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That night Annie had a little trouble getting some rest. More than once (as she drifted in and out of sleep,) she reached for Chris; the events of the night were just too fresh in her mind, and she needed his cock very badly! Watching Jimmy’s dick slide deep and hard into her friend’s wet pussy had been too-too much! Even though Joyce and Mel had gotten her off three times, more was needed and Chris wasn’t there.

It didn’t help at all that Jill called her the next day bubbling with excitement over what had happened. “I just can’t believe it, Ann; that so took me by surprise!” she enthused. “And you, what has gotten into you? I had no idea that you were like that!”

“Sometimes I can’t believe it myself,” Annie admitted. “It’s kind of a long story. I’ll tell it to you sometime if you’d like.”

“I would love to hear this, but right now I’m getting ready for work. I have to leave in twenty minutes.”

“Maybe I could share what I was dreaming about last night too!”

Jill laughed, “You too huh? I had one of my own and I’m thinking this one will happen in real life pretty soon!”

“So you’re good with doing the “cuckold” thing now are you?”

There was a pause, “Oh yeah, I am now! The only problem is I don’t know how Phil will react to Jimmy being so young; and not only that, I wonder if Jimmy will have the courage to do it; what do YOU think?”

“Hmm, yes; that’s true…it’s one thing to be caught up in the moment; it’s another thing to make it a planned event.”

There was another longer pause, “Can I tell you a secret, Ann? Oh my God, I can’t even describe how turned on I was; I haven’t been that aroused in years! When his big cock was fucking me, I thought I would pass out!”

Annie giggled, “It was amazing to watch, Jill! If Phil has been fantasizing about seeing you get fucked by another man, just tell him that I said watching you with THIS dick will fulfill the fantasy for sure!”

“The initial problem will be telling him what happened; after that, we’ll see.”

When Jill hung up, Annie got her coffee started and popped an english muffin into the toaster. Derek entered the kitchen and said, “Morning, Mom…hey, can we leave for school ten minutes early? I have to get to Mr. Sloan’s room and submit my project.”

“It’s okay with me; did you tell your sister?”

“Yeah, she said she’ll be ready.”

Annie quickly made them some breakfast; and when they arrived at school, she and Cassie helped deliver Derek’s project boards to the science room. On the way home her phone rang; it was Melanie. “Uh-oh!” Annie thought with a smile. She pushed the hands-free button, “Good Morning, Mel!”

“Hello Ms H! Are you recovered from last night okay?”

“Um, yes! I’m not that old yet,” Annie cracked.

She could hear Mel snickering on the other end of the line, “No, that’s for sure! That was a crazy hot scene, wasn’t it? Oh my God!”

“Let’s just call it ‘spontaneous,’ okay? Hey Mel, let me ask you; did you and Jimmy discuss the Jill and Phil thing after we left?”

“Yes, and he’s not so sure about it. It’s really a weird thing; like being watched by Jill’s husband. I told him he would be fine, but he said he would only do it if I went with him. What do you think, Ms H? Would Jill be okay with me being there with Jimmy?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll ask her if you like?”

“Please do, and oh, one more thing, are you going to be home in the next twenty minutes? There’s something I want to show you!”

“Aren’t you going to be late for school if you come by?”

“Probably, but so what?” she giggled, “Some things are just more interesting than P.E. I hate getting sweaty in the morning for all the wrong reasons!”

Annie fell for the trap, “Okay you naughty girl, what are the ‘right’ reasons?”

She heard Mel’s sexy sigh loud and clear, “Oh Ms H, YOU know what I’m talking about!”

They both laughed and a minute later Annie pulled up in her driveway. Glancing at her watch she thought she could probably get something to eat herself before Melanie got there. Her english muffin was cold so she warmed that up and poured herself a fresh cup of coffee. Sitting down at the kitchen table, she spread some strawberry jam on the muffin and thought, “I wonder what THIS is all about?” Melanie coming over like this just sounded suspicious, and the way things were going in her life, it made her wonder even more! “I guess I’ll find out.”

In exactly twenty minutes, Mel appeared at the back door and knocked. When she saw Annie through the window waving her in, she opened the door part way and poked her head though, “Is this a good time?”

“Sure, I don’t have any big plans this morning.” Then Annie noticed the bag in Mel’s hand. “So, what do you have there, a surprise?”

“It’s sort of a surprise, I just got it this weekend. When you came over last night, I was going to show it to you, but with Jill there…you know how that went!”

Annie shivered, “Yes, that was an unforgettable night, wasn’t it? I hope we didn’t damage Jimmy psychologically!”

