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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


It’s the end of January. A few months and I’ll graduate from high school. I’ve only been at this one since December so I don’t have any long term friends. I’m used to that. My dad worked in other countries mostly so I went to school in other countries. Small schools with very good teachers. Circumstances held me up a couple of times and as a result I’m a year late or with luck I could have graduated maybe two years ago here at home. I turned 18 last November.

We’re home to stay, home office as they say. I’m an only child so I get all the attention but I’m not spoiled. Foreign travel and foreign schools do not fashion spoiled kids. That sounds backwards but its true. I was well watched and chaperoned and prompted so I don’t know a lot of customs for my age group here at home.

There’s a lot of work to do to get settled and mom’s sister suggested her son, Russell, could come over and help, fixing up the house and landscaping and unpacking and arranging furniture. Mom has her hands full with paperwork and legal papers and financing and things like that. Dad’s busy merging back into the home offices. Russell’s out of school and not yet in college and kind of at loose ends. I know Russell but not that well since we’ve been out of the country a lot. He’s 19.

Russell got in last night. He has his own car. I do too, now, but I mostly leave mine parked. Mom or dad drops me off at school. Parking isn’t easy there. Too much to do around home and I don’t know places to go yet except some shopping. Russell and I camped out on the sofa last night getting caught up and again this morning eating breakfast then we all got to work. I saw him coming and going most of the day. It was nice having someone my age around me a lot and he’s family to boot.

Sunday morning we quit. We always took Sunday off from work and chores. Russell and I went exploring around town. Town was reasonable big with several shopping centers and malls and theaters and stuff. We ate out and went over to the river for a looksee. Russell held my hand several times. It was strange at first but I soon got used to it. It was nice. We got back and camped out in the den again sitting beside each other on the sofa.

It was kind of quiet in the house. I wondered where everybody was and about that time I saw mom outside with some flowers to plant. Dad’s car was gone so that explained that.

Russell said, “So Blair, did you have many boyfriends over there?”

“Not really,” I said. “Also, it depends on the country. Sometimes girls are not allowed to be in the company of another male or even out unless accompanied by a male member of the family. We had to be careful but we were there only three months. In France the age of consent today is 13 years old. At 13 you can go do what you want unless your family sits on you but I was much too busy anyway.”

“Ahhh,” he said. “I suppose it’s a different distraction. I think some places they give lessons.”

We both laughed and snickered at that. Russell was fun to be around. We seemed to sit close together. I could feel his hip and shoulder against mine. It was kind of nice too.

I said, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not now,” he said. “That one is over with.”

“Oh, I hope it wasn’t a bad one,” I said. “I suppose it does happen.” I was trying to be conciliatory like I knew about those things.

“No,” he said. “It wasn’t a bad one at all. Very nice in fact. She’s very nice, besides it was about a year ago. It was actually my cousin Marge, dad’s sister’s daughter. Did I see some sodas in the fridge?”

We went off to the kitchen for sodas and he went to his room and I got some Sunday things done.

Later on that evening we camped out in the den again on the sofa. He had has tablet and loaded up a game and held it between us and we leaned into each other and played for about an hour. It was some of the best personal fun I’ve had in some time. This whole Sunday. I was in school each day so I didn’t see everybody until afternoon. I was more or less cruising through classes. I already took most all of the subjects we were doing so I didn’t have to study hardly at all, in fact I was helping some of the other students in study hall, making friends.

Russell and I spent time in the evening together, it was getting to be our habit. Sometimes in the swing out in the yard, talking. Mom and dad seemed to leave us alone for the most part. Russell liked to hook my little finger with his occasionally then let go. It wasn’t imposing. It was nice. I did it to him a couple of times. He ignored me like I did him but he smiled and pushed my shoulder with his so I pushed back.

Once we were on the sofa and mom and dad were in the hallway just outside the door. Mom got her arms around dad and kissed him with her body pressed fully against. I’ve seen them do that before but this was in front of Russell. I sort of looked at Russell and he was watching. He smiled and lifted bakırköy escort his eyebrows and tilted his head a little and didn’t say anything. Mom and dad came in, both smiling at me and Russell as they went by. We smiled back but didn’t say anything.

