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After reading several stories on Literotica, I decided that I could probably do this. I hope that it brings you as much pleasure as it did me. My special thanks to SG for your help with editing.

This story will take you on a journey through lesbian, gay and hetero sex, and it is all about incest. So if any of these categories offends you, then please stop reading now. Otherwise enjoy the story and please please please send feedback, criticism is more than welcome. It can only help me deliver better stories to you.

This was supposed to be the first of my stories published on Literotica, but due to editing issues, my other story titled “Thanks, come on over.” was published first.


Part 1 – Truth, no, dare

We are a fairly large family, two brothers and six sisters.

The first born was my sister Samantha (Sammi), then came myself and my sister Vanessa, we were born about an hour apart. Then came Jessica (Jessy) followed by my brother Jason, next came the remaining three girls, yes, triplets. Their names are Valerie (Val), Judy and Kim.

Nudism was a natural thing in our house, probably the reason for the big family. Wearing clothing in the house pretty much only happened when we had guests who were not family. Even when aunts, uncles and cousins visited we were all naked and because of the nudism, we had no form of outside help with regards to house or garden work. Everything was done by us, we didn’t mind since we had been doing chores as long as we could remember. We also had a high wall all the way round to keep prying eyes out.

Sadly we lost our parents in a car crash when the triplets were only nine years old and there was quite a to do with welfare until my uncles and aunts managed to convince them that Samantha, then seventeen, was more than capable of taking care of the rest of us. Our parents had left us a healthy sum of money and a well established business, so funds were not an issue and Sammi, by the time she was 16, was a very responsible person.

When the triplets turned sixteen, we had a family meeting, just us children, and decided that we would all remain together, only moving out as each of us got married. It made sense to give each of us a chance to save up to buy a house or start a college fund or whatever it was that we would need once we were out on our own.

A few weeks before the triplets eighteenth birthday Sammi and I asked them what they would like to do for their birthday and they said they wanted a day of games with their brothers and sisters. Sammi asked if they were sure and they said they were. As it turns out, they had had an in-depth discussion amongst themselves about it prior to us asking. Sammi and I went ahead with organizing a three tiered cake for them.

Finally the big day arrived, Sammi Vanessa and I were in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone when the triplets came in together, it became obvious that they had been waiting very impatiently for their eighteenth birthday. They were in extremely good moods with Kim seeming excessively daring. She had always been the most daring of all of us and today she had a particularly mischievous look in her eye as I went to wish her happy birthday, but I dismissed it as being part of her character. As I went to kiss her, she did something she had never done, she pressed her whole body against mine. I could feel the base of my cock being pressed up against her pubic bone.

Looking at each other naked had never been an issue since we had been doing it all our lives, so noticing things like new pubic styles was as normal as noticing new hair styles.

Sammi had a little upside down triangle that had the bottom point starting at the top of her slit, her pussy was what was commonly known as a closed clam type. Vanessa had decided to opt for the V style, we all assumed it was because of her name. Each line of the V was about a centimeter wide and ran parallel with the natural lines of her pelvis. Her pussy would have been considered a closed clam, except for the hint of inner lips sticking out between the outer lips. Jessy had gone for the V look as well, although she had gone for narrower lines. Her pussy, like Sammi’s was a closed clam type. The triplets, from the age of sixteen had kept theirs pretty much natural but well trimmed until this morning when they took their morning showers, Judy was the only one who was still the same.

I had noticed when they walked in that Val had fashioned hers in much the same manner as Sammi except that there was about a centimeter between the lower point of the triangle and the top of her slit thus making the triangle a bit smaller. Her pussy being like Vanessa’s showed the slightest hint of inner lips. Kim had gone and shaved hers completely, leaving the natural skin color which was paler than the rest of her body which, like all of us was fairly well tanned. She too had a closed clam pussy.

In the moment that she pressed herself to me, I felt a slight stirring in my loins as having our genitals touch was something güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that had never happened with any of us, I ignored the feeling and filed it away as her excitement at finally turning eighteen. After our birthday kiss, she moved her head aside and rested it on my shoulder while she hugged me. Just before pulling away, she whispered in my ear

“I hope this is going to be the best birthday ever.” and then stepped back.

