Sweat and Spandex

Sweat and Spandex

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When I saw her I almost dropped the dumbbell on my foot.  She was about 5’4 with long glimmering dirty blonde hair, which was tied back in a ponytail that bounced about her shoulders as she walked.  Her skin was a deep tan color and perfectly accentuated her well muscled legs and bared midrif.  My eyes traveled from her feet up her toned legs to her ass.  She was dressed in a silver two-piece outfit that made her look as if she would be more at home lounging around a swimming pool than hoisting wieghts in a gym.

  Her stomach was tight and defined, shimmering in the light from the thin layer of perspiration covering her perfect body.  Her tits were obviously fake, for no woman on earth could possibly be born with such treasures.  The sweat was running down her neck, pooling around her breasts causing a wet t-shirt effect, allowing her nipples to make a very welcome appearance.

She had the face of an angel. Bright blue eyes that shone like saphires against her caramel colored skin.  Her lips were full and luscious, perfectly framing her gleeming white teeth.  If there was a more perfect woman on earth, then she had never crossed my path.

  Trying in vain to hide my growing erection, I made my way over to the cardio area putting myself in plain view of my new found obsession.  She was stretching her hamstrings, bending over double grasping her feet.  I strategically situated myself behind her admiring her ass.  Her bottoms were tight enough to outline every curve, and with my eyes glued to her shapely rear end I didn’t even notice her baby blues staring right back at me from between her legs.   Her head was upside down almost touching the floor and her ponytail had fallen across her face, almost covering her sly grin.

  Embarrassed, I quickly turned away, knowing full well that I had been caught in the act.  Wanting to save myself any further humiliation, I made my way over to the treadmill hoping that a good cardio workout would wash away any lingering fantasies regarding my lycra-clad enchantress.  I had been running for less than a minute, when a familiar body took the machine beside me.  I couldn’t see my own face, but I can be sure that it was red as hell when I looked over to see her smiling as she programmed the treadmill. She started off at a brisk walk, that sent her breasts bouncing up and down like a child’s plaything.  I tried to keep my eyes straight ahead.

“It’s ok”.

I was shocked. She had spoken to me!

“W.. What?”

“I don’t mind that you were checking me out,” she said.

“Well, I wasn’t checking you…”.

“Yes, you were. Just like I was checking you out”.

Was this happening??  Was this unbelievably attractive woman actually
hitting on me?

“You have a really great body”, she said nonchalantly.

I was speechless for a second before I managed to stammer out something to do with her having a great body as well.

She smiled.   “Thanks”.

There was a few seconds of awkward silence before she spoke again.

“I’m just about done in here. How would you like to walk me to my car?”

I had barely started my workout, but who was I to say no to this perfect specimen of a female?  Of course I agreed and soon we were making small talk on our way to the parking lot.  We exchanged names(hers is Amy) and talked “gym talk”.  When we reached her vehicle I was in for a bit of a surprise. I was expecting this hot little thing to be driving a hot little car,  but to my amazement she was the proud driver of a hulking black van.

“It’s my boyfriend’s”, she said, after sensing my surprise.

My heart fell.  Of course, I thought to myself.  How could a woman this
perfect be single?  I quickly aborted my plan of asking for her number and prepared to say goodbye.

Amy had other plans, however, as she leaned into me and pressed her soft lips against mine.  My eyes widened in surprise, but as soon as the initial shock wore off I returned her kiss, erotik film izle parting my lips to allow her warm wet tongue to slip into my mouth.  I could have kissed her for hours but she pulled away and gave me a cute little smile.

“Want to come in?”

I was confused.  “What do you mean?”

Amy leaned in and flicked her tongue out just brushing my lips. “In the
van,” she said opening the back door.

I tried to hide my smile as I grasciously accepted her offer and took her hand as she led me into the back of the van.  There were a few boxes, some blankets and a rolled up carpet strewn about.  She explained that she was in the process of moving, and was using her boyfriend’s van to transport her stuff.  I listened only half-hartedly as I was interested in something else at the time.

Amy had me sit down on a box, then straddled me tossing her hair to the
side.  She put her arms around my neck and pulled her firm, sweaty body into mine.  I rested my hands on her hips and pressed my mouth against her neck tracing a line up to her ear.  I could taste the saltness of a bead of sweat trickling down her neck.  I nibbled her ear eliciting a long drawn out moan from her sweet lips.  Suddenly she pulled my head back and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue into my mouth.  She kept moaning as her hands ran through my hair and my hands roamed her body.  Our kissing intensified and Amy put her hands straight up over her head as I peeled of her tight, spandex top, freeing her magnificient tits.  At once I dropped my head and took one of Amy’s erect nipples into my mouth again savoring her salty taste.  Her delicate fingers clawed at the back of my neck as my tongue ran circles around her nipple, before switching to her other breast, giving it the same treatment.

Soon Amy had my shirt off and was blazing a trail down my chest with her hot little mouth.  She obviously didn’t mind the taste of sweat either.  I was entranced, watching her plant soft kisses down my torso.
Every touch of her lips on my skin sent shivers through my body and blood coursing through my turgid cock.  She curled her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and yanked them down my hips.  I lifted my ass off the box to allow Amy to continue my undressing.  She slid the sweaty shorts down my legs and I kicked them off.  My full naked, sweaty body was now exposed to this gorgeous girl.

I watched intently as she descended on my cock, parting her sweet lips just enough to take the head into her warm, wet mouth.  She placed a hand firmly on my balls and carressed them to complement the treatment she was giving me with her mouth.  I placed my hand on the back of her head and gently guided her further down my shaft.  She looked so beautiful, with her eyes closed and her lips wrapped around my throbbing dick.  Every pass of her mouth down my shaft inched me one step closer to blowing my load in her mouth.  She would pull away momentarily and gaze up at me as she flicked her tongue out teasing the head of my cock.

My hand ran through her silky hair and she dropped her pretty face lower, lightly touching my balls with her tongue.  My moaning encouraged Amy to spend more time down there as she lapped my sweaty balls with soft, long licks.  Her mouth closed around them and she moaned sending tingles through my balls.  She then rose to her feet tucking her fingers into the waistband of her tight spandex shorts.

“Do you want these off?”, she asked with a teasing smirk.

I only nodded and reached out to help.

She lightly slapped my hands away with a giggle and turned her back to me. Amy then bent over and started to slide those silver spandex shorts down her tanned, firm ass.  I gazed intently as the top of her crack came into view, and kept my eyes glued as the shorts dropped to her ankles.  She was still bent over and I could see her tight little asshole.  She was smiling when she turned back, showing me her perfectly shaved pussy.

She then film izle turned and sauntered towards me, my eyes transfixed on her
gleaming, sweaty body.  Amy straddled my legs and leaned in kissing me as she lowered herself down onto my waiting cock.  She reached down and helped guide my dick into her hot, wet pussy.  I almost fainted when I felt myself inside her.  Our tongues played with each other as Amy began to gyrate her hips, forcing my hard cock deep inside her hole.  I could feel her sweaty, firm tits pressing up against my bare chest as I reached down grabbing her ass, pulling her closer.  Back and forth she ground her pelvis into me.  I reached farther back and slid my hand down the crack of her ass.  Amy pushed her tongue deeper inside my mouth and moaned as my fingers grazed her asshole.  She seemed to like it so I planted a finger on her tight anal opening and gently rubbed her sweaty asshole.  Her grinding increased and I could tell she was close to cumming.  She pulled her mouth from mine and put her face to the side of my head.  I could feel her hot breath on my hear as she whispered to me.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Amy’s voice quickly shot from a whisper to a full out scream as she began cumming on my cock.  I could feel her pussy grow wetter, as she finished convulsing.  When she started to pull her self off me, I thougth she had had enough but I couldn’t be more wrong.

“Lay down!” she commanded.

I did as she instructed, laying down on the cool floor of the van.  She
stood over me, her back to me, letting my eyes roam over her tight,
glistening body. Turning her head to the side, she slid a finger into her mouth and sucked it seductively.  She then reached around and placed it against her pussy, gently gliding it along her wet, swollen lips.  Then to my amazement Amy dragged her hand up to her ass.  She stoked her wet finger over her rim a few times before pushing it up inside.  She was really turning me on and I couldn’t wait to get my cock back inside her georgeous body.

She turned and dropped, bringing herself level with my straining dick. She gave me a quick smile and started crawling up my body like a cat.  Her tongue traced a line from my stomach back up to my mouth where it ended in a full on kiss.  I could feel her wet pussy rubbing against my cock and tried in vain to get it inside her.  Amy reached a slender hand back, playing with her pussy as her other hand clawed at the side of my face, causing me to kiss her even harder with renewed passion.  She stroked my dick, coating it with her own pussy juices, getting it nice and wet again.  I attempted to slide my dick back up into her moist hole, but to my surprise she stopped me.

“Uh uh.” she said with a smirk.  “Not there.”

I was confused.

She shifted her body forward and guided my straining cock towards her tight little butthole.

Her smile widened.  “In here.”

Amy closed her eyes and bit her lip as she pushed backwards, forcing her asshole around my dick.  As she relaxed, I slid in further causing her to moan with every inch.  She leaned back into a more comfortable position resting her hands on the floor behind her.

“Mmm, I love your big cock in my ass,” she groaned, wiggling her butt,
getting every last inch of my meat into her greedy hole.  She looked so sexy sitting there.  Sitting atop my dick, her hair hanging in a tangled sweaty mess.  Her eyes closed in ecstasy as she rocked back and forth.  I began thrusting upwards, unable to contain myself. Amy responded by sqeezing her ass down on my rock hard dick.

She started muttering obsenities under her breath as our fucking grew more frantic.  She stuck her foot out towards me.

“Take off my shoe,” she ordered.

I did.

“Now the sock.”

I did.

“I want you to suck my toes while you assfuck me!”

She threw her head back as I took three of her toes into my mouth.  I sucked them gently at first then harder seks filmi izle as she started to bounce up and down on my cock.  She pulled her foot from my mouth and really started to get into it. She had both feet and one arm firmly planted on the floor of the van.  I watched in amazement as my cock would appear and then disapear up her tight ass, as she rose and fell. Her other hand was busy at work rubbing her clit furiously in an effort to cum.  Her bounces soon turned into short thrusts as her body tightened up.  I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Fuck!!” she screamed.

I was done.  I felt her ass clench around my dick as I unloaded burst after burst of hot jism up into her asshole.

Amy took a few moments to catch her breath before pulling herself off my softening cock.

“Thanks,” I said.  “That was great.”

“Oh I’m not done with you yet! You haven’t even licked my pussy!”

I was a little tired but I was still more than willing to spend some more time with this hot little slut.

Before I could react Amy had thrown a leg over my head, straddling my face, forcing her wet pussy against my mouth in a hot sixty nine position.  I imediately stuck my tongue out tasting her sweet nectar.  She leaned forward giving me some more breathing room.  Repeatedly I lapped at her juicy cunt, as she reached back grabbing a handfull of hair, pulling me harder into her. As I ate her, started to play with my cock again, stoking it up and down. Then to my surprise she took it into her mouth!  She licked it up and down and sucked the head before swallowing it down her throat.  I looked up at
her freshly fucked asshole and saw a thin stream of cum running from it.  My dick was getting hard again in Amy’s mouth as he expert lips and tongue went to work.  Reluctantly I stuck my tongue out and touched the rim of her ass. The moan she let out only encouraged me and I started to lick all over her sweaty asshole.  I grabbed her thighs and pulled her back stabbing my tongue at her cum filled hole.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was actually licking my own cum from this girl’s ass!  She let my cock escape her mouth and pushed back against my face.

“That’s it. Lick it good.”

Finally she started to pull away, letting my tongue slowly slip from her ass.  Amy then surprised me again by turning around and kissing me fully on the mouth trying to get the last remnants of cum.  With one more flashing smile she rolled off and pulled her self up to her hands and knees.  I wasted no time in falling into position behind her, thrusting my rejuvenated cock back into her hot little pussy.  There was no going slow this time.  My thighs were slapping against her asscheeks, which were slick with sweat.  My hands were grasping her hips, accentuating every thrust of my cock.

Weakly, Amy reached back a trembling arm offering me a finger.  I took it in sucking it as I repeatedly filled her warm hole with my dick.  She withdrew her finger and slid it down her asscrack eventually finding her asshole.  I watched as she slipped her wet finger up her own ass.  I could feel her finger with my cock through her pussy wall.  She slid it in and out numerous times before planting it deep inside to stay.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I muttered. “Where do you want it?”

“Anywhere you want!”

“I want to cum on your face.”

“Good!  Do it!  Cum on my slutty little face!”

I pulled out and spun Amy around standing up.  She positioned her face in front of my dick and looked up into my eyes.  I gave it a few quick jerks before the firt gob of cum landed on her lips.  She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue to recieve the second and third shots.  In less than a few seconds Amy’s beautiful face was a sticky mess. She took my cock into her sweet little mouth and sucked it dry before collapsing in a tired sweaty heap.

I quickly dressed and left the van, as she told me that her boyfriend would start to get suspicious if she wasn’t home soon.  We said our goodbyes and went our ways.  As soon as I got home I jerked off just thinking about the sexy experience I had just had.  Needless to say, I started going to the gym a lot more after that day.

The End

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Stress Relief

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I could feel the warmth spread through my body as I deftly threw back my fourth shot of tequila. My face was flushed, the long week and all its stress was quickly disappearing from my mind, the tension leaving my body. I could feel the bass pulse through me as I made my way back onto the dance floor. The music was hot, the club was hot, and damn, I was feeling pretty hot myself. I was rocking my favorite little black dress. My well tanned legs, so smooth and sexy, my ass, so luscious as it moved sensuously to the music. I was feeling really good, and then my night got much better. I felt gentle hands caress my shoulders and work their way down my arms. Then he placed them on my hips and pulled me close and nestled me right into his crotch, he was so hard, so big. He rocked his hips to the music as he grabbed my hips tightly. He moved my ass in the familiar and arousing motions. I could feel his sculpted arms pressing into mine as we moved in rhythm to the music.

