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The next morning, I awoke with Nikki next to me, her left leg draped over mine, her arm resting on my chest, and her head on my shoulder. We were both naked and the bedroom smelled like sex. It smelled like a lot of sex.

The previous night, after our romp in the hot tub, we had progressed to my bed where we enjoyed a slower, more leisurely session of mutual oral sex. I enjoy receiving oral sex and I enjoy giving oral sex, but I usually don’t do both at the same time. I’ve certainly done the classic 69 on a number of occasions, but I like to focus on giving really good oral pleasure and then receiving a damn fine licking and sucking, but… Nikki had jumped on top of me in that position and I wanted to make her happy, so I indulged her desire.

Her pussy had tasted sweet and I probably could have licked on her clit much longer but she reached an orgasm after just a few minutes of stimulation and then she begged me to stop, complaining that her pussy was so sensitive that she couldn’t stand any more licking. However, she kept licking and sucking on my member and it didn’t take long before I felt my sperm ready to explode from the end of my dick. I gave her fair warning but she kept sucking until I erupted. She swallowed my seed and smiled as if she was proud of herself.

After I had finished emptying my ejaculate into her mouth, she cleaned my organ with her tongue and lips and then lay down in bed beside me. “Daddy, that was everything I thought it would be,” she said. “It felt soooo good and… you satisfied me… completely! I hope I made you happy.”

“Honey, every bone in my body is smilin’,” I replied, “especially the bone in my britches!”

“You’re not wearing britches, Mr. Naked-In-The-Hot-Tub. Uh… I guess I hafta confess. When I walked in last night, I knew right away that you weren’t wearin’ anything and I decided right then that I wanted you in me. I’ve wanted you for so long and now it’s come true. Good night, Daddy. I love you,” she said with her final words before succumbing to the sandman.

“Good night, sweetie. I love you, too.”

* * *

“Good morning, little naked girl,” I said as her eyelids were starting to flutter.

“Daddy, I’m happy to be naked and I’m real happy to be naked with you, but… I’m a woman, not a little girl,” she replied in a somewhat defensive tone of voice.

“Honey, I know you’re a woman, especially after the way you made me feel last night, I mean, holy cow! But… you’ll always be my little girl, too, and that’s a good thing. It wasn’t meant as a put down.”

“Okay. Maybe I’ll get used to hearing it,” she said. She paused, and then added, “You smell like you spent the night in a whorehouse!”

“And you smell like you took a bath in Eau de Pussy,” I retorted, followed by a grin.

“You weren’t complainin’ last night, but… I guess we need to take a shower,” she said.

“My shower’s big enough for both of us,” I said, “but I need to make some coffee first. Want any?”

“Yeah… but will you bring it to me in bed?” she said in her little-girl-manipulating-Daddy voice.

“I thought you weren’t a little girl anymore,” I observed.

She laughed her little girl laugh and said, “Maybe sometimes just a little… Daddy.”

I got up and started the coffee and then looked out the kitchen window and into the backyard. The hot tub sat there as a reminder – as if I needed a reminder – of a moment in time that I thought would change my life. It was a beautiful morning and I felt like a million dollars. What guy wouldn’t feel that way after having sex with a beautiful 19 year old girl and hearing her say that she felt completely fulfilled sexually?

But then I also started thinking about things from Nikki’s perspective. Right now, she was still basking in the afterglow of a night of hot sex and she was anticipating more very soon; I’m sure that she understood that taking a shower together was more about getting “dirty” than it was about getting clean. But I also anticipated that the novelty of sex with Daddy would wear off and she would want to be with boys her own age. She certainly wouldn’t want to be in college with some obligation to remain faithful to that old guy back at home when all her friends were going out having fun with college boys. As much as guys hate hearing this phrase, I decided that… we needed to talk.

“Here’s your coffee, sweetie,” I said as I returned to the bedroom.

She sat up in bed, completely unashamed of the fact that her nude body was completely on display to me. Her lack of shame, her comfort in displaying her body to me was flattering. In fact, she had no reason to feel shame. Nikki had a beautiful body. I would think so even if I wasn’t her Daddy.

Her features were fully developed and she truly was a woman and not a little girl anymore. I know that 34A boobs are considered small and, of course, she looked young, but she certainly didn’t look like a 9 year old girl. Still… she had an innocent look about her, a look of vulnerability, a look that suggested a simple appreciation of the world and an eagerness sarıyer escort to trust the object of her affections. Just looking at her filled me with paternal love, romantic love, and animal arousal. The love was hidden on the inside but my arousal was betrayed by my stiffening man meat.

