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Part One

I have never thought that would happen to me. Though my mom is very sexy, but I have never fantasized of her until that crazy turning point happened in my life. My mom, Mona, has a full figured average body, not fat but voluptuous and curvy, a little bet tall with big breasts and soft round butt. At home she usually wears a t-shirt with no bra and jeans. She is a very strong person that we all don’t dare to say no to her, even my father is submissive in front of her.

The crazy year happened when I was 22 years studying at the third year at the local university in our city. It was a mere chance, but has changed my life up to now.

Compared to our arab society here, we are a small family of five, mom, dad, my sister and little brother and me. My mom was 42 at that time, she was so white and everybody sees her takes her to be a Turkish. My dad was around his fifties. My sister 13 and my little brother 8 are both at school.

My mom was a strong person as she takes control of the whole house and give command to all the workers at our home. She always does what she wants and makes my father does what she wants too. At that time, I used to feel that I can never say no to her and all what I could do is to try to draw her affections begging her to let me go out or do something she doesn’t like. So I kept most of the time at home with no real friends but at collage.

We are a wealthy family as my dad got a commercial center which is directed by around 20 foreign workers mostly from the far east. We don’t see them but in the center and my dad never allowed any to come to our home. But on the other hand, at home, we got two Philippine maidens, a Syrian driver and an old Indian gardener and they all are considered part of the family.

We live in the outskirts of the city in a separate garden surrounded by a high wall. Our house is a three-story luxurious villa. The first floor is a wide living room, a kitchen, a guests room and two bedrooms for the maidens and the driver. The second floor is two bedrooms and a sitting hall and a sports hall. The third floor is a penthouse with two bedrooms and a terrace. I live alone in the penthouse.

Behind our home there is a garden about a soccer playground planted with all kinds of fruit and vegetables as the old Indian is very skilled in gardening. At the far side of the garden there stands a small compound of a sitting hall and the Indian’s small house. The sitting hall is divided into two separate spaces one for men and the other for women, each furnished with an armchair set and a ground Arab sitting set. I barely see the Indian as he is always busy watering and taking care of the trees.

My dad used to travel a lot specially to china and Europe to import different kind of goods for our center, and we used to have a very quiet life away from everybody outside.

My mom used to go everyday morning at 7:20 with the driver to take the kids to school and comes back directly alone with the Syrian driver. I used to drive to the collage sometime between 7-10 am depending on the lectures schedule. I didn’t notice anything unusual between my mom and the driver until one day I discovered that I was gullible and fooled all the time.

One day, late October, we had a free day at the collage. One day before, my best friend asked me my car for a couple of hours on that free day. I told him OK but he can take it only tomorrow morning as I can’t move without it.

A few minutes after my mom left with the Syrian to take the kids to school, my friend called me at my cell and told my that he is waiting down by the gate coming to take the car. I woke up slowly and went down, opened the gate and gave him the keys, with the promise not to be late after 2 pm, and went back to my room. I sat by the window looking at the garden overviewing the fresh panorama of a sunny morning. I heard my mom’s car coming in. After a while I heard her talking to the maiden, probably telling her what to do exactly or sending her to do some shopping. Then I heard her coming up to the penthouse and walking around but she didn’t come into my room, probably she thought that I went to collage as she didn’t see my car out in the garage. Then a heavy silence brooded, probably she was sitting at the terrace watching kadıköy escort the garden. At that moment I saw the Syrian driver lingering toward the small house at the far end of the garden, he looked back and went on, I felt he got shy as he saw my mom looking at him from the terrace. He went on and got into the men’s hall to have a rest before my mom bothers him to go shopping or elsewhere.

But then I heard my mom’s steps walking over the terrace then down the stairs. I was still sitting by the window enjoying the fresh morning and looking at the beautiful garden. The old Indian gardener was busy digging probably removing some weeds. Then I saw my mom wearing a night gown and walking slowly toward the far end of the garden. “why she’s wearing a night gown but not jeans and T-shirt as she used to when she goes to the garden” I thought to myself. She was walking slowly and playfully, her butt was waving as she lingered contently. I saw she was looking at the old Indian who didn’t pay attention to nobody as usual. She went into the woman’s hall, probably to rest alone there away from the maidens. But in a second she came out and looked around then swiftly entered the men’s room where the driver was.

Oh my God! She’s fucking with the Syrian, sure she does; they way she went there, the sleeping gown she’s wearing, the way she got into the men’s hall. Oh my God! My mom is a whore! What shall I do? Do I have to go and catch them? Oh! I was too coward to do so, especially in front of my mom. I looked at the old Indian, he was still busy of his, he didn’t notice anything. Oh! What can I do??? It’s my mom you fucken Syrian.

