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This is part two of the story “A Diamond in the Rough”. If you like it, rate it, or comment on it and let me know. I will gladly write another part to this story if you readers so desire. So really, it’s up to you at this point.


Part Two

God, that was incredible I thought. I had just watched my brother give head to a large dildo and finger his tight little ass, and it was all for my enjoyment. I no longer worried about what to do. I knew what to do now. I wanted to take this from a little playing to something very real. The only problem was figuring out how.

I sat for a moment, with the screen captured image of my brother in his girly clothes showing on the screen. I slowly slid my mouse over the “send message” button and tried to think of something to say. I finally figured typed out, “Thanks Jill. You’re the hottest girl I’ve seen in months. Hope we can get together some time soon.” I ended it with a wink and wondered what that night would bring.

I had to find a way to get out of the house before he got home. I wanted him to see the message first. I wanted him to know I’d seen the movie and loved it. I wanted him to know that I wanted to slide my cock in that plump little ass of his. I had some time though before he got home. What could I do to make sure we had some fun?

I decided I would leave him a note in the house. Something on the counter maybe, or maybe the little table by the door. Yeah, that’s what I would do. A note on the table saying I’d gone out for a bit but would be back soon. Maybe hint to him having a message on his profile. No, no, way too obvious. Maybe he would just check it on his own. I couldn’t really count on that though. Then I figured it out. He must have those clothes somewhere in his room. I decided I would go through his girly clothes and lay out an outfit for him. If all went well, he would see them on his bed and get the hint to put them on and let me see ‘Jill’ again.

Off to his room I went. As I walked through the door I looked around a bit, scanning his room trying to figure out where he would keep his clothes. He said he didn’t want mom to find out, so I didn’t think he would have much of a selection, plus, they would probably be hidden. So, where would he hide them?

First I checked his dresser. That’s where I hid condoms in my younger days maybe that’s where he would put his girl clothes. I sifted through the drawers looking for anything that might be a hint. Unfortunately I came up empty handed. I thought about checking under the bed. He had a plastic tub of some sort under there, with the corner poking out a bit. Maybe they were in there. If he was in any kind of a rush when he made the video, he may have left it out a bit. As I stepped toward his bed and got ready to rummage around for his clothes I caught a whiff of perfume.

It was quite good actually. Not too floral, more fruity in scent. I looked around a bit trying to figure out where it was coming from. Then it hit me, I was so stupid, of course it had to be the closet. I opened the closet and peered in. Before me hung a few t-shirts, a jacket, and a few shoes sitting below them. I slid the shirts to the sides trying to see if there was anything hidden behind them. There were a couple boxes sitting behind the shoes hidden by the clothes hanging in front of them. This had to the spot. I pulled one of the boxes out and opened it. In it were more panties than I had ever seen at one time. There were dozens of pairs of panties. I was shocked at how many he had collected. He must’ve been collecting these for a while because there were far too many for a casual trip to the lingerie store.

I picked up the first pair. They were boy shorts; white with pink bands on the waist and at the legs. They were very cute. I held them for a moment, holding them up in front of me as though I was studying some fantastic discovery. I looked down to see what else was there and saw a pair of what looked like silky black panties. I dropped the boys shorts and my hand shot for them. I pulled them up and realized they were a pair of black, slightly see through, Brazilian cut panties. These were definitely hot. Now, what about the rest of the clothes? I threw panties on his bed and got up to get the other box.

In it were tops and bottoms, a few bras. I quickly rooted through looking for a black bra to match the panties and found one that could’ve easily been part of a set with the panties, they were definitely in. As I through that to the bed I considered the rest of the clothing. There wasn’t much a selection in truth. There were far more panties than anything else, so I had to think of what I wanted to see him take off later. Skirts were a must, so again, I scrounged around seeing what he had. There was one that stood out. A simple dark red skirt, but very short. I was so shock by the length, or lack thereof that I actually held esenyurt escort them up to myself trying to figure out how the hell he could wear them. The thought of how he did it left my mind as soon as I realized that it would provide little to no coverage, but it would be such a hot cock tease to see him wear it. I of course, threw this on the bed.