Then he ran his hands down the sides of my breasts, his fingers brushing against my nipples, arousing them, and sending tingles throughout my body. He ran them down to my hips and then firmly turned me around so I could see his dark and lustful eyes. I could smell his cologne, the alcohol, the music, I knew where it was leading. He leaned down and kissed me long and hard, rough, like he knew he would have his way with me tonight. He ran his hands down the outsides of my thighs as his face grazed my shaved mound through my dress, turning me on, getting the juices flowing. Then he slowly started to move his hands up the insides of my thighs, I knew erotik film izle I should stop him, but it felt so good. They were soon under the hem of my dress, and I could feel the shivers in my clit as he moved across my wet pussy. Of course I wasn’t wearing any underwear, there wasn’t much room in my dress for such things. He teased my clit softly and then ever so slowly and sexy licked his finger, his eyes piercing mine the entire time. Then he put his finger in my mouth and I hungrily licked and sucked it, my breathing getting heavier every second.

He pushed me back, as we moved towards the back wall of the club. The club was dark with lots of smoke and maroon crushed velvet curtains lining the walls. He pushed me into a dark corner, and the grinding got more intense. With his back to the wall, he bent me over until my hands touched the ground. I could feel my bare ass touching the soft material of his pants, contrasting his hard dick, trying so hard to escape. As he pushed into my ass, I couldn’t help but moan, I knew my cum was getting all over his pants as he pushed harder and faster…then I could feel his fingers pushing inside me, I wanted to scream as he hit my g-spot over and over again. I could hardly keep myself from collapsing. Then I could feel his hands fumble with his zipper, all common sense and tact must have left me with the last shot of tequila I took. I could feel his long, thick dick, wet with pre-cum, bounce against my ass cheeks. I knew I should move away, this was so stupid, had my week really been that bad? But my body would not listen as I slowly moved my ass to brush film izle against his dick. I could feel him position the head against my cunt, I moved back on it slowly, feeling it push inside, filling me so full. He began to gyrate his hips, back and forth, harder and harder, my moaning getting louder and louder. I knew I had juices running down my thighs by now, but I couldn’t stop. He was pounding me, stretching my pussy walls so far it hurt.

Then he swiftly moved in front of me and grabbed my legs, propping me up against the wall. He was biting on my hard nipples as he started pounding again, harder, I could feel him hitting my cervix, it hurt, but with each stab of pain came a wave of pleasure. I could feel my pussy spasm as my first orgasm came, I knew he couldn’t last much longer, I should really stop him now, there would be no way to hide the mess if he came on me, or in me. As my brain tried to register everything, especially the fact that the folks near us had probably figured out by now that were not just dancing anymore, he put me down and turned me around again. He spread my legs as wide as he could, rubbing my clit, bringing me to orgasm again. As I was clenching my teeth in the throes of my second orgasm, I realized he was twirling his finger around my asshole, spreading my cum all over it.

I started to stand up, realizing his intention, recognizing the impending pain if I did not move. I had only had anal sex a few times, definitely not with anyone near his caliber. He put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me back down as his head started probing my asshole. I jumped when his seks filmi izle head broke into my puckered hole. He gently and slowly pushed the rest of his massive cock inside my ass, it burned as it tore its way in, no amount of tenderness was going to change that. He slowly pulled out, I was so tight around him I could feel him start to spasm inside me as he leaked some cum into my ass, just enough to push his way all the way back in. I could feel his balls slap against my pussy he was so far into my ass. And then he started slamming into my ass with all the energy he had left. He grabbed my hips so hard I knew it would leave bruises. He thrust into my ass so hard, I knew his hips would leave marks on my cheeks. As I began to cum a third time and tighten on his dick he let out a loud moan and began to shudder as he spewed his load of hot semen inside my ass.

We both stood there for a few moments, spent, and needing some time to recuperate before trying to move on. He took off his shirt and wiped my thighs, my pussy, my ass, and tried to clean me up as best he could without being too blatant. Then he cleaned off his dick and hands and zipped his pants back up. He looked at me, paused a second, then told me he would be back tomorrow if I was interested, then he winked and sauntered off. I just smiled, honestly, because that was all I could muster at the time. I slowly and cautiously walked away myself. I knew it would be a long walk back to my car with the pain in my holes starting to sink in as the alcohol began to wear off, and my sanity slowly came to me. I knew I certainly would not be returning to this club tomorrow night, it would be asking for trouble. Random screwing is not a regular habit of mine, but the odds of me being able to say no, were pretty damn slim. After all, my stress had been relieved, did I really need more?

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Sore Loser

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“I wish I could’ve seen the look on his smug face when the verdict came down.”

“Yeah, girl, that must’ve been so nice. I mean, you won, but you also beat that douchebag.”

Sarah snickered as she sipped her drink. Around the table with her were her three best friends, Amy, Lisa, and Chloe, the quartet celebrating her recent victory in court.

“How does it feel?” Amy asked.

“Well, it always feel good to win,” she answered, “no matter who I beat.”

“But doesn’t it feel extra special,” Chloe pressed, “knowing that Drew is home crying right now?”

She shrugged, trying not to smirk.

“Oh, come on, Sarah,” Lisa cut in, “don’t hide it. It’s okay to be a little petty, you won.”

“Okay, yes, it does feel better than usual.”

“There we go,” Chloe said, throwing her arms up in vindication, “I knew it.”

“So are you going to do anything special to celebrate?” Amy asked.

She shook her head.

“The only thing special about it is that I beat Drew, and I can do that any day of the week.”

“Oooh, somebody’s confident,” Chloe cooed.

“Besides,” Lisa murmured, glancing over to the bar, “I think it’s more who Sarah is going to do than what.”

The other three women followed her gaze. A few men were gathered at the bar, but one was checking them out.

“He’s fine,” commented Chloe.

“Damn right,” agreed Lisa.

“Go talk to him,” urged Amy. “Blow off some steam, have some fun.”

“What about our night out?” she asked.

“I think we all knew how it was going to end,” Chloe said, grinning. “Each one of us going our separate ways with a different guy.”

“True,” Lisa agreed.

“Alright,” Sarah relented, draining the rest of her drink, standing to walk over.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t,” she heard Amy say.

Sarah stepped into her apartment, closing the door behind her, slipping her pumps off.

Ricky had been attractive indeed, but he had been a horrid conversationalist. Luckily, that had not mattered much, and after a short conversation, they had headed to the dance floor. One by one, her friends had found a guy of their own, joining her in alcohol-assisted revelry.

No doubt, Ricky had expected something more than dancing, but she had disappointed him, not even indulging in some mindless make-out. Her friends, when she had left, had been in the middle of locking lips with their chosen man.

But she had somewhere to be.

The interior of her apartment was cool and dark, but she knew the layout by heart.

A pang of hunger tickled her belly, so she padded towards the kitchen.

Just inside the door, somebody grabbed her from behind, yanking her backwards. She squealed as she was spun and pushed face-first against the wall, a strong weight pinning her. A hand snaked underneath her skirt, daring to stroke along her panties.

She squirmed, gasping helplessly as her mound was tested through the fabric. It took very little time for her juices to flow.

Just as roughly, she was spun back around, and shoved unceremoniously down to her knees.

Her eyes had begun to adjust to the smothering shadows; she caught sight of a straining prick, inches from her face. A hand came down to grasp it by the base. As if in slow motion, she watched it lift the hefty length, and bring it down on her cheek.

The slap echoed out in the silent apartment, a blush arising on her face at the treatment. More slaps followed, blows landing dismissively, the broad meat whacking insistently. Her blush deepened as her pussy streamed more juices. The arrogance and dominance oozing from this shadowy man was arousing her so much.

After the next slap, the prick slathered along her face. Pre-cum had begun to trickle from the head, smearing now across her cheeks, chin, and nose, messing up her make-up. She purred softly as a line of the tangy fluid slipped across her lips. Her tongue darted out unconsciously to gather it up, welcoming the slightly bitter taste.

The throbbing member continued its disrespectful journey. She trembled as its solid heat drummed against her cheek, inch after inch dominating her eyesight.

As the shaft slid up over her face, a musk reached her nostrils, strong and singular. It made her quiver, made her pussy clutch in anticipation. The owner of this musk grunted as he nudged his balls against her lips, his cock resting against her face. At the same moment she dutifully opened her mouth, one of her hands slid into her skirt, diving past her panties to pat at her mound.

His strained groans filled the hallway as she slurped on his sweaty flesh. The musk was stronger straight from the source, searing on her tongue, making her eyes water. Her body was reacting quickly; streams of juice were already slicking her fingers, and her nipples were like pebbles in her bra. She could not help but moan shamelessly as she sucked fervently. Drool began to collect at the corners of her lips, running down her chin, adding to the slick mess on her face.

The mystery man wound a hand into her hair. erotik film izle She squirmed, the wood floor hard on her knees but the heat of the moment keeping the discomfort far from her mind. Her fingers caressed at her wet slit, slipping inside to tickle her channel. Obscenely slick suckling sounds drummed in her ears, the auditory evidence of her own immediate submission, the wet smack of her lips on the crinkled sacks.

She broke off his balls, lines of spit connecting her mouth to them, and lapped away. Her tongue slathered along, collecting her own saliva, underlined heavily by that potent musk. Each breathe drew in more of that scent.

Her fingers worked steadily, driving up her arousal. The taste of those testicles was incredible to her. She gazed up at the mystery man, seeing those lustful eyes bearing down on her through the shadows, wondering if she looked as slutty as she felt.

“Your balls taste so good,” she gasped out, rubbing harder at her pussy.

He grunted dismissively, using his grip in her hair to force her back onto them. The dominance made her squeal around the mouthful. She slobbered onto the round orbs, massaging them with her tongue, feeling her lower lips clutch harder, the pleasure mounting higher.

An orgasm washed over her soon, making her mewl softly, trembling in the dark hallway of her apartment. Slick fluids trickled from her quivering mound out onto her fingers.

The mystery man yanked her from her prizes. They were glistening with saliva, the crinkled flesh marked here and there with her pink lipstick. Sarah barely had time to moan before he plunged his cock deep into her mouth. The length of throbbing meat rocketed over her tongue; she gagged as it struck into her throat. Her breath was cut off, but she did not care, gurgling with gusto onto that prick as the base mashed into her lips.

Patience was not this man’s forte, so he began to fuck right away. His balls slapped harshly against her chin, his hand tight in her hair, keeping her in place for his use. Her hand returned to her pussy, where she resumed her frantic stroking, driving up her lust yet again.

He pumped away in her throat, savoring the way it massaged him, the way she choked around his surging length. It only spurred him on to greater roughness. Her body was jostled, caught between the wall and his animalistic thrusting. Despite the helplessness, or rather, because of it, she was in sexual heaven, her channel clutching again in the throes of ecstasy.

She came several more times before the man pulled out. His saliva-slick cock slapped again at her face, making her shudder as he defiled her features.

And then he yanked her to her feet.

His fingers dug into the crease of her blouse, and he pulled hard, tearing it open, buttons clattering to the floor. She was too far gone to care.

He took a firm hold of her breasts, crushing the flesh between his fingers, the assertiveness and aggressiveness of his grip making her squirm, her nipples pressing into his palms. His mouth descended on her neck, sucking and nipping; she tilted her head, giving him access to more of the light brown skin.

One of his hands moved down, sneaking under her skirt to slip into her panties. She cooed, bucking her hips the moment she felt the contact against her mound, the slick wetness smearing across his fingers. Two of his fingers crooked into her channel, rubbing against the sensitive flesh, shivers running up and down her spine.

The mystery man spent several minutes enjoying the feel of her breasts, his mouth trailing down to suck a hard nipple in between his lips. As he patted at her slit, driving her lust higher, his teeth came into play here and there, mixing in pain with the pleasurable sensations. She groaned, pinned against the wall by his weight, feeling his cock brushing along her bare thigh, leaving a trail of pre-cum over it. His fingers worked steadily in her pussy, slipping deeper, inciting gasps to spill from her mouth. He trapped a nipple between his teeth, shoving more pain into her nerves, her soft flesh at his mercy. An orgasm rolled over her quickly, her womanly nectar trickling out to stain his fingers.

He pulled them out and presented them to her.

She purred, seeing her liquid glistening on the digits, and sucked one eagerly into her mouth. Her own flavor assaulted her taste buds; her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she licked greedily along his offered fingers. Amusement glinted in his eyes, seeing how lewdly she dragged her tongue up the length of a finger, collecting her own dew on her tongue, swallowing it with a loud and satisfied gulp. Her eyes locked on his, reveling in the attention, feeling sluttier now as he watched her indulge. Even when his fingers were clean of her nectar, she kept licking. His free hand continued to maul at her breasts, squeezing roughly, the abundant flesh firmly in his grip.

Although he enjoyed her obedience, he wanted her degradation again, so he rudely shoved her back down to her knees.

He lifted his meaty shaft, showing film izle off his balls.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered gruffly.

She cooed, obeying immediately.

“Good slut,” he growled, shoving those swollen sacks between her lips.

The musky taste was back on her tongue as she slurped enthusiastically, touching herself again. Her saliva flowed freely, trickling down her chin to drip off, coating his balls until they shone in the low light. Panting like a bitch in heat, she nuzzled against the warm sacks, her tongue darting out to lick eagerly, collecting more muskiness. Another orgasm washed over her, her submissiveness quite the aphrodisiac for her. When she felt more of her cream settle on her fingers, she broke off his testicles, strands of saliva connecting her mouth to them, and slathered her orgasmic fluid over the crinkled flesh, making it that much more appetizing.

