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My company called to say that I needed to stay an extra day to sign some important documents that afternoon. {I don’t know what came over me the night before but she was so alluring. And, I’ve been away from home for too long. I needed release. When I called home, my wife assured me that it was understandable. She had known of the young woman through a long-time online acquaintance in London. In fact, it was she who had led me to the meeting in the first place. Then, she made a suggestion…}

I pulled the slip of paper from my pocket and dialed her number. It only rang once before she answered. I said; “Hello, Bronwyn. It’s Marcus…from last night.” Silence was her only reply. “If you are interested, I am forced to stay in town for another day on business and would like to see you again. If you are ready to learn a little something about submission, the instructor is ready to teach it. I’ll leave your name at the front desk so you may obtain a key and you may come up to my room at 7:30. If you choose to attend, eat lightly beforehand. If you choose not to, I’ll understand.”

More silence, then she replied; “I’ll be there…Sir.” She ended the call. My cock stirred at the sexy sound of her British accent.

I conducted what business was necessary, then I asked around about a place where I might find some adult…equipment. I was directed to the perfect shop for my needs and I purchased the few items I wanted before making my way to a little “sandwich bar” for a light snack. I then headed up to my room to shower and shave before my evening’s pleasure. After slipping into my most recently pressed suit, I opened a Skype call to my lovely wife and we discussed our agenda for the evening… should she make the choice to join us.

I was sitting upon one of the room’s easy chairs when I heard the “snick” of the lock mechanism engaging. She entered… looking stunning in her form fitting red dress, black stockings and stiletto heels. She can’t be more than five foot three or four. A voluptuous, if petite, little flower packed with all the right curves. I almost sniggered at her nervous smile. Instead, I said; “Come in, young lady. Let me look at you.” As she moved into the room, she notice the laptop on the television and the glowing red dot of its camera. The screen was blank. She looked at me questioningly.

I said; “My wife, Barbara, is joining us from afar. Yes; I told her all about my indiscretion of last evening and how I let my control slip. You see, she is my love…my life…my pet. She was disappointed that you received such gently ravishing treatment and that my own discipline fell from me. I assured her that I would correct the situation if I had the chance. She encouraged me to allow her to observe and, as a reward for being the most faithful of pets, I acquiesced.”

{I must explain something; Barbara is my sub in the bedroom, but my equal partner in life. In this little… tryst, she was my co-conspirator. The “collar was off” while I was on that trip and she was as free as I was to enjoy herself while I was away. Now, where was I? Oh yes…}

“She’s…watching us?” Bronwyn blushed. “I don’t know…I…”

I raised my hand to silence her while pausing to hear the sultry voice of Barbara in my bluetooth earbud. “Go ahead, my darling. Start the lesson. She looks to be an extremely willing student.”

Aloud, I answered; “Yes, my love.”

Bronwyn’s eyes widened. “She’s listening too?!?”

“Silence!” I bellowed. “Did you, or did you not, come here to experience true submission? If so, you must learn your place.”

“That’s it, my love”, Barbara cooed. “Teach her well. I’m just gonna sit back and watch.”

Bronwyn was cowed. She nodded her head then bowed it. “Yes, Sir.”

My answer was a bit softer this time. “Very well, Wyn…you don’t mind if I call you Wyn, do you?” She shook her head. “And you may call me…Sir. Are we understood?” Another nod. “Good. Turn around and let me inspect my property for the evening.” She did so, slowly enough for me to fully appreciate the sight of her before she finished the ‘twirl’. {Stunning may have been an understatement. She was doing great justice to the skin tight garment. Not much left to the imagination with that outfit. The plunging neckline exposed a great amount of her ample cleavage and her nipples were just barely contained beneath that line. It seemed a shame to utter my next command.} “Now then; take it off!”

Her eyes grew wide as she looked at me. My expression indicated that it was not a request. Reaching under one arm, she took the pull tab of the zipper between her thumb and forefinger to slowly pull it downward. As it opened, revealing the soft curve of ‘side-cleavage’. I felt my manhood begin to stir. Shyly, she was holding up the front of the garment to keep herself covered.

“Discard the dress.” I instructed. “You won’t be needing it any time soon.”

She allowed it to fall to the floor then stepped out of it. She was blushing. Using bakırköy escort her hands, she could barely cover a small portion of her enormous breasts. Not too surprisingly, she was not wearing any panties. Unlike the well trimmed triangle of fur I had seen the previous evening, her sex was now shaved smooth. My manhood stirred with more vigor.

