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“Bye Mom.” Sally Anderson put down the phone as her husband David walked into the kitchen. “That was Astrid, she wants a lift to the airport tomorrow, because her car is in the shop getting hail damage repaired. She’s going to visit her sister in Melbourne.”

David always thought it amusing that his wife called her mother ‘mom’ when speaking to her and by her first name when speaking about her, just a funny family quirk he guessed.

“And I suppose she wants me to drive all the way over there and then back to the airport does she?”

Astrid lived about 40 miles on the south side of Sydney in a little village called Waterfall, while the Andersons lived in the opposite direction on the north side of Sydney harbour in a cute but old cottage in Roseville. Sydney Airport is in Mascot about half way in between. There’s an old saying about Sydney airport – ‘if God had meant man to fly he would have made Mascot easier to get to’

“Look it won’t take you long dear, besides it will give you a day off from renovations here. Her flight is at midday tomorrow so you’ll need to leave here by eight o’clock so you’ll have enough time.” Sally knew well that her mother liked to get to the terminal early in case there’s a problem with security, also she liked to have time to browse the shops and have a nice cup of coffee before the flight since the stuff they served up on the plane was awful.

“OK no problem, ring her back and tell her I’ll pick her up at ten. Looks like I miss out on the morning surf.” In reality David wasn’t all that upset about the interruption to his week off work, he could do with a rest from sanding and painting around the house. Besides Astrid was easy on the eyes and they got along quite well, he thought back to the way she had flirted with him at the last Christmas gathering, and the kiss she had given him on New Years Eve that was most un-mother in law like.

David pulled his Ford Territory SUV to a stop outside Astrid’s cottage. Letting himself through the gate in the low picket fence he strolled up the path to the front door. The smell of jasmine from the vine growing near the door made him think of the old Seals and Croft song Summer Breeze. It was just on nine forty so he had made good time. He lifted the heavy brass knocker and gave two sharp raps on the door. Astrid opened the door and he was instantly reminded why he chose Sally as his wife. If ever the adage that you can look at the mother and see into the future to what your wife will look like, were true, this was one of those cases.

Astrid was a stunning blonde, platinum blond hair cut in a fashionable bob, icy blue eyes, small upturned nose, high cheekbones and lovely soft lips that parted when she saw him to give him a dazzling white tooth smile.

“David darling, I’m so glad you’re early, I’ve been having so much trouble, as I went to lock the back door the hinge snapped and now I can’t get the door to close. Would you be a darling and have a look at it while I finish my make up?” Astrid moved to one side to let David past.

“Sure Astrid I’ll have a quick look” He went to move past her when she stopped him just inside the door putting a hand on his arm.

“Before you do, where’s my hello kiss?”

David stopped and leaned in to give her a peck on the cheek.

“You’re going to have to do better than that David,” she said putting her arms around his neck.

A little shocked by her forwardness, David placed his hands on her waist and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met, Astrid held the kiss, her lips sealed nicely against David’s, he felt his cock start to rise to the occasion, Astrid felt it too and her eyes widened just a little as they pulled their lips apart.

“Hmmm, not too bad, but I’m sure you can do better, and I’m sure he liked it too.” she said dragging her manicured fingers across the front of his pants. “OK get to work on that door or we’ll be late.” She turned and headed to her bedroom, leaving David slightly stunned by what had happened.

David watched as she strode away, taking in her full figure, she was still in stocking feet, wearing a silky bath robe that clung to her figure as she walked.

“Not bad for her age” he thought “she is definitely looking after herself, nice legs, nice ass, not too skinny.”

Astrid tossed her hair as she walked and looked back at him tapping her wrist “tick tock David, lets get moving!”

Shaken from his reverie, David headed for the kitchen and the back door. The hinge was broken all right, but he could most likely force the door into the opening, then if he could find a hammer and a couple of nails he cold secure it from the inside to stop anyone being able to get in while Astrid was away. Putting his shoulder to the job he got the door into place and went in search of some tools. The garage was a mess, Astrid’s husband had died some years back and she hadn’t bothered to clean it out after the funeral, David guessed she couldn’t bare to face it, he made a mental note to offer to sort it out for her sometime soon. Bingo! güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri There was a hammer on a pegboard and he spotted some nails in a jar on a shelf.

