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The week went as normal with nothing said between myself and Rebecca about the whole cumming all over myself at the mention of Patrick coming over next Sunday to take her in our marital bed.

My stomach was in butterflies all week and I tried extra hard to concentrate on my work which was now only five hour working day but this gave me more time to prepare the house for Rebecca in the evening and she didn’t even notice the financial hit. I did though and it made me more dependent on my beautiful wife.

Sunday came and it was turning out to be a pretty normal day. Too normal in fact and my stomach was never easy, waiting for Rebecca to mention it. Half petrified that she would say he’s coming over but half turned on about the thought of watching her scream and moan on that giant stick that dwarfed my own sorry excuse of a limp penis.

At 5pm she dropped the boom!

“Honey, go get a shower then run a bath for me, our visitor is coming over at 8pm”.

“Wait a minute, you were serious? I thought that was just sex talk? Please Rebecca. Don’t invite that asshole over here. He’s a dirty creep, I know he’s got a massive cock but…”

She lifted her hand to purse my lips, “Now now baby, we both knew I’d need to take a lover, if he really is just a big giant dick why are you so bothered. Remember you are my husband. He is just a giant sex toy I can pick up and down when I want and tonight I want to pick up that sex toy, do you love me unconditionally?” She grabbed my cock cage as she said that.

“Yes”, I murmured like a beaten man once again living under his wife’s thumb.

I showered myself then bathed my wife with all her expensive fragrances and potions. She had me rub her expensive cream all over her body and her scent was captivating. I could have drowned in a sea of her fragrance. She just threw on her dressing gown as she applied her makeup and ordered me to make sure the house was in pristine condition. Once I had gave the house the once over, Rebecca called me to the bedroom. She looked beautiful with a little curl at the front of her hazelnut hair and her makeup was immaculate. Laid out for me were my silk boxers and that was it. Then she dropped another boom on me.

“Baby close your eyes, now think of me in my sexiest lingerie…have you got something in mind?”

I had the outfit in my mind, I was a typical male and was a sucker for the lady in red.

“Ok hubby, now I want you to dress me in that. Go to my panty drawer and pull it out”.

I was flabbergasted. She wanted me to dress her up in my favourite lingerie for another man to fuck her in. A proper man would have stormed out but I wasn’t a proper man. I don’t think there are many of them left anymore now that most of us husbands don’t have first right to our own penises.

I slinked over to the drawer and sure enough I brought back her clothing.

“Good boy”, she gave me a peck on my cheek, this actually canlı bahis made me feel good about the whole scenario for some reason.

“Now darling let’s get me dressed”. When I stood frozen still, her eyes rolling to the silky knickers, bra and suspenders on the bed gave me no doubt.

I dropped to my accustomed position on my knees and allowed her to step into suspenders and knickers. Again she turned away from me pointing that wonderful ass that controlled every part of my body, my mind, my penis, my heart and my lips as I proceeded shower it with kisses from side to side. Oh why did I have to fall in love with this ass? Don’t put false gods in front of our lord religion tries to teach us. Well in pagan society women were treated as goddesses. I wonder did they all crawl on their knees in pre Christianity and kiss the women’s asses like I and many husbands do now. The biggest mystery would be why we allowed the time between now and then to take so long to get back to the point of women being rightfully seen as goddesses. All it took was some famous bastard to get caught cheating and a light bulb moment in womankind.

The doorbell rang at 8pm on the dot. Punctual fucker I guess. I went to the door and answered it in only my silk boxers but after the honeymoon I guess what the point in modesty is. He entered like the cock of the walk and strutted into my house like he owned the gaff. Prick!

I poured him a whiskey and my wife a wine and fired a large whiskey of my own into me quickly. Rebecca didn’t hang about and was fondling his cock through his pants right from the start. He too was ogling my beautiful wife in her sexy lingerie and complementing her looks. A few more takes were fired in and silly chat was made as she started to get heavier on the petting front.

Patrick broke of her off as he reached into jacket pocket. He pulled out tickets.

“Listen guys I’m so happy you’ve called me back into your life”. The fact he said plural made my head hurt, like I had any choice in the matter, well I suppose if I didn’t cum all over myself on the premise of being a cuckold, I might not have been.

“I don’t want to rush anything Rebecca but something’s come up at work and I need to go to Paris in the next few weeks. I was supposed to go with another women but we’re now over and I was hoping I could take you, there will be loads of bankers there at a big conference put on by BNP Paribas so it could be good for you career to network at this thing but listen no pressure”, he said.

She looked at me and I at her. I had to interject, “Sweety I know it’s a corny cliché but I always wanted to take you to Paris myself and have a romantic weekend visiting the Eiffel Tower and walking down the Champs-Élysées. Please sweetheart, Paris the first time should be for us”.

