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I look like my mom in every way except that I have coal black hair like my dad whose Indian. (Mom’s a redhead). I’m 18 years old, 5’3″ tall and weigh just under 110 lbs. my large, tilted brown eyes are generally all you can see through my purdah but my lips are full and naturally pouty and red. My full figure is curved in all the right places but my breasts are my best feature: round, full, and topped with huge brown nipples. Their 36 DD size caused some difficulty in school races and keeping them hidden, but their biggest plus was their sensitivity.

I cant even take a bath without getting aroused! And having inherited these outstanding features from my mom I knew they wouldn’t sag early as she walked around with no bra on and they were still as perky as a 16 year-olds.

18 is a horny age and all the seclusion and secrecy about sex and men only made us ache even more to find out what all the fuss was about.

My dad had 2 wives: mom and her cousin sister naaz.

They are both gorgeous women and seemingly never had a problem sharing my dad.

It was the year I turned 18, that one night I woke up hearing loud moans and muffled screams coming from my dad’s room which was just down the hall from mine.

I sneaked out of bed trying not to wake my baby sister next to me, and tiptoed down the hall. The door to his room was not open, but it wasn’t locked either: turning the knob I quietly nudged it open just enough to see into the room.

(Earlier that week, mom had explained the process of sex to me as it was time to look for a husband for me; little did she know that she would be putting on a show for me not much later!)

Though the view was restricted, I could make out that there were 2 men and woman locked in a torrid embrace in the middle of the bed.

I was shocked when I realized that 2 of those people were my parents and the other guy was my uncle Rashid, my dad’s younger brother who was only 23!

I must have made a sound because suddenly my mom turned toward the door and saw that it was slightly ajar, I moved quickly back to my own room and just in time to see Rashid (completely naked and hugely aroused!!!) shut the door and lock it.

I knew I could no longer watch from the door, but there was a small unused room, more like a large closet really, in the hallway along the other side of their room that had a small vented window facing into my parents room. (I think it used to be an old dressing room)

Curious to know what exactly was going on and why the three of them were naked in my dad’s room in the middle of the night, I snuck out again and dashed down the hall, quickly getting into the closet.

Locking it behind me I turned around and knelt on the floor, and through the vent I had an unrestricted view of the large bed, which was a low –to-the-ground pile of mattresses really.

I could see my dad lying on his back in the middle of the bed with his head thrown back and his eyes shut, and my mother was leaning down and appeared to be sucking his penis while Rashid sat behind her and occasionally rubbed between her legs, caressed her ass, and stroked his own cock, while leisurely enjoying the cock-sucking show his sister-in-law put on for him.

She started out with small, teasing licks that were designed to drive a man wild with need: first circling only the head with her pink tongue, then slowly licking up and down the 9″ length like it were an ice bakırköy escort cream stick. You could see the veins in the huge cock throbbing as if it were pulsing to a rhythm of its own. Every time a few drops of pre-cum beaded on the huge head, she returned to lick them off, savoring the salty, sticky liquid.

She licked and nibbled the entire turgid length in a calm unhurried manner, which seemed to torture my father but he was NOT complaining.

Finally, she took the large, 3″ wide bulbous head into her mouth, lightly sucking on it like a sweet and juicy berry. As she continued sucking she gradually took more and more of the huge hard-on into her small mouth, she made it look so simple, even though the cock was straining her lips and stretching them tightly around itself.

She used the tightened ring of her mouth to complement the sensations of the tongue lashing her blowjob was giving the giant dick.

After a few minutes of constant sucking she had the entire 9″ length in her mouth and some of it down her throat, where I could see its throbbing outline, and began moving her mouth up and down, up and down; pulling out to the very tip of the penis and then resuming her journey back towards the thick base, sheathing the magnificent sword in the warm, moist cavern of her lips and throat again and again with practiced ease.

The speed of her bobbing mouth increased with every dip of her head and by now her hapless, but happy, victim had his hand at the back of her head and was jerking his hips in time with her movements.

The whole time, Rashid had been taking in the sight avidly and stroking his own 12″ length, readying himself for my mom.

Mom obviously must have been getting worked up herself, because without a word she reached behind her and tugged on Rashid’s huge member, wordlessly conveying her own need.

When he seemed happy to receive her hand job and showed no sign of moving, mom jerked her mouth off dad’s cock and turning to Rashid said” fuck me darling, fuck me while I suck your brother dry!”

“I’ll fuck you till you scream, honey, you can be sure of that. “

With that Rashid knelt behind her raised ass and spread her knees wider to expose her wet, pink pussy.

He bent down, covered the soft flesh with his palm and squeezed, tearing a groan of pleasure from the woman beneath him.

She pushed her hips eagerly into his huge, warm palm, which he suddenly removed and replaced with his large erection.

He teased the small, tight opening with the huge head, circling and dipping just at the entrance of the vagina spread so invitingly in front of him. A trail of sticky cum followed his dance of advance and retreat and the groans of all 3 people got louder and more frantic.

My mother’s mouth moved faster and faster till the large penis in it seemed to blur past, while her husbands hips moved jerkily toward completion.

He came with a loud shout and held mom’s face still for nearly 3 whole minutes, jerking and pouring his seed into her eager, slurping mouth not allowing her to spill a single drop. While he lay spent and caressed the top of her silken head, she licked him clean and savored every drop of life giving cum that he had sprayed into her waiting mouth.

Once her husband was taken care of she turned to her own pleasures and pivoting about she faced her tormentor Rashid.

With a beşiktaş escort determined look she grabbed his huge cock and pushing him onto his back, began to slowly impale herself on his large sword.