Back inside he quickly secured the door and washed his hands and was back in the lounge room just as Astrid came down the hall from her bedroom. Dressed in a form fitting teal velvet dress that came to just above her knees, with a scalloped neckline and long sleeves. On her wrist was a Shwarovski tennis bracelet that sparkled as she walked. Dark stockings and 2 inch patent leather teal shoes that matched the colour of the dress. She looked stunning! Astrid was one of those women who really knew how to walk in high heels to show off her assets. She wore minimal make up, just a light blush and lipstick in a neutral colour that somehow just suited her.

“OK all ready and,” she looked at her watch, “right on time. Can you be a darling, David and get my overnight bag please?”

After locking the house and loading the bag in the car he held the door open for Astrid as she climbed up into the seat, getting a peak at her long legs as she swung them into the car. Starting up the SUV he enabled the GPS, “It’s just so I get a heads up on the speed and red light cameras,” he explained, knowing that Astrid thought, like his wife, that the high tech gadget was just toy and that the street directory was just as efficient and a tenth of the price.

Putting the car into gear he headed to the airport. As they approached Astrid said “David, there’s no need for you to come into the terminal with me, just stop at the drop off zone and I’ll be OK from there.”

“Sure thing Astrid, you OK with that bag of yours?” he asked.

“I’ll be fine dear, it’s not all that heavy.”

Pulling up at the drop off zone David retrieved her bag from the rear compartment, and met her on the sidewalk. “Thank you so much for the ride David” she said stepping in close for a hug, she drew him close and kissed him, he reciprocated by wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. Another kiss then, “will you be able to pick me up in a couple of days?” she asked.

“No problem, just ring me the night before and I’ll get organised.” He noticed she had made no attempt to pull away from him and he was sure she could feel the growing erection between them.

“Such a good son in law to look after me like this.” People walking past must have thought they were lovers parting not in-laws as the cuddle on the sidewalk continued. Finally Astrid stepped back and pulled the handle up out of her wheelie bag. “OK darling see you in a couple of days, by the way you might want to wipe my lipstick off your face before you get home, we don’t want Sally to get the wrong idea!”

David watched her walk into the terminal, he liked the way she walked very sexy he thought. Astrid turned and blew him a kiss as she walked through the automatic glass doors and then disappeared into the terminal.

Before he drove off David checked his reflection in the mirror on the sun visor, he removed the traces of lipstick with a tissue, making a mental note to dispose of it and not leave it in the car. A tap on the window startled him, it was the traffic warden. David hit the down button for the window.

“Move along please Sir, only five minutes standing in this zone.”

“Thanks Officer, just going.”

Although he hadn’t been there for more than four minutes it didn’t pay to argue with the ‘rent a cops’ at the airport, they could get nasty if you crossed them. David put the SUV into gear and headed for home. As he drove he thought about Astrid and those kisses, were they just Astrid being her normal flirty self, or was there more to it? he wondered.

Astrid sipped her coffee, while waiting for her boarding call, it did feel nice to hold a man in her arms even just for a fleeting moment, and she could tell David was enjoying it, the press of his manhood against her was a giveaway. Oh well, nothing wrong with a bit of harmless flirting, she told herself.

Chapter 2

“So, how are David and Sally?” Astrid and her sister Petra were sitting in a café in St Kilda, an upmarket suburb of Melbourne, taking a well earned break from shopping and browsing through the shops and boutiques of the St Kilda Markets.

“Well I haven’t seen Sally for some time but we talk regularly on the phone, David is OK, still a hunk, he picked me up and took me to the airport.”

“I always liked David, if I were ten years younger Sally would not have stood a chance, I would have snatched him away, and kept him in bed with me for a month!”

“Petra! How could you say such a thing? He’s married to my daughter, your niece!” Astrid admonished her sister.

“Oh get over yourself Astrid, don’t sit there and tell me you would not love to get him into your bed if the opportunity arose. Remember I know you and how horny you can get after a couple of glasses of wine! And, I saw you at the wedding kissing him when you thought no one was looking.”

“Okay, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Okay,” Astrid laughed. “You win. He is such a good kisser Petra, he kissed me goodbye at the airport and I wanted to jump his bones right there and then!”