It was a heady mix of flavors, feminine tang combining with masculine sourness. She loved it, slobbering messily on his testicles, breaking off to nuzzle her nose into the cleft between the sacks to get a strong whiff of the combined smell. This far into their rendezvous, she was drunk on lust and submission; the scent of her ecstasy, mixed with his essence, made her spiral further downward into wild wantonness. Her hair flew about her as she gurgled happily, making the swollen orbs drip with saliva, marked even more with her pink lipstick, by now more on his flesh than her lips.

When she glanced up to him, hoping to see the lust coalescing in his eyes, she noticed that he was steadily stroking his prick, his hand wrapped tightly around it. It made her moan onto his balls, spurring him on in her mind. The promise of a hot, thick load was foremost on her mind, pushing her into another orgasm as she imagined where he would put it. The last time they had fucked, it had been in the middle of the day, and he had used her discarded panties as a makeshift cum rag, spurting his thick load straight into the cloth. When they had parted ways, his last words had been a command to wear them for the rest of the day without cleaning them. The feeling of that cooling spunk pressed to her mound had made it hard for her to focus for the day, daydreaming about more debauchery during meetings and imagining more sordid rendezvouses while she should have been working.

She stayed fixed on his testicles, still lapping away at them, shuddering as another climax tore into her. A puddle of her nectar had begun to grow below her, dripping from her cunt to the floor. He grunted, a wet sound issuing out right above her head, his hand sliding up and down on his slick shaft. Wanting to encourage him along, she sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing from the effort, bathing his flesh in her spit.

Sarah Rosales was a young attorney, seen as intelligent and ambitious, having graduated at the top of her class at Brown and later very near the top at Harvard Law. The partners at the firm where she was working had told her early on that they thought she would have a bright future.

If they could see her now, they would have been shocked at how submissive and sluttish she was for this man, on her knees with her face shoved in between his legs, mouth locked onto his testicles, sucking like her life depended on it. Part of her quivered as she imagined her co-workers watching the scene, aghast but secretly very aroused. Another part of her shuddered as she pictured her girlfriends spying on her, disgusted but discretely rubbing their mounds. She could not help but giggle around a mouthful of sweaty flesh.

The mystery man yanked her off his testicles, growling as his hand sped up, stroking furiously along his length. With his grip on the back of her head, he held her face just underneath his straining manhood, aiming to spray her pretty features down with his hot cum.

“Please,” she begged, “please, do it, please, blow your fucking load all over my face, please!”

One of her hands squeezed at his muscular thigh, the other still at her cunt, stroking faster now.

“Please, fuck, please, fucking do it, please…”

He growled, eyes flashing with lust as his orgasm struck him.

She gazed up adoringly at him as the first blast rocketed out, splattering violently over her forehead. The force behind it, plus the feeling of that hot liquid sizzling onto her flesh, propelled her into another climax, her pussy seizing around her fingers, bathing them in her own cream. She cried out in time for the second blast to arc onto her tongue, her eyes rolling back in their sockets at the taste, the bitterly sweet flavor of his essence. The third blast sprayed over her right eye, plastering it shut, and then the subsequent blasts followed with no time in between, seeming more like one continuous blast than numerous. He groaned, teeth bared as the ecstasy reigned over him, her face taking blast after blast until her features were coated in a sheen of it. Several more climaxes tore into her as she was treated to a mask of creamy spunk. The last few blasts had enough time between seks filmi izle them for her to appreciate where they went, landing on her chin and her heaving breasts.

His hand left her head, letting her moan and quiver with his load on her face.

“Smile, slut.”

She obeyed, opening her mouth in a wide grin, her tongue darting out mindlessly to lick up the streams of spunk sliding sluggishly down her face.

Several flashes lighted up in the dark apartment; her hand stroked again at her slit as she imagined him looking at the pictures later.

“Can I eat your cum?” she asked, squirming, hands ready to collect a warm, creamy treat.


She whimpered, wanting so badly to taste his load.


“I said no.”

His heavy footsteps sounded on the floor. She smelled his musk moments before his testicles were shoved against her cum-slicked lips.

Instinctively, she opened her mouth and drew the swollen sacks back inside, worshipping them with gusto. Some of the cum on her face dripped off to splash onto her breasts.

He let out a deep sigh from above her, enjoying the warm wetness of her mouth.

Thankfully for her, he needed a little bit of time to recover, which meant that she had that much time to suck his balls, delighting in the feel and taste, lapping away at them. Even more orgasms washed over her, the ecstasy sending her ever downwards into bestial lust. Her mind was blank, no thoughts there beyond submission and sexual slavishness. All that comprised her were desires and sensations, a purely physical existence.

The flavor of his musk was so strong that she found herself wondering if it would be imprinted on her taste buds after tonight. A large part of her wanted that, to be forever reminded of this singular flavor, to have his domination of her extend to that.

He yanked her back to her feet, interrupting her train of thought. His hands tore off her blouse and bra, leaving her top half naked. His other hand tore her skirt off, leaving only her panties. She moaned, already rubbing one of her palms over her panties, feeling how utterly soaked they were.

Having left her near naked, he shoved her back down to her knees. His hand took a fistful of her hair, and he began to stride off down the hall, dragging her behind him. She whimpered, crawling after him, cum dripping off her face. There was an ache at her temples from his firm grip, but it made her cunt clutch harder, the violence and roughness an essential ingredient in this erotic cocktail. Her hands scrabbled at the floorboards as she fought to keep up with him.

They reached her home office. With a grunt, he hauled her roughly to her feet and shoved her through the door.

She whacked into her desk; a second later, he was on her. His hand resumed its rough hold on her hair, and he used it to push her down onto the desk, her hands reaching out to take a firm grip on the edge of the desk.

“Hands behind your back,” he snarled.

Mewling whorishly, she obeyed. A metallic jangling sounded from behind her. He forced her wrists tighter together, and snapped a pair of handcuffs around them. She turned her head, resting her cheek on the cool wood, smearing his cum all over it.

Insistent fingers found her panties and tore them off, tossing them to the floor. She squirmed, waiting impatiently as he aligned his cock to her slit.

His dominance and roughness had aroused her incredibly.

So she was incredibly wet, wet enough to take him all the way in one go, from the head to the base.

Sarah cried out joyously at the feeling of all that hard meat barreling into her pussy, forcing her lower lips apart to accommodate the length of rigid flesh. An orgasm struck her at his second thrust, the cries trailing into pathetic whimpers as he showed no subtlety or restraint, hammering into her soaked channel from the get-go. The persistent pumping of his prick made it harder for her to come down from her peak; almost as soon as the first had ended, another took its place, her pussy gushing again, bathing that conquering length in womanly juices. His hands tightened on her hips, squeezing roughly as he fucked harder, pounding steadily into her drenched sex. All she could do was sob as climax after climax tore through her body, her legs kicking up helplessly, the smooth flesh of her thighs trembling and bouncing from the impacts of his fierce thrusts.

“Oh fuck yes, that feels so good, baby, fuck me hard…”

He only gave a few more thrusts, before pulling out. His hands immediately went to her ass, spreading her cheeks wide, revealing the tight asshole in between.

His intentions were suddenly clear to her. She groaned shamelessly, squirming on her desk, her mound drooling juices.

A hot pressure nudged against her sphincter. Sarah gasped, trying to glance back over her shoulder, barely able to catch sight of the lustful look on his face. The naked desire etched there was deliciously erotic.

Just a bit of pressure forced the hole to splay. Every invading inch was gleaming with her cream, well lubricated, enough to ease the passage. Her ass was no stranger to this cock, which also helped, as there was a familiarity, her insides having fit this length numerous times before.

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Small Awakenings Ch. 03

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Self Shot

Kristine was standing in front of me in the bedroom. When I came home from work she was already standing there, naked with the exception of the blindfold and a big grin.

“How long have you been there?”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I put the blindfold on about half past five and waited.”

I looked at my watch. It was nearly seven. I didn’t tell her so.

“I thought you would like me like this,” she said, a bit hurt.

“Of course I like you like that, just don’t like the thought of keeping you waiting that’s all.”

“Okay,” she said “I’ll phone next time and find out when you’ll be home and time a bit better.”

I walked over to her and kissed her. She was trembling. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“I just need to pee.” She winced as she said this. I took her by the hand and lead her to the toilet. And as she sat there doing what she needed, I thought about what she had done for me, and realised where things were headed between us.

“Next time you do this,” I started and she turned her head towards me, “do like you said and ring. I can never be sure of getting out of work on time. Also make sure you take care of any personal business, this is for two reasons. Firstly I don’t want you to hold on too long and hurt yourself. Second it wastes time when I get back. If we didn’t need to do this you would already be having fun.” Kristine sat silently on the toilet and nodded her head. Time to lift her spirits I thought. “Don’t get down. I love you and love what you do for me. I just don’t want you hurt. Okay?”

“Okay,” she said as she stood up from the toilet and felt for the tissue paper.

“Now get yourself back in the bedroom.” I grinned as she felt her way back to where I found her earlier.

I undressed myself and went to the drawer to pull out one of the silk scarves. Things a bit different tonight, I thought to myself. Walking behind Kristine I tied her hand together behind her back. She stayed silent as I lead her to the bed turned her around and pushed her back onto it. I could see this had hurt her but still she said nothing. I climbed onto the bed with her and kissed her briefly, my tongue flicking against hers. I knelt up and offered my cock to her. Eagerly she opened her mouth and took my head in flicking at it with her tongue. God it felt fantastic. I started to rock erotik film izle my hips, pushing a bit more of myself into her mouth. Stretching her jaw wide she took all that I offered until I could feel her nose rubbing against my belly.

Moving my hand down to her body I took hold of one of her nipples and gave it a rough twist. She moaned against my cock and the vibrations rattled right through me. I twisted again, harder this time and she moaned again. I started to fuck her mouth and continued to twist her nipples. As I pushed deep into her throat I would give a twist feeling the groan down the whole of my shaft. Her nipples were already starting to look red and sore but I never let up. Pushing into her mouth again I gave another hard twist. I watched as a tear trickled down her face from under the blindfold. I felt a quick flash of panic, hoping I hadn’t gone too far and pulled myself out of her mouth. Kristine lay below me panting but said nothing. No sign of our safe word. Again I was impressed by how much she was willing to take from me.

I bent down and kissed her again to reassure her. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I could taste myself on her breath. Reaching down I gently rubbed my hands over her nipples hoping to rub away some of the pain. I was enjoying this and I also knew she was but I still love her and would not want to cause her any unwanted pain.

As we continued to kiss I let my hand run down her body. Running my finger through her curls I continued down to her pussy. Her clit was standing out from between her lips; it seemed my fears were for nothing, she was more excited than I had ever known.

Reaching further down I dipped one of my fingers into her moist hole, she moaned into my mouth. I could feel her breath becoming ragged in my mouth and broke away from her. Propping my head up on my other hand I continued to slide my finger in and out of her. As I did this I watched her face, taking in all the details and the creases formed by her increasing pleasure.

My hand started to move faster as I slid another finger into her. She moaned out loud as I started to massage her clit with my thumb. Her moans became louder as her hips started to buck in time with my thrusting fingers. Leaning her head over towards me she placed her face into the crook of my neck, I could feel her hot breath film izle as she panted against me. I could feel her orgasm start to build as her pussy started to clench at my fingers deep within her. As her orgasm approached her hips bucked wildly. Shouting out loud as the intensity hit her she bit down hard on my shoulder, I gasped with the surprise of the pain but was also surprised to feel how good it was. I wrapped my arm around her head and pulled her into me, taking the hint she bit harder until her orgasm passed.

I withdrew my fingers from her and knelt up. Kristine lay below me catching her breath. Helping her up I turned her around and lay her down on her front, her arms still useless behind her back. Turning myself around I positioned myself between her legs and pushed them wide open. I smiled to myself when I thought about how helpless she was right now. Lowering my head I ran my tongue up the full length of her pussy. She was sticky with her cum and I started to lick her clean, dipping my tongue deep into her hole. Kristine moaned and wriggled on the bed but without her arms could barely move.

Quickly I ran my tongue up her pussy, this time I didn’t stop. Pulling her ass cheeks apart I slid my tongue over her most secret of holes. Kristine gave a sharp gasp as the tip of my tongue flicked at her puckered bud. I didn’t push things too far, just gently licked at her rear. She started to moan and I could see her juices start to flow from her pussy. I pushed a finger into her wet hole as I started to push my tongue into her rear. I felt her muscles tight around my probing tongue and could taste her muskyness. Still no objections from my lover so I slid my finger from out of her pussy and pressed it to her rear end. She held her breath as I slowly started to push my finger into her ass. I could feel the tightness slowly give way as my finger slid in past the first knuckle then eventually the second.

Kristine let out a quivering sigh as I started to move my finger in and out of her ass. I knew this was a brand new feeling for her, one I could tell she was feeling. Slowing the pressure on my probing digit started to lessen and I was able to move my finger more freely. Adjusting the position of my hand I slid a finger into her pussy, this brought a huge moan from Kristine’s lips. I started to work my fingers together, seks filmi izle fucking both her holes at the same time. I knew she could feel them rubbing together through the thin membrane inside of her. Again her hips started to buck under the pressure of my fingers, her own movements pushing my fingers deeper and deeper inside of her. She bit down hard on the pillow when she came but still her moan was loud, her juices flowing out over my hand as both her pussy and her ass clenched hard at my fingers inside her.

