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Have you ever watched the movie, Oklahoma? My favourite song is “I’m just a girl who can’t say no”!

I love sex and more than that, I need it. Without, I crawl up the walls and am not a happy person to be with. I like men. I like their bodies, their cocks and above all, I love it when they cum – it’s what sex is all about for me.

So why a story in the bisexual section, you are wondering? Sometimes, my friend Rebecca and I team up if one of us has found a couple of men to play with. We never touch each other but are happy to swap partners as the evening progresses and compare notes afterwards.

One of my Lush friends was chatting to me and asked why I never got it on with her. At first, I was shocked as it had never crossed my mind and was sure that Rebecca wouldn’t be interested and worse, it could affect our friendship if I raised the subject.

Given time, I plucked up the courage and asked in a roundabout way if she’d ever been with a girl and my heart started pounding when she said she hadn’t but had always wondered what it would be like.

Fast forward.

I showed up at Rebecca’s house early on Saturday evening and because she’d just stepped out of the shower, she opened the front door wrapped in a large bath towel. I followed her up to her bedroom as she dried and styled her hair.

Sitting halkalı bdsm escort on the swivel stool facing the mirror, she let the now redundant towel fall away from her body revealing her creamy, soft flesh. There was nothing new seeing Rebecca naked, but now times were different, and I think she was well aware of it.

We had agreed we weren’t going out anywhere and she told me she’d had sex with our shared fuck buddy, Len, a few times during the past week and commented that he would be with us after midnight. For my money, Len’s not the best lover in the world but hey ho, any port in a storm.

Lustfully viewing Rebecca’s nudity as she sat in front of the mirror, it seemed out of place that I should be viewing her nakedness while I was still fully dressed. She must have read my mind as she looked firmly in my direction and asked me to strip for her.

Now both naked, she stood up and we embraced. My arms held her, and then my hands explored her delicious female curves, finding their way to her superbly rounded bum cheeks. We kissed passionately, and I relished the taste of red wine on her saliva as eagerly I took as much to swallow of hers as she did of mine. Without a word, we sank onto the enormous bed behind me.

It must have been over an hour that we talked halkalı elit escort dirty girl talk, kissed each other’s body from top to toe and sucked each other’s nipples until they ached. She remarked about the fading marks that another lover of mine had covered me with and proceeded to replace them with her own.

Unlike any man I’ve ever known, Rebecca made the creation of new marks on my body a complete and superbly erotic experience. I held her head and fondled her hair as she gently but so sensually once more raised the proof of her own lust for my other lovers to see.

In the heat of demonic sexual fever and passion, I rolled her onto her back, and returned the lustful signatures of my own avid wanting, sucking and biting at her cotton wool soft skin and flesh and then thrusting the tip of my tongue deep into her belly button.

I felt her gasp, as her lungs filled with air. She screamed, “Ohhhoo…”but I wasn’t finished. It was now or never as I focussed on her leaking, very wet pubic lips already parted and inviting attention.

I tasted her juices with my tongue, licking away before tasting and then swallowing globules of her liquid lust. As if completely natural, I thrust my tongue deep inside her vagina and once more she screamed out. The side of my tongue halkalı escort brushed her clitoris on its journey inside her and I knew this was to be my goal.

Scooping up her erect clitoris once more with my tongue, she called out her ecstasy. Sandwiched between my lips, and once more with my tongue, I tormented the bud of her most sensitive spot making her go wild with, as she told me later, non-stop and uncontrollable orgasms.

It was shortly afterwards and just when she had vowed to do the same to me, the doorbell rang and there was Len.

I was as horny as hell by then, and without putting on a lesbian sex show for him, I stripped him off, lay back on the bed with my legs apart and Rebecca fed his average cock deep into me. Well, as deep as possible for Len.

Nonetheless, I was so wound up that he gave me a superb orgasm and we all crashed out together on Rebecca’s super-king-sized bed.

I awoke much later to find my legs over Rebecca’s shoulders. Still half asleep, I was aware of Len sucking on my left nipple but more immediately, it dawned on me that Rebecca was parting my pussy lips with her tongue.

Complete awareness suddenly engulfed me, and I remember Rebecca saying to Len that his sperm tasted lovely mixed with my juices.

I just lay back and let happen whatever they both had in mind for me. I can only say that if feeling Rebecca’s tongue on my clitoris, the superb orgasms she gave me (and it wasn’t just one), plus feeling Len’s cum splash all over my face was as good as anything that I had done for them, then it really was a superbly successful sexy night.

Why have I waited so long…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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