“Daddy, you’re starting to get a boner,” she said.

Looking down momentarily, as if that were necessary to confirm her observation, I replied, “Yes, it certainly appears to be that way and… since it’s all your fault, you’ll hafta do something about it.”

“Well, I’m happy to know I have that effect on ya. I guess I could help you out with that ‘problem,'” she responded.

“Sweetie, you can’t imagine how flattered I am that you want me,” I admitted. “We’ve had a really good relationship as daddy-daughter and… I know you’re not my daughter any more, I get that, trust me… but, I think we should talk a little bit about what’s goin’ on here, so neither one of us gets… neither of us has the wrong expectations and ends up getting’ hurt.”

“I don’t think anything was unexpected about last night,” Nikki said. “I wanted it, you wanted it, you gave it to me, and that’s exactly what I expected.”

“Yeah, last night was off the chart. But… I’m thinkin’ ahead, and, maybe I’m just thinkin’ too much. You know, sometimes, people have sex just for fun. Sometimes, people have sex to express their love for each other. And, sometimes, people have sex to try to make a baby. I’m pretty sure that neither of us was tryin’ to make a baby last night.”

“Daddy, I’m on birth control pills, if that’s what you’re worried about,” Nikki tried to reassure me.

“Well, that’s reassuring, but, no, that’s not what I’m tryin’ to lead up to. I can see us havin’ fun all summer long, workin’ together, takin’ a vacation together, makin’ love almost every night, but… in the fall, you’re gonna go back to school. I love you and five more minutes of havin’ you by my side and I’ll be head-over-heels in love with you. Younger guys don’t ever want to admit this but… I don’t wanna have my heart broken, and I don’t wanna lose my relationship with you. I love bein’ your Daddy… but I also love makin’ love with you.”

“I don’t wanna break your heart, Daddy,” Nikki said in a voice that sounded like she was getting ready to cry.

“Oh, honey, I didn’t mean that you’d do that to me on purpose… but it could still happen. And what about you? When you go back to college, do you wanna sit around your dorm while all the other girls are goin’ out with college guys? Do you wanna tell your friends that you’re savin’ yourself for Daddy? I guess what I’m sayin’ is… what do you want from me? Do you just want a fuck buddy for the summer – and I know that would be fun; I’m not puttin’ that down – or are you lookin’ for something that you hope will last?”

“Daddy, I want you and I can’t think about anything else except wantin’ you… but I never thought about what would happen after I got you, and, uh… I never thought about it endin’, either. Uh… I don’t wanna be with anybody else now, and I don’t want anybody else to be with you, and I wanna sleep in here every night, and… I don’t know what’ll happen at the end of the summer. I never really thought you’d want me like that… I mean, I still look like a little girl…,” she said as she looked down at her petite boobs, “and I thought you’d want a woman with, you know, big tits and a lotta experience with sex and all that stuff.”

“Well… you’re wrong… about me not wantin’ you. What’s not to want? You’re beautiful, sexy, smart, fun,… and, listen, I know you’re self-conscious about havin’ little boobs, and, yes, they are small, but… every guy on the planet isn’t turned on by big tits. I think you’re little boobs are beautiful and I could suck on ’em all night long. Yeah, I’m not blind and they’re not big, but every guy doesn’t want big boobs. I’m one of the guys who really doesn’t want a girl with big boobs. Remind me sometime and I tell you a story about a girl with small boobs… Anyway, I love your boobs and I intend to pay my respects and give ’em a damn good lickin’ real soon.”

“That feels real nice to hear you say that, Daddy,” Nikki said with sincere appreciation in her voice. “I think I know what you wanna hear, Daddy. I understand the difference between just fuckin’ for fun and really making love. Last night… for me… that was makin’ love, Daddy.”

I held my arms out, summoning her for a hug. As she stood, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her like a man kisses the woman he loves. “Me, too, honey. It was makin’ love. So… how ’bout a shower and then we go out and get some breakfast?” I asked.

As soon as I released my hold on her beautiful body, Nikki sprang into my master bath. I have a shower stall that is literally big enough for three or four people and a point-of-use water heater that heats water as it is used, so it is impossible to run out of hot water. She turned on the shower and gave me that ‘come hither’ motion with esenyurt escort her finger like I was being summoned for something that would make it worthwhile to go hither.

