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Diane Graham and Marian Selis are both nineteen, in the summer following high school graduation, and have arranged to be room mates in the dorm at State University this Fall. They are best friends, were cheer leaders together in high school. Diane is very attractive and outgoing, 5’8′, with dark red hair, blue eyes, very fair complexion and is extremely well built. Breasts that are starting to burst from C to D cups, small waist, firm butt, shapely legs. While the same height, Marian appears to be tall and slim with long, long legs. She’s not as buxom as Diane, with B cup breasts but they look perfect on her body. She’s a blond, also blue eyes, with a beautiful face and has often modeled for local stores. In high school some called her the Ice Princess because she seemed unapproachable when in fact her problem was that guys were afraid to ask her out because she’s so beautiful.

Diane was horny as get out, masturbated frequently, and finally arranged to learn about sex by propositioning Brett Lawson, a wrestler with a great body that she’d gone to school with since kindergarten. They had a great time learning from each other, sucking and fucking and trying different positions, and Diane ended up getting her best friend, Marian, involved also. She and Marian had often talked about their sexual frustration so Marian was just as eager to experience sex as Diane. That led to a second guy getting involved, Joel. Brett suggested Joel because he though he could be quiet about things but also because he had the largest cock he’d seen at the high school. Joel, who is black while the others are white, participated often until he finally told Diane that she’d have to pay him for sex from then on. Apparently he was fucking several older women, some of whom paid him. He also let her know that if she couldn’t come up with the money, he could pimp her to other guys so that she could earn the money to pay for sex with him. That didn’t go well so Joel was out.

But in the process, Diane said that she’d just have to do without his big, black lollipop – at least in part because she was obsessed with cocks and always started any sex by sucking the cock involved. When he said that’s what her Mom called it, it led to Diane talking to her Mom, Julia. It turns out that, yes, Julia had fucked Joel. In fact over the years she had fucked a lot of men. Her husband, Don, had fucked a lot of women and they both knew it and cooperated. She also had frequent sex with a her best friend since high school, Marie. Which let Diane know that there wasn’t anything wrong with the fact that she and Marian had discovered the pleasures of sex with each other.

Diane then seduced a young customer at the market where she worked part time, Charley, and then got Marian involved again. So Diane and Marian had sex often with Brett and Charley. Depending upon schedule, it could be both girls with either guy or only one of the girls with either guy. The two girls also sexually satisfied each other and did that often — but both continued to want a nice erect cock as often as possible, too. When Marian learned that Diane’s little brother Robbie had his eighteenth birthday party, she saw an opportunity for her to seduce a virgin instead of coming along second after Diane. To her, Rob was a hunk, 6’2′, same dark red hair as his sister, very athletic and built. So she gave him herself as his birthday present. He enjoyed his present a lot and the two continued to often get together. Marian then brought Rob into the room while Brett and Diane were having sex. She sucked Rob as Diane sucked Brett. Rob ate her as Brett ate Diane, then Rob fucked her as Brett fucked Diane. Completely aroused by sex, even though it had ticked her off when she first realized Marian was fucking her brother, the two then traded partners as they always did and Diane learned that her brother was very good at sex. Since their rooms were next to one another, the siblings then continued to have sex often.

One day, Marian calls Diane, sounding very secret. “Our friend June overheard her mother talking to her father. Apparently there have been a series of sex meetings over the years and another one is planned. The details are sort of vague but somehow each person has sex with a couple others in the dark in complete anonymity. She says her mother and father decided not to go this time, which means they must have done it before. Which she thinks is fabulous. And all anyone has to do is go to the main desk at the Country Club and say that Mrs. Johnson left a note for them and they’ll be given the rules and can choose to try it or not. Why don’t we get over there and get a couple sets of rules?”