Pulling my fingers out of her I moved her up the bed with her knees now under her. She was totally exposed to me as I positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She pushed back on me hard impaling herself on me to my full length. Reaching forward I pulled on her tied wrists lifting the front of her off the bed, her head flicking back. I took hold of her hair and pulled hard as I started to ram my cock hard into her. All I could hear from Kristine was deep guttural grunts each time I pushed into her and tugged on her hair.

Releasing her hair I ran my hand down over her body to her rear. Roughly I pushed my thumb deep into her bring another grunt. I pushed my thumb into her in time with my thrusting cock. The feeling was amazing as I could feel my two intruding body parts rubbing together inside of her. I could feel my orgasm start to build up as I continued to ravage both her holes. The sounds coming from in front of me were practically obscene as my Kristine had been reduced to an animal willingly accepting anything I wanted to give her.

Removing my thumb from her rear I took hold of her hair again and pulled hard, her body lifting right up until it pressed against mine. She was near oblivious as I kept pounding into her my hand still pulling hard on her hair. I could feel my balls tighten as my orgasm built. Leaning my head forward I returned the favour of a bite on the shoulder. This took Kristine over the edge as her body started to shake and convulse with a powerful orgasm. Her pussy started to clench so hard at my cock it was as if it was trying to milk me dry. With a load moan I erupted inside her filling her with my cum before both of us collapsed onto the bed together.

Rolling over I pulled Kristine close to me; I spotted a bruise already showing where I had bitten her. At least it was in a place that could be covered. I reached down her back to untie her hands.

“No leave it,” she whispered. “Like this I know and feel that I completely belong to you”

Gently I kissed her forehead and let her be.

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Simon Says Revenge Ch. 02-04

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Having Fun

Chapter 2

“Ah, Mr. Avanti. Nice to meet you. Sana said that you’d be coming,” the attorney greeted me as I entered his main office after about twenty minutes or so of admiring the secretary.

I tried not to be too obvious, but hey, blondes … what could I say?

“Sana?” I asked.

“Dr. Habib. I’m Yuri Natansky and you’re Simon Avanti, the man who was her patient last night, right?” the bald, goateed divorce lawyer confirmed.

“That I am. Look … what my wife did last night … it’s not simple adultery. She drugged me, hogtied me, and forced me to watch her do things that she always denied me, get this, not because I had broken my wedding vows. That would be bad enough and still an extreme overreaction on her part, but I had slept with a friend of hers BEFORE Danielle and I got engaged. Now, you tell me if that makes sense.

“If she behaves this way just six weeks into our marriage, what else do I have to fear? I no longer feel safe alone with her, and that’s no way to go forward in my life, always jumping and flinching, walking on eggshells, etc. No thanks. The sooner I can cut my losses, the better, you know. Don’t you agree?” I asked Mr. Natansky directly now.

“Indeed, indeed, but I want you to look into another option. Annulment. If you’ve already become this disaffected this early into a marriage, it’s much easier than at a later date to go ahead and annul the union. I believe that you entered this marriage in good faith, but perhaps she did not. Best part of annulment … you don’t need her consent to annul it. You just need to get a judge to grant it.

“We can look into whether or not she withheld vital information about her mental health prior to marriage and whether or not you would have married her if you had that knowledge in the past. If that fails, of course, we can still go for the divorce,” Mr. Natansky had the look of a mad scientist in his eyes, but not a truly insane one, just one who thought something ingenious.

“That would be very nice, thank you very much. Now, regarding property settlements, there shouldn’t be a lot of marital assets, am I right, not this early into it, I would think,” I posed the obvious query about the likely fiscal hit that we’d both take.

“No, indeed not, and another factor to consider is that if she were to be, say, incarcerated for any length of time, it would give us an enormous structural advantage in terms of seeking our desired terms for a final settlement. From what I’ve heard, that seems to be a considerably high probability, which is one of the few upsides to the fact that what she did was, quite frankly, a violent felony.

“She could actually go to prison, and not necessarily for a short time, either. I don’t have to tell you, I think, that judges don’t tend to side with convicted felons in divorces. She might be lucky to have enough money for a prison commissary by the time that she finishes getting raped in such a divorce. It also helps that you don’t have kids together, either. No child support, almost no chance of alimony, best case scenario for her, she keeps the house in the divorce, maybe the car,” Mr. Natansky was thankfully ruthlessly frank with me now.

“Wow … she really screwed the pooch, didn’t she?” I reacted with amazement at how much Danielle had put herself in serious shit.

“That’s being generous to her, but yes. Fear not, you’ll get a far more favorable divorce than the average man in this state. Or annulment, best case scenario. I mean, let’s be blunt here. Her crime, kidnapping, is actually a federal offense and carries with it a possible twenty-year term. Even in one of the nicer women’s prisons out there, with no federal parole, she’ll probably hit menopause behind bars, easily.

“A fortysomething, maybe fiftysomething, ex-con with no recent job experience, she’s looking at the best years of her life gone, just like that, in a puff of smoke, all because she lost her temper and pulled a stunt like this. Maybe, if she’s likely, she gets some stupid schmuck to be her pen pal and marry her while she’s in the joint.

“Still no conjugal visits, but likely plenty of action once she gets out. She’s likely gonna have to take what she can get, some asshat who puts her to work as a glorified maid who also sucks his cock. Her life is ruined, either way. Welcome to Hell. Personally, I don’t stick my dick in crazy, but that’s just me. I’ve learned that one the hard way,” Mr. Natansky lit a cigar as he kept tossing a long discarded wedding band in the air.

There had to be a story behind that, but that was a problem for another day.

“I want a restraining order, in any case, Mr. Natansky. On grounds of fear for safety, in case she attacks me or has Ramone attack me while she’s just out of custody. If she violates that, she goes right back to jail, right?” I confirmed for the record.

“Precisely and that was gonna be my next point, but you were astute enough to beat me to the punch. Yes, we absolutely want it on the record you don’t feel erotik film izle safe around her. That’s gonna look really bad for her in a divorce, to put it mildly, and best of all, if she has a firearm, they can seize it for a significant length of time while she’s under that order. Nor is she allowed to buy another one during that time, either. Yeah, she’s gonna have a very rough day … even a rough week, far worse than even yours, Mr. Avanti,” Mr. Natansky clarified for me.

Anyway, as we concluded the day’s business, I turned my cell phone back on and got another voicemail from Danielle, now very desperate and very much a jailbird. I chuckled as I thought about how humiliating it must have been for her to have cops show up at her workplace and take her into custody, reading her Miranda rights.

It was that bitch’s turn to plead for mercy, and I was fresh out of it.

“Simon, please … this has gone on long enough. Okay, I get that I maybe … overreacted, but did you have to press charges? Are you really gonna make me sit in jail all fucking week or however long it is until I can post bond? Please … bail me out … pretty please … I’ll do whatever you like, be your sex slave for a week, do threesomes with fucking Michelle if you only bail me out and drop those stupid charges! Please … Simon!

“Damn it, you stupid motherfucker! Why Michelle? Why did it have to be her? Please, damn it … get me out of here! It’s insane! I miss you! I miss your dick, too, I swear! You can even do my butt and make me suck it afterward, I promise you! PLEASE! You can go fuck yourself, Simon Avanti, Jr. Burn in Hell!”

As with the other voicemail, I saved it as evidence, just in case. Then I went back to the motel, made some more adjustments to my finances to further separate myself from Danielle, and then went for a swim in the pool. I had a feeling that it was best to at least spend the day there, just in case Danielle somehow got out and went looking for me … or sent Ramone after me. She might know where Jamie lived. She wouldn’t know where I spent the week if it was a motel.

I swam about six or seven laps around the pool when I heard a voice call out to me.

“You’re a hard man to find, dude. But you didn’t count on my own resources, cousin.”

It was Ramone.

Chapter 3

“You!” I snapped at him, making my cousin back off with the venom in my voice.

“Dude … look … I don’t want no beef with you! I just … want Danielle, okay! That’s all this was about! I thought she’d just have a revenge affair for your cheating, not that she’d go nuclear like this! Damn, dude … I just coveted your wife and wanted her for myself! I even … lied to her about my sterility. I told her that I couldn’t have any kids. I can and likely made one with her last night. Be mad at me if you must, just remember that I never tied you up! That was all her!” Ramone assured me rather desperately.

“You know that she’s in jail now, right? She’s going to prison, Ramone, for what she did, and there’s a pretty good chance that so are you. If I were you, I’d stop harassing me and focus on getting a damn good lawyer, because without one, you’re gonna be fresh meat at some maximum security prison with a cellmate who wants you for his own bride. You’ll get plenty of butt sex then, but you might not enjoy it so much on the receiving end,” I observed, making Ramone cross himself now.

“Dude, what do I have to do … to stay out of prison? Fuck Danielle … she’s not worth being Bubba’s bitch! I … I can’t … I can’t do that. I’d never be able to sit down again. Please help me out here, cousin!” Ramone begged me now.

“Go to Hell, Ramone,” I chuckled and swam away.

“Damn you, cousin, how can you be so damn cold?” Ramone pleaded with me.

“I seem to recall how cold you were last night, showing no inclination to set me free, being far too busy fucking the hell out of Danielle. Well, guess what, bitch? That makes you an accessory, cousin! An accessory to kidnapping, which since that’s a federal crime, the accessory part is also a federal crime. That means no parole, moron.

“If I were you, I’d either get a really good lawyer, turn state’s evidence, or start training your cornhole for a lot more traffic in the near future. You’ll make one lovely bride for Bubba or Elroy or Jamal or Ruben or Xavier, princess! They say that being a prison wife changes a man. Like permanently. I guess that you’re about to find out if that’s true. Be a dear and put me on your visitors’ list so that you can tell me all about it,” I taunted Ramone more even as I got out of the pool, dried off a little, and called the cops.

“Hey, Detective, guess who decided to harass me at the motel swimming pool? Hey, cousin, want to take this call? I think that they really are looking for you. That’s right, Ramone … you can run, but you can’t hide. Yes, I gave you the address. I think that you’ll find that Ramone is very distinct chap. He looks like a wannabe wiseguy. Yep, film izle he’s fleeing on foot even now. Gee, I think that I scared him off. Just don’t forget to perp walk him,” I smirked while Ramone tried rather desperately to get away from the tipped-off location.

I swam a few more laps while picturing the arrest of Ramone Divoli, my own cousin, which was only a matter of time now. I got bored, though, and headed back to my room to change. I took a quick shower, cleansing off the chlorine from my skin and drying off just seconds before I heard a knock at my door. Who the devil found me next?

I opened the door and there was Michelle, for whatever reasons were not clear to me. What the fuck did she want? If she had kept her stupid trap shut, none of this would have happened. Then again, I would have stayed married to that crazy cunt, so there was that. Michelle had kept me at arm’s length after the fling, too, not that she was overly great in the sack, either.

“Michelle, to what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked Danielle’s friend, who gave me a witchy smile.

“Um … Simon … I think that we have unfinished business, you and I,” Michelle bit her lower lips in a surprisingly charming way.

“Sorry, I don’t follow you, but come inside, if you must. Please elaborate, Michelle,” I sat on the motel bed and she on the other one.

“Oh, I think that you know what I mean. I … I meant to leave … more to do later, but we never got the chance before you got engaged to Danielle and swore off everyone else. Now that your marriage is toast, though … I can do justice to our little fling or whatever you wish to call it. I feel awful that I told her about us, too, but she got me a bit drunk and we were spilling out all of our secrets. That was when she told me about her own … secret,” Michelle had the decency to blush now.

“Secret? Do tell me this. I wasn’t aware of any such secret,” I perked up a bit.

“She’s been … sleeping with Ramone from the beginning. He’s her … boyfriend. And she wanted to get me on side … to make me … help … keep you in line. I was to keep seducing you, so that she could keep finding reasons to fuck him. I had to keep you at a distance until her first revenge affair, and then … wait until you were nice and down … and console you.

“Then you would get busted and etc. It was a really dumbass plan, even for her. She didn’t really think it through to the conclusion at all. She figured that I was no threat … too dull in her bed by her lights. Too vanilla,” Michelle at least had the grace to feel embarrassment at Danielle’s absurd conceit.

“And yet you’re here, despite her arrest … and revealing all to me now. You’re not still trying to carry out her plan, are you?” I confronted Michelle, who shook her head.

“Nope … MY plan. I was a dead lay, I’m afraid, but I don’t wish to be anymore. I could tell that you were bored with me, but that doesn’t have to be so. Please … please … let me do this for you, honey. The first step, however, is this,” Michelle pulled out some handcuffs, making me frown in exasperated disbelief.

“Do I have a ‘victim’ sign on my forehead or something, Michelle?” I assumed that she meant to cuff me.

“Nope, but see?” Michelle put the first cuff on her left wrist, followed by the other on her right.

“Those cuffs were for you, not me … wow! Why, Michelle? Why start there?” I shook my head in shock while my cock swelled up with my lust.

“Because … trust. I lost your trust and I want it back first. Also … I’m … kinda wet at being handcuffed right now, to be perfectly honest,” Michelle stunned me with that admission as she handed me the keys to her cuffs.

“Why do you care about my trust, Michelle? I’m afraid that I don’t follow you still. Why are you wet at being handcuffed and at my mercy? Why are you spilling Danielle’s secrets? I like these things, yes, but I wonder at your motivation here. I thought that you cared more for her than for me, so in any falling out, you’d side with her. What gives?” I demanded answers from Michelle, whose blushes and dimples admittedly gave her more charm now.