Wednesday when I got home from school mom caught me and said, “I’m doing a wash. Could you go find Russell and get his underwear and t-shirts and socks and bring them down to the washer? I’ll be down there.”

I stumbled along and found Russell and explained what mom wanted and he got all his stuff and stuffed them in a t-shirt and striped off his and stuffed it in. He gave them to me and said, ‘Thanks’. He was barefoot and only had on some really gray pants with strings hanging out the front. He had some light abs showing and his shoulders were a little broader than I thought. Cute nipples too.

I took them down to mom. She said, “Thanks dear. I’ll put them in the wash and you can start the dryer later and fold everything when they’re dry. No hurry. It isn’t a scheduled wash and nobody should need any of this stuff.”

I went back up and Russell was sitting on the floor in the den looking over a stack of foreign magazines I collected. He loved all the ads for girl’s clothes. I sat with him and watched his expressions at some of them, particularly the French ones. I thought he seemed a little uncomfortable with me there but I wasn’t going to leave. I pointed at some of the skimpier outfits saying, ‘I really like those’, or ‘woooo, look at those’. We were thighing and shouldering.

Later when we were on the sofa I was leaning over looking at a mag and Russell started rubbing my back lightly. I didn’t notice at first because it felt so natural but I noticed when he ranged up above my bra wing and down. He was working his tablet with his other hand and didn’t seem to notice he was doing that but I liked it. Later his hand went down my back and seemed to run into the top of my shorts. After a moment or two he stopped and used both hands on his tablet.

He did that a few more times over the next couple of days. When we were alone mom said, “Blair, I think Russell likes you. I saw him rubbing your back a few times.” Mom doesn’t miss much. “Your dad used to do that to me, in fact he still does,” she said. “I always liked it. Keeps us bonded. Russell probably doesn’t know he’s doing that. He’s probably a little lonely being away from familiar haunts. It’s good you can let him get comfortable with you. Being family it probably feels natural to him. You might think about letting yourself go a little bit. He might like to do a little more but is afraid to. Couldn’t hurt and might be fun.”

That evening when Russell and I were on the sofa I sat on his left with my legs up on the sofa and crossed. I had on knit shorts so my thighs were bare like his. I was working a cross word puzzle, of all things, and I had my hand on the top of his thigh holding my pencil and I would lift off and put a word or letter in and put my hand back on his thigh. Every now and then I would shoulder him lightly and he would lean over and I would point and he would give me an answer. I would nod up and down and continue on.

The next night he sat on my left and kept his palm on my thigh off and on while we were talking. His fingers would play over inside my thigh. I glanced at mom once and she smiled and nodded a couple of times. Dad was there but he didn’t seem to notice. After a while mom and dad weren’t there. I didn’t notice them leaving. The hall light was out and the kitchen light was dim. It wasn’t all that bright in the den. The tv was still flickering some program, not loud.

His hand was still on my thigh with his fingers over inside, not that far from the bottom of my shorts. They were close enough to make me breathe a little more. I looked at Russell and he looked and smiled at me and pulled his hand off my thigh and put it behind me, over and down on my hip and pulled me a little into him. He gave me a light kiss on my cheek and went back to what he was doing. That left me on the inside of his arm against his chest a little.

I watched his hands on his tablet and tilted my eyes up without moving my head and he didn’t see me looking. The fingers on the hand on my hip were curled over towards my crotch, not that imposing but I knew they were there. The same fingers that was high up on the inside of my thigh. Russell seemed to be comfortable with girls but wasn’t pushy. He seemed to know what to do that was normal but personal, maybe a little more than personal. I wasn’t disliking it and mom wasn’t either. She encouraged it. I guess she would clue me in if it got too far. She did watch.

I had on my bed shorts but they were actually normal knit shorts kind of like what Russell liked to wear in the evening. Both his and mine had fairly short legs on them and sitting down they pulled right up. I was used to wearing mine and I guess he was used to wearing his so it wasn’t a ‘thing’. He slowly pulled his hand around to my back. I was leaning over and wasn’t against the back of the sofa. He moved beşiktaş escort his palm and fingers around like he usually did and I more or less ignored it. I kind of liked it when his fingers were on my thigh.