So they drive out right away to the Country Club, go to an elderly man sitting at the main desk and tell him that Mrs. Johnson left notes for each of them. He just acts bored, reaches under the counter and hands them each an envelope. They hurry back to Diane’s, go up to her room and open them. Both notes are identical:

– – – – – – – güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri – – – – – –


For twenty years the anonymous sex parties have been successful. They offer those interested a way to experience sex with first, their chosen partner, and then, separately, with two additional anonymous partners. The rules and procedures are very simple, perfected over the years to provide completely anonymous intimacy. A set of adjoining rooms is rented. Each couple has its own room and has whatever sexual relations preferred. At an audible signal, each room has all its lights turned off, providing complete darkness. The female of each couple, completely naked, remains in the room. Her partner, also completely naked, leaves for the next room while a new partner comes to her. The newly created partnership finds one another and proceeds to mutually experience whatever sexual actions they prefer. The room remains dark, neither partner actually sees and identifies the other. After a period of time, another audible signal is heard and again the naked female remains, her partner leaves for the next room and her new partner enters.

Regardless of how many are involved in this party, we’ve learned to limit the number of partners to three. Male sexual regeneration capabilities are limited. The males involved must be both capable and willing to perform at least three times, once with each partner at a minimum, even if some chemical assistance is needed.

The complete darkness is cumbersome but it is the very basis of this event and has proven to be worthwhile many times over. You may be willing to have sex with whoever is interested but if you each knew who each other were and had to interact socially or professionally afterwards it could create major obstacles.

If you are a couple both interested in and capable of successfully taking part, please sign an anonymous single name to this sheet and, along with $150 (for the cost of the hotel room), put it back in the envelope, address the envelope to Mrs. Johnson and return it to the main desk at the Country Club. On August 24th, envelopes addressed to each of the anonymous names that have responded will be left at the same desk for pick-up. Complete instructions will be included and there will be no further correspondence or contact. The party will occur on Thursday evening, August 27th.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

“Wow,” Diane says, “This is wild. These things have been going on for years. We’ve got a bunch of swingers in this town. I wonder who’s involved? I bet my Mom and Dad have done this from what my Mom has told me.”

“Why don’t we?” Marian replies. “I know I’m going to. All the guys we know can easily get it up three times.”

“O.k.,” Diane grins, “Let’s go ahead and put some phoney name on these and try it. $150 is a lot but I can manage it, how about you?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ve been putting money away to have at college but I think this would be worth it. How much do you want to bet all the others are old. We’re gonna fuck some old guys!” They both grinned at one another.

So Marian signs Medea (very classical, she says) to hers and Diane signs Rowena (well, if you’re going to be classical) and Marian says Rowena was blonde and you’re not, to which Diane replies that Medea sure wasn’t blonde and you are. They return the forms.

On August 24th the two return and, sure enough, envelopes are waiting for Medea and Rowena. They get them and hurry home to see what’s included. The two letters were identical except for specific room instructions. This is to Rowena:

– – – – – – – – – – – – –


This year, five couples are taking part. A wing of the third floor of the Hotel Carlyle has been reserved. We have rooms 316, 317, 318, 319 and 320. This wing is separated from the rest of the floor by a solid fire door. Once our group has all arrived the door will be closed and we will be secure. The blinds in the rooms will be closed, the hall will be darkened. The party will proceed in complete darkness as described in the first letter.

You and your partner will go to room 320. Do not check in at the desk, just go to the room that is already paid for. To have no contact between participants please follow instructions carefully. You are to arrive at Room 320 at 8:40 pm. Please do not arrive prior to 8:35 nor later than 8:45. All participants will be in their rooms by 9:00 pm. Once you are in your room, you and your partner can proceed to enjoy each other sexually however you prefer. At 9:45 pm a gong will sound. At that time, turn off any lights. That is the signal for the males to move to the second room. Since the rooms are adjacent, the male in 316 can move between the rooms using the unlocked connecting door to room 318. The male in 318 similarly can move to room 320. The male in room 320 will go out the room door into the hall and across to room 319. The male in 319 will move to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri room 317 through the connecting door. The male in 317 will need to cross the hall to room 316. At approximately 10:30 pm the gong will sound again and the males all move again following the pattern described above.