“She is definitely full figured.” Barbara purred in my ear. “A lovely canvas upon which to paint your lust. Mmmmmm…”

I whispered to Barb; “Hush, you insatiable slut. The Master is trying to work, here.”

To Wyn, I said; “Splendid! You have done well at “clearing the brush”, so to speak. Such lovely curves… and ample endowments; Let us begin in earnest.”

Standing, I stepped over to the the chair on the other side of the little table and moved it to face my own. I unfolded the towel I had, earlier, placed on the table and draped it over the cushion. {Didn’t want to leave any tell-tale stains, now did we?} Underneath it lay one of the purchases I had made at the adult “toy-store”. It was a fairly life-like, if not a bit larger than life, silicone penis. Red seemed to be the color of the evening and it matched the color of the dress she had, until recently, been wearing. I turned back to her.

“Before we begin, I believe that I should be less…encumbered. Undress me.” Again, I was not making a request.

She smiled bashfully but a twinkle was in her eyes. She stepped over and began to remove my suit jacket. She tossed it aside then removed my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. Arriving at the bottom button, she reached to unbuckle my belt and lower my trousers. To her surprise, I was not wearing any underwear either (and my cock was not exactly flaccid), yet not at full attention. She giggled but I covered her mouth with my hand to stifle it. After kicking off my shoes and socks, I directed her to the closet so that she could bring me my black silk robe.

After donning the robe, and tying the sash, I sat. “Be seated, little one.” She did as she was told, sitting up straight on the edge of the chair. “Now, my voluptuous blossom; sit back, spread your legs and entertain me.

She blushed. “And, how shall I do that, Sir?”

My reply was simple. “You may pick up the toy, beside you, and use it and your fingers to…bring yourself pleasure. Under no circumstances are you to cum without my permission. Is that understood?”

Sheepishly, she nodded. Reaching over, she picked up the silicone phallus and brought it to her mouth before leaning back in the chair and spreading her legs. Slowly, she licked the tip then passed it between her bright red lips. She lowered her free hand to her slit to spread her, by then glistening, labia with her first and third finger. She laid the tip of her middle finger on the button of her clit and moaned.

My manhood was becoming more rigid as the voice in my ear whispered; “Such a pretty little pussy. I believe you’re in for an interesting evening.”

“Hush, you wanton pervert”, I whispered. “I want to enjoy the show.”

Turning back to my ‘project’ of the evening, I spoke; “You may use the toy in any manner wish so long as you follow the rule. No orgasm without permission.”

Wyn slowly slid the dildo from her mouth and replied; “I shall try not to, Sir.” She lowered the toy’s head to her slit and ran it up and down; lubricating it with her juices. She moaned, again, before inserting the head into her cunt. Between clenched teeth, a sharp intake of breath. Slowly, she pushed it farther inside of herself. “Oh God, Sir…it feels soooo good.” She took in the entire length of it while pinching her nipple with her free hand.. “Fuck. I love it… Sir.”

My turgid manhood sprang through the crack in my robe. I reached down to tickle the tip, causing a drop of pre-cum to emerge.

At the sight of this, Wyn bit her lip then groaned; “I’m sooory…Siiiirrr!!” Her thighs were trembling and she came hard. Throwing her head back, she screamed; “OH GOD!” Knowing that she had disobeyed me, she quickly pulled the dildo from her still quivering quim and began to blush.

I squeezed my shaft…hard; while, in my ear, I heard Barbara’s. “FFFFUUUCK!!”

“WYN!!” I bellowed. “Did I say that you could cum?”

I jumped to my feet and crossed over to her. I slapped the dildo from her hand then grabbed her hair, pulling her to her feet. A look of fear crossed her face as I roughly pulled her over to the bed. I pushed hard on the flesh between her shoulder blades, forcing her to bend over it. When she tried to rise I pushed her back down. “STAY DOWN!”

She whimpered.

Stepping to the other side of the bed, I reached down to grab the ends of the silk ropes, that I had strategically placed earlier, from the opposite corners. (They were another purchase made at the adult boutique.) Grabbing her arms, I tied her wrists to hold her firmly to the bed. “Will you need a gag or can you take beşiktaş escort your punishment like a grown woman?”

She looked up at me, her eyeliner running with her tears; “No, Sir. I can take my well deserved punishment like a big girl.”