“Happy birthday Kim.” said Sammi as she stepped forward to kiss her.

I couldn’t help notice that Kim also pressed her whole body against Sammi. This gave me more reason to think that she was excited about her birthday.

“Happy birthday Val.” I said bending down a slight bit to kiss her happy birthday.

Kim and myself were the tallest by about three centimeters with Val being the shortest by about the same. All the rest were more or less the same height, give or take a centimeter. Our hug was normal as they had always been, with our genitals slightly apart.

“Last but not least, happy birthday Judy.” I said as she practically leaped into my arms managing to keep the regulation distance between genitals, although after the kiss she brought hers in a little closer and I could feel my cock just brushing against her short pubes as she hugged me.

“Breakfast first, and then presents time!” exclaimed Sammi, almost as excited now as the triplets were.

Kim jokingly put on a face that one would usually see on an extremely spoiled child that has just been refused something for the very first time. She held it for a few seconds then beamed the most beautiful smile you could imagine and said “I’m starving, let’s eat.”

The breakfast conversation was a discussion of what games the triplets would like to play. Sammi made out a list, keeping in mind that anything on it could change at any moment, be it a change of order, or a change of game. It was decided that the first game of the day would be Monopoly, followed by clue, if there was time before lunch.

The afternoon would see us playing Pictionary and charades combined, a version of which we had made up and mastered over the years, followed by dinner, and an evening of who knows what, seeing as the triplets hadn’t quite made up their minds on it yet. Everything from after breakfast, right up to after dinner went almost as planned, clue had to be cut short because of a rather long game of monopoly.

“Have you girls decided what game to play after dinner?” Vanessa asked as we were sitting down to eat.

“Truth or dare.” blurted Kim before either of the others could say a word, but they both nodded in agreement.

“We will use the spin wheel that we made up to decide who does or talks.” said Judy.

Sammi looked at them in turn with an expression of bewilderment “So you knew all along what you wanted to play this evening!”

Val dipped her head, looked down at the table and said “Well sort of, we just didn’t know if it would be appropriate.”

“What do you mean?” I asked

Neither of them answered.

After dinner had been eaten and everything cleared from the table we went to the family room and sat down cross legged on the Persian carpet.

Kim placed the spin wheel in the middle and said “I will spin first, seeing as I was the first of us three to come into this world.”

She spun the arrow which stopped pointing at Sammi’s left knee.

Sammi looked up at Kim after watching the arrow spin and said “Truth.”

“Sammi have you ever kissed a boy? If the answer is yes, tell us about it.” She said.

“Um, do you remember that boyfriend I had? his name was David. When we came to watch your school play, part way through he leaned towards me and kissed me on the cheek. After the play had finished we went to the sports field and he took my hand and kissed me on the lips, then he reached out with the other hand and touched my breast. I was horrified with the sudden gesture since we had only been dating for a few weeks, I let go of his hand and ran. I haven’t spoken to him since.”

“No, I was meaning a real kiss, you know with tongues.” Kim said

“No.” Sammi said simply

Next it was Judy’s turn to spin. The arrow stopped pointing right at Jason’s cock. Judy who was sitting directly across from him looked up and exclaimed “Well that’s appropriate!”

All of us except the other two triplets looked at her, we were shocked at what she had just said.

“Truth.” said Jason.

“Do you play with that?” she asked pointing down at his cock. Jason was clearly embarrassed by the question although, besides the triplets, none of us saw as we were looking at Judy. Never before had we expected this kind of talk from her.

“Judy, where are you going with this?” I asked

“Never mind;” she said “Just play the game.” She looked back at Jason, waiting patiently for his answer. When it wasn’t forthcoming she said “I am going to take that as a yes.”

Jason’s face turned as red as a tomato, but finally güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri he managed a yes that we barely heard.

Val took her turn and the arrow stopped pointing at Judy who immediately looked up at her and said “Dare.”