“Well … I … like you. A lot. Far more than I like her right now, in fact. So, how about this deal? While I’m handcuffed like this, I’m YOUR captive. You can do with me as you please. Do whatever you like with me … except scat, mutilation, that kind of thing. Those are my only restrictions, if you will. Everything else is on the table. Pussy, mouth, ass … all of the above. Whips, chains, leather, rimming, orgies, etc. Gang-bangs, daisy chains…

“I had to look half that stuff up online, in fact, but I’ll gladly do it all. I’m your slut for as long as I’m cuffed here, you see. After that, we’ll see, but I’ll make no attempt to retaliate for anything that you do to me, I swear, aside from those limits,” Michelle announced, making my boner harder still.

“What kind of … timetable are we speaking of here? For this … bondage stuff? Also, seks filmi izle what about showers? Won’t you need to be uncuffed for those? Have you really thought this through, Michelle? You’re basically a sweet girl, if a bit attached to Danielle and old-fashioned, woman,” I persisted, even as I tried not to get quite so hard so fast.

“Okay, let me rephrase that. Until you give me back the keys, not until you uncuff me. Word of honor, however long that takes, I’m your private whore, in fact. I am out of work, so this is perfect for this. I get fed, housed, maybe even an allowance? However long it takes. So, what do you say? You have all of the power now. I’m entirely at your mercy. What do you say, Master?” Michelle let her inner minx come out to play and it was far convincing and enticing than I ever expected it to be.

Oh … and her eyes … damn those blue-green orbs! And those honey-blonde curls, too. There was only one thing to do, since she had me under her spell.

Put her under my thumb.

“Well, for one thing, slut, I think that you’re far too overdressed, don’t you agree? Let’s rid you of those blue jeans, okay and see what kind of panties you wear, my dear. After that, who knows? Naughty girl, kissing and telling to my wife about what happened in the past and not telling Master what said wife’s own secrets were until now,” I told Michelle as I put her on her back and unzipped her pants to slide them down.

I slipped off her sneakers and socks once I got the jeans halfway down, making it easier to remove her denim. Sweet! Michelle had white lace panties, but that would change soon enough. I could see her golden bush, too, reminding me that she was a natural blonde. I leaned in closer to sniff her crotch and sure enough, she was as wet as noodles in a saucepan. I winked at Michelle and slid her panties down with my own teeth, unhooking them to make her bottomless at last.

“Well, well, that’s a great way to gain trust … tell the truth about your arousal. You’re soaked! Let’s flip you over, shall we?” I decided, turning Michelle over onto her belly and parting her cheeks to inspect her butt-crack.

I walked toward the bathroom, ran a washcloth in the faucet, and returned to wipe the area in question before spreading her cheeks again. Then I began licking from her tailbone to her taint, especially honing in on her tasty pucker. I also slapped her buns to mix some pain in with the pleasure and frankly because she had such a spankable ass. I began fingering her asshole a bit and listening for her obvious moans of pleasure.

I did it, I told myself … I found the inner slut hiding in the demure, vanilla “good girl” Michelle. It simply lay in ambush, waiting to be drawn out into the open. I knew for a fact now that her bottom was an erogenous zone for her and that she liked being handcuffed for whatever reason. I kept it up a bit longer, making her booty nice and red, or at least a very dark or hot pink from the spanking that made her even wetter than the handcuffs did. I wanted Michelle extremely ready for what I intended for her fine ass.

It was gonna hurt … but I gathered that wouldn’t be a dealbreaker for my new slut. At least she was in my handcuffs, not in jail. Between Michelle and Danielle, it was clear who got the better deal. Damn … her ass, now that it was no longer off-limits … looked even sweeter than my wife’s. Of course, it was now mine, wasn’t it? I’d take that trade-off, even as painful as it could be at times.

I was a lot happier than that fugitive Ramone, that was for sure.

Chapter 4

“Are you ready for it, babe?” I asked Michelle as I pointed my cock right at her asshole.

“Yes … please! Fuck … my ass! I’m tired of being dull and demure. I want to be your slut! I’ve wanted you for a long time, Simon! That stupid bitch Danielle didn’t know how good she had it! Fuck her!” Michelle snapped, now eager to take my prick up her tight, cherry pucker.

“Alright, here we go, then,” I eased my first few inches into Michelle’s brown eye, making my new blonde cum whore feel the loss of her anal maidenhood.

“Fuck … yeah … it hurts … but … I love … the pain! I can’t believe … I denied myself … this!” Michelle gasped as she took me deeper inside her tush.

“I can’t believe that I denied myself more of you. If I’m gonna get punished for fucking you, I should make fuller use of you, right? You really are a dish … now I recall why I was attracted to you in the first place,” I told Michelle as I went deeper and properly plowed the backfield.

“What would you do if I wanted to stay in these handcuffs for a long time?” Michelle teased me as she pressed her thick buns against my hands and welcomed my rough invasion of her big bottom.

“We can … play that by ear and deal with that … situation as it rises … oh, fuck … damn that ass of yours … so … fucking … hot, slick, and tight!” I grunted as I rammed my new blonde slut harder up her rear.

“God … yes … Master … for you … anything … Simon … oh, fuck, yeah!” Michelle really got into the sodomy by now, pushing back at me with her hips in earnest, “thank you, Master … I love it! I love being your dirty anal slut!”

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Screams of Joy Ch. 02

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“Joy, are you still in there?” shouts Chris, before softly adding “Nah, it’s alright mate I heard her bedroom door go a minute ago.”

“Wait! Give me a minute.” I say… even as the door opens and there is Chris, with some random bloke staring at my naked lotion covered body.


Fuck is the only thing I think.

“No, wait, and that I’m going to beat Chris… Wait, I need a fucking towel.” I quickly turn to look for a towel; the only one in reach barely covers the front of my body leaving a lot of thigh and breast on display. Chris and his mystery mate are still standing there staring.

“Lauren, sorry.” Shouting as I push past them, “But your boyfriend isn’t going to have any bullocks in ten minutes enjoy them while you can!” not daring to look behind me, just reach my bedroom and slam my door for good measure.

“Really great week this has been.” I groan and sit in the middle of the floor catching my reflection in my mirror, “Well at least I shaved.” I giggle as I blow dry my hair which thanks to my recent hairdresser visit, and the old ‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’ moment, was now no longer my natural strawberry blond, but bright and flaming red. My body, “well okay, I wasn’t a stick.” I have too many curves for that, my ex had said I was chubby, another said that I look like Kelly Brook but I just think I’m in okay shape although the heartbreak diet is making my hips and d-cups larger compared to my slim waist, but men seemed to like the effect.

“Wait, men had been nothing but trouble this week, so fuck them. Tonight is for ME!!” I decided as I turn Christina Aguilera’s Fighter up to the max and pull on my favourite black push up bra whilst I decided cock tease is the mood I’m in.

“Now what to wear, see through lace top and hot pants, nah doesn’t go with my mood. A little black dress? Yeah and I think I have the perfect one!” I pull my new perfectly fitted dress out of wardrobe as I look for some underwear. “Garter and stocking it is!”

Just as I’m rolling one stocking up my thigh there is a knock at the door, Chris’s mate comes walking into the room holding a glass of what looked like Lilo’s killer cocktail. Again he has caught me partly naked but by this point I don’t even care.

“Is that for me?” I gesture at the glass.

“What? Sorry, no. But you can have it if you want.” He passes me the glass and I look at him in the face properly for the first time.

“I’ve seen him before but I can’t place him, probably just someone I’ve seen at a party. Wait… Holy Crap Balls! It’s Mr. Suit from the bus! The one I had the dream, where he was licking and fucking… No, can’t think it… change your thoughts, Joy now!” I feel a blush cover my body and he notices, “Okay, I can do this.”

“So given that you have seen me naked and well,” waving my hands down my body “like this, it would be nice to at least know your name.”

“Sorry, I must have forgot my manners in all the excitement” feeling his chocolate eyes run over my body “I’m Craig, I work with Lauren.” He offers me his hand and as I walk towards him, suddenly not feeling all that exposed and pressing my pale petite hand into his large dark one.

“So this was the hot piece of ass Lauren had invited. I have to say she did well.” He had his black afro hair shaved close to his head; his face was most pleasing to the eye, given that I was still in my hating men moment. He was wearing a suit over his seemingly muscular body and I had to laugh.

“So Craig, or should I just call you Mr. Suit, are you staying or just dropping in because it isn’t a suit party?”

“No,” chuckling slightly at me as his eyes look down my legs stopping at my crotch for a few beats while he continues, “I’ve brought some extra clothes; this is just from the office.”

“Ah okay, so like me, you need to get dressed.” waving my hand down at my body almost welcoming him to have another look, but he looks at the bed and the dress that is laid out.

“Is that what you are wearing?” he asks raising an eyebrow at me.

“Yes Mr. Suit, why don’t you like it?”

“Just think red would be better, every women is going to be wearing their little black dress.” he comments.

“Really, I’ll have a look at my dresses for a red one.”

“I can stay and help you, you know pick one out if you want.” winking at me as he talks before I turn to show him my almost bare ass just covered by a small piece of lace thong.

“It’s okay, I think I can pick one out and I thought you needed to get changed?” I reply.

“Well you can always help me with my wardrobe too…” I look over my shoulder to see him staring at my ass as I start reaching to put back the black dress I had picked. I sense more than hear him walk behind me as he takes the hanger from my hand and place it back into the wardrobe. I turn to thank him for the help but I’m met with his chest only inches away from my face making me step back and lean my head back to look him in the eye.

“Thanks.” blushing as I feel myself sway towards erotik film izle his body.

“No problem, and are you sure you don’t need help picking something out…” he leans down inches from my face before the door bangs open and we both groan as…

“Ooh, what do we have here?” Her laughing voices comes to us.

“We, I mean Suit…” Groaning at myself “Craig was just helping me put a dress back because I couldn’t reach.”

“Uh huh…” Lauren does her whole pout ‘I don’t believe you face’.

“Shit, she knows me too well.” I mentally groan.

“Anyway, I was just coming in to say the shower is free for you, Craig. That is if you still want a shower.” she giggles as she closes the door behind her.

“Yeah, you better shower the people are coming in just over an hour.” I say, moving back away from him.

“I think people are going to be ‘cumming’ before the hour is up.” he replies silkily.

“And I need to get actually get ready.” squirming slightly as I think of him cumming for me.

“Cold shower it is. See you in a bit, birthday girl,” as he moves away and pauses at the door “go for a red dress and you will be the hottest in the room, I promise.”

I stand staring at his lust filled eyes as he closes the door.

“FUCK!! Where the hell did my I hate men think go? I was one step away from jump on him and begging him to fuck me, for god sake. Joy, get a grip he is attractive and seems to want you, so go for it.” Shaking my head I move back over to the mirror and look at my face and decide its war paint time as I run my eyeliner over my lashes making a thin but flirty line, hoping for the ‘come hither’ look, before adding some perfectly thickened false lashes. Smiling at my handy work, not too much of a sex kitten but just enough, without looking over done. I slowly apply the rest of my makeup and think about what Su… Craig had said about a red dress.

“Wouldn’t it look too much with the hair, I’m not even sure I have a red evening dress. No, but Lauren does!” I decide on hers before running through the apartment to her room knocking and stumbling in on her and Chris in a passionate embrace.

“Shit! Joy, can’t you knock and wait like everyone else?” Chris glares at me while moving Lauren in front of his body.

“You mean like you did earlier, dickhead?” I retort.

“I love Chris really, Lauren loved him and he treated her right but I’m still pissed at him for earlier.”

“Don’t worry Lover boy, I’ll be gone in a minute. I’m just stealing one of Lilo’s dresses.” running over to her wardrobe and grabbing the exact dress I was thinking off.

“Okay for me to wear tonight?” I ask giving her innocent eyes.

“Yep.” she agrees and her hand moving behind her back as I run over and pull them apart.

“Very nice.” is all I can, as I look at my ex-lover and best friends hand around her boyfriends throbbing cock.

“Have fun, but make it a quickie.” I laugh as I shake my naked ass at them as I run out the door.

I walk happily back to my room as I hear the shower stop and walk just a little faster.

“Okay Joy, time to really get ready!” I pour a few drops of perfume down my cleavage running the fluid down my stomach in a little trail and up the inside of my thighs before dabbing my neck and wrists.

“Well might as well be prepared just in case.” I wink in the mirror before checking my watch as I remove it and find I’ve only got 20 minutes before people arrive. Running over to the dress and stepping into it, pulling it up my body as it clings. Checking in the mirror “my hips look wide and my tits look massive, but hey ho that’s me”. A knock at the door interrupts my body check and I wait for the door to open but it doesn’t.

“Come in…” I shout as I bend to get my black sky high heels.

“You… I want to real bad.” I hear Suit’s voice behind me and turn as I press my stocking covered feet into my heels.

“You cumming inside me… me too Sui… Craig. I’ve really got to get his name down.”

“What do you think, Craig?” I do a small spin for him and find myself wanting he approve.

“Nice” was all he said.

“Nice… fucking nice, is that all! I mean I know I’m no goddess, but please.” Only then do I look over his clothing taking in his black slouch jeans covering his long legs and fitted black t-shirt showing some definition in his chest, his watch sparkles on his wrist being his only flicker of light apart from the shine of his eyes.

“You look umm, nice yourself Mr. Suit.” with a hint at my inner bitch.

“Ready to party, my red headed friend?” as he fingers a strand of my hair. I don’t reply just walk out turning on one of my favourite songs and downing a shot.

“What do you think?” I pass him a shot but before he can reply the doorbell rings and the party starts.

“This was just want I need”, I sigh happily as I talk to one of my friends, but always feeling Mr. Suits eyes on me. “Dancing, drinking, laughing, just general having a good time with my nearest and dearest, film izle perfect, well and having a hot guy watching me turns me on.” Moving over to Mr. Suit offering him my hand and tilting my head over to where everyone is dancing.

“Wanna come dance, everyone?” I shout over the music while still moving my hips in a circle to the music. He shakes his head.