I kept walking back and forth inside my room, and every now and then looked toward them… Oh!! Whore, she’s fucking the driver. Dirty slut, my mom is a dirty slut.

In fifteen minutes or so, the door opened, she peeped around and got out and went into the women’s hall. After five minutes she came out and walked toward the villa. I felt furious, didn’t know what to do. She was walking slowly toward me, content and catching the branches of every tree she passes by. Only then I thought of her as a slut, a fucken whore, her ass is swaying from side to side as she walked facing me. I looked at her luscious breasts, and lovely face… Oh! She’s so lovely to fuck.

I was looking at her through the window, I was peeping fearing that she would see me. I decided to draw the curtains, but thought no… she might notice that I was there. I watched her as she came closer, I noticed she had a clear makeup of red lipsticks, with rosy brownish full cheeks. Her big breasts swayed as she walked, Oh you got a sexy body slut!! She passed under my window, for the first time I felt hot and got a hard on.

I locked my room quietly, and laid in bed and started thinking of her naked, being fucked by the bastard. I started jerking my throbbing cock, I never felt so horny and such a raging hard on that my cock was aching. I cum off in seconds but kept feeling hot and still hard thinking of my mom fucking the driver, her sloppy pussy and hungry ass, her dangling boobs shaking as she is fucked hard. I loathed the driver as I felt jealous he’s fucking my own mom. I kept lying in bed, I got off all my clothes and stayed naked to the open air with an aching hard on agonizing me, still thinking of my mother naked, and then decided that I have to get my mom naked for me, just to look at her sweet soft body.

I kept jerking my throbbing cock and cum over and over again until my friend called saying that he would bring the car if I want it. I told him to bring it. I got up feeling a little headache and put on my clothes not knowing what to do or where to go. I went down to the main living room. My mom was having a nap at her room by then, I guess. I sat down there, and suddenly I came up to a decision; I must videotape my mom being fucked, there’s no other way I can face her.

My friend came with the car and we sat down in the main livingroom. After a while, my mom came down, and still I couldn’t believe she was there. I was looking at her as a slut by then, the same as the whores I see being fucked in porn movies, but what can I do?, nothing right now. I looked üsküdar escort at her, she’s really whore, in her jeans and t-shirt.

“Sweet mom, I want some money to buy books and collage stuff” I begged her. As a mom she knew I was lying so she asked me: “What else you want to buy?” “Oh mom! I want to buy a new digital camera too.” Then she said rebuking: “You can get all what you want from our stores.” ” Oh no mom, the one I want is not at our stores.” I said begging. Then she went up and came down after a while giving me more than I wanted actually.

I jumped directly to my car taking my friend and went to buy the best digital camera I could achieve. The type I wanted is to be digital because I would handle the movies at my computer, second it has to be clear with high resolution, and third it got to have a big memory card to last as long as 2-3 hours. I went to different stores and finally could find what I want. I was happy for it, but I was more happy and excited for what I am going to do with it. I went home directly after that and started to think when and how can I do it. I started to think of me watching my slutty mom as a horny fucken bitch of any movie I get from my friends. But how? When, and where?

I kept going to the collage regularly thinking of my mom fucked in her wet pussy, but still feeling too weak to take any action against my strong mom. After a few days of hectic and torturing thinking, I came upon an idea of recording what happens from my window. The next day, and just before I go to the collage, I put the camera at my window facing the garden I switched it on and locked my room. When I cam back I opened the camera and started watching, 15 minutes and nothing was there but the garden and the birds whistling joyfully but then came the driver out of the hut toward the house. After five minutes he went back lingering into the men’s hall, and after two minutes my mom followed. She made the same thing; got inside the women’s hall then in a minute peeping out and rushing into the men’s hall. Yes, I got it taped, but is that a proof? Shall I tell my dad? No, not at all, she can say that there was nobody in the hall there. No, what I really want is to videotape her being fucked I want to see her naked wet pussy. I made it the next day but I left late around 9:30 this time and Oh Gash! Directly after I left she went there where the driver was waiting as if she was waiting for me to leave, just less than a minute after I left.

Then I decided to take the next step. I went to the small house in the garden to look closely how and where can I do it. There, as I know the men’s hall, where they fuck, a set of armchairs, and an arab sitting set, on the ground. “surely they are fucking on the ground at the rear side.” I thought to myself. For my luck there was marble shelves by the door where there are lots of books and encyclopedias my father brings in all the time, and where sometimes he sets a lot to read. The third shelf was a narrow one, as if it was designed for small books and this shelf was ornamented with a silky shining curtains, as it separates he upper side of the shelves from the lower one. Yes, it was a perfect place to hide the camera specially it was facing the whole rear side of the hall. I tried wedging the camera between two books put in a V shape, and it was perfectly hidden, then lowered the silky curtains. I switched it on and tried it for less than a minutes… Oh yeah.. it was perfect…That’s it, everything was prepared and ready.