“Judy” val said looking into her eyes “I want you, no, I dare you to go sit next to John,” (me) “take his penis in your hand and hold it for 10 seconds.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but playing the game as Judy had told us to was what I did, I turned myself slightly so that she could comfortably get to my cock. An unexpected thing happened as she closed her fist around it, well it was expected, but not when my sister was doing it. My cock started getting hard.

Sammi had been watching every moment of this event and she looked up at me and exclaimed “Wow, your penis gets quite big!”

It was my turn to go red in the face, with my cock getting hard and Sammi commenting on it, I couldn’t help it. A second unexpected thing happened, in that moment, I started to notice my sisters for what they really were, grown developed women. realizing this only made my cock harder which caused Judy to exclaim in surprise.

She looked up at Kim and said “Oh my goodness, it is really hard!”

Kim leaned forward, told Judy to move her hand and took hold of it. She then told Val to feel, who was followed by Vanessa and finally Sammi.

Sammi held it for the longest, and an almost greedy look came over her face. All these hands taking turns to hold my cock was too much for me, it started pulsating.

Sammi looked at me and asked “Are you alright?”.

I looked back at her and mouthed the words “I’m going to cum.”

She took this as her cue and leaned forward slipping my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t hold back anymore, her mouth was so warm and wet inside, I let loose, squirting my load. When my cock had finished pulsating she sat upright and slowly spat my semen out, letting it run down her chin.

Looking away from her I noticed that the triplets and Jason were touching themselves, Val and Judy had their hands over their pussies while Kim was actually rubbing hers. Jason had his cock in hand and was stroking himself in an almost hypnotic manner.

Val looked over at him and decided that she was going to give him a hand, while Kim leaped up and came round to squeeze herself between Sammi and I. She took my already softening cock in hand and started stroking it in much the same way that Jason was stroking his. My cock had no option but to get hard again.

“Now that each of us birthday girls have had our turns, we will continue in clockwise order, so over to you Jessy, it’s your turn to spin.” Kim explained while she seemingly absent mindedly continued stroking my cock, but when she finished speaking, she gave it a bit of a squeeze as if punctuating what she had said.

Jessy having not been in on the triplets plan hesitantly spun the arrow which stopped pointing, accusingly, at what Kim was doing to me as if wanting to bring everyone’s attention to it.

I looked up at Jessy and thought “To heck with it. Dare.” I said. Jessy hesitated, clearly thinking very carefully.

After about a minute it became obvious that she was going along with what was already going on when she said “John, I dare you to kiss me on my vagina.”

In the heat of the moment I asked “What kind of kiss?” The question was out of my mouth before I even knew I was going to ask it.

“The real kind.” she said, and after another moments thought “With tongue included.”

The thought sent a shiver right down my spine to my cock and it started quivering. Kim immediately asked if I was going to cum again. Before I could answer she turned to Sammi.

“What did his cum taste like?” she asked

“It was a bit salty but otherwise not bad” Sammi replied.

Kim immediately turned back to me, bent down and put her mouth over my cock. I hadn’t had the opportunity to answer her question, which would have been a negative, but now with my cock in her mouth I was sure the situation had changed.

While Kim was sucking my cock, Jessy got up, walked over to me, got down on her hands and knees with her pussy and ass facing me. As I looked at her pussy for the first time ever from this angle, it felt like my cock was harder than steel.

“Start kissing, and don’t stop till I tell you.” she almost purred at me.

Before I could even get close to her pussy I saw everyone else reposition themselves to get a better view of what was about to happen. Thinking about the pressure I was under with everyone watching, I knew I had to make this good. I turned around, lay down on my back, placed my hands on the top of Jessy’s thighs just below her stomach so that I could gently ease her pussy down towards me so that she was sitting on my face.

I felt a hand grab the shaft of my cock and a mouth close over the head just as my lips made contact with Jessica’s pussy, her pussy lips were so soft and smooth, güvenilir bahis şirketleri the kind of smoothness that can only come from waxing. I breathed in through my nose and could smell her, I became intensely aroused by her scent. First I gave her pussy a peck, causing her to let out the tiniest moan which encouraged me to take it further, so I stuck my tongue out and slid it from the crack near her ass to the top where her pubic V started.