The male in your room 320 will move across the hall to room 319 at the first gong and then to room 317 at the second gong.

Everything is done in complete darkness for anonymity. You and whatever male is with you at the time should use the bathroom to clean up for the next session. This should be done separately. One goes into the bathroom, closes the door, turns on the light if needed and performs whatever ablutions are needed, turns out the light and comes out. Then the other of the pair does the same. Each female should attempt to leave the male ready to perform at his next session. That is clean and erect, or capable of being erect, and not drained and sticky.

There will be no third gong. The first two periods are 45 minutes each, which should be long enough for a successful sex act but not too debilitating. The third session may last as long as both partners desire. It would be best if everyone could arrange to leave the hotel without meeting the other participants but this needs to be left up to each couple. The times will undoubtedly vary. Just be circumspect and attempt to avoid others when the time comes.

Enjoy yourself!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The letter to Medea is the same except that she and her partner are told to go to Room 319 and they are to arrive at 8:50 and the male is to move from room 319 to room 317 and then across the hall to room 316.

“I thought about having Charley as my partner,” Diane says, “but he’s such a scaredy-cat he probably couldn’t handle it so I’ve asked Brett to go with me and he’s agreed.”

Marian grins and replies, “I’m going with Rob. But I can see from these letters that the second guy with me is going to be Brett. That isn’t going to be anything new, we’ve shared Rob and Brett a lot. So I hope my third guy is something outstanding to make this all worthwhile.” And they both sit their grinning at each other, contemplating what might happen and the weirdness of it all.

But there’s a lot they don’t know about mate swapping in their town. This anonymous concept was originated 21 years earlier by a woman who wanted to fuck her neighbor but didn’t want to have to live with that every day later. It would be too embarrassing if they each knew they had fucked each other and she didn’t want to create a long term affair. She just wanted to experience fucking him once. And she succeeded with the first of these parties. She then ran them for five more years, slightly revising the rules as she learned what did and didn’t work. (In fact, she and her neighbor both knew they had sex with each other because the rules the first year let them see each other but both played the game that they didn’t and then only had sex again, once each year after that at the parties.) She moved from town and Brenda Lawson took over. Brenda changed things slightly to make things even more anonymous. At first, the person organizing things knew who was involved. Under Brenda, no one, including her, knew the identities of those involved. So, Brenda and Jake Lawson, Brett’s parents were one of the couples involved this year.

Julia and Don Graham, Diane’s parents were also involved. Years earlier, when they were involved in several swingers parties, Julia and Don had sex with Brenda and Jake and, obviously, knew one another. When it’s said they had sex with each other, that’s true. Don and Jake had been with Brenda and Julia but not each other. However, Brenda and Julia had been with each other but only a few times. Both preferred men but enjoyed orgasms almost any way they could have them. Once their kids started going to school together, the two couple ceased having sex with each other but continued with others. Julia knows that her daughter, Diane, and Brett, Brenda’s son, are having sex but has not brought it up with any of the others. It’s not entered her mind that Diane would know of or participate in this by now historic party.

The other couple involved is Angie and Lew Selis, Marian’s parents. They came to swinging a little late. They did not live in this town when Julia and Don and Brenda and Jake and others were all young married couple experimenting around. They do know the others socially now but barely so. They have no idea the others swing. They mutually began to believe their marriage was losing a little sexual zest after fifteen years and decided to try getting involved with others and had done so several times. When Angie learned of this party, it struck her as an excellent opportunity.

So, Julia and Don are in room 316. Angie and Lew are in room 318. Diane and Brett are in 320, Marian and Rob in 319 and Brenda and Jake in 317. That makes up the circle güvenilir bahis şirketleri that is to be followed by the men.