His fingers got to the bottom of my top and he ran them around on my bare skin for a while. I noticed a couple of times his fingertips seemed to be in the top of my shorts. I think. They weren’t all that tight, not like my regular shorts he was bumping into before. I wasn’t fully noticing or concentrating on him but was studying oil painting techniques for class work but then I felt his fingertips running ever so very slowly back and forth across the inside of top of my shorts. A fingertip or two.

It was a very exciting feeling. Sitting down the back of my pants were pulled down a little and I could feel him bump across the top of my cheeks, right where they came together. I squeezed but caught myself and stopped. I didn’t think he felt it up where his fingers were. I was going to put my hand over on his thigh but I thought he might take that as a sign to stop so I didn’t. Or a kiss on his cheek but he might take that the other way, to do more. I kept working, turning pages and reading. I didn’t know what I read. I was faking it.

My pants were really loose around my waist, even pulled down with me sitting, so there wouldn’t be much resistance against his fingers. Then he stopped. Right where my cheeks came together with a finger maybe an inch below the top. No movement. He was still working his tablet and something came up on his screen and he started to read and his finger started to ride down the top of my cheeks where they came together, which wasn’t all that closed because they were spread with me sitting down.

Just that moment I turned the page and there was Michelangelo’s ‘Leda and the Swan’. I leaned over without leaning back on his fingers and said, “I love this one. I wish I could paint like that.”

“I remember seeing that in middle school,” he said. “It’s amazing those paintings survived all these years. I love art galleries. You should try painting like that. He learned, you can too.”

I hadn’t looked at him, just turned my book. I turned it back and continued on and he did too on his tablet. His finger was about half way down my cheeks and he came out of the crevice and his palm spread out over on my right cheek and then pulled slowly all the way back across to his side. I could feel his elbow move his shoulder over a little and then he went back to the crevice with his finger going up and down.

When he was down and about to start back up I squeezed my cheeks together and let go. He kept going like before. I know he felt it because I could feel his finger get squeezed a little. We both knew we both knew and he wasn’t stopping and I wasn’t stopping him. Just then I happen to think ‘my cousin is feeling me up’. It was very exciting and I think I liked it, a lot. I came within a hair width of lying over on his lap so he could get lower down. I thought I might run into him when he was excited. I didn’t know if that was good or bad so didn’t. It was getting late so he went off to bed and I did too.

The next afternoon when I got home Russell was out putting a new fence post in and waved me over. He was near the far corner of the yard. I went over.

He said, “Blair, about last night. I’ve been thinking about it and I wanted to explain. I spent last summer with Marge on her farm helping her get her prize bull ready for the farm show. We were close like we seem to be getting. She loved me running my fingers all around so I got used to doing that without thinking about it. I mean I do think about it while I’m doing it but I try to keep calm. It isn’t always easy. Anyway, that’s why I was doing that. I’ve been worrying if I was causing a problem or you didn’t like it.”

I smiled at him and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. I said, “If you do something I don’t like I’ll whisper in your ear. It’ll be just between us and I won’t be mad. Don’t forget I probably do the same things you do all the time. It’s just different fingers.”

You would not believe the look on his face. Russell was visibly relieved. After dinner mom and I were working in the kitchen.

She said, “How’s it going with Russell? You both seem to be getting along good. I’ve noticed him working on his girl skills like your dad did. It’s not easy for young men to do that. I think it scares them because they don’t know where it’ll lead or what problems it’ll cause. You seem to be helping him along with it. It’s important to give him confidence when it’s acceptable to you.”

“I’m more worried about you and dad than I am about Russell,” I said. “He’s not doing anything much more than I do myself. I notice you and dad giving us some privacy in the evenings. We do seem to play around a little more but I’m not watching to see if you or dad comes back or check on us.”

“Oh, we don’t,” she said. “When we go to be bed the den’s yours for the evening. Even if we hear sounds. And we keep our bedroom door closed and it’s at beylikdüzü escort the other end of the house anyway so don’t worry about us. I liked you wearing your bed shorts in the den. I think Russell does too. Do you mind if I ask if you wear a bra or pants? I never did with your dad. My dad always said he loved to see my breasts moving around. He didn’t say that until after your dad and I got married.”

