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I awoke to someone sucking my nipple. Odd way to wake up. But isn’t that… yep, it’s Tiffany.

“Pru’s a bit farther over, in case you were wondering,” I say to her.

“I know,” she says back, “Pru doesn’t have a big cock.” She had also grabbed my cock. She snuggled in a bit more and started kissing me. My arms were wrapped around both and their bare breasts were squeezing up against my sides. Life is good. We’re in my girlfriend Salamandy’s bed where I normally sleep, Salamandy being Tiffany and Prudence’s sister, Salamandy who isn’t back yet. Too bad for her, too good for me.

My girlfriend is just as likely doing as I am, out throughout the remains of the party in bed with someone she found moderately attractive. If you’re curious at all why my girlfriend and I would up in different beds with different people, don’t. We didn’t do this party just to end up with each other at the end of the night, did we? We do that every other night. Okay not every other night; her roommates are a needy bunch not eager to enter into any nonverbal agreements with men less gentlemanly myself just to get some regular dicking.

Recap’s over, back to me in bed with blond hotness.

Tiffany gets hot as she kisses me, hotter than I’d ever heard her of doing without being fondled and much more proactive. She rolls on top of me and slides her wet pussy along my stomach until my morning wood perks up of its own accord. She slides back effortlessly onto it, pulling me inside her.

Fucking her comes as naturally to me as putting socks on. The moment she starts posting back and forth on my cock, I lean up to suck her tits that bob gently with her wavelike movements. She gasps softly and clutches my head, but there’s none of this overpowering desperation I expect from her to lose herself in pleasure as fast as possible. She just lets me suck one nipple and rub another with wet fingers as she continues back and forth on me, grinding her clit as she goes.

It doesn’t take her very long at all to come, and I could feel her whole body shuddering as well as her pussy tightening. A wet girl, her juices were noticeably flooding my balls and probably staining Mandy’s bed. She collapsed on top of me with grateful kisses when she finished.

I held her tight and kissed her back and started rubbing her asshole while gently thrusting my cock up into her.

She giggled and asked, “You like my ass?”

“I love ass like I love pussy,” I said, pressing my finger in the former and my cock in the latter. She closed her eyes and shuddered, then kissed me more deeply. “Yours particularly.”

As she explained it, her orgasm had been particularly huge, so she needed to lie down for a while. When she rolled back off me, she poked me for lying there idly.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“It’s Pru’s turn.”

“She’s asleep.”

“So was I last night.”

“She woke you up, not me.”

“Oh, I see what you mean.” She leaned over me and headed under the covers. She spread Pru’s legs open and played with her pussy, and I started playing with hers. Her tits too, since they were just chilling out on my stomach.

It dragged on, Tiffany got even more interested in bringing her sister to orgasm without even waking her up, or she liked me fingering her. Either way, I needed pussy and Pru’s was busy. Tiffany let me work out from under her so I could get behind her where she could eat Pru out undisturbed. I started fucking her extra-gently too.

Pru did wake up eventually, to Tiffany’s joy. She crawled up to begin kissing her good-morning without dislodging me, and she pulled my cock out of her and toward where it would start doing Pru some good.

“That feels nice,” Pru sighed as I slid into her from above. “Do you always do it this much?”

“Actually,” I said, thinking aloud, “I can’t remember the time I had sex with just one girl.”

“No problems here,” Tiffany smiled at us, “right, Pru?”

“Right you are, my love,” Pru agreed, sharing a sweet kiss with her girlfriend. By this time, I were ready to switch again, and as such I changed from between Pru’s legs to Tiff’s.

“Wait, let me suck it first,” Tiffany complained.

Agreeable, I pushed Tiffany onto her back and mounted her chest, sliding my cock between her breasts. God, they were soft. Enough of my cock poked through on my thrusts for her to get several inches in her mouth. Pru meanwhile knelt between her sister’s legs to return an earlier favor.

Shortly into Tiffany’s receiving, her attention to my cock began slacking off. I got off her and hefted Pru’s ass over her face since Pru would bite her clit if her ignored she.

They made each other come soon, and Pru fell back onto the bed. I got on Tiffany’s other side and let them cuddle. Then a recovered Pru said, “You know, Derrick, I was a little disappointed when you wouldn’t come inside me.”