Diane and Brett start the evening re-enacting what they’ve done over and over since they took each other’s virginity. She has a phobia about cocks, dreams of them, so starts out by sucking him to orgasm, swallowing his cum and loving it. They then trade places and as she sits on the edge of the bed he licks and sucks her pussy and clitoris until she has an orgasm which he sucks up greedily. He then moves up over her, slides himself into her and they fuck with wild abandon. She cums twice before he finally finishes. They then go into the bath room and clean up. Once back in the room, she starts playing with his cock, leaning down over him and sucking his soft member until it starts showing life again. When they hear what sounds like a dinner gong, she turns off all the lights as he moves across the hall in the dsrk.

Lew Selis enters the dark room. Diane, not being sure exactly how to start with a new partner, tells him that she’s on the bed so that he’ll know how to find her in the dark. Lew then proceeds to make love to this lovely young body, feeling, caressing and kissing all over, sucking on her breasts, kissing across her stomach . He senses it’s a much younger body that he’s run into at previous events and tells her how lovely she is and how good it is to have someone younger. After kissing down her legs, then back up, he finally arrives at her pussy and starts licking. Diane isn’t used to so much foreplay and would prefer to get his cock into her but enjoys his oral work on her pussy. As he licks and sucks her vagina and clitoris, he feels around, sliding a finger to her anus and barely into her. She’s never experienced any anal action before and likes it. He continues to lick and suck even though she’s already had an orgasm and continues feeling her anus, sliding a finger a little further into it as time goes on. Diane can hardly stand it any more.

“Please, just fuck me before the gong rings, I need you in me.”

Lew moves up over her body and aims his cock into her. As he slides in and out she tells him, “faster, harder,” several times until they’re really banging into each other. She experiences another orgasm and finally feels him spurting into her. Once they calm down slightly and disengage, she finds her way to the bath room in the dark. Inside, she turns on the light and cleans herself out, then turns off the light and goes back into the room. He then does the same. When he comes out, she’s waiting and grasps his cock. She wants to get a taste of him. As soon as she touches him, expecting to find a flaccid penis that needs rejuvenating, she finds that he’s erect. “You’re still hard,” she almost exclaims.

She hears the answer, “Viagra,” and can tell there’s a smile on his face. The gong sounds and he leaves.

She realizes that she never got to suck his cock and decides it won’t happen with the next one. So, standing, she waits for the next male to come in. When he does, she says, “I’m right here,” and they end up in each others arms, standing. They kiss. She reaches between them, grasps what she realizes is a good sized, erect cock and drops down, kneeling on the floor, to get her mouth around it. She licks and sucks and feels his testicles for a little more than a minute when he speaks.

“I don’t want to waste an orgasm in your mouth, I want it to be inside you.” he tells her and helps lift her. They find their way to the bed and he helps her sit on the edge as he kneels on the floor. He kisses her shoulders, moves down to her breasts and fondles them and licks them and sucks on each nipple and then moves his kisses on down. He wastes no time leading up to it any further and gets his mouth immediately to her pussy. She leans back as he starts licking and sucking. As he finally moves his lips to her clit, he slides a couple fingers into her . He works his lips and fingers as she orgasms. Then he’s up over her, pushing his large cock into her very ready, very lubricated vagina. She feels him filling her and loves all the sensations of him moving within her. She knows this is going to be a great evening. By now he’s probably cum often enough that he’ll last and his cock feels as if it was made to fit her. He sighs, obviously enjoying the action himself and almost to himself murmurs, “This is like my first time with Julia.”

Diane is moving to another orgasm. In the midst of her arousal it takes a few moments for her to realize what he just said. She continues to enjoy his pumping into her. She wraps her legs up around him as her orgasm hits. And while she’s at a peak, her fluids gushing around his cock that’s moving inside her, she figures out that she’s fucking her Dad. She wraps her legs even tighter, pushes back as strongly as she can. “I just came,” she says, “but I don’t want to stop. Can we switch positions, you coming into me from the rear?” He pulls out. She climbs further onto the bed, gets her head and shoulders down, her butt up as he crawls between her leg s and gets his cock aimed into her again. As he pumps into her, he bends over her, reaches around and gets a hand on each of her large breasts. His fingers tweak her nipples and he tells her lovely her breasts are as he pounds into her.

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