“But, I want to see you dance.” pouting as I look up into his big brown eyes before he pulls me closer grabbing me around the waist as he grinds his hips into me.

“Wow!”Thankfully, I for once keep my thought inside my head but I still can’t control my blush as even through his jeans I feel his erection pressing against me.

“Dancing with strangers is not what I want to be doing with you, I think you know what I want.” His hand traces up and down my side catching the undersides of my breasts with every stroke.

“I don’t have the faintest clue…” I tease at him before moving to tip toes and whispering in his eye “you might have to spell it out for me, I’m a little drunk.” knowing full well that I’m nowhere near drunk but hiding my desire for him behind it. He spins me around until I’m sandwiches between the wall and his body; his hand tilts my face up to his before whispering in my ear.

“I want you pressed up against this wall while I fuck you.” before his lips crash mine in a hard kiss, but he ends it before I’m ready, spinning me and pushing me towards the dance area with a slap to my ass.

Thankfully the plan to hit the club after, works in my and Craig’s favour. Everyone left me and Craig there, our having made a lame excuse that we had drank too much and needed to eat but would follow them down later.

“I did say it was lame.” We move around picking a few bits of rubbish from the floor.

“Joy, just make the first move he has made it clear he wants you.” I down another drink in my room slip off my dress, and check myself in the mirror. Turning round to look at the back view to make sure my ass was perfectly framed before walking slowly in my heels back over to the speakers and change the song to Jeremih Birthday Sex and prop myself up on the desk; waiting for him to hear the song. After twenty nerve-wracking seconds he looks over to see me in the most provocative pose I can make with my stocking covered legs crossed over each other leaning forward watching him.

He gets to me in no time running his hands up my stocking legs before dragging my legs apart and pressing himself into the newly formed V, tipping my head back before his mouth touches mine in a gentle trace of a kiss.

“Are you ready for me, Joy?” he bites down lightly on my earlobe as he talks “Maybe I should check for myself.” His hands move to my hips and rips the thong down my legs before his hand rubs against my already moist entrance.

“Wet already, Ms. Joy.” Mr. Suit kisses my lips quickly before his fingers slide inside me. His mouth catches my moans of delight. He moves as deep as he can, spreading his fingers apart stretching my pussy, his alcohol laced breath filling my brain, as his hands fill my cunt. My hands find their way to his belt undoing it quickly then fumbling with the buttons of his jeans; my hands steal into his boxers and take in his size. I rub the palm over his head coating my hand in his pre-cum before wrapping as much of it around him.

“I’m ready for the wall.” I whisper against his lips.

“Patience” he breathes against me.

“NO! NOW!” my mind shouts but I know from his tone it’s his way or the highway. He smiles as I pout before nipping at my bottom lip, making me gasp, opening my mouth to his tongue; he fills my mouth coaxing my tongue to join with his. They mate slowly but he presses the kiss harder while his hands travel up and down my thigh, barely touching me, teasing me, making me spread my thighs wider. My hand tightens around his cock, before I slide my hands up and down his cock caressing every long inch of him. His mouth moves to my perfectly pushed up cleavage before he twist the front clasp releasing my breasts to his gaze. He forcefully squeezes my breasts in his large hands, making me cry out in need.

He pulls me off the table before I realise what happening he kisses me back over to the wall pressing me against it with his hard body.

“This is how I wanted you earlier, but you know that, don’t you?” His knee gliding quickly between my legs pressing against my wet cunt making me grind against him “I saw your dancing get dirty with Lauren after our chat, are you a little cock tease, Little Joy?”


“Are you sure you aren’t, Joy?” he grabs my hands, covering my breast with them before pinching the nipples that peek through. My lust filled eyes look down to watch but he tilts my head back up to his.

“I want to see your face, Baby” his hands leave mine and I watch as he drops his jeans and boxers, my hands continue to grope my breasts, my eyes lock on the sight of his large black cock standing hard out from his body.

“Now he is, Umm, Wow, well hung… seks filmi izle will it fit?” my thoughts are interrupted.

“Like what you see, Baby?” I vaguely nod my head back to him, scared thoughts of him being too big fill my head,

“Good baby”. He leans down kissing my lips again making me forget about the being scared. His knees spread my legs wider before grinding his cock down against my wet lips. Gripping my hips he pulls up against his body crushing my body between him and the wall. My legs wrap around him stroking the base of his cock against my lips with every arch of my body. Pushing up against my hips he makes my back scraps against the wall before my head is slightly higher than his. Looking down I watch as his tongue touches my nipple for the first time, pressing back against him, I arch my back before his teeth close around my hard nipple, sucking it into his mouth while rubbing the tip of his cock against my entrance. He pulls back from the wall and gravity slips his cock deeply inside my tight cunt. My shoulder lean against the wall as his nails dig into my ass.

Moving away, thrusting me against the wall, my breast bouncing, catching your gaze, making you fuck me harder, bumping against my cervix with every powerful thrust, I cup the underside of my breast before moving my nipple into reach of my willing mouth, sucking it into my mouth looking at his face through hooded eyes biting down on it, bordering on the pleasure pain as my pussy starts to contract around his cock.

“Fuck me harder!” I almost scream at him as my breast bounces down to join its pair bouncing frantically up and down my chest.

His finger presses against my ass, slips inside thrusting in time to his cock.

The combination sends me into my long powerful orgasm.

Moving his cock deep inside moving his hips side to side rubbing my walls as I contract him.

“Baby, you have me so close, but I want your ass.” he pants in my ear, making me somehow more aroused as my climax continues.

Carrying me to the table and roughly bending me over it, he slaps each cheek twice, scaring me slightly, but the feeling of ecstasy overshadowing the pain. He slips his hand into my still aftershock contracting cunt thrusting them hard, in and out, covering his fingers in my cum before caressing it into my ass.

“Have you ever had anyone up your ass, baby?” as he brushes my hair over my shoulder to see the side of my face, as I bite my lip and reply quickly “Only a finger in the shower earlier.”

He moves a finger into my ass, quickly I tense but relax as his other hand caresses and makes love to my clit, allowing him another finger inside.

“Baby, you are tight. I don’t know how long I’m going to last once inside.” he says as he replaces his fingers with the smooth mushroom end of his cock into my ass. His hand gropes the soft cheeks of my ass pressing them apart as his cock moves in.

He moves gently in, inch by slow inch, stopping every time I flinch, before somehow his whole cock is buried into my stretched ass. His cock seems to grow harder in my ass as I tease around him, tighten around him, as I find new powerful muscles to tease him with.

“So this is what it feels like to have your ass filled.” I think before he slaps my ass one more time before pulling back and slamming back in continuing his artfully caress on my clit, “WOW!” my body accepts him almost at once, my ass pushing back against him, craving his cock inside my forbidden hole. His hands wrap around my hair, pulling my head back as his pelvis crashes against my ass. The pleasure pain is so confusingly arousing that I don’t want it to end.

“Finger your cunt.” he orders me and my hands move without thought, two fingers thrust inside keeping to the beat of his cock.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!” I shout closing my eyes, before his hand slaps my ass making me open them again.

“Look at me when you cum!” He orders. I pant staring into his eyes as my pussy welcomes another finger, my cum drips down my thighs, his balls slapping against my hand, pressing me deeper. My ass contracts as my cunt spasms. I scream, loud unknown words… as I feel him thrust deep into my ass, coating the tight walls with stream after stream of his cum.

He pulls out of me, stroking his cock as he watches my fingers continue to move, in and out of my cunt, at a slow pace, my ass slowly drips his cum. After the last drops of cum touch my ass he turns me back around, picking me up and carries me into my bedroom, pulling me down to lay on top of him as he cock slowly starts to soften against my stomach.

“Time for clean up, Baby.” he pushes the hair back from face catching it in his hands before directing my head down his body.

“Wait, he wants me to suck his cock after its been in my ass… no way!” I stare up into my eyes yet again giving him the fuck right off look.

“Try it, you might just like it.” He prompts me, I think for a moment.

“Well, anal had felt better than painfully shitting backwards like I had heard, might as well let the adventure continue.” Move down his chest gripping his cock at the base looking up into Craig’s eyes before licking at the tip, tasting it into my mouth and taking in the flavour.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


It was evening and he was sitting at the kitchen table, barefooted, in jeans and a t-shirt, reading the paper. I was off puttering around, doing I don’t remember what, while Don was absorbed in the news.

Suddenly, I had a strong urge to do one of those things that really turns me on once in a while. I went to our room and put on my short bathrobe. Then I went to the kitchen and stood next to Don until he looked up at me curiously. “Honey,” I said, “I’m in the mood to get a really good spanking.”

I didn’t say ‘and some really good sex’, because I knew I didn’t have to. Don reached over to touch the back of my lower thigh. His fingertips drifted slowly upward, under my robe, between my legs. The touch of his hand brushing my pubic hair excited me! The top of his hand pressed lightly against my slit. He felt my warmth and the beginning of moistness. Ever so lightly he teased me. He did all of this while gazing away, across the kitchen as if pondering something he recently read in the paper. I became wetter and began to ride his touch, seeking closer, firmer contact!

He looked up so that our eyes meet. I read strengthening desire in his.

“Take your robe off,” he ordered. I dropped it to the kitchen floor. He turned his chair to face me as his hand moved to touch me from the front. He inserted two fingers, to more approximate the thickness of the cock I so dearly love to ride! As his fingers sawed slowly in and out of my now soaked pussy, his tongue blazed a wet trail across my belly, stopping to dip into my navel. Soon I was riding more quickly! I rushed headlong toward the edge, then… I was over! My knees almost buckled with the release, but his strong arms kept me upright.

“Was that good for you, baby?”

Breathing hard, I simply nodded and smiled.

“Good! Now go into the bedroom and kneel on the bed. Put your hands on the top of the headboard and wait for me that way.” He licked the fingers that he’d withdrawn from my pussy. “It tastes like you’re ready,” he chuckled.

Don tarried a bit. His theory is that anticipation is good for you as long as there’s a payoff, and Don always guarantees a payoff! He took extra time to decide what his approach would be that night. He hates to be predictable! In his mind, no matter how much fun the first time doing something is, doing it the same way over and over gets to be boring… and he will NOT bore us!

After ten minutes or so he came into erotik film izle our bedroom. I had followed my instructions to the letter, and I could tell it pleased him. I looked back over my shoulder to watch him take his t-shirt off. He tossed it behind him, not caring where it fell. He made a small production out of unbuckling his belt. I heard the tinkle of the prong against the buckle’s edge. Don realizes that sound always plays a role in the granting of my wishes. There is a quick whoosh as he draws his belt through the loops of his jeans. I’m sure he sees a little apprehension in my eyes! He knows that I’m perfectly aware that when my need for a spanking is about to be met, there’s always the risk of “The Belt”. He once told me, “your pretty ass has reconciled itself to a continuing affair with it, so your anxiety is not too great to bear.” He knows me so well!

His jeans fell to the floor and he kicked them away. His shorts followed, landing in a corner somewhere.

As he picked up his belt I turned away and arched my back so that my ass presented a target I hoped he’d find attractive! He seemed to have other plans, but I can tell he appreciated my eagerness!

“Baby, back up and lay your head on the pillow, but stay on your knees. Now put your hands behind your back.”

I complied without question. Once I learned what Don was all about I realized I didn’t need to question him anymore. We have nothing if not trust. He formed a loop with his belt and slipped it around my wrists. Then he wrapped the strip of scarred, thick leather around and around until my hands were bound tightly!

Don began to speak, slowly, hypnotically…

“Close your eyes, Jackie. Imagine… sometime in the 16th century. You are on a platform in a slave pen. One of many in a slave market. Some of them hold other women. Others hold men. You are all captives from another land, and you are all there for one purpose… to be sold. Your fate depends on pleasing someone, anyone! A pretty one like yourself can expect a future as a pleasure-slave, but there is hope for more. If you please your master or mistress greatly, you might become a concubine of some stature and privilege. It’s remotely conceivable you could achieve more! You are aware of all of this because you are intelligent, and because you have perspective from your previous life. But it all starts here.

A small group of men stop to examine you. You listen as film izle the slave master extols your qualities. “She’s of good stock, noble family I’m told. Smart enough to know her new place though. Shouldn’t cause any trouble. And broken to the lash.” With those words you feel a sharp thwack on your buttocks! “Look at her ass, too. Firm and unblemished, since she’s only been a slave for a short time. We haven’t even fucked her there yet. Supporting a higher value you see.”

You hear a voice that’s smooth, modulated, confident, and accustomed to command. “So slave master, are you telling me she, or at least her pretty bum, is a virgin?”

“Ah, no Sahib. There’s no telling for sure what she did in her native land. But if you look closely, Sahib, it’s clear her hole is still tight and fresh.” Fingers spread your cheeks as if to check you. You feel a finger slip into your cunt as long as it’s right there anyway.

“Hmmm? Her front hole appears not so much used either.” To much laughter, one of the men tells the group that perhaps it’s a matter of the plow for this particular furrow having been unusually small.

The slave master sees that the leader has interest. He runs his hand over your head, feeling the texture of your hair. He lifts your chin to peer into your eyes. They are clear and he sees intelligence there.

The slave master commands you to open your mouth. When you do the leader runs his fingertips over your lips, then pulls them back slightly to check your teeth. Smelling a profitable sale the slave master offers him the use of you, a test drive so to speak. The leader opens his robes to reveal an engorged and erect phallus. When he places it near your mouth you open to take him, looking up for a clue as to what he would have you do. He simply nods, and you take him in deeply. He strokes into your lovely mouth, repeating the motion over and over. His retinue watches intently, with favorable murmurs. A flick of his hand dismisses you momentarily.