“I don’t wear pants but I do wear a bra,” I said. “I take it off when I go to bed.”

“I did that,” she said. “When I finally took it off for your dad coming over when we were courting he was rubbing my back and didn’t feel my bra and later he said the hairs came up on the back of his neck it excited him so much. Summertime, during college.”

“Mom,” I said. “What happens if it’s too much for Russell? If he happens to have an orgasm. All by himself. I mean, what would he do? What should I do?”

“You’re thinking about the semen,” she said. “Well, undoubtedly the best place for a man to have an orgasm is in a vagina and the next best place is a tossup these days, a condom or oral and I think oral is winning out. There’s a couple of other ways that are interesting. A vagina is good because we get to enjoy it. A condom is good because we get to play with him and get him to have one. Same with oral but you have to learn how.”

“I didn’t know if I should run get a towel or tissues or what,” I said. “I don’t want him to be embarrassed if it happens.”

“The best thing is to not make a big thing out of it,” she said. “Tell him ‘thank you’ and ‘I appreciate it’. Then say something like, ‘don’t forget to come right back’, and he’ll go to his bedroom and back. If you two seem to be getting that excited then let him have an orgasm the best way you can so he enjoys it as much as you do.”

I thought mom might have a point so I didn’t wear a bra the next evening. Russell and I were sitting talking and he slipped his hand behind me. I leaned forward a little so he had room then moved my whole self forward getting something. He was soon down below my top, a button up top this time, on my bare skin. He went up under and was soon where my bra would be. He paused a little and went back down and into my pants. I didn’t wait, I wanted to get in position before he got excited.

I tilted over and lay right across his lap, my cheeks right at his hip. He paused again then slid his hand slowly down on the bottom of my cheek on top. I pulled both my knees up slowly and his fingers tilted over right into my vagina. Well, not right down in but right there. I was looking down the sofa past my feet and there was a familiar pillow against the arm at the end of the sofa. It was normally on mom and dad’s bed. I felt Russell’s fingers swirl around right in the top of my vagina and moved up towards my clit. I pulled one knee up to where it was comfortable and I could keep it there.

When he got to my clit his finger started rubbing lightly right across the tip. I closed my eyes and slipped my hand right in between his legs. He opened up a little, probably startled, and I found him. He was big and hard and stuck up towards his stomach. I wrapped my hand around him and just hung on for the longest time. I didn’t know what to do. He pushed it up through my hand a few times so I started going up and down on him. He liked that and let me go with it. I let go for a moment or two and reached down and pushed my pants down below my cheeks about the middle of my thighs and got back between his thighs again and back on.

After a while he pulled his fingers away from my clit and pushed some down in my vagina and started going in and out. I couldn’t help moaning, besides, it would tell him I liked it and to keep going. With his other hand he started unbuttoning my top, not all the way, then his hand got down in at the top and did something with my nipples that was better than I ever did. He started on my other buttons and my top was soon open and breasts fairly bare. I felt his wet fingers run up in between my cheeks and back and in my vagina.

I pulled out of his crotch again and got my pants off my legs and got my top off. I reached up under his crotch and got the top of his pants and pulled. He got them off and took off his top. We got back in the same position and started again. This time I had a bare penis in my hands and my head was up a little bit so I could see it. It was close to me. Maybe two inches from my nose. Big, way up out of him. It looked like all the pictures I’ve seen but more so. I was playing with him and tilted up while I was doing that and we kissed. First time on the lips.

It lasted a little while then we did it again and again the same way. He let me suck on his tongue when I felt it between my lips. I’ll bet that surprised him. He probably didn’t get his tongue sucked on every day. I tilted back down to his penis. I knew I was going to get my tongue on it I just didn’t know how. I knew the head was sensitive like my clit and the foreskin was down below his ridge, his helmet bottom, and the pre-cum made the head wet. Well, he was doing me so in for a penny. I pulled him over a little and got my tongue right down on the top where he peed and swirled it around like he was doing in my vagina. I went around and around the head all the way down to the foreskin and absolutely loved running my tongue in and out of all the little crevices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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