pillows around the coffee table where seats were made; music playing. The only thing out of place, was that the shower was running. Was Kelly in the shower? Was the door open to the bathroom, too?

Tim and I walked over to the bathroom doorway and peered in, sure enough we could see outlined in the frosted shower curtain, our pale skinned, dirty blonde, petite girl lathering up in the shower. Her hands massaging her A-Cup breasts, spreading soap suds down her taught stomach as she looked over at us and said,

“Well, figured I should shower.”

“Want some extra hands?” the words came out of my mouth without a thought, even surprising me.

“Do it.” Was almost her dare to us.

Tim, still quiet and I think dumbfounded, just stood mouth agape, wondering what kind of fucked up situation he was in, I felt. But, he followed me into her bedroom where we both stripped down quickly and walking back into the bathroom. We wasted no time getting into the shower, but making sure esenyurt anal yapan escort to position ourselves on either side of Kelly.

Kelly had told me that Tim was uncircumcised. I had understood what that meant, but had never seen it myself. Kelly had mentioned that she was a little intimidated and scared of it, but from my viewpoint in the shower, she had no problem with it as she bent over and took it immediately in her mouth. She had told me that I was bigger than he was, but from the angle I was at, I couldn’t tell. I could just see that she was bobbing, moaning on his dick. Sticking her ass back against my hard on, grinding my cock between her cheeks and slit, while the water splashed off all of us.

I knew things were escalating quickly, but with raging hormones, mixed with loosened inhibitions, I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity. So, I slid into her, feeling her sopping vagina engulf my 9 inches. Everything was slippery, so I took it slow, reveling in the sensation of her pussy gripping my dick while she sucked his. After a minute of this, she pulled off both of us and turned around, dropping to her knees and taking me into her mouth.

Tim stood there and stared, not sure what to do, other than caress her back, and try to hold her hair from sticking to her face. Needless to say, Kelly was not a fan of the shower spraying her face while she was trying to get as much of me as she could in her mouth.

Now, I’m not the easiest man to make cum from a blowjob, and for that, Kelly was frustrated. She’d read and talked with freidns for ticks and tips. One she’d also brought up recently, and really wanted to try, was milking my prostate. So, I think figuring the shower was the best place, she slipped one of her soaked fingers between my ass cheeks, pushing pressure on my taint, then my asshole. I tried to relax, but the sensation was a bit much. She pushed on, and kept at it, getting a bit of her finger in past the sphincter, then a little more. I wish I could say that the experience was great, and that I finally came in her mouth, but in reality, it was a little piercing and distracting. Kelly picked up on that quickly, and removed her finger, rubbing my ass and ensuing we were all good as she stood and turned off the water, directing all of us to the bedroom.

Naked, we all fell onto Kelly’s bed. Again, me on one side, Tim on her other. Hands floundering everywhere. Kelly’s hands on our hips; our hands on her tummy and breasts. Knowing we couldn’t kiss her at the same time, Tim and I took a side of her neck and both made our way down her smooth body. I traced my tongue around her nipple, encircling it before flicking it and suckling it between my teeth. I’d let my hand trace down her belly past her fully shaven mound, joining Tim’s hand on her pussy. He retracted quickly, so I gave way to give him her breasts, while I kissed down her body to her pussy.

First I kissed outside her vagina, on her inner thighs, while Tim fondled and sucked her tits. As I zeroed in on her clit, he kept at it, driving her crazy. 2 mouths, 4 hands all at her beck and call. I lapped at her clit with my tongue, while I slipped 1 then 2 fingers into her dripping pussy. I curled my fingers up, as if calling someone to me, inside her, pressing her canal between my tongue and finger. They say the G-Spot is around here somewhere, and by her writhing, I’d guess that whatever I was doing, coupled with the play from Tim, was doing either just that or something so very good for her.

After she’s stopped a full body vibration, I pulled her a little down to me, while I crawled closer to her. Again, I had to enter her. I rubbed my dick, coating my head with her juices, before slipping just the tip into her. I knew she wanted more by her hip movements, but I also knew that the night was still beginning, and there was still another 6 foot tall, blue eyed, naked man laying there wanting to play too. I wasn’t about to just give her to him, but I didn’t want to just wear her out, either. I had never shared esenyurt escort a girl with another guy. I had only seen a few photos in magazines of the act. I wasn’t really sure where all this could go.

Tim, I’m not sure if it was that I’d gone for round 2, or if he wasn’t sure what was going on, up and went back into the living room. Kelly had pulled off of me and had pulled out her rabbit vibrator. She had called for Tim to come back, that she wanted to show him something; but she was also in her own world, already pressing the rotating, vibrating pink penis against her opening, placing the rabbit ears around her clit. She cried out in orgasm as I sucked her tit and pressed her mound.

Kelly told me she’d be right back, and for me to wait for her on the bed, as she left the bedroom. I wasn’t sure if she was going to grab the pipe, and Tim, or bathroom, or what she was doing. I waited for a few minutes, then curiosity got the best of me. I walked out into the living room again, still naked and hard as I heard the faint sounds of Kelly and Tim. Sure enough, as I came through the short hallway, I saw Kelly on her knees, next to the couch rubbing up Tim’s legs with one hand, and caressing his 6-pack with her other. I could tell he was enjoying the sensation. I sat down on the adjoining couch, watching the show. Kelly took Tim’s hardening 6in cock into her mouth, still rubbing him up and down. Her hair bounced ever so slightly, as she slid the length of his cock against her lips and tongue. She gripped his legs and body, to heighten the sensations for him. Though, I do think that Tim was getting a little stage freight, as soon thereafter, despite the scene before me arousing Kelly and I as we masturbated while she sucked him, Kelly did stop to ask me to head to the bedroom where she’d be back soon.