“Astrid, tell the truth, he kissed you? I’m sure it was the other way around, he probably couldn’t get out of your Amazon grasp!”

“Well I sure didn’t give him much choice in the matter, but he was not an unwilling participant,” Astrid confessed. Petra leaned closer to her sister. “Why don’t you see if you can take it further, you haven’t been out with a man since Fred died two years ago, isn’t it time you allowed yourself a little fun?”

“Petra! I couldn’t, not with David, I mean a little flirting is OK but…” Astrid had a mental image of her sister as a little devil standing on her shoulder, her conscience on the other shoulder offering the opposite advice. She shook the thought away.

“Look Astrid, no one misses a slice from a cut loaf as they say, have a think about it. Meanwhile let’s go visit that new lingerie shop that’s opened up, maybe we can find some thing that David would like.” Petra laughed at the look on Astrid’s face as she called for the bill.

Petra didn’t mention David again during her sisters stay, but the seed had been sown. Astrid thought about what her sister had suggested, mulled it over in her mind, as she bought the lingerie items Petra suggested, and a nice pair of new patent leather high heels. “A slice from a cut loaf hey? No one would notice.” The thought was tempting, the more she thought about it the less wicked it seemed. Just a slice from a cut loaf.

By the time she boarded the plane back to Sydney she had formulated her plan to seduce David. She had rang the Anderson house that afternoon and spoken to her daughter. “…so, since I’m on this flight maybe it would be best if David stayed the night and he could fix the door tomorrow morning before he goes home, would that be OK with you Sally?” She asked sweetly.

“I can’t see a problem with that, hang on, David’s just come in from the garage.” There was a muffled exchange as Sally explained the situation to David then Sally came back on the line.

“All set Mom, David’s packing a tooth brush and a change of clothes and he’ll be there to pick you up at the airport.”

“Thanks Sally, tell him to wear something smart, I’d like to buy him dinner on the way home, there’s not much in the pantry, I’m afraid.”

“OK, I’ll let him know he has a dinner date, bye Mom”

Sally hung up the phone and called to her husband, “David, better put on chinos and a collared shirt, Astrid’s taking you to dinner.”

Ten minutes later, David came downstairs freshly showered and in Chino’s and a Polo shirt. “Now darling,” said Sally, speaking as she might to a small child, “you will need to park at the airport and go in to help Astrid with her luggage, she has been shopping in Melbourne and she will be coming back with a lot more than she went with.”

Sitting in the Territory SUV, David entered Astrid’s address into the GPS, then entered a waypoint, T2 – Sydney’s domestic terminal. Sure he knew the way to the airport and Astrid’s but he kinda liked the cute voice on his Asus GPS, he had found a female Italian voice that sounded very sexy as she gave directions. “A la fini de lastrada, jilate adestra.” David turned left at the end of the street, and headed to the airport.

Arriving in plenty of time to meet Astrid’s flight David parked the car near the overbridge thinking himself lucky to get such a convenient spot. He headed into the terminal and settled down with a cup of coffee to wait for the Virgin Blue flight to arrive. There were storms in the area so he resigned himself to a bit of a wait. Sydney airport was notorious for delays during storm activity.

Finally the flight arrived and the first passengers appeared. He spotted Astrid striding up the aerobridge, handbag over her shoulder and store bags in each hand. She looked stunning as usual in a soft dove grey dress with a hem just above the knees showing off her lovely long legs, matching grey high heeled pumps further enhanced the vision. “There is only one thing wrong with those legs” he thought to himself, “they are not round my neck!” He laughed at his own joke as he went to meet Astrid.

“What are you laughing at David?” Astrid asked as she thrust a couple of store bags into his hands.

“I just thought of something funny,” he replied. “Welcome home Astrid, how was the shopping and how is Petra, still as vivacious as ever?” he said changing the subject.

“Shopping was fun,” she replied as they walked towards the baggage carousel, “and Petra is well, she sends her love, vivacious hey? Well I guess she sure does like to have fun.”

As they waited at the baggage carousel, Astrid turned to face him.

“David I’m so glad you came inside to help, I didn’t know how I was going to handle these bags and my luggage.” She pushed herself güvenilir bahis şirketleri onto her tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek. “That’s just to be going on with, thanks for being so considerate!”