Now for the top! There wasn’t much to choose from. There was a simple button up, white shirt. It wasn’t bad, but didn’t fit the red of the skirt that well. Then, I saw a simple, small, black wife beater. That would definitely be the top. It was a thin and tiny; perfect for sexy little ‘Jill’.

I had the outfit, so I took the boxes back into his closet and straightened up his clothes, laying them out, sort of presenting him with my top choices. Now that that was done, I had to figure out what else I was going to do to prepare. I still had to think of a note and get myself out of the house so he could discover the clothes I’d chosen. So I went downstairs to root around for some paper. I grabbed a pen out of the junk drawer, but I was drawing a blank. What the hell was I going to say? I finally decided I would just say that I was running to the store to get a few things for dinner and would be back soon. If he checked his profile, he would get the drift. Even if he didn’t the clothes would make things pretty obvious. This was going to work. How could it not? He clearly knew I was fantasizing about him, and he was clearly fantasizing about me, it was a sure thing.

After sorting all that out, I took a shower, ate a bit of lunch and watched some TV for a bit. I just had to kill some time at this point. That afternoon seemed like the longest of my life. I wasn’t this anxious since I met ‘Jill’ for the first time. Something was on TV but I had no clue what it was. All I could do was watch the clock and wait for my time. Finally three rolled around and I knew I wouldn’t have much time to get out of the house before he got home. I grabbed my scribbled note and left it on the table by the door as I left the house.

I walked to my car with fantasies about what would happen that night racing through my head. I was on autopilot the entire drive to the store. I pulled into a spot, parked and got out without realizing I had arrived. As I walked the aisles the only thing competing with the vision of my brother’s head bobbing up and down his big dildo was the thought of what the hell I was going to get for dinner. It couldn’t be anything I would have to cook soon. I intended to have a very kinky time as soon as I got home, so it had to be something that could just sit for a while. I ended up getting burger meat, buns, and some chips. Not exactly a sexy dinner after some wild sex, but it served its purpose. As I checked out, the thought hit me that I may not have given my brother enough time to get home. That would fuck up everything. The anxiety was hitting again. I ended up taking a long route home. It was a rather ass backwards way to go actually. I had to go in the opposite direction and essentially make a big ass circle. While that was annoying considering it was a busy time to drive on the weekend, I couldn’t have cared less. I wanted to be certain my brother had plenty of time to get in his sexy little outfit I picked for him.

As I rode down my street I saw his car in the driveway. My heart started racing as I pulled in behind him. I was so close. I felt like a teenager about to feel up a girl for the first time. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the car grabbing my few bags of groceries. I closed the door and started for the front door. My hands actually shook a bit as I turned the key. Would he be waiting for me? Would he be in the clothes I picked for him? I had no clue what to expect, but I loved it.

I walked through the door and looked around to see if he was nearby. The hallway was deserted, so I walked into the kitchen and threw the chips and buns on the table as I stepped for the fridge. I looked around, peeking into the living room as I put the hamburger in the fridge. Where the hell was h? I called out his name to see if he would answer. I got nothing of course. I walked into the living room saying his name hoping he would say something. No one was there. God damn, he is a good tease.

I walked over to the steps; he must be in his room. I started up the steps, but stopped when I heard a door opening. I huge grinned streaked across my face when I realized he was coming down stairs. I called out his name one more time, but was greeted by a feminine voice. ‘Jill’, I thought, must be coming to see me. “He’s not here right now, but I am” the voice said. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was ready. I know I said I was ready for anything, but now, I was really ready to make this happen.

I stared at the top of the steps waiting for glimpse of him in the outfit I chose for him. avrupa yakası escort First I noticed his legs as he stepped around the corner. Smooth, thin, and sexy, his legs looked like two sculptures. I wanted to run my hands over them. I was now getting a little hard. Next, I noticed that tiny skirt I chose. Red and short, it barely covered him at all. I got a few glimpses of his little bulge under his black panties as he stepped forward. From where I was I could see his panties with each step as he came closer. My erection grew quicker with each glimpse. Finally I noticed his tight black wife beater. His tiny chest looked perfect as the tight material hugged him.