“Listen”, interjected Patrick, “I really think this is a conference not to be missed for your career but I respect your husband’s wishes that bahis siteleri he wants to take you there first. How about this. We have a bet just like on the honeymoon. You can pick the challenge and if your husband wins, you guys get the tickets and I’ll book a single myself for the conference. If I win, I get to take you for the conference and get to fuck you in Paris. I won’t do any of the romantic stuff and you and your husband can come back to Paris another time and do that?”

“Deal”, shouted my wife without any regard for my input. I started to break out in a sweat. Paris. The bastard was trying to make her fall in love with and sweep her off her feet.

“So either way I’m going to Paris..Yippee” screeched Rebecca. “Ok I’ve got it, last time hubby had trouble getting erect and Patrick won the cumming first competition so let’s flip it on its head and the first person to cum loses this time. I’ve already started with Patrick’s big cock so it cannot be far away”. She continued to stroke Patrick as she ordered him down to his boxers too. Nice to see her boss him too some of the time. I was still in my cage with that key dangling from her neck.

“Oh silly me hubby. You’ll never cum in there. Hahahhaa Ok as soon as I unlock this cock it’s game on. Hubby, I’ll unlock the cage and you can take it out slowly whilst I give Patrick here a head start”, She winked at me.

The key turned in my chastity device and straight away Rebecca went to work on his cock. She licked the base all the way to the head and started to pump it with her right hand. I took my time removing the various little pieces but I couldn’t help but look at my wife go to town on his cock and my brain quickly became over stimulated. She was solely concentrating on his engorged member trying her best to bring him off. “You big dicked son of bitch. you wanna cum all over this married wife’s face”. “aahhhh”, groaned Patrick, “hey woman this is a race, give hubby a tug too”.

I was now free from my shackles and Rebecca grabbed my little member that seemed to be shrinking every time I was released or maybe it was because I was beside this massive cock for comparison. She continued her volley to dirty talk but that only served to get me closer

“You’re such a bad boy coming in here trying to cum on this man’s wife and take her off to Paris to have your wicked way with. Do you cum on other men’s wives in front of them?”

I was gone. A week without release and now this chat sent me over the edge and I spewed like a fountain all over the floor just missing my beautiful wife.

Patrick leaned over and kissed her on the forehead “No darling. I just fuck them in front of their husbands”.

With that he picked her up in his arms and lifted her towards our bedroom. I trailed behind them a beaten man.

He dropped her at the edge of the bed and then fall back himself on my side of the bed. He motioned for her to continue sucking his bahis şirketleri dick. “Listen no hard feelings fella. I have serious control of my cock and I decide when it’s time to erupt not her. I could fuck for hours when I want. It’s like a trigger inside my brain. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you never stood a chance”.

Rebecca continued to suck and slurp on his monster and my penis although having just came, it yearned to get aroused and cum again. Patrick pulled my bride up spooned her from behind. Without pulling her panties down, he pulled them to the side and began to feed his monster cock inside her bit by bit. She motioned for me to kneel at the side of the bed and hold her hand.

She squeezed my hand and had a little bit of fear in her eyes as she tried to accommodate the length of his cock. Soon though her vagina got used to it and that fear was replaced with pleasure.

“OOOH god he has such a great cock and boy does he know how to use it, better than any dildo on the market”, cooed Rebecca.

He fucked her and fucked her and she panted and screamed and called him every dirty name under the sun.

“You big cock bastard”, “Oh you evil snake” ,”Stop ,stop, stop pounding my innocent pussy”. But he never stopped He continued his assault for an eternity. He flipped her on all fours, he made her straddle him. He did her missionary. All the while I kneeled at the edge of the bed and held her hand when she wanted it. “Oh thank you hubby for being there for me. I love you OHHH don’t stop fucking me”.

My cock had grown again and stood proudly all 4 and half inches out as this man impaled me wife.

He looked at me and told her to resume sucking him off so he can get to the big finish. She motioned for me to crawl just below her and kiss her ass. If she was going to be a fuck toy to this big bastard, she wanted to gain some control and have somebody below her as well. That’s the pecking order in the corporate world I guess. And peck I did and kissed her all over whilst my erect cock was squashed into the mattress.

Eventually he said he was close but he wanted to cum inside her. Rebecca was all fucked out but he insisted she straddle him again. Like climbing to the top of high rise building staircase. Rebecca exhaustingly tried to pull herself back up on him. She motioned for me to help.

“Baby I can’t do any more, please lift me up and down his cock”.

That’s just what I did. I crouched low and proceeded to put my hands underneath my wife’s ass and legs and lifted her up and down, up and down on that big bastards cock.

He sat there all the while not moving like a smug prick as I tried to get him to cum inside me wife.

He put his hands behind his head and shouted, “Hear he comes!!…AAAAAAAARRRGH”.

She was spent, I was exhausted but still had my little pecker red hard and he was satisfied, finally.

“Ok cucky you can go get your little cage and we’ll get your wife to put it back on. No cumming now, you already did that earlier so I think I should try and convince your wife to keep you inside until after Paris…what you think about that?”

The Bastard!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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