David could see no reason to admit that it was Sally’s idea, so he decided to take the credit. “Well I figured you would have been shopping so you’d have a few extra bags, hey there’s your bag now!” He pushed through the crowd and retrieved the bag.

They packed the luggage in the car and David ever the gentleman opened the door for Astrid to get in. As she climbed in her skirt rode up giving him a great view of her long sexy legs and the tops of her stockings. As she settled into the seat she said, “I missed my kiss hello David.”

He smiled and leaned forward, Astrid snaked her hand around his neck and pulled him close, their lips met and she held the kiss. The kiss lasted longer than a mother in law kiss ought to but David wasn’t complaining, Astrid’s lips on his and the heady smell of her perfume was having an effect on his cock. Closing the door he walked around to the drivers side finding the need to adjust his cock in his pants.

Finally on the road after negotiating the traffic around the airport, they headed out towards Waterfall, and Astrid’s little cottage.

Astrid shifted around in her seat affording David a look at her legs once more. “So where would you like to go to dinner David, does anything in particular take your fancy?”

“You mean besides you?” he thought.

“How about that little Thai place? it’s on the way and not too far from your house.”

That decided, they stopped for dinner and shared a bottle of wine and a couple of dishes, then continued to Astrid’s cottage.

Arriving at Astrid’s cottage David loaded himself up with the bags as Astrid opened the door. He followed her to her bedroom to drop off the bags. “So what’s in all these bags Astrid, you must have maxed out your credit card with all this.”

“Oh, some shoes, a new dress, jeans and some lingerie.” She saw David glance towards her wardrobe that was open revealing a rack of shoes of all types and heel heights. “A girl can never have too many shoes I always say, tell you what you go and get us a glass of wine and I’ll come out and model my new shoes for you”

David dropped his overnight bag in the spare room and went out to find some wine, selecting a bottle of Merlot from the wine rack he opened it and poured two generous glasses. He then headed back to the living room and settled into an armchair to wait placing the wine on the coffee table.

“Be a dear and put on some music please David, I’ll be out in just a second.” He selected an album from Astrid’s CD selection.

He was back in his chair as Astrid strolled into the room. She was wearing a leopard print dress with a split up the right thigh and matching four inch heeled shoes. She strutted around giving David a good view of her great legs, the dress clung to her in all the right places. David let out a low whistle. Astrid blushed as she bent down to pick up her wine glass.

“So what do you think?” she asked.

“Very nice, great legs Astrid”

“About the heels silly” she said extending her leg towards him and affording him a view to her thigh and the tops of her stocking.

“I do like the heels, I’ve always been a sucker for a good pair of legs in high heels.”

She took another sip of her wine. After the wine at the restaurant and the wine now she was getting to feel quite mellow.

“Would you like to see some of my other purchases?”

Remembering Astrid had mentioned lingerie, David nodded enthusiastically, “bring it on Astrid the more the merrier” “or in this case, the less might be the merrier,” he thought.

Astrid headed back to her room wiggling her sexy butt as she walked.

She stripped in front of her mirror and decided on the next outfit, a tight fitting bustier in pink satin with a matching pair of panties, she kept on her stockings and attached them to the hooks on the bustier then slipped into white 4″ high heels. She inspected the look in the mirror, the bustier had pushed up her breasts while the garment cinched her waist, giving her voluptuous figure an hour glass shape. She ran a brush through her hair and applied some lipstick. “Hmmm, just slutty enough I think” she mused, as she pursed her lips together. “This ought to knock his socks off and when it does just wait till the final show.”

David sipped on his wine and almost spilled it when Astrid strolled into the room, she turned pivoting on her heels and then leaned over his chair putting her hands on the chair arms giving David a close up view of the rounded curve of her boobs.

Astrid glanced down at the obvious bulge that had formed in David’s pants

“Do you like this outfit David?” she asked, almost in a whisper.

“Very much so.” David replied getting an eyeful of her cleavage. Astrid leaned in closer her lips homing in on David’s. She looked into his eyes and back to his lips as the distance closed and their lips met. The kiss was soft and sensual, no tongue yet, just lips connected, then David’s tongue snaked out and gingerly touched her lip, she touched it with the tip of her tongue and then moved away and picked up her wine glass draining it. She fanned her face with her hand.

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