Melanie burst out izmit escort bayan laughing, “He’s fine; in fact, he’s more than fine! He was so funny when he said later, ‘Gee Mel, I had no idea what dating you would be like!'” Mel said it in a sing-song voice, and that made them both laugh.

“I was on the phone with Jill this morning,” Annie added, “She said she hadn’t had that much fun in years! She’s more than ready to play with Jim again, assuming her husband gives them the go-ahead.”

“I think Jimmy will do it if I go along. I would say just make sure they know that!”

“I’ll tell her; so okay…what’s in the bag?”

Melanie gave Annie a small but wicked smile and pulled a foot-long rectangular box of of the bag. “I tried this Saturday night; it’s awesome! My Mom said you might like to see it, so here I am!” She opened the box and took out a fairly long, gel-type massager. It was lavender colored and had one of those bulb-like heads; it was sleek and beautiful! “What do you think?”

“Really nice! I bet it does the job, huh?”

Mel giggled some more, “You’re not kidding! Every girl should have one! I’m thinking I might buy one for Cass on her next birthday! And it wasn’t all that expensive either! $29.95 plus tax!”

Annie was still suspicious, so she said, “That’s a real bargain! But why did you think I’d like to see it? You and your mother want to get me one for my birthday too?”

Mel cocked her head sideways, “That would be good idea as well, but honestly…if you want, I could lend it to you right now. Would you like that?”

A strong shiver went through Annie (like an electric shock.) “Lend it to me? I’m not following you, Sweetie.”

Melanie locked eyes on the older woman; she didn’t say anything for perhaps thirty seconds and Annie could immediately tell where this was going! “Maybe I could try it out on you!”

The next thing Annie felt was not a shiver; it was an erotic shudder. “Oh my God!”

Melanie leaned over and put her hand on Annie’s knee. “Last night gave me this idea; and when I didn’t get enough orgasms anyway, well…I could have played with it by myself. But Ms H, these things that are happening with all of us are so much fun! I just thought that maybe you’d like to play with me; so what the hell, it doesn’t hurt to ask!” Mel got up and came around behind her; she switched on the massager and began using it on Annie’s neck and shoulders. “See? Isn’t it great!”

It did feel amazing; and frankly, Annie could have let Mel massage her for a while. “Mmm, that does feel nice!” she admitted. “But does your mother know you’re here?”

“No, but I’ll tell her later. She’ll love hearing the details!” Melanie played the toy around to the left side of Annie’s neck. “How does this feel now?”

“Awesome, I love it!”

“Told ya! And there’s a lot of ways you can use this!”

Annie’s hands were gripping the seat of her chair. It really did feel good! But then, Mel leaned over and began nibbling the right side of her neck; Annie could literally feel her nipples hardening fast! She moaned softly.

Melanie whispered seductively in her ear, “Yeah, I knew it! You want more too, don’t you? I knew you didn’t get enough when you left last night! I bet you were lying in bed wishing your husband would come home and fuck you silly…weren’t you? I bet you were!”

Melanie kept the massager moving on her neck and shoulders; and at the same time, her right hand moved down to cup the older woman’s breast through her t-shirt. Annie’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter and her hands were now crushing the seat. “Ohhh fuckk,” she groaned.

The younger teen giggled in her ear, “Mmm, I love this, I LOVE making you feel good!” She started pinching the nipple lightly, and when Annie squirmed and moaned again, Mel moved the wand down to her other tit and played the head against the woman’s other nipple!

“Oh Fuck, Mel!” Annie’s voice was hoarse; it was hard to speak. She had suspected something crazy was going to happen…and it was happening! Mel kept nibbling at her neck, but her right hand all of a sudden pulled up Annie’s t-shirt and bra so her boobs fell out underneath. The fingers and massager went at her nipples again and Annie was melting. She reached up and behind her and pulled Melanie’s head harder into the crook of her neck and began to whimper!

“Wait until I use this on your pussy,” Mel purred, “you’ll want to just about die!”

That was the last thing she said. Annie got up, took her by the hand, and together they hurried into the bedroom. Mel threw the toy onto the bed, then she pushed Annie down next to it. She whisked off her shirt and gave Annie a good look at her perky tits. “I really need these sucked Ms H; do you think you can help me out?” Not waiting for an answer, Melanie got on her hands and knees and lowered her left nipple into Annie’s mouth. Annie sucked in most of her tit and played her tongue lightly around the nipple. Mel was already moaning. “Ohhh yeah…Mmm…yesss! Last night was not enough…uh uh…I need this, I need you to suck my tittie, izmit eve gelen escort Ohh Goddd!”