I walked into the shower and closed the door behind me. I immediately put both arms around her and kissed her in a way that communicated love and lust.

“Whatever happens,” I whispered in her ear, “I want you in my life… forever.”

“Forever,” she affirmed.

“But… right now, with your naked body pressed against mine, the only thing I’m thinkin’ about is right here and now and what I wanna do to your naked body!” My lust was unmistakable.

“Whadya wanna do to my naked body, Daddy? Tell me!” she asked, returning to her little girl voice.

“When I see your naked boobs, I wanna play with your nipples and get ’em hard and then I wanna suck on ’em.”

“You wanna suck on my little girl titties, Daddy? Show me,” she requested.

“No, I wanna suck on your beautiful womanly chest and lick on those glorious mounds of flesh. Now, turn around,” I instructed her.

She quickly complied and I held her body against mine, her back firmly in contact with my chest, my hard member sliding between her butt cheeks. I reached around and started playing with her nipples, rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers.

“That makes me horny, Daddy. You make my pussy wet. Are you sure it’s okay to be doin’ this?”

I continued playing with her little pencil eraser nipples and they both got as hard as little pebbles.

“Daddy, I know my little boobs make me look like a little girl, but it’s okay if you like that, so… I want you to suck on my little girl nipples.”

“Sweetie, you don’t look like a little girl. You look like a young nymph who is pure and innocent. You’re the woman I want and you’ve got me hornier than Frank Sinatra!”

She laughed. I turned her around again and leaned down, bringing my lips to her chest. I began sucking on her nipples as if I was a baby who depended on her small boobs for nourishment.

“Daddy, you’re drivin’ me crazy! That feels so damned good!”

I took turns with each nipple and Nikki put her hands around my head as if she was keeping me from moving away from her beautiful chest. I would have sucked her nipples for hours but she asked me another question.

“What else do you wanna do to my naked body, Daddy?”

“When I see your naked pussy, I wanna put my finger inside you.”

“Do it, Daddy. Fuck me with your finger!”

I had my right hand between her legs in an instant and I knew she was already aroused, so I plunged my middle finger into her wet cunt. I used my fingertip to stimulate her G-spot while the palm of my hand rubbed over her clit.

“Daddy, I need to cum so bad! What else do you wanna do to me?” she asked.

“I want you to bend over at the waist and play with your pussy while I pull your butt cheeks apart and look at your cute little back door.”

“You’re bad, Daddy. Nobody’s ever seen me back there. You’re such a naughty boy, I shouldn’t do it,” she pretended to chastise me. “Are you sure it’s okay?” Apparently, Nikki was fixated on the idea that I was attracted to her because she looked like a petite little lolita and she was enjoying the opportunity to role play the part.

She didn’t wait for an answer; she simply bent over, reached between her legs, and started playing with her clit. “I’m playin’ with my kitty, Daddy,” my little girl said, “but I’d rather have you inside me.”

I knelt down behind her and watched her playing with her pussy while I reached up and put a hand on each cheek. I spread them apart and gazed at her beautiful little anus. It was pink and crinkled and… pristine.

“That’s my bum-bum, Daddy. I’ve never let anybody else look at it before… do you like it?”

I responded with a moan of approval.

“Now what? Are you gonna stick your thing in me back there?” she asked, her voice slowly morphing into a moan rather than a speaking voice.

“First, I wanna lick your little bum-bum with my tongue, then I wanna put my finger in it, and then I’m gonna put my dick in your cute little bum and put my man juice inside you.”

“Lick me, Daddy. Lick me back there,” she demanded.

I leaned forward and brought my mouth to her butt crack. I stuck my tongue out and continued leaning forward until it made contact with her crinkled star. I began licking up and down in quick, short strokes and I could tell that she was rubbing her pussy faster than before.

“More, Daddy. Gimme more.”

I grabbed the bar of soap and rubbed it between her cheeks, working it into a lather. I then stood and reached down with my middle finger, gently sliding it across her anus and grazing the ridges of her pretty little pucker.

“It felt soooo good when you had your finger in me back there last night. Do it again,” she requested.

I pushed the tip of my finger into her cute behind and she pushed back so that my finger was suddenly thrust in to her. She began rocking forwards and backwards, avrupa yakası escort fucking her ass on my finger.

“That feels good. It feels nasty and wicked and so damn naughty and… it just makes me want you in me… back there,” she said, and then added, “but… I’ve never done it before, back there, so… go slow.”