Next was his face. He wore his wig and just enough make up to pull the outfit together. His lips shown ruby red. His lips were full and formed a naughty smile as he headed down the steps. He was the definition of hot at that moment.

As he got closer to me, he finally spoke, “Glad you liked the vid. I was hoping you’d want to get together.”

“I couldn’t resist” I replied. God damn, he really was hot.

“So what’s for dinner?”

The question made me stammer at first. I wasn’t exactly thinking about food as my cock was pulsing against my thigh. “Burgers” I finally said.

He let out a little whine and gave me a cute little pout. “I was hoping for sausage” he said followed by a coy smile.

He was playing with me and I loved it.

“Sorry, but maybe we can come up with something close for you.”

He smiled and his eyes opened wide for a moment.

“Well then, let’s go sit in the living room and see if we can’t feed me.”With that he took me by the hand, his slight fingers curling around mine, and led me to the couch.

We sat next to each other, staring into each other’s eyes. He slid his little hand onto my thigh and rubbed lightly up and down as he smiled.

“So big brother, do you think you could give me something to eat?” he asked as my cock twitched with every stroke of his little hand.

All I could do was nod. I was in condition to speak at that point. Luckily, he didn’t wait for a real answer. He turned slightly, his body getting closer to mine, and let his other hand fall on leg. He lifted himself off the couch, his hands rubbing my thighs, and knelt in front of me. His lips forming a big smile as he looked into my eyes.

He let his hands wandered up and down my thighs getting closer to my dick with each pass. I began to breathe heavily and pushed my hips forward as his hands came closer to the rod in my pants. He smiled and turned his slightly.

He asked, “you want this big brother? You want my soft, warm mouth on your hard dick?”

All I could do was let out a quick sigh. He knew exactly what I wanted. His right hand slid slowly over the bottom of my shaft as he made his way up to the button on my jeans. His hands unbuttoning my pants, and grabbing for the fly tickled my stomach a bit. I couldn’t help but squirm a little at his touch. It was so invigorating. He leaned down a bit and his hovered over my crotch as his hands pulled at the waist of my jeans and boxers pulling them down my legs. I lifted myself up a bit as my cock sprang out, freed from pesky jeans. He sat back on his ankles as he pulled my jeans and boxers all the way off my body and dropped them to his side.

He would rest his hands on my thighs again and lean toward me. I could feel his warm breath gently kissing the shaft of my cock the closer he got to me. His ruby lips parted just enough to let his tongue slide a little. He touched the tip to the base of my dick, and dragged lazily up to the head as he opened his eyes and looked at me. He swirled my swollen head with his tongue without ever losing eye contact. It took all of my willpower to keep myself from cumming right there.

He pushed his tongue out and used it to caress the bottom of my hard cock. He then dropped his head and softly closed his mouth around the head of my cock. Closing his eyes and bobbing, slowly, up and down on me he turned his head side to side as he dropped lower and lower with every bob of his head. I could feel him suck as his head rose and his tongue press on the bottom of shaft as it fell. It was incredible. Slow and wet, he knew how to please.

He began to moan as his movements became faster. It was as though he was getting use to a rhythm, going faster and faster the more confident he got. I loved every moment of it. My moans went from subdued gasps, to moans of ecstasy as my hips pushed forward. He knew I was close to cumming and slowed his movements accordingly. I was a bit disappointed when I realized he was stopping. Wiping a bit of saliva from his lip, and looking deep into my eyes, he said, “that was delicious”.

“Before I finish though, I want to give you something to eat.” He smiled, put his anadolu yakası escort hands on my legs, and pushed himself upward.

Standing in front of me, he looked at me wickedly and began to slowly turn around. He turned his head, looking over his shoulder at me, and asked “you want some of this?” Tugging playfully at his skirt, lifting it just enough to see the Brazilian cut of his panties, I knew he wanted to play more before either of us came.

With a playful anger in his voice he asked again “You want to have some of this?” as he raised the skirt above his ass entirely.