She gave out a long sigh and pushed her pussy down onto my mouth and growled “Eat me!”

It sounded like an order and so I obeyed.

In the daze of what was going on, I hadn’t been paying attention to what was going on around me, all I knew was that I was eating my sisters pussy while one of my other sisters was playing with my cock.

As it turns out, I was eating Jessy, Sammi and Kim where taking turns with my cock, one stroking while the other sucked on the head and switching over every few seconds. Val and Vanessa were sitting watching us with fingers buried deep inside each others pussies. Judy had gone over to Jason to give him a helping hand thus freeing up his hand to play with her. The game, it seemed, had been forgotten.

I felt Jessy’s pussy start quivering, then her whole body, the realization that she was cumming sent a signal to my cock which also started pulsating. Kim immediately switched with Sammi who at the time had been sucking the head. Kim placed her mouth over my cock and started sucking like she was trying to create a vacuum in there.

The intense sucking brought on the most amazing orgasm I have ever experienced. As I was coming back from whichever planet or cloud my incredible orgasm had taken me to, I could feel Jessy’s juices running down the sides of my face. She kept her pussy on my mouth, I could still feel it quivering.

About two minutes later she lifted it off, turned around still on her hands and knees, lowered her face to mine. She kissed me and said “Thank you, you can stop now!”

She went back to her place and sat down. Seeing that everyone else was still busy, she told them all to stop what they were doing and get back to the game. With groans of disapproval, they did as they were told.

Jason got his turn of having his cock sucked which didn’t happen when it was his turn to spin. He also got his chance to eat pussy, which again, didn’t happen with his turn to spin. What he wanted when it was his turn was for me to stroke his cock while eating Kim’s pussy. Who knew he was bisexual, it seems I was too, since stroking his cock gave me a certain satisfaction that I never thought possible.

Vanessa’s spin resulted in her daring Sammi to let her (Vanessa) eat her (Sammi) pussy. This act seemed to have an outrageously positive effect on all of us, especially when half way through, Sammi turned from the same position Jessy had been in when I was eating her to a new position where she could also eat Vanessa’s pussy resulting in a lesbo sixty nine.

I looked up from what was going on to the sound of Jason moaning, Kim, in her excitement had taken him in hand and was pumping his cock hard, his moans were not because of pain, he was clearly loving what she was doing and was on the verge of cumming. Val leaned in and took his cock in her mouth to accept his pay load.

With my spin, realizing the situation with Jason, I dared him to go around giving each person a kiss on their starfish (asshole). He came round behind me, tapped Sammi on the shoulder to signal for her to get on her hands and knees so he could kiss hers. He then moved to Judy, Val, Kim, Jessy, Vanessa and finally myself. By the time he got to me, it was clear he had been enjoying this as his cock was as hard as iron again.

When he tapped me on the shoulder I got on my hands and knees. He got on his knees leaned in and gave mine a kiss, and as if to say thank you he gave it a lick as one of his hands came up and stroked my cock once. The feeling of his hand stroking my cock felt almost as if one of the girls had done it, but that one lick of my asshole did something strange to me.

Strange but beautiful!

Having said that Kim was the most daring of us all, Sammi proved this wrong when it was her turn to spin. The arrow stopped pointing at me, when I looked up at her she had this big cheesy grin on her face. She cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention, and when they were all looking at her she gave them a wink with the eye furthest from me so I couldn’t see it, but I saw the slight twitch of the one nearest me which gave me an idea of what she had done. Sammi told me to wait where I was and told the others to follow her. I could not even begin to imagine what would come next.

After a few minutes she called me to come to her room. Being the eldest she had taken over our parents bedroom and huge king size bed. When I walked in, I found all of the girls, except Sammi, on their hands and knees on the edge of the bed so their asses were facing towards the door. I got an amazing view of all those pussies and asses.

“John, this is a two part dare. First I dare you to stick your penis in each of our vagina’s as deep as you can, you are going to have to be gentle with all of us. Start with Judy, move it in and out ten times and then move on to the next.” Sammi said, she also added “I will be at the end.”

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