I lathered up my dick and put the tip of my meat against her tiny pink hole. I pushed forward and met some resistance.

“Don’t tense up,” I said. “Try to push out while I’m tryin’ to push in.”

As soon as she did that, I felt the ridge of my invading warrior sliding into her virgin ass.

“Go slow,” she said again, suddenly, as if she was surprised to find my dick in her ass.

I began pushing forward, listening to her for signs that she was feeling any discomfort. I heard none and continued pushing forward. When I felt my crotch against her butt cheeks, I knew that I had penetrated her as far as I could go.

I immediately began to reverse direction and withdraw from her forbidden valley. Young girls all have tight pussies but, jeez Louise, her ass felt so tight that it was like being squeezed.

“Daddy, I’ve never done anything back there, but… it feels so good… I feel kinda nasty for likin’ it, but I can’t help it… I want you to cum in me… back there.”

“Back where, honey. I wanna hear you say what you want, where you want it!” I pleaded.

“I want you to cum, Daddy. I want you to cum in my… cum in my behind,” she said. As she said ‘cum in my behind,’ I felt my nuts tightening up, signaling that I was close to an orgasm.

“Tell me how it feels, baby,” I asked.

“It feels… very full and… I need to cum and I’m real close, Daddy, I’m…”

I reached around her body and found both of her nipples with my hands. They were hard and she gasped as I made contact with her twin peaks.

Her gasping suddenly increased in intensity and then I felt a wave of contractions in her sphincter. She was having an orgasm and I was feeling it in her ass. The idea of my little girl having an orgasm with my dick in her behind was so extremely forbidden, so naughty, that I immediately began to shoot my sperm into the dark recesses of her little bottom.

“Baby, your ass is squeezin’ me so hard, it’s so tight, I’ve never had anything so… so fuckin’ good!” I was out of breath and, as my ejaculation began to subside, I stopped thrusting into her cute little behind and simply pulled her behind tight against my body, burying my member inside her previously virgin ass.

“I don’t think I can ever let you go,” I confessed to the cute little naked darling of my desire. “I want you… forever.”

“That sounds wonderful, Daddy, but,” she said, “are you just sayin’ that because you have your… I’m squeezin’ your thing in my behonkey?”

Nikki had a wonderful sense of humor and she sometimes made jokes to avoid emotionally-laden conversations. If she didn’t want to talk about commitment while I had my car parked in her garage, I certainly didn’t want to force the conversation on her… so I replied, “I don’t know. Ask me thirty minutes from now… if I’m not still in you.”

“You don’t have to stay in me forever, Daddy. We can do that again, sometime, just maybe not today. I think it might feel sore for a little while,” she suggested.

“Oh, honey, did I hurt you?” I asked with the utmost immediate sincerity.

“No, Daddy, it felt good, but… I’ve never done that before, and… it just feels like it might need to rest before we do that again.”

“Okay, honey. I’m so honored that you gave me, you know, your… virginity. The first time isn’t always enjoyable for a girl but a lot of girls really like it once they get used to the idea.”

“Well, Daddy, we can do it again, really, just not now,” she reassured me.

Of course, my member eventually became flaccid and the muscle tone of her ass was too much for my limp rod. As soon as it exited with a ‘plop,’ I said, “Stay in that position for a minute.”

I knelt down behind her and looked at her ass as it expelled the seed I had earlier deposited. I felt horribly filthy for wanting to watch that but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Always the comedian, Nikki used her little girl voice to meekly say, “Bye-bye, cum.”

She then stood and faced me, looking at me directly. In a sweet voice, she stated, “You are a sick, disgusting old pervert but I’ve never felt so satisfied in my life. I love you, Daddy!”

My back was against the shower wall and Nikki leaned against me and brought her lips to mine. She gave me a kiss that was slow, sweet, and loving without being overtly lustful.

“Now, you owe me breakfast,” she said, “and I certainly have an appetite worked up this morning.”

We got dressed and went out to my favorite breakfast spot. True to her word, Nikki ate three pancakes, an order of ham, cheese grits, and two cups of coffee.

On the way back to the house, Nikki called Cindy to arrange to get her stuff delivered. Cindy said that she’d be at the house in about 15 minutes. Once Nikki was finished with her phone call, I explained that she needed to set up everything in her bedroom because Cindy and her other friends would be over at the house on occasion and she might not want to explain why all of her stuff was in her daddy’s bedroom. But… I hoped that she would want to spend every night in my bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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