“Very well then.” I strode back to her side. Reaching into the small closet, I retrieved my leather belt. “I’m not going to say ‘this is going to hurt me more than it will you’, my dear. That would be a lie. I plan on enjoying every single lash.” I doubled the belt then let fly the first ‘salvo’. Three loud *SMACK*s; each followed by a yelp of pain. “Tell me, young lady. Do you know why I’m taking my belt to your ass?”

Whimpering, she replied; “Yes, Sir. I was naughty.”

I gave her two more fierce lashes. Her creamy skin had become fiery red. “And how were you naughty?” I let fly another.

Whimpering, she replied; “I came without permission, Sir. I promise…it won’t happen again.”

Another three lashes. She began to sob into the sheets.

From the closet, I got the last three items I had purchased that afternoon. The ‘plug’, the lube and the double headed vibrator. I pocketed the lube. “Have you ever worn a plug, Princess?”

She looked over her shoulder and I could see the eyeliner streaming down her cheeks with the tears slipping from her big blue eyes. “No, Sir…”

I took the chrome tip of the plug and ran it up and down her slit; lubing it up for insertion. I laid my fingers on her heated, red ‘cheeks’ and spread them enough to lay the pointed tip against her tightest of holes. With a little spin, and push, it seated itself in her ass. The gasped. The ruby red crystal gleamed. I rained another two lashes on her hot flesh.

Her whimpers were joined by moans. “That fills me up, Sir. I deserve this, Sir. I was a very naughty girl.”

I knelt behind her. Her pussy was at just the right height. Reaching for the vibrator, I began to rub in against her dripping wet lips. She moaned louder. I pushed and the vibrator was buried deeply within her. She threw her head back and gasped again. I began to fuck her with the toy with slow even strokes. The clitoral stimulator touched it’s target and she shivered. In and out, the silent toy plunged as her moaning became more rhythmic. The jewel of the plug was quivering as it shimmered in the soft light.

“I can’t take much more, Sir”, she cried. “You’re gonna make me cum, Sir!”

I pulled the vibrator out of her and stood to walk away.

She called out; “Please, Sir…you can’t just stop…”

Crossing the room, I grabbed the arms of the chair and moved it to the opposite side of the bed to face her. Upon sitting, I threw open the robe to free my aching hardon. “Do you see what you’ve done to me young lady?” I flipped the cap on the lube and poured a few drops into my palm. I grasped my erection and spread the oily fluid all over it with long slow fluid strokes. “I should make you watch me cum and leave you unsatisfied.” I continued stroking.

Her brow furrowed and she whined with that sexy accent of hers; “Please don’t, Sir. It would feel much better inside of me. I do so want to come. You brought me so close… it’s not fair… I need to cum, Sir…”

I jumped to my feet and rounded the bed. Picking up the vibrator, I rammed it hard and deep into her pussy. She gasped. And I kept stroking my cock, lightly and slowly. I turned the toy on to its medium setting. As it hummed to life, I pushed it in and pulled it back out. On the deep inward strokes, the clitoral stimulator found its target but, this time, it too was vibrating. With only a few strokes, she was once again on the brink. Her ass cheeks began to quiver and…I turned it off and withdrew it. She arched her back, trying in vain to keep the toy within her.

I went back to my chair, sat and spread my legs; never taking my hand from my cock. Her eyes were filled with the hunger for release. “You see, my sweet; I am the one in control of your orgasm this time. Truly, you will cum only when I allow it.”

Another tear rolled down her cheek. “I beg you; please make me cum. I need to cum, Sir. I’ll go crazy if I can’t cum soon.”

I just sat there, stroking my own aching manhood. In my ear, Barbara spoke; “You are such an evil man, my love. I’m holding back on my orgasm until you have your own. I know you’re getting hot by the way you’re stroking that cock. Give it to her. Cum, so that I may cum too. Mmmmmm…”

I stood and stepped back around to her lusciously curvy derriere. She was arching her back, displaying her new jewelry, and wiggling her ass in horny anticipation. I picked up the belt, again, and laid a couple of firm lashes across her soft flesh. She flinched with each impact and her cheeks wiggled so tauntingly as the red color rose, once more, upon them. I could see a small drop of her nectar running down her inner thigh.

I dropped the belt on the bed beside her hip and took to my beylikdüzü escort knees once more. With the two headed vibrator in one hand, I once again parted her nether lips by driving it deeply within her. Slowly, I fucked her with the toy being careful to not insert it far enough for the clitoral stimulator to make contact.

With my free hand, I began to stroke my cock back to rigid fullness.