“I know, and I’m sorry,” I repeated. What had Mandy done to me? Finally a girl had actually asked, and canlı bahis she all-too-well knowing what sperm is capable of; I’m reminded most poignantly every time I taste the milk dribbling from her nipples.

“It’s not your fault. I still want you to, though.”

Mandy’s leash tightened on me even with her nowhere in sight; something about the decor of her room. “I’m still sorry…”

“I want it now, though,” she interrupted. “I was thinking…”

Thinking? Thinking is good. “Yeah?” I asked as I climbed over Tiffany to get to her. She grunted as I slid my dick back into her freshly-licked pussy.

“You let me finish you off with my mouth, so it’s not that that’s against the rules, right?”

“I suppose,” I agreed, filling her up slowly and looking very forward to what she had in mind.

“So Mandy’s just making sure we don’t get pregnant, right? Because she knows nobody’s on the pill?”

“I’d say that she doesn’t know if anybody is. A little odd, that, given what your dad does for a living, innit?.

“…I want to try anal with you.”

“Wow, really?” Tiffany interrupted. “You’ve never done that before!”

Tiffany answering my unasked question made me burn hot and my cock swell big. Pru moaned vagrantly and clutched on to me, obviously coming on the spot. Like Tiffany, her pussy tightened and I could feel wetness that was not my own leaking down my balls and legs.

“So,” Pru asked when we were all relaxed again, “is that something you’d be willing to try for me?”

Of course I would, but she doesn’t know that. “Actually,” I said with a hint of remorse, “I was hoping for you to suck me off again. For some reason, I really enjoy it when you do it. But I don’t want to deny a lady…”

The two girls looked up at me, one as hopeful as the other. “I can do that for you now, if you…”

My blood swelled as I got braver. “And after?”

She got kind of a funny look on her face. “Like, out of my ass?”

“The very same.”

“Really? You want me to do that?”

Most girls, I can talk into doing most anything. There’s evidence. This one, I felt like I was asking her a favor; she was horny enough to demand her own ends, but I couldn’t seem to hypnotize her with the prospect of my cum like so many other girls. “When… you were with your… your first time,” I said cautiously, feeling the topic was a tender one, “didn’t you suck him off after he finished?”

“I guess so…”

“It’s the same thing. Girls don’t really… they can be weird about it, you know? It’d be… special.”

“Then I will, for you,” she agreed, hardly giving it any thought. I fell atop her and began to kiss her, fucking her gently but firmly, loving the motions of her exquisite body moving in pleasure no way undermined by her sister’s.

Mandy walked in on us while we were so entwined. “Again?” she sighed with a funny look on her face. “I thought you guys got that out of your system last night.”

“Guess what!” Tiffany hollered, “Derrick said he’s gonna do Pru in the butt so he can come in her; that way and she won’t get pregnant! Isn’t that great?”

Pru and Mandy sighed at Tiffany’s obnoxious behavior. My penis deflated in record speed. Not cool, Tiff.

“Dad’s been calling,” Mandy said. “He wants to know when you’re picking Temper up and Pepper wants you to take her to the clinic again.”

Now Pru sighed again. She pulled herself from under me, leaving my cock kissing the wind. “Can’t Jeanie take her?”

“Jeanie makes fun of her. She doesn’t understand like we do.”

Huh? Who’s Pepper? Who’s Jeanie? Who’s we?

“What about you?”

“Sure,” Mandy said rather oddly, going to a drawer and rummaging for clothes. “The three of you just chill out and have a good time; I’ll even bring you guys back takeout and change the sheets for you. And by the way, what do you want me to say to Pepper when she throws a hissy fit because you were too busy fucking my boyfriend to help see her through her very serious problem she thought you, of all people, would help her with?”

“She’s your sister too,” Pru said in rare defiance. Now things were getting really interesting. Nobody in this house dared cross Mandy and it’s not because she bankrolled all the furnature and the parties and kept the fridge stocked. She’s scary in a way that makes you not want to try your luck. “And you care about her particular problem every bit as much as I do. Would it really hurt to do me this one favor?”

“I let you and your girlfriend fuck my boyfriend last night, which expired last night by the way, and you’re demanding more?”

“I’m not demanding, I’m asking.”

“Anything else I can do for you while you’re taking it easy here?”

“It would make me feel a little bit better about all of my jewelry I see on your vanity.”

“Your jewelry?”

“I had all mine engraved. Shall we go check?”

“…That doesn’t change that she doesn’t want me to take her.”