Mel reached down and pushed a hand inside the older woman’s pants just as Annie shifted to the other boob. Her fingers slipped into her lover’s slit and the middle finger found her clit. Annie’s eyes flew open but she just kept on sucking Melanie’s nipples aggressively. When Mel pushed two fingers deep inside her, she stopped sucking long enough to say, “Ohhh Goddd, Mmmm… we almost don’t need that toy!”

Melanie just looked down on her and smiled, “Oh you don’t know yet what I have in mind… You’re gonna love it!” Annie was going to continue sucking her tits, but Mel quickly slid off the bed and pulled off Annie’s pants and panties. She grabbed the massager and pushed the older woman’s legs up so her knees were almost next to her ears. “Tell me how this feels, Ms H!” She switched it on and starting at Annie’s anus she moved it up and down her slit! When Annie’s eyes literally rolled back in her head, Mel laughed, “I guess THAT answers my question!”

Each time Annie tried to speak, the massager seemed to find her clit and all that came out were louder gurgles and even louder groans. She was moving quickly toward an orgasm and all of a sudden, Melanie began to suck at her asshole. She sucked at it and licked it and held the massager against Annie’s swollen clit and within seconds she was wracked by one of the most intense orgasms ever! Her ass was bouncing on the bed and her cries of “Ohh FUCKKK!” might have been heard by a neighbor!

When she finally came down from that cum, Mel said, “I told you…this thing is amazing!” Annie didn’t reply; she just sat up, pulled Mel to her feet, and pushed down her shorts. Grabbing the massager she forced Mel to spread her legs a bit and then; pulling her in closer, she played the toy gently against the teen’s clit. Melanie gasped and leaned over; she put her hands on Annie’s shoulders for support and with her tits right in front Annie’s face again, she said, “Suck my titty again, Ms H… Godd, please…suck them some more!”

Annie turned the girl sideways just a little and reached behind her and between her legs with her left hand. Melanie’s slit was soaking wet, and Annie worked two fingers into her cunt making her gasp again! The side of the girl’s tit was right there, and the older woman started sucking at it. “OHH GODD!” Mel yelped, “Oh My Fucking GODDD!”

Annie stopped for a second to say, “You like that huh? It’s not too much is it?”

Melanie wrapped an arm around Annie’s head pulling her hard against her breast. Annie sped up the finger-fuck and pressed the massager harder against her clit. She almost giggled out loud when Melanie began to alternately whimper and cry out, “Ohhhh FUCCKKK! Ohhh GODDD! SHHITTTT! Mmmm…uunnggghh…FUCK!!” Twenty seconds later, Mel’s ass tightened and she leaned onto Annie and exploded. “OHH GODDD!”

For two hours it was nonstop fucking and sucking with each other and the toy. It was during this fun time that Annie really got into Melanie’s gorgeous tits! The younger girl’s nipples were amazingly sensitive, and she loved dragging her own nipples against Mel’s hard teats! The best orgasm of the morning was when they scissored each other and held the massager between their pussies, grinding against it! Annie came twice from that and somewhere in her orgasmic haze she heard Melanie cumming as well!

When it was over, they showered together and Annie whispered to Mel, “I’m guessing this was the good kind of sweat?”

Melanie laughed, “Fuck yes, that’s exactly what I meant!”

Annie said, “Do me a favor, okay Mel? Don’t tell Cassie about this one.”

That night Chris called and after the first five minutes of catch-up pleasantries, Annie said, “Honey, something fun happened; I could tell you over the phone, or wait until you get home…your choice!”

“When you put it like that, I’d like to hear it now.”

“Jill and I had dinner last night and she shared Phil’s desire with me.”

“Oh WOW! She did huh?”

“Yes, and it was quite a conversation; we ended up going over to Joyce’s because I thought she might have an idea where to find the right guy to try it with.”

“Did she set you up with someone?”


There was a long pause over the phone. “So, are you going to tell me who it is? Do I know this person?”


There was another long pause. “Hey, What’s going on here? You gonna tell me or what?”

“I’m being overly dramatic!”

“Okay, why?”

Annie giggled, “Because it’s a shocker!”

Chris laughed too, “Of course it is! Everything is a shocker these days! I’m still not over the You-Me-and Joyce thing! So who is it?”

“Melanie’s boyfriend Jimmy!”

“What the FUCK what?”

Annie couldn’t help laughing at his reaction, “You heard me!” Chris said nothing, so she continued, “That Joyce, her mind works like I don’t know who! We were talking downstairs; Jimmy and Mel were upstairs watching TV (I think.) And all of a sudden Joyce brought izmit otele gelen escort up the idea of Jimmy doing it to Jill!”