Wyn was backing into every thrust of the toy and I could tell she was more than ready. (And so was I.) I stood, pulled the vibrator out of her and set it down on the bedside table with a thud. She moaned, lost in her need to cum; “Please sir”, she cried. “I beg of you. Let me cum. I need to cum. I’d give my life to cum for you.” Her face fell to the bed and she began to softly sob. “I just want to cum, Sir.” She whimpered.

Her hips were still gyrating…trying to fuck something that wasn’t there. I just stood there; caressing my aching manhood and watching the spectacle of this beautiful young woman struggling to satisfy her lustful passion. It was time…

Stepping behind her, I kicked her ankles apart to lower her to the best angle. With my hand, I guided the head of my cock to her slit and rammed it home. I buried myself to the hilt in her wet, yearning heat. She gasped.

Slowly, I pulled back leaving nothing but the head within her before slamming forward again. The bed shook with the impact of my savage stroke. She groaned; “Gaaawwwd…thank you, Sir. Ravage me for your pleasure. Mmmmmm…’.

Her soft round ass was giving off a tremendous amount of heat as a result of the belt’s violent touch. I was quietly moaning my own pleasure.

The voice in my ear said; “That’s it, Marcus. Fuck her savagely. Bring out your deepest, darkest, lust. Mmmmmmm… My god. I’m fucking myself with my favorite purple dildo. It feels sooo good.” I could hear the sound of her rapidly thrusting her toy in her pussy. “I’m imagining that you’re fucking me hard…oh fuck…”

This was becoming far to stimulating. Wyn was gasping and moaning. Barbara was matching her intensity from her aerie across the sea. And I…? I was lost in the sensation of burying myself in Wyn’s smouldering wetness.

It was too much and I was ready to cum… but I was not finished with the game. I pulled out, against her protesting, and quickly rounded the bed. Still stroking my throbbing cock, I mounted the bed.

Wyn was crying at the withdrawal of my manhood from her yearning sex.

On my knees, I placed the head of my cock against her lips and commanded; “taste yourself on my flesh. Drink in the taste and inhale the scent of your passion.”

In a breathless whisper, I heard Barbara; “Oh, FUCK Marcus! I’m gonna cum.”

Hungrily, she engulfed my rod and sucked me into her throat. I was already near the edge but this…this was pushing me over…hard and quickly! I grabbed a full handful of her long dark hair and began to furiously fuck her mouth.

Her moaning was vibrating on my shaft and I felt the thick fluid of my issue rise from the depth of my balls and begin flow up the length of my cock. I pulled back on her hair, holding her face just inches away from my pumping fist.

In my ear; “FUCKFUCKFUCK…AHHHHHHH…” Barbara came hard.

A feral, animal, groan came from deep in my chest. “yyyyyyYYYYEEESSSS!” I growled as a sizable load began to gush from the pulsing purple head of my cock. Huge gouts of spunk splattered on her cheeks as she maneuvered her opened mouth to try to catch some of my issue on her tongue.

When I finally stopped squirting, she licked her lips and swallowed thirstily and purred; “thank you, Sir. That tastes so good. Oh thank you…”

I silenced her by placing my spent, yet still hard, member against her lips. “Now, clean me up my pet. Don’t miss a drop”. She, enthusiastically complied. Her tongue tasted every millimeter of my man-flesh as she gobbled up the residue of my lust.

Despite the preceding, lascivious, activity…my member stirred back to life and stood rigid once again… causing Wyn to giggle.

From my earbud, I heard; “Daaamn, Marcus. Was it that good? Hell; I’m ready for another round if you are.” Then I heard the soft hum that told me she had turned on her vibrator again. “You’d better enjoy it while it lasts, my love.”

I stepped back ’round the bed to gaze at the roundness of her wiggling ass as she begged; “Please, Sir. Fuck me? I beg of you; PLEASE fuck me ’til I cum. I want to feel your jizz deep inside me..please, please…oh please?” Her accent was driving me wild.

Her ass was still pink from my earlier ministrations and I was ready to finish this game in the best possible way.

I could see the glistening of her juices trickling down her inner thighs. Her pussy was dripping wet and begging to be satisfied. Spreading my feet, I lowered the head of my cock to her slit and rubbed it up and down for lubrication. She moaned.

In my ear, “Fuck me, that’s hot. Fuck her like an animal, my love. Fuck her like you fuck me when I’m naughty”. Then, there was nothing more but moaning and the whir of Barbara’s toy.

With the slightest push, I was balls deep in her steaming lust. She cried out, “YES…Oh, YES Sir. Fuck me. Oh, God..fuck me hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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