“If you bahis siteleri hadn’t lost her hat at the beach, she may not feel that way. Or at least if you’d asked to borrow it. And by the way, may I have my panties and shoes back?” Pru had obviously given up and was on her feet, pulling her dress back into place.

“Some guy took your panties; sorry.”

“Mandy…” Prudence was obviously losing her patience. Knowing the girl by her self-control, I was scared of the idea. “May I at least have my shoes, then?”

But Mandy wasn’t wearing the black high heels.

“Whoops; must’ve taken them off.”

Pru sat back on the bed and buried her face in her hands. This, for all you women, is one place a man does not want to be. My protocol was telling me to find my feet and some pants and be at least in another room, but probably outside and getting farther away to be safe. But this time, I actually felt something else that was keeping me here. Pointedly, the moment after I felt the nagging instinct to leave as fast as possible, I felt that that’s exactly what Mandy wanted the moment she saw me making love with Pru.

And I know that’s what it looked like because that’s what it felt like. Since Mandy and I… since then, I got around to learning what making love was all about. Mandy never once told me to back off the other women, hardly even dared ask to keep me to herself. But as for sex, she either didn’t see me touch another woman like I touched her or she thought I didn’t. What I did with Pru seemed to have crossed a line. And just like that, I knew she had been playing games with me, and now things were about to get serious.

“Mandy, can I talk to you outside for a while?”

Stupid thing to say to one of three sisters, the pissed-off one, at such a moment. Guy’s gotta have some privileges, doesn’t he? She looked a bit miffed to be dragged out of her own bedroom when she so clearly considered the matter closed.

Out front, the rest of the party was awoken and shaking off the rest of last night’s jiggles with some early-morning jiggling. The music and bar were back on and bumps were being ground. It was the perfect time and place for my “girlfriend” and me to have a little chat. I put my arms around her and pulled her into the crowd and the music.

“What’s your problem?” she demanded.

“Not enough kissing in these dances,” I said with all sincerity, spending more time watching the other girls grinding each other but absolutely no kissing going on.

“What parties do you go to?” she asks as though we haven’t seen each other at every other party in this town for the last year. “There’s all kinds of dances: The Raison D’être, the Siphoning Life, the Crashfall, the Heartbound, and the Sculpture.”

“Show me,” I insisted.

She groaned, then told the jutebox to play a Raison D’être.

“Did that one already,” I reminded her.

“Got to start at the beginning. You know the drill; pick out the girl you like.”

Eight dances, and the kissing never seemed to stop, not until May came back out with her sister. Who’s May you ask? Why, she’s the guest of honor. Spring, one of the roomies here, she invited May from some awkward state no one wants to be from to hang out. Me, I fucked her brains out because I’m stylish like that. Spring wanted to through May a party because she and everyone else living here will take any excuse to throw a party and May invited her younger sister. Don’t think I ever caught the sister’s name.

Everyone stared at them without them knowing we were doing kissing dances. As the last note of the last song died, everyone (a dozen of us or something, flatmates and their immediate friends or coworkers) settled down onto the floor or into the furniture to just kiss, kiss, kiss.

I’d been going around the room, sampling everybody’s lips before settling down with Mandy next to May and Spring. My goal had been to get them to start having sex right in the living room while everyone was still around, hopefully getting May’s sister in on it. But alas, something else came up. Prudence emerged from the bowels of the house wearing a fluffy white towel and wet hair.

Tiffany was right behind her, holding fast to her hand as always and wearing a matching towel with her own style of wet hair dribbling down her back. I can only assume they’ve freed themselves of their dresses and will be needing to borrow something for the journey home. They came right to Mandy and me, drawing attention from the clothed but small-breasted crowd that thoroughly wished they shared their flatmate’s genes.

“Leaving so soon?” Mandy asked without getting up. Prudence as always bit her tongue, and bent over to say what she was going to say. Bent, not kneeled or got on the couch. Bent, breasts trying to pour out of her towel and probably showing her ass off to the girls in the room.

Prudence leaned right down to get face-to-face with Salamandy. In a whisper only I was close enough to hear, she said to her, bahis şirketleri “I wanted to thank you for a lovely evening.” She sealed her gratitude with a light kiss on her sister’s lips that everyone could see if not hear.

“Any time,” Mandy said a little shyly with everyone watching her. Tiffany bent over as well, copying her guardian, kissing Mandy on the lips as well and saying, “Yeah, thanks for inviting us.”

The girls had stolen the atmosphere in the room, so people mostly stopped what they were doing to watch what was yet to occur since the two sisters were staying put. Mandy slid apart from me a bit to keep her attention forward.

Prudence seemed to know she had everyone’s attention. She slowly eased herself into Mandy’s lap, laying her legs across mine and keeping Tiffany close. In very sultry tones, touching Mandy’s hair softly, she asked, “May I borrow your boyfriend for just a bit longer before we leave?”

Now Mandy’s no fool; she knows when she’s being seduced. The lips lingering near hers, the fingers barely brushing her ear, and especially the snuggling that drew attention to breasts being pressed against hers and the ass grinding in her lap. Add to that the enormous amount of making out she’d just shared with everyone in the room, and she’s in a very compliant mood. “Okay,” she uttered almost helplessly.

“Thank you,” Prudence said with a lasting peck on Mandy’s lips. She got back to her feet and took me by the hand to pull me to mine and lead me off to ever-ever bedroomland.

Tiffany lingered behind. “May I stay and play?” she asked as a child asks her mother.

“I’m afraid not, baby,” Pru answered with a hint of regret. “But why don’t you pick out someone pretty to bring back with us?”

Tiffany’s eyes lit up and searched the room quickly. She zeroed in on a young lady sitting between Kimberly and one of Spring’s workmates, and pulled her to her feet. “Hi!” she said excitedly. “Are you eighteen?”

“Yes?” the girl answered hesitantly.

“Pru!” Mandy exclaimed bluntly.

“Yes, Salamandy?” Prudence replied, the picture of calmness, my hand in hers.

“What about Pepper?”

“I invited her to wait here. I think she’d appreciate it if you actually invited her yourself, though.”

“It’s an eighteen-and-older party,” Mandy insisted.

“The party was last night as you so clearly explained to me,” Prudence checked the lack of watch on her wrist, “not an hour ago.”

“What do you want me to do with her?” Mandy demanded. “Describe the workings of birds and bees in Spring?”

“I don’t have birds and bees,” Spring insisted.

“Is that some kind of infection?” an alarmed Tiffany blurted out, “Can I catch it?”

“Invite her to tea out back; start a conversation with her.” Prudence said over the peanut crowd. “Tell her that you’re interested in her problem as much as I am. You listen to somebody else talk for once in your life, it may start to be true.” Prudence began leading me back to the bedroom and was speaking over her shoulder. Such rudeness was unheard of from her. “Invite her to tea on the back porch.”

Tiffany was already squealing her way ahead of us with the girl in tow. It was to my gladnesstitude and happiness that the girl Tiffany had found was Spring’s younger cousin Autumn who had been getting shared around the room as soon as she’d been found with her clothes off last night. That’s right, her name is Autumn. Wait the fuck, Autumn, May, Spring? The fuck kind of fucked up family is they from? What is they mommas names? April and July or some shit? Fuck, get a room. Fucking hippies.

Prudence, still holding me by the hand, led me to Mandy’s love seat after locking the door behind Tiffany and her new toy. “This means a lot to me, you know,” she said softly.

What just happened, by the way? One minute I’m waking up in bed with two very attractive and very nude ladies, the next I’m inside one, next minute another, next minute I’m out with my girlfriend and the ramshakles of the party, then there’s arguing, now I’m back in here. Did my girlfriend just lose an argument? Was I supposed to defend her?

“I’m not entirely sure I’m not supposed to be up front with my girlfriend,” I said with a note of caution I hope wasn’t seen as a dirth in desire for the woman before me.”

“We all make our choices, some we live with forever. Would you like to watch for a while first?”

That doesn’t exactly answer my question but my penis was telling me something good was going to happen. I was preoccupied to say the least. Tiffany was already setting her selectee on the bed with thoughts in mind. “Yes? Yes, I believe I would like to watch? That’s one of the options, right?”

Prudence lowered her head onto my shoulder and cuddled into me, and together we watched.

Tiffany was moving her body against Autumn, bringing her lips and chest within an inch of her lips to the rhythm of some music she’d put on. After a few tries, Autumn learned to keep her hands at her sides, even when Tiffany groped her chest or something equally daring. The real test was when Tiffany backed her ass up into her face with the towel just blocking her creamy flesh from caressing Autumn’s cheeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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