That night I couldn’t sleep well, I was so excited in anticipation for the next day. The day, in which I would look at my mom in the eyes, and tell her dirty words of her boobs and wet pussy being fucked, is coming closer.

In the early morning I woke up and got everything ready. I fully charged the camera and formatted the memory for the big day. I kept waiting until my mom went with the driver to take the kids to school. soon after they left, I went down across the garden. I slipped into the men’s hall and switched on the camera hid it perfectly between the books and the silky curtain. I went back to my room, and met the maiden who didn’t say more than a morning greetings. I stayed at my room for about 20 minute until my mom came back. I tuzla escort was ready to leave as she cam but lingered don’t know what to do until I saw the driver walking along the path to the hall, then I rushed out facing my mom downstairs. I drove to the collage thinking only of coming back to take the camera.

I came back quickly even before I finish classes. I met my mom watching TV at the second floor. I went directly to my room to overview the garden, there was nothing special at all, and everything was quiet. I kept looking from my window feeling awkward paralyzed not being able to go down. I kept watching but there was nothing in the garden or around the men’s hall. I went down to see how was it with my mom, she was still watching TV. I felt feeble but finally I gathered my courage and asked her if she saw the marketing book around. She said no carelessly, I checked around to take my way down across the garden to the men’s hall. I peeped and entered tiptoeing to find the driver taking a nap at the rear side “where he fucked my mom” I thought. I looked and found the camera in its place. I flipped the books pretending to look for a book then carefully I got the camera and hid it and went back to my room.

I switched on the camera, the battery was almost dead, so plugged it trembling and started watching. Less than 5 minutes passed then there was a feeble lightening of the door opened and the driver walking pass the camera and sitting on the rear armchair smoking. A few minutes later the door opens again and my mom got in and he stood to meet her. She was in her pink nightgown. He hugs her and started kissing her neck. She starts panting and grabs his ass pressing it toward her pussy, then she untied her gown and dragged him down on the bedplate. Oh Gosh! She dropped her gown and laid completely naked, and he was still kissing her hungrily and still fully dressed. Then she unbuttoned his trousers while he was sucking her breasts and fumbling between her legs with his hand. He took off his shirt and trousers quickly but kept his undies on. She opened her legs in anticipation and he went down directly kissing her pussy. He was sucking and softly biting her pussy, she was moaning: “Oh honey! Suck me hard, push your tongue in…auuuh!!!” and holding his head tight to her pussy while thrusting her ass to meet his sucks.

“Oh slutty mom” I thought and started playing with my throbbing cock, but kept my eyes glued to the horny action of them. Then he took of his undies to show a fat cock and rode her. His cock was of around 5 inches but very fat. He started rubbing her pussy while she kept waving her ass and moaning: “fuck me! Fuck my pussy… aah sweety aaah.” He was kissing her neck hungrily, and then shoved his fat cock inside her already dripping pink pussy. He kept shaking in and out of her and she was almost shouting of lust.

After few a minutes he pulled out and murmured to her to turn around, I couldn’t hear him clearly but mum turned around quickly and sat on her knees in a doggy style. He grabbed her from behind lusciously and she started shaking her ass in response. He held his fully throbbing cock and put in between her thighs. At this moment she bent more and put her cheek on the bedplate looking toward the camera. I could see her eyes full of lust and horny fury. Then she pushed her ass back to meet his cock that began shaking inside her. She was moaning in a husky voice and panted: “fuck me you fucken bitch! Fuck me hard, deep, inside honey.” As she was clutching the bed and waving her fully thrust ass to feel the full tast of his fatcock. ” Oh hunny, deep, aaah.” And she gave a loud scream her face was contouring of lust but her kept as he kept forcing his fat cock inside her while slapping her ass and call her dirty works ” I wanna fuck you slutty bitch, you dirty whore ahh oooh, then he pulled to cum over her ass and back.

Still doggy sitting, she turned to look at him and grabbing the bed and smiled contently. He hugged her again and started to kiss her back neck and back. After that he laid in bed at his back and she came to cuddle in over his hairy chest and playing with his cock. A few minutes later she stood up and put on her gown and walked pass the camera to the door. It was almost half an hour they have been fucking. Fully content now she left off the scene. I kept jerking off for a long time not being able to quench my hungry deck. Then I got tired but still have an aching throbbing cock, thinking how I would face my mom with the videotape and take control of her. I was dreaming of having her luscious body and fuck her the way the driver was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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