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Author’s note: I tried to making this into a multiple chapter story but I just don’t see it happening, so I thought this could be closure for you dear readers. If you think this has the legs to go on then please send me your feedback. So sit back and enjoy as we return to the life of Jason and his family of subs.

Thanks to WAA01 for the edits.


Jason stood on the stage as he spoke at an event during Romanticon. An event for romantic authors like him to mingle and answer questions from fans and launch a new book, like he was doing at that moment. A year and a half had passed since he had graduated high school. His college life was pretty much like his high school life; one where people thought little of him. Blowing him off because he didn’t fit into any one group. Yet when Mary, his mother, his aunt, and his sister picked him up at the start of winter break and how they greeted him, Jason did turn many heads. Glancing out of the corner of his eye as Margret and Mary stood off in the wings their eyes gazing lovingly at him as he answered question after question. Which wasn’t strange since this was the very first event he, as Kevin Sol, ever did. Therefore, when he learned the hour long show he was asked to do for the first three days of the event were sold out he wasn’t surprised. However, he just wasn’t prepared for the looks in the women’s eyes as he stood under the hot lights. His mother and aunt had to stay back at home (something they weren’t pleased with given what happened in New York), while he was in Cincinnati, he had left four days earlier as Jacklyn had told him to so he could go over the setup before the doors opened. However, with this being the last day he had to be on stage he was eager to be back home.

“Thank you everyone,” Jason said, waving to the crowd seeing the abundant phones out recording him. He hoped the videos didn’t show up on YouTube; he so didn’t need college guys heckling him about his job. Then again, what did he care if they did, he was already a millionaire and his wealth had continued to grow, netting him roughly forty million dollars to date. All thanks to his savvy grandmother. “I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!” Jason waved at the crowd as he walked to stage right where Margret and Mary waited.

“Jason,” Margret sighed happily her hazel eyes lustered as her arms wrapped around him. Kissing her master lovingly as he pulled her close.

“Jason, I want to be held too master,” Mary said, the last word low so only Jason would hear as her green eyes glanced up at him. Giggling as he held his arm out to her. Moaning into his mouth as Jason cupped her ass and hissing when he gave her sore cheeks a light spank. “Not too hard Jason, they haven’t recovered from last night,” she said referring to the paddling Jason had given her.

“Well, don’t spend ten grand on things without asking,” Jason whispered into her ear.

“But… I thought you might like them,” Mary said, bashfully, as she looked down.

“I do, just not ten grand worth of lingerie,” Jason said sternly.

“It wasn’t just for me you know,” Mary pouted. “You’re mom and aunt have been down lately since the babies were born and thought you didn’t like the way they looked now. So I thought what better way to show them they are still sexy than to have you drooling all over them.”

Jason resisted rolling his eyes. His mother and aunt were as beautiful now as they were a year ago. They had worked out almost every day to keep their baby weight down, and after his son’s and daughter’s birth what weight gain they had was very minimal and quickly gone within two months of his children’s births.

“Don’t be too…” Margret’s lips quickly sealed as Jason glanced at her.

“Next time ask me before spending that kind of money,” Jason said, with the undertones of authority.

“Yes Master,” Mary nodded.

“You better have gotten the very best for that kind of money,” Jason said, as the event announcer introduced the next speaker.

“Of course Master, only the best for you and us,” Mary said, with a broad smile.

“And you,” his amber eyes cutting into his sister, “don’t you ever break my pin number again,” Jason said, spanking his sister’s ass hard. Watching how her eyes fluttered as his hand struck her tight, firm ass.

“Yes Master, forgive me brother,” Margret said, feeling her peach growing moist.

“Come I’m tired, and those lights felt like they were baking my skin,” Jason said, his hands running down their backs before coming to rest on their asses.

Jason was sitting in the robe the hotel had supplied as Margret and Mary showered together. Trying not to grow hard as he listened to the moans that were coming from the bathroom. Opening up his laptop as he sat in the floral wing back chair in front of the desk. Double clicking on his Skype app; ever since they had been in the city he called home at least four to five times a day to check on his mother and aunt and to see how his children were doing. Leaning back as he listened to the ringing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sound as he waited for his mother to pick up.

“Baby!” Mara said happily, as her phone shook as she sat it down in its holder.

“Hey Mom.” Jason waved as he smile.

“Master, you mother misses you so much, when are you coming home?” Mara asked, her raven hair bounced as she pouted into her phone. “Your sub’s pussy is so lonely without her sweet son’s cock filling it.”

“Tomorrow, just finished the last day here. Show me how much you miss me,” Jason said, with a mischievous smirk.

“Is this what you want to see Master, me playing with my tits for my son?” Mara asked, with a coy smile as she lifted her breasts to fill the screen, giving them a little shake for her son’s enjoyment.


“No?!” Mara asