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This story really should be in the middle of a long time encounter between a couple that has finally become a couple, but this is what kept running through my head the other day and I had to put it down, if you enjoyed it please look out for more, I will try to start at the beginning with the next tale This is my first submission though so have mercy …

“Hello.”… I know my voice sounded way too breathy when I answered the phone, thank god for caller id.

I heard his chuckle and could see his slight grin in my mind “Now, what have you been doing?”

“Just breaking in a new toy if you must know.” I was not all too pleased with getting caught.

“Really now? Mind if I come play?” I saw his grin broaden and his eyebrow cock slightly. …. I really do know him too well…

“Sure just come in.” I was pleased that he was coming over, and glad this conversation wasn’t going to continue the way … others had.

“I always do. I’ll be there in a bit.”

“See ya.” I hung up with a sigh of relief. And went back to the business at hand.

I heard the door to my room open, which surprised me considering I was in mid orgasm at the time. I froze. He stood there in the open doorway leaning against the frame looking at me, his eyes met mine and he gave me a slight nod to continue. I was lying face up in the middle of my bed, legs spread wide, shoulders and feet touching the bed, the rest of my body pressed up into the air. I worked my new toy, a 12-inch long, 2 inch in diameter vibrator, into my pussy. He stood there still eyes moving from my large chest, 36DD, heaving as I struggled for breath, to the plastic cock forcing entry into my cunt. His eyes would occasionally stray to the full wall mirror across from the bed, seeing the image reflected. My lithe dancer’s body, with too full tits, writing in orgasm, pleasing myself. As my orgasm subsided, he finally entered the room all the way and closed the door. My body touched the bed again, and I started to remove my toy and sit up.

“Don’t stop.”

I smiled at him, an eager lust filled gaze, as I started to tease myself, with my toy. He walked over to the desk, picked up my camera and moved the chair in line with the bed. He started to snap pics of me. Pictures of my pussy with the giant toy spreading it wide. Pictures of my illegal bahis breasts, pictures of my face mid orgasm. Suddenly he stopped. He moved to the bag where I kept my toys and took out a small vibrator, hard and bright pink plastic, he lubed it up well and placed my hand on it. As he covered my hand with his, he moved the smaller toy against my ass, then stepped away again and continued taking pictures.

I kept the big toy in my pussy and started to slip the small one into my ass, I was no stranger to anal play, but I had never had something so large in my pussy as I forced something into my ass. It was wonderful to be so full and as soon as I had the vibrator half way in, I started to have this orgasm, this long intense amazing orgasm that seemed never to stop. I started a rhythm with the two toys, so that I was never empty, it was wonderful. I was vaguely aware of the flash of the camera as I was lost in my lust. Suddenly there was something cold on my nipple and I broke my trance, the orgasm that never ended, halted. And I drew in a sharp breath as a clamp was placed on my nipple. Left first then right, I felt the chain between them cold against my chest.

“Don’t stop,” He whispered to me.

I continued my assault on my holes. The orgasm seemed to pick up again where it left off, almost stronger now that the burning sting was in my nipples. I fucked myself with the need of a woman lost in orgasm. As I started to moan wildly, I suddenly felt his hand on my shoulder.

“Roll over.”

I rolled, shoulders and head pressed against the bed, on my knees, pussy and ass up, still filled with the toys. I squealed as the chain on the nipples dropped and the weight pulled them slightly. I started to cum again, as I felt the bed shift behind me. I felt his hand on my hand holding the toy in my ass. He pulled it out and set it aside. He placed his hand on my ass as I felt the tip of his cock slide into my back hole. He pushed in steadily, I thought I was gonna burst with that big toy in my pussy and his cock filling my ass. Finally, he made it in, he started to thrust, I started to scream, the sensations were so intense, I was lost in lust. He came, and started to pull out, when he was out, he pulled the toy out of my pussy.

“Turn around.”

He stood next to the bed and I cleaned his illegal bahis siteleri cock of his cum. I could feel the cum starting to slip out of my ass and between my legs. I smiled up at him and lay back against the pillows, he lay beside me and I curled up in the crook of his arm, one arm draped across his chest. He still had his shirt on. We lied there for a minute in silence. When my breathing returned to normal, I ran my hand across his chest and to the hem of his shirt. He looked down at me and smiled.

“You still want more don’t you?”

“Yes.” I breathed

“Go clean up first.”

I slid across him out the bed, he smacked my ass lightly and I bounded off, drawing in a sharp take of breath as the bounce pulled the chain between my tits sharply. I rinsed and toweled off as best I could and came back to the room. He was sitting fully naked on the edge of the bed. I stood in front of him. He looked up and noticed the chain on my nipples still. He released it. First the left, pausing to kiss and suck it tenderly before repeating the process on the right.

I sat next to him and laid my head on his shoulder. He leaned down and kissed me gently I put my hand on his cheek and we kissed for a while. He slid his hand around my waist and pulled me towards him and I slid my leg over his to straddle his lap. We sat there kissing running our hands along each other, making out like teenagers, we always did, I think it reminded us of our first times together. Finally, we broke the kiss; I laid my head on his shoulder and kissed his neck lightly. He held me close, “suck my dick.” he breathed in my ear. I stood up and started to crawl between his legs, “no, turn around.” I positioned my self over him and started to kiss his dick. I truly did love his dick. Nice sized and uncut, I don’t know why but I really loved his dick. As I twirled my tongue around his dick, his tongue pressed against my slit. I loved the cool sensation, especially after having such a workout earlier. I started to suck on the tip of his cock running my tongue around, and his started to lick and suck on my clit. I slipped my mouth down his cock. Letting him sit in my throat as I moaned my pleasure around his cock. He slid his tongue deeper along my slit. Invading my cunt just slightly before returning to suck my clit gently. canlı bahis siteleri I slid my mouth up and down his shaft, twirling around the head, before continuing back down. He stopped his ministrations on my clit and tapped my ass slightly I turned around and lay against his body. Feeling his cock hard against me, nestling itself between my legs as we kissed deeply again. I broke the kiss and slid my legs on either side of him raising myself up slightly as I positioned his cock against my pussy.

I slid myself down agonizingly slow along his cock twirling my hips slightly as I made my way ever slower down his shaft. Every time he would start to thrust against me, I stopped. We had played this game often enough for him to know I would work my way back up if he continued. He sighed frustratedly and I continued slowly down till he was buried in my pussy. Then I started to rock back and forth slowly, twirling my hips, sliding up and down, slow and sweet. He took my breasts in his hands and played with my nipples slowly rolling them between his fingers never too much pressure, lovingly and kind. I squeezed myself against him and pulled my body up and forward, I started to thrust harder, the need building in my loins. He grasped my hips, and I could feel his need. I slid myself up and down on his shaft hungrily loving every moment he was inside me. He pulled me close against him and I stopped for a moment. I shifted my hips and he pulled me closer. I lay there till he was ready, we rolled over. He put my feet on his shoulders and started to thrust deep and steady inside me. We continued this and I shifted my legs crossed over each other pulled close against my stomach he leaned in it felt so good, I slid my legs around his back and pulled him close with my thighs. I was moaning heavily now. He started to thrust steadily against me, and I raised my hips to meet him. We thrust wildly for a bit and he tensed and filled me with his cum. We lay tangled in orgasm bodies tense and straining against each other. As we slowly relaxed, tremors ran through my body and I quivered beneath him. He kissed my cheek and slid across my body between my legs and I felt his tongue lick his cum from my pussy. He moved up to kiss me and we passed the cum between our tongues for a bit enjoying the taste of us mixed, he slid back down and licked me a bit more before snuggling up against me.

I curled up against him one hand running along his chest a look of contentment on my face,

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I breathed before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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