I did as told, for a minute or two, until I heard the unmistakable sounds of fucking. There was no way I was going to miss out on the display and possibilities. I came back out and reclaimed my spot on the adjoining couch. I gripped my cock and slid my hand up and down the length while I watched Kelly ride Tim. She ground her hips against him, pressing her hands against his chest. Tim held onto her breasts while he dick was coated with her cum. Kelly stared at me as I jerked off to the sight, and told me not to waste that on myself, calling me to her. I walked to her, as she rode him, and presented my solid cock to her to suck.

Tim thrust into her hard and fast, while she gripped onto my dick just over his shoulder, taking it into her mouth trying to suck me for all she was worth. She was lost in ecstasy, 2 dicks at her disposal for anything she wanted. She wanted more.

“Fuck me, too, but not in my ass. I don’t know if or how you’ll fit, but put your dick in me now, too. Do it!”

Kelly leaned down on top of Tim fully. Her small breasts pressed against his chest. He kissed her hard, pulling her close to him, as she spread her legs a little wider over his hips. She ground her pussy harder on his dick, taking as much of him as she could. I saw his dick, thick, hard spreading her pussy wide between her cheeks. His legs jut out, one across the couch, the other bent on the floor. There was just enough room for my left leg to fit between her leg and his. I straddled his legs, my right on the outside of his on the floor, too. All bets were off at this point, and no one was worried anymore. I lined my dick up with his, and pressed into her already stretched cunt. She was so wet and ready, that after the initial pop, I was in. I shoved in to the hilt, figuring like a band aid, it was best to get it all over with fast. Instantly she came.


It was tighter than I’d ever felt before. She released more juices and lubrication than I’d ever felt. She went buck wild, fucking up back and grinding on both of us, as we pistoned into her. It was an odd sensation to feel his dick under mine, but it was an awesome feeling esenyurt eve gelen escort to be pressed so hard against all of her vagina. Kelly just kept cumming, over and over as Tim and I filled her. For minutes we went on, grinding, in and out, back and forth. I would nuzzle her neck, he would grab her breasts and ass. Occasionally one of us would fall out, and we’d just shove back in as quick as we’d fallen out. Finally, all was too much for Tim, and I felt him get harder and fuller than he’d been. Then, as if magical, Kelly’s pussy was warmer and wetter than it had been. This pushed me over the edge, and I started to cum. Pulsing ropes of warm spunk into Kelly’s overstuffed vagina. I felt both of our excess leak out just barely past our cocks, dripping down our balls.

We all pulled apart, panting in euphoria. Kelly with the biggest shit eating grin I’d ever seen. Tim and I sat there happy, yet curious what had happened. We were all still all revved up and still raring to go. We all took another shot, naked, Tim and I semi-hard while Kelly dripped our cum down her legs. The smell of sex permeating the room. We smoked a bown on the couch, while Kelly alternated blowing both Tim and I, side by side. There was no need to keep distance, he and I both knew we didn’t want to play with each other, but the boundaries had been crossed yet comfortable.

We all crawled back into Kelly’s bed. Tim was having a little bit of performance issues (vodka dick) but she was comfortable and hungry for his cock. I slipped back into her from behind while she continued to suck and slobber on him. For better angling, and I think she was hoping for a round 2, Kelly started to get up on her knees, in doggy, still going to town on Tim. I think he was just too tapped out. After another 20min, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I pulled out, coating Kelly’s back in my cum.

I wiped her off, and we all collapsed for the night.

Or so I thought, when I woke up to her riding Tim again. The rocking of the mattress bringing me back to life, so she leaned over and took me in her mouth preparing me for another go. Before I could crawl behind her and double stuff her again, Tim pulled out and came all over his stomach. Kelly licked him clean, then flopped on her back, grasping my dick and shoving me in her. She pulled Tim down for another kiss, then pulled his dick back into her mouth and tried to revive him. I guess the sleep helped, because he was hard in no time.

Kelly let all her flags fly this night, and she started begging for us both to cum all over her. We’d cum in her, on her, and now she wanted to see us both cover her tits and tummy in white creamy cum. I started pounding in to her, while she pulled Tim on her fact, so she could suck his balls and lick his taint while he jerked off on her. Tim let us know when he was ready and Kelly moved out from underneath, wanting to see the streams fly from his uncut cock. Thick splats hit her tits, as he threw his head back. Kelly giggled with glee and started to rub his balls harder, as if coaxing more out. She also came from his display, her pussy clamping on my cock, milking it harder for my own baby batter. Between her orgasm and his, my balls pulled in tigher, and I felt that familiar feeling of sperm racing up from my balls, and into my dick. I pulled out, just as I felt the rush and push as I popped up her stomach, leaving my own trail from belly button to collar bone.

Again, we all climbed in the shower. This time, we acutally cleaned. Though, Tim and I both got hard as a rock as Kelly soaped up our dicks. There was just something about this sexy little minx, uninhibited, beggin for as much cock as she could handle. She stroked us some more, then asked if we had another load for her. She massaged our balls, as we jerked off in front of her face. She begged for it in her mouth, as Tim and I both came what little we had left it us, on her tongue.

I don’t remember crawling back in bed after that, but I did wake up in the morning, to Kevin back in the house, trying to rise Tim up for work that day. I can only imagine the sight Kevin got, all three of us naked on the bed, tangled together.

Unfortunately, Tim stopped talking to Kelly after that; so we never did get to have another night. Though, another of Kelly’s friends, Jill, did not-so-subtly hint at sharing a bed after hearing of our night. But, that’s a story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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