He moves behind you. He checks, and to his pleasure you are already wet. He slips into you effortlessly! As his thick penis slides in and out of you he watches the folds of your flesh grip him. They have a healthy pink glow and your copious juices impress him. The others are almost envious, especially when moans of pleasure escape you. He looks at each of his companions in turn to see looks of approval on each one’s face. Your test goes on. For long minutes seks filmi izle he strokes in and out of you at varying speeds! Several times it is obvious you achieve orgasmic pleasure. The comments of his companions become more enthusiastic. The slave master is beaming!

“Try her nether hole, Sahib!”

He must be VERY confident of a sale! The leader removes his wet hardness from your sopping cunt. Slowly he inserts his thickness into your small, tight asshole. It truly is a snug fit. Your gasps indicate you are not used to accommodating a man there, at least not one of his size! He begins to use you in a way that will be repeated countless times. Your individual moans turn into one continuous low groan as his thick manhood fills you again and again! In a short while it is obvious you have reached the pinnacle of pleasure once more, but of course he continues. His friends’ remarks are now suffused with praise, and they wonder at his good fortune with this lucky find! Even the slave master is surprised at the golden nugget he has in his pen.

One more test awaits! He fucks the smooth white ass in front of him with vigor now, and as he does his strong sword hand begins to slap your cheeks hard… then harder! Soon the slap of his hand on your flesh almost, but not quite, drowns out the moans of pleasure cascading from your lips. He stops stroking. For a minute he throbs every few seconds inside of you! With each throb comes a sharp slap to one cheek or the other! “Yes! Yes!” you groan! With a roar, he assaults your tightness once more! Others gather to watch. Over and over his staff slams into you! Over and over you urge him on! Finally, he raises his face toward the sky and shrieks the shriek of the war eagle! It mingles with the cry of the savaged doe that comes from your own beautiful lips! His seed spews deeply into your bowels! A few seconds later he pulls his cum-coated cock from your ass with a wet plop. A few white strings follow. The crowd is hushed.

When he nods to a companion, the man tosses a bag of gold to the slave master, who doesn’t even bother to count it. The crowd cheers wildly!

He wraps you in his cloak and leads you away!

I was laying face down on the bed when Don turned me over. I spread my legs so that he could lay down on me comfortably. My heavy breathing was finally subsiding.

“Does your ass hurt, baby,” he asked?

“Oh, yes. Delightfully so. That is just what I needed.”

“I’ll stay right here until you go to sleep. When you’re done with your nap… come find me.”

A long kiss, and I felt my eyes close. My last thought before sleep was, “I certainly will, honey. I certainly will.”

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Revelation, Penetration, , Swaps

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Group Sex

*Continuation of “Tease, Party, Peg”*

A little past midnight, Lynn gave Marie the signal. Most of their friends were already gone, and Anne was passed out on the couch with a glass of white wine in her hand. If it was red, Marie would have taken it away from her, but that might have woken her up.

She found Andy and James cleaning up in the kitchen. They were basically finished, so she sent James upstairs to find his wife. He had some preparations to take care of before things could begin. Andy smiled to her while he did the last of the dishes, and she came up and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I didn’t get to thank you for earlier,” he said, giving her a peck on the cheek. “That was something else.”

Marie blushed. She’d worried that he would have figured it out – that it was James who blew him earlier – but Lynn had guessed right. All Andy knew was that he’d been sucked dry by a hot, wet mouth, and he naturally assumed it was hers. She could just imagine James there, between his legs, with a mouthful of black cock and white semen. She was dying to see the video of the incident, but maybe she could get them to repeat it later. Or maybe even the other way around…

“Well, you can return the favor whenever you want,” she said. She didn’t think he’d actually do it, but she could imagine him with James’ cock in his mouth. God, she needed to fuck.

He gave her a more passionate kiss, spilling a little water from the sink. “I’d be happy to,” he said in a low growl.

She gave the bulge at the front of his pants a squeeze, then went back to putting things away. After a few minutes, they both climbed upstairs and into the bedroom.

As soon as he closed the door, Andy’s hands were on her, and he pressed his lips to hers with vigor. He smelled like tequila, but he was rock solid against her leg, so she didn’t have to worry too much about what effect the alcohol might have on him.

He was rougher than usual with his caresses, but she wanted it. She’d been wired all night since Lynn showed her the video of Andy getting pegged, and now it was time for her patience to pay off.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said as he kissed her neck, one hand on her ass, the other against her crotch. “I’ll be right back.”

She pushed him into the bed, and went into the bathroom. Her lingerie was hidden under the sink, and she moved quickly to change into it. Her panties were soaked, and she ran her hand through the wetness with a wave of pleasure. She sucked the juices off her fingers, then pulled on the crotchless thong and bustier that she and Lynn had agreed on.

She checked herself out in the mirror, and grinned. She was flush, and her eyes were as big as saucers; she looked like a bitch in heat. It was good. She had worried that she would be awkward for this. Now, she just wanted to fuck.

She came out, and Andy was waiting for her. His dark skin was framed against the tan bedspread, and his cock was pointed straight out for her. Still, she resisted the urge to jump right on his hard shaft, and came around to the other side of the bed, lying beside him on her stomach.

He looked confused, but she had him lean back on his elbows, her face very near to his hips. She gave his cock a lazy stroke, and precum oozed out of him with a shudder.

“I had something different in mind for tonight,” she said, trailing a finger through the stream of clear liquid rolling down his shaft.

He raised an eyebrow, but Lynn heard the cue. The door creaked open, and her friend came in wearing the same bustier and crotchless panties. She smiled seductively and let Andy soak her in.

“Wow,” he said, looking between her and Marie.

Marie gave another tug on his cock. “Do you want to fuck her?”

He nodded.

“Good,” said Lynn. “I want another shot at that monster.”

She sauntered over and straddled him without another word. Marie held onto Andy’s cock and lined it up with Lynn’s slit. She was just as wet as Marie, but a little messier. Perhaps James had been warming her up in the other room.

Lynn slid onto Andy’s cock with a sigh, and he grunted in pleasure. Marie grinned and retracted her hand, finding Lynn’s phone on the nightstand. She started recording. There was something exhilarating about filming her fiancé fucking another woman, and it was driving Marie wild.

“Do you like my pussy,” said Lynn as she started moving, her hips curling against his dick in nearly locomotive arcs.

“Mmm, it feels good,” said Andy, rocking his hips slowly in time with her.

“I’m glad. I’ll tell my husband you enjoyed it.”

Andy froze, throwing off their rhythm.

Lynn laughed. “Don’t worry. He’s fine. Besides, how else was I going to get DP’d?”

Andy cast a worried glance to Marie, but she smiled and held the camera steady as James came in. He was naked as well, but Marie could see the plug in his ass as he turned to pick up the duffel bag. He didn’t look totally comfortable, but he knew the plan and didn’t waste any time. If he stopped to say erotik film izle anything it might get awkward.

He dropped the duffel by the bed and retrieved a small bottle of lube. He squeezed a good sized portion into his hand and got to work coating himself and Lynn’s rosebud.

Andy stayed silent as well, eyes glancing between them the girls and James, but Lynn kept his focus by placing his hands on her tits. Her bustier was pulled back, and her nipples stood out like leather studs.

“You’ve got this side,” she told him. “Just keep fucking me, and try not to cum for a while, okay? I don’t want your sperm in my cunt tonight.”

Andy nodded, and after a few more moments, James was ready as well. Marie moved forward for a better angle as James plunged himself into Lynn’s ass.

She squealed with delight, but had to stop for a moment to adjust to the new cock. Marie rubbed herself furiously, immediately and deeply jealous of her friend. She’d tried two dildos at once before, but two pulsing, hot cocks was something else. Lynn had better cum quickly, or Marie would push her out of the way.

James and Andy looked at each other, forming some unspoken agreement, now that they were both inside Lynn. Marie could see James’ balls resting on Andy’s cock.

Lynn turned and smiled for the camera, her eyes as wet and wide with anticipation as her pussy. “Okay, boys: give it to me.”

They obliged, pumping into her with irregular thrusts. Soon, though, they got into a rhythm and started fucking her for real. Lynn’s face was ecstatic, and she was gasping and moaning like a porn star. Some of it was undoubtedly for the camera, but Marie could swear that Lynn was looking past the phone at her…and she liked it.

“Oh god yes, fuck me,” Lynn cried, eyes closed, mouth gaping open. She was so horny, if there had been another cock there before her, Lynn would have been blowing it. Marie imagined her friend taking three cocks at once, her mouth flooded with cum. Missing that, Lynn kept up a constant stream of curses and encouragement.

After a few more grunting minutes, Lynn turned to the camera again and gasped, her pretty face screwed up with pleasure. She looked right at Marie, begging for release. Lynn shuddered and the boys stopped pumping while the orgasm rolled over her.

When she was done, Lynn settled back against their cocks, rocking and squirming.

“Oh no you don’t, bitch. It’s my turn.”

Marie stopped the video and dropped the phone on the bed. She was aching. For Andy, for James – hell, if Lynn brought her strap-on, Marie would bend over happily for her. She had waited long enough!

“I was going to go for seconds,” said Lynn with a lazy smile, but she slowly moved out of the way. Once she was free of the boys, she sprawled back onto the bed with a heavy sigh, her forehead slick with sweat.

Marie grinned like a wolf and took in the sight of the men before her. They were both flush with the exercise, and clearly ready for more. Still, she could see them nervously glancing at one another, all too aware of their closeness and nudity. If only Andy knew whose lips were on his cock earlier this evening…

She pulled herself on top of Andy and lined up with his cock. She was drenched and ready for him, and he slid inside of her with one filling stroke. She gasped with pleasure and ground her hips against his pelvis. It was a marvel she didn’t explode right there and then. But, then she wouldn’t get to enjoy her turn with both cocks.

“You too,” she said, looking over her shoulder. James’ cock was stiff and pulsing, and she remembered how it felt inside her ass when they’d fucked by the hot tub on vacation.

James didn’t need any more encouragement. He repeated the lubing process, though he spent some time fingering her asshole for good measure. She rocked herself against his fingers, but it wasn’t enough – she wanted his dick in her! By the time he was ready to fill her with his cock, Marie was fit to burst. His hard rod slipped past her rectum just as she began to cum.

“Aaah! Yesss!”

“Oh, shit,” cursed James, and Marie felt waves of hot cum fill her ass. It was too much at once, but it felt so good! The sensation was amazing, feeling his orgasm meld with hers, while Andy kept pumping away at her pussy.

When Marie finally came down, James pulled himself out of her and lay next to his wife on the bed. He looked pleased with himself, and a bit drained.

“Couldn’t keep up with Andy,” asked Lynn with a smile and a kiss for her husband.

“She caught me off guard, but I’d been wanting to cum in her ass for a while now,” said James. “I’m going to get this plug out and clean up a little.”

Lynn nodded, and James left for the bathroom.

Marie didn’t move down from Andy’s cock. He slowed down during her orgasm, but he was still hard as rock and going strong.

“It looks like your ass could use some attention,” said Lynn.

Marie looked over her shoulder and saw her friend going through the duffle bag. Lynn came up film izle with her large, purple cock in its harness. Marie felt a jolt of excitement at the thought of where that cock would be shortly. She wasn’t all that into women as a rule, but Lynn’s strong-willed nature and protruding cock were making her horny as hell.

Her ass was already loose and slick with James’ cum, so Lynn had no problem sliding herself in. Marie could feel her friend’s tits against her back as she rocked her strap-on into place. Andy watched her with a beatific smile as he enjoyed the view, barely even fucking her. She clenched down on his cock to keep him moving.

Soon, James came back and lounged upon the bed, taking the occasional photo with Lynn’s phone. He wasn’t hard anymore, but he was definitely enjoying the show.

Marie came again with a muffled shout, her senses on overload. Her ass was getting sore, and her pussy was aching. She could have contented herself and laid back on her bed, but there was still something else in the plan for the evening, and she really wanted to see it.

Andy and Lynn faced each other after Marie pulled off their cocks, and Lynn was grinning maliciously. Andy was still hard. He sometimes had trouble cumming from sex alone, and Marie was finding that a little anal stimulation went a long way with him.

“See something you like,” Lynn teased, indicating the cum covered purple cock.

Andy glanced nervously at James and Marie, but Lynn wasn’t going to let him chicken out now. She took hold of his cock and gave him a quick suck, tasting pussy and precum.

“Hands and knees,” she ordered, giving his shaft a tug for emphasis.

He reluctantly obeyed, and Marie drank in the sight of him, ass high and waiting to be fucked. Marie saw him looking at James, as if he needed his friend’s seal of approval to be pegged. Or maybe he had noticed the hardening of James’ cock as Lynn came up behind him.

Andy was pointed horizontally on the bed, giving James and Marie a good view of the action in profile, but Lynn shuffled him around so that his head was closer to the headboard.

“Are you ready for my cock, Andy?”

He nodded, not looking up.

“Are you sure? You haven’t really warmed up yet,” said Lynn. “Maybe I should help loosen you up first. I always make James wear a plug before I fuck him, so his ass is prepared for my big purple cock.”

Andy pushed back against Lynn, and gave a low growl. “Whatever you say,” he said.

Lynn poured some lube on her fingers and pressed them against his ass. “That’s what I want to hear. Now relax.”

He did, and Lynn prodded her fingers inside him, one by one. Marie looked over to James, saw his hard-on pointing straight out, and winked to Lynn.

“So, how did you enjoy your blowjob earlier,” Lynn asked Andy while she fingered him. James looked moderately alarmed.

“It was great,” said Andy, his voice a bit airy from her intrusion into his ass.

“And you said you’d like to return the favor, right?”

“Yesss,” he said, more like a moan.