“Yes” I said with quite a bit of exuberance.

My tongue slid across my lips as he moved his hips briefly to the right and left. His thumbs slid in between his waistband and his sides as he slowly pushed his black panties down his legs. He bent over at the waist, resting his hands on the coffee table in front of him and gave me a perfect view of his heart shaped ass. Plump, but narrow, I loved the look of his ass. My hands hesitantly grazed the flesh of his bottom. I bit my lip as I left my finger graze down his crack and gently tickle his little hole.

He looked over his shoulder and said, “eat as much as you want big brother.”

That was all I needed to hear. I leaned in, squeezed his cheeks, and let the tip of my tongue flick upward as I taste his hole. He jumped a little at first, but settled as I slid my tongue up and down, pushing into his ass as I crossed his tight little hole. I honed in on him then, swirling my tongue around and around, pushing in slightly the closer I got to the center. He moaned as lovingly licked his asshole. I squeezed and slapped his ass as I licked, my cock remaining hard as a rock.

As I continued to tickle his asshole with my tongue, I felt his finger touch my chin. He had slid his hand between his legs to get my attention. I was taken aback at first and pulled my face back from his ass, but, I was enthralled when I his thin finger circle his little hole and press gently. His finger glided into his ass with such ease. I desperately wanted to fuck him.

As though he could read my thoughts, he looked over his shoulder and said, “do want to fuck it big brother? Do you want to be inside me?”

“God yes” I replied. He smiled as I stood.

As his little finger slid out of him, I would rest my hands on his narrow hips and step closer to him. I rubbed the head of my cock into his asshole. I didn’t want to enter him too quickly. I wanted him to wait now. I wanted him to anticipate, to feel teased, to get hard. I would swivel my hips slightly, putting a little pressure on his asshole as swiveled toward his buttocks.

I bent over his body kissing his back and letting the tip of my tongue drag along every now and then. Slowly, I pressed harder into his hole. He opened, little by little, with each moment of pressure. Grinding my way to him, the head of my dick began to slip inside him. I could just barely feel his cheeks touch my pelvis with little push. Again, little by little, I slid in. Grinding slowly I felt him push back, he was ready to take my cock completely. I pushed harder now, enough to slide further inside him. Soon there was no more pressure on the head of my dick, I was deep enough to really fuck his plump little butt.

His ass squeezed my shaft as a I pumped slowly. His moans mimicked my movements as they went from slow, deep breaths to fast paced panting. My hands and his hips and his body heaving in front of me, I was fucking my slutty little brother. His ass cheeks bounced off my body and shook a little as I fucked him. I saw his arm pumping back and forth with him. I realized he was jacking off as I fucked him. I slowed my pace, almost to a stop, leaned down and whispered in his ear, “let me jack it.”

I ran my hand over his side, across his stomach, and grasped his cock. I jerked him slowly as I picked up the pace of my humping. I tried to match the movement. I wanted to jerk him off as quickly as I was fucking his plump little butt. He began arching his back and moan loudly and I began pushing deeply into his ass as well both came closer and closer to climax.

A stream of creamy white cum shot across the top of the coffee table as he came. I followed as I plunged my cock deeply into him spilling my cum in the depths of his perfect little butt. I released his dick and put my hand back on his hip as my cock convulsed inside him.

With my heart rate returning to normal, I slowly pulled out of him and he began to stand erect, looking back at me. He stepped toward me, licked his lips, and kissed me deeply. Ours hands running frantically over each other’s bodies, we kissed passionately for a few moments before he pulled away.

A smile split his face as he said, “thank you big brother, let’s do it again some time.” He shot me a little kiss, then bent down to grab his clothes. Sauntering out of the room, clothes in hand with his dick bouncing in the air, I could do nothing more than stare at him. He was such a vision of sexuality.

I put on my boxers and jeans, then flopped back onto the couch. I was completely relaxed. Then coming from the steps I heard my brother’s voice, “you making dinner or what?”.

I had much more of a one track mind apparently. I guess it was time for dinner.

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