The large head which was at least 4″ wide, took a while to get in, even with Rashid’s holding her pussy lips open and flicking the clit to increase the suction of her vaginal walls. Finally between the two of them, they got the head past the small opening and she began a slow, steady descent onto his thrusting manhood.

“Baby, your pussy is so fucking tight, I could stay in you forever. ” gasped Rashid as he continued to flick the tiny penis- like bit of flesh at the entrance to her pussy.

Grabbing his hands, she laid them on her large, throbbing breasts needing him to fondle them and continued to move slowly, swinging her hips in a rocking rhythm as old as time.

Inspired by the view of her huge tits swaying above him, with the large tightly puckered nipples, he reared up to a sitting position and ravaged her mouth, fucking it with his tongue, sucking on her plush, pink tongue and licking, sucking and biting the full cherry-red lips, crushing her to his chest.

Kissing his way across her face, he nibbled on her neck, and bit into the sensitive area where her shoulder met her swan-like neck, tearing a gasp of pleasure from her lips.

He filled his palms with her breasts, the large mounds overflowing their captors, and plumping them together brought them to his lips.

He lightly flicked her breasts with his long, narrow tongue; licking everywhere but her nipples.

She squirmed in agony, while he continued to feather her tits with love bites while her nipples burned to be suckled.

Begging him to end the torment, she pleaded with him to suck her nipples and put an end to her misery. Taking pity on her, he flicked one brown berry with his tongue and lashed it till it shone with his saliva. He continued his tongue –torture and tormented both tits for a long time, before finally taking one ripe berry into his mouth.

He sucked the nipple first slowly and gently, still flicking it with his tongue and then increased the power of his suction, till the pleasure bordered on pain, and she screamed from the sensations.

He continued to rock his cock into her in a slow, unhurried fashion while ministering to her tits, but she had had enough and tightened her pussy walls around his thrusting member, slowly but forcefully, which made him groan and thrust into her a little faster.

Exchanging a look with his brother, Rashid lay on his back and pulled my mom onto his chest. Grabbing her ass cheeks, he spread them slightly to expose her butt- hole to her husband. Dad grabbed his aroused member and stroked it with one hand while he dipped into the pussy juice that ran down between her legs and used to lubricate her anus.

With the juices on his fingers he slowly began to fuck her ass with his finger, preparing her for his penis. When she began to adjust to the finger in her and altered her fucking rhythm to accommodate both, the penis in her pussy and the finger in her ass, he rubbed his dick with Vaseline and lined the tip up to the tiny puckered hole that had begun to expand and contract.

Matching his thrusts to the other couple’s movements, he slowly and relentlessly pushed his huge dick into the tightly rimmed opening, and beylikdüzü escort once the head was through, he slid in easily. All three people stilled and savored the feel of the position. For the men the tight passages, massaged their members strongly and milked their penises gently. She savored the feel of the 2 huge cocks, separated only by a thin membrane, moving in tandem, creating a delicious friction with the walls of her nether passages.

When Rashid pulled out, her husband drove into her and vice versa, driving her into a paroxysm of orgasmic pleasure.

She came violently and repeatedly, screaming their names over and over again as her pussy erupted and coated them with her juices. Their mingled juices leaked out of her pussy and trickled down her supple thighs, cooling her heated skin. The forceful spasms of her Cumming tightened her walls around the penises and their thrusts became faster and stronger, spurring her orgasms even more. Both men came together; with loud groans and shouts, they emptied their cocks into her waiting body.

They lay there spent and replete, stroking and caressing each other till they finally spooned together and fell asleep with their cooling bodies still joined.

I had been transfixed into immobility during the entire episode and hadn’t noticed my own drenched pussy. It was leaking steadily and the lips of my vagina were swollen and throbbing, while my nipples burned and tightened into hard pebbles and my breasts ached to be touched.

I drew the straps of my pink, cotton nightgown down till my throbbing breasts sprang free and as the throbbing between my legs grew, it spurred me to touch myself in a place which till then had been a minimally visited area, by me or anyone since my babyhood.

I explored myself lightly; sifting through the soft, black curls with one hand, while the other squeezed and pinched my tits. My hand reached further down between my legs, which I spread and braced against the door of my tiny hiding place.

With 1 finger I lightly traced the contours of my nether lips, and the gushing wetness from my pussy aided the process. As my fingers brushed against the small fold of skin at the top of my lips, I gasped as a delicious shudder of sensation speared me from my pussy, straight to my tingling nipples and waves of pleasure washed over my innocent, virginal body. Squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples harder, I pressed the nub of my clit harder, stroked and circled it with my fingers, plucked at it and flicked it till the nub became hard and firm, and pussy juice streamed out of my cunt.

The torment didn’t ease and my fingers slipped further and dipped into my pussy.

I began thrusting a finger slowly in and out of my throbbing cunt, adding another finger to the first one I rubbed my clit with the heel of my palm while my fingers fucked in and out of my sweet, unused pussy.

A sudden rush of sensation overcame and I had to bite down on my lip to keep from screaming as I climaxed and came with surprising force.

The strength and newness of the orgasm shocked and delighted me and I felt like whooping with joy. Once my thundering heart settled down, I put my gown back in order and crept back to my room, hugging my naughty secret close to my heart.

My dreams were full of erotic images of the scenes of the night before and I woke up more than once with my pussy throbbing and my heart hammering in my chest.

If mom or dad noticed my sleep-glazed eyes and sappy grin the next morning, they didn’t mention it and from then on till my 20th birthday, every night saw a near repeat of the previous events.

What happened when I turned 20 you ask?

Well, that’s a story for another day…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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