“Perfect,” said Lynn with a wicked grin. “James, can you scoot forward please? It will be hard for Andy to get his mouth over your cock from this distance.”

“What!?” Andy looked up at James, incredulous, but Lynn held him firm.

James coughed, but didn’t move forward as he was told. He was ramrod stiff and oozing precum, but he seemed fixed in place, watching Andy for a reaction.

Marie was nervous, but Lynn didn’t seem to mind her husband’s timid response. She probably expected it; swapping blowjobs was serious business.

Lynn thrust her cock into Andy and gave him a slap on the ass, eliciting a small gasp. “James has been harboring the idea of sucking cock for a while now. Just something to try, you know? So, I took advantage of the situation and gave him a the chance to live out one of his fantasies. You didn’t mind, did you?”

Andy glanced back at her, but another quick thrust of her purple cock, and he could only grunt and moan. James didn’t look away from the spectacle, and his cock hadn’t wilted in shame. Marie took hold of it, just in case, and stroked him slowly.

“Good,” said Lynn. “I’ll show you the video later, if you want. I know Marie is dying to see it.”

Marie gave Andy an encouraging smile, and it seemed to give him some confidence. But now came the hard part…

“Still, there’s something else that James has been dying to try,” said Lynn. “Something only you can help him with, Andy.”

James gulped visibly, looking up at his wife with pleading eyes. Whether he was pleading for her to be silent, or to keep going, Marie couldn’t tell.

Andy watched his friend and said, “Yeah?”

Lynn reached down and stroked Andy’s cock, grinning at James. “He would like you to cum in his ass. He wants to be fucked.”

The boys looked at each other, eyes locked in silent conversation. This wasn’t something you asked your friend to do, normally, but Marie was hoping the normal rules were out the window. They’d both fucked seks filmi izle the girls, the girls had pegged them in kind, and James had already wrapped his lips around Andy’s dick. What was a little ass pounding between friends?

Marie was willing to tip the scales a bit. She reached over with her free hand and slipped a finger in James’ still loose ass. He sighed. “Tell him what you want,” she said in his ear.


Lynn was stroking Andy slowly, her cock buried up to the hilt. “Give him some encouragement; reach out and feel his cock, Andy.”

Andy slowly held out a trembling hand, and Marie helped him to his target. He wrapped his fingers around the shaft of James’ cock, and gave it a few cursory tugs. James gasped and leaked a stream of precum down the head of his cock.

“Fuck me,” he said quietly.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” said Lynn, building her momentum on Andy’s ass. “Tell him what you want, dear.”

James looked down at his friend’s hand around his cock, then back to Andy. “P…please cum in my ass. Fuck my ass.”

Andy nodded, groaning with pleasure with every sharp thrust from behind. “Okay,” he said.

Lynn beamed with delight. “Excellent. But first, let’s see what you can do with your mouth.”

Marie urged James forward, and this time he didn’t shy away. He moved up to his knees, bringing his cock in line with Andy’s face. Marie had to remove her finger from James’ ass to grab Lynn’s phone and start taking pictures.

Andy opened his mouth hesitantly, but he took James by the shaft and began licking the head without protest. After a minute, he took the whole head of James’ cock in his mouth, and was being spitroasted by the couple. Lynn thrust forward, pushing James down Andy’s throat. Andy coughed, but recovered quickly and kept sucking. Marie came before she even realized she was fingering herself.

When she decided they were ready, Lynn stopped and pulled out of Andy, and James backed off as well. Andy’s face was covered in saliva and precum, and he looked wild with anticipation. He hadn’t cum yet, and his cock was pulsing with the excitement of Lynn’s pegging.

“Alright, Andy, go stand by the bed and get lubed up,” said Lynn. “James, come here.”

She led her husband to the edge of the bed and pushed him onto his back, so his legs dangled over. Lynn positioned herself next to him and pulled his legs into the air, exposing him to Andy’s view. Marie got a good shot of Andy eyeing up James’ ass while he covered his own cock with lube.

Lynn kept her gaze on Andy, egging him on. “He’s all ready for you,” she said. “He’s been practicing at home with our own big, black cock.”

Andy smiled at that and approached James’ proffered backside. He put his lube slick hands on the backs of James’ legs, letting Lynn free her hands. His cock pointed out towards it’s goal, but held a few inches away, as it waiting for further instructions.

Lynn leaned over and kissed her husband, looking him right in the eye. “Are you ready?”

He nodded and looked down. “I’m ready.”

“Tell him what you want,” she said.

James looked to Andy. “Fuck me.”

Lynn turned to Andy, eyebrows raised in seductive challenge. “Well, don’t keep him waiting.”

Andy took a deep breath and pressed forward. His cock met James’ rosebud hole and pushed through with little resistance. James gasped softly. Marie nearly forgot to keep taking pictures, but remembered herself after a moment. They would all want to see them later.

“How is that,” asked Lynn.

James sighed, but Andy grunted and said, “Feels like it could use a good pounding.”

He picked up speed as James’ ass stretched to accommodate his large dick. James’ own cock bounced against his stomach with every thrust from Andy.

Marie watched with mute elation as her fiancé fucked his friend, his dark flesh meeting James’ white ass. She was recording a video now, but it was mostly neglected while she enjoyed the view.

Lynn, for her part, kept up the banter. “Do you like that, hon?”

“Mmhhmm,” moaned James.

“Is this what you wanted? Is it everything you hoped it would be?”

He nodded vigorously.

“Do you want Andy to cum inside your ass? Do you want his hot sperm spraying inside you?”

“Not inside,” he said, then gasped as Andy rammed him with a particularly deep thrust.

Lynn turned to Andy with a smile. “You hear that? He wants your cum on his face.”

“He’ll get it soon, I think,” said Andy. Perspiration formed on his brow, and he was fucking James with longer, more regular strokes.

“Good,” she said. “Just keep pounding his tight little ass, nice and deep. I want to see you cum all over him. Are you ready for it, hon?”

James moaned and nodded. “Yesss!”

Lynn grabbed his pulsing cock and jacked it in time with Andy’s thrusts. “Cum for me, bitch. Cum with his cock in your ass.”

James panted and tensed, and Lynn pointed his cock up towards his face. Jets of cum sprayed all over his chest, neck, and stomach, and he cried out in ecstasy.

“Fuck, that’s it,” said Andy, and he pulled out of James’ ass just as his own orgasm hit. His long, black dick arced thick ropes of white cum onto James, coating his face in it.

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Rachel’s Private Yoga

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Female Ejaculation

Rachel Masdale walked into the yoga studio wearing purple yoga pants and a blue sports bra. Rachel was a dumb blonde white girl who had c cup tits, but an ass comparable to Sofia Vergara’s. Rachel was a girl who’s ass you could grab and convince that you slipped and it was an accident. Rachel was never flexible so she thought this class would help her out.

“I’m assuming that you are Ms.Masdale?”

“Yes, but please call me Rachel, and you are?”

“Peter Gregory, just before we start I have a couple of questions.”


“What is your I.Q?”

“Uh, I think that doctor guy said that it was like 81, all I remember though was that my parents alsmost took me to a school for special kids for it.”



“Bra size?”

“C 32.”

“What are you wearing under your pants?”


“When did you lose your virginity?”


“Do people call you stupid?”

“Yeah, but most guys say erotik film izle that that’s cause they are jealous of my ass.”

“Well it is big, I need to grab it to see what I am going to do.”


Peter pulled Rachel up to him grabbed her big, juicy, round ass.

“Alright so the first thing I want you to do is press your body up against my, so I am looking at your back. Good, now I want you to thrust your hips in and out.”

“How far?”

“Make it so your ass hits up against me.”

Rachel started and her round ass started to hit Peter’s crotch.

“Am I doing it right?”

“Stop thrusting your arms with your hips, here I help you.”

Peter then wrapped his hands around Rachel so that she could not move her arms.

“Thanks peter.”

Peter then started to hump Rachel creating noise each time her ass and his cock collided.

“Hey, my ass is making noise.”

“It sure is baby, oh and I forgot to tell film izle you, I like my students to call me daddy.”

“O.K daddy.”

“O.K time for a different pose. Now I want you to bend over.”

Rachel bent over, showing Peter how large her ass could get. Peter then placed his hand behind her knee and moved his hand up her leg, slowly moving up to her juicy thigh, and then put his hand around her ass.

“Excellent form Rachel.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“Walk with me.”


“I am going to give you your gift for being a special girl.”

“Yay, what is it.”

“Put your hands against the wall and lean your ass out.”

“Like this?”

“Yeah and spread your legs. Good. Now time for your special gift.”

Peter then started to slap Rachel’s ass.

“Is this my gift?”

“It is the beginning of it.”

“Should you really be slapping my ass daddy?”

“Yes baby, you see when I slap your ass it seks filmi izle means that you get to stay with me forever and fuck me when I want you to, and only special girls like you get to.”

“O.K then spank me daddy.”

“I’ll do more than that.”

Peter ripped her pants open took his cock out and shoved it up her ass.

“Remember that thrusting thing I had you do?”


“Do that.”

Rachel started thrusting her ass in and out.

“There’s that sound again.”

“You like that sound Rachel?”

“Ooh yeah daddy, I really like it.”

Rachel let out a big scream as Peter’s ten inch cock went all the way into her ass.

“Holy fuck!”

Peter then shoved 3 fingers up Rachel’s pussy as he continued to thrust his rod into her. Then just as Peter was about to reach his climax, Rachel started to cum, causing Peter to shoot the white fluid right up her ass.

“Can we stop daddy? I’m tired.”

“How about you come to my house and take a nap, the we pick up where we left off when you wake up”

“O.K daddy.”

Once Rachel fell asleep in one of Peter’s bedrooms, Peter handcuffed her to the bed and locked the door on the way out.

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Portland Rain

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I left the club and walked toward my hotel. Along they way a short, rather heavy young lady was working the street. It was pouring down rain and while she was trying to stay under a marquee, she had gotten soaked.

“Care to join me?” I asked stopping to face her. I held up two 20’s and said that’s all I have left ’til tomorrow. But the up side is a nice dry place to spend the rest of the night, a bathroom, and a shower to freshen up in the morning.” She took my proffered arm and we walked into the next block and up to my room in the Savoy On The Quay.

Inside she began to undress as I watched, then joined her in shedding my own clothes. She was perfect for me in every way, long haired, plump, short, large breasted and with quite the hairy pubic bush. “How would you like me, hon?” she asked.

“What’s your name, first?”


“Pleasant meeting you, Donna.”

“Same here … uhh …”

“Oh sorry. Richard,” I told her. I stepped up to her to embrace her and to hold our naked bodies together.

“Do you kiss?” I asked her.

“Usually not. You know …”

“Yeah. Oral?”

“Yeah. But …” she started to say as I erotik film izle raised her face up to mine, placing my fingers under her chin. She opened her mouth and I kissed her with mine opened as well. After a few seconds our tongues met and we French kissed for another extended period of time. Cupping a breast in my hand, my other arm around her, I pulled her tighter against me and felt my cock growing between us. Sliding my hand down to her bare butt, I pressed my fingers into her bottom crease and felt the slippery, greasy area around her anus.

“Ohh, gaaawwwd, baby, that feels goooooood,” I told her.

“You can do me there, if you like,” she said.

“I might want to,” I told her, pressing her back toward the bed and against it. Letting go of her then, she layed back onto the bed and I raised up onto it with her. She let her thighs spread apart as I settled between them, face first into her pussy crease.

“Ohhhhh RICHARD … I usually don’t …. let … mmmm … oh Richard, I must smell …. Ohhhhhh …,” she moaned out. “There was a guy earlier … OH RICHARD … that feels soooo goooood! But …”

“No buts, Donna. No worries. I love film izle this.” There WAS the decided flavor of another man’s cum in her rich pussy juices and pissy flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed licking at and sucking at her hairy lined cunny. She reached down to herself opened and I licked and kissed and sucked at her fingers as she masturbated along with my licking out her pussy. While she rubbed her clit I dipped my tongue down between her bottom cheeks and found her soiled anus. It was somewhat dirty and heavily ladened with her musky anal secretions. I lapped at it voraciously as she pushed down on herself inside and I cleaned the creases and folds of anus, pushing my tongue up inside of her and feeling the end of her next poo ready to come out of her rectum. She let herself close and my tongue slipped back out of her tasty little brown hole and I moved back up through her twat, up into her pu bush and up her tummy, licked and kissed around her belly button and up to her ample titties. My mouth closed around first one and then the other nipple and areolar ring, gave each a little sucking and moved up to her throat and chin and mouth.

My cock didn’t even need the seks filmi izle guidance of my fingers to enter her, and it slid in past the head and up inside of her loose, wet canal. Her mouth and lips and tongue seized my own, kissing, licking, sucking as she fucked my cock with her pussy. I held myself still for SEVERAL seconds and felt her vaginal muscles working up and down my cock, letting me slide in and out of her. I moved my hips up and down a few more times and stopped again as her pussy virtually sucked me to a HARD ORGASM.

“Ohhh gaaawd, baby … OH YEAAAH,” I gasped as I fucked her harder, in and out and JAMMING MY COCK up into her as far as I could get it … out a little and HARD and DEEP up into her again, squirting gobbet after gobbet of my cum up into her pussy. She ground her hairy mound up against my own as I finished inside of her and began to slip out. “That was VERY nice, honey. Thank you.”

“Thank you for a place to stay the night. I really have nowhere to go.”

“Well, stay the night. Get up and clean up in the morning. Take your time. I don’t have to be out of here until eleven o’clock and don’t have to be at the airport until after three in the afternoon. Care to have lunch with me? Breakfast too for that matter?”

“Sure. Again, thanks,” she said as she turned her back to me and I cuddled up against her and awoke in the early light of the morning.

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