“Holy FUCK! He’s barely eighteen!”

“Yes, I know. But Oh my God, you should see that boy’s dick! It’s a beauty!”

The next pause was almost thirty seconds, “Are you telling me you asked him to come downstairs and show you his cock?”

“Not exactly, Uhh…we called Melanie downstairs and asked her to volunteer him!”

Annie could have sworn she heard a thud, “Chris, did you just drop something?”

“No, that was me falling off my chair…literally!”

“Well good, you won’t be able to fall any farther, cuz that’s not all!”

“Oh my God; what else? Did he end end up fucking all four of you?” Annie could tell that he said this with his tongue firmly “in cheek!”

“No, he just fucked Jill…and we all got to watch!” Annie heard an audible gasping sound over the phone, “You okay there?”

Chris finally said, “I don’t know what’s worse here; I’m shocked and aroused all at the same time!”

“Mmm, my little friend there is growing bigger huh? I really REALLY wish he was home right now!”

“Me too, but tell me more; I need more details!”

“Like what? It was really HOT, Honey! I would say that boy’s cock is a bit bigger than yours. And I got a close-up of it sliding in and out of her pussy while she was riding him; Oh my God, you would have loved watching that!”

“I probably would, but not for long…if you were there, I would have been fucking you pretty quick!”

“Oh yeah! For sure…it made me so horny to watch it!”

“Did you three sluts masturbate watching it?”

“Not exactly; Uhh…Joyce and I…well…you know!”

“Naughty! I was just wondering how Jill reacted seeing you two women together!”

“She was surprised, but fine with it. Jimmy blew his first load early, then he really worked Jill’s pussy over! And he watched Joyce and me too, while doing it! God, it was fun! So Jill is going to try to explain this to Phil, and hopefully he will let Melanie bring Jimmy over to their house soon!”

“Our lives are getting out of hand,” Chris snickered, “I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next.”

“I know what will happen next, you’re coming home in two days and you’re gonna make sure I get what I want!”

“Ha! Awesome! What do you want?

“A good kiss first, then we’ll see, okay?”

“Can’t wait, Babe; warm it up good!”

Annie slept well that night, and she spent the next two days celibate. Wednesday morning she was tempted to go to the Literotica website during her morning coffee but ultimately didn’t because overheating on the day Chris was coming home might ruin expectations. She was scheduled to pick him up at 4:30 that afternoon. So after dropping the kids off at school, she spent the next hour straightening up the house. At 11:00 she took a bath and got herself primed for their afternoon.

Just as she sat down with a nice salad for lunch, the phone rang; it was Joyce. “Hi you! It’s me! How’s your day going?”

“Great! Chris comes home this afternoon; that might require a celebration of a sort!”

“I can only imagine! What’s it been, three days? You must be in heat!”

Annie laughed, “You could say that! That incident on Sunday night lit the flame!”

“Right,” and then Joyce added, “and did Monday morning douse the flames at all?”

“Oh my GOD! Is nothing sacred? Melanie shared that with you?”

Joyce laughed so hard, “You forget, I’m the one who sent her over to show you the new massager.

And when she got back, the look on her face said it all! So I asked her how it went.” Joyce giggled some more, “Do you think she would lie?”

“I just prefer that Cassie doesn’t find out about it, that’s all.”

“I will keep it secret, if you think that’s best. But considering how your life is going, maybe the really best thing would be to tell Cassie. If it should slip out, that might not be good.”

“Maybe you’re right; I’ll think about it…but hey, what else is on YOUR devious, little mind today?”

“Funny you should mention the word ‘devious.’ I had one of my friends suggest something recently. Maybe you’d like to hear it?”

Annie felt a flutter in her tummy, like maybe this “something” would be more than a “some-thing!” So she said, “Well sure, but when you put it that way, it makes me nervous!”

“Yep, I think nervous is good! It makes life spicier, right?”

“Go ahead, tell me about this ‘something’ thing.”

Joyce didn’t hesitate, “I have this friend named Max. He’s a little older than me; actually he’s ten years older. We like to play on occasion and he’s a lot of fun! But another thing he likes is is role-playing; pretty simple stuff, nothing too complicated. You following me?”

“So-far-so-good; I’m getting the vibe here that somehow you will want me to help with one of his role-plays.”

“You’re so smart; that’s it exactly!”

Annie’s hormones surged a bit, “Did he tell you what it would be about?”

This time Joyce hesitated, “Yes, and it’s interesting enough that I decided to ask you. Just so you know, Max is very well-off; he’s quite wealthy, point of fact, and he was wondering if I could find a woman who could play like she’s straight but he bribes her into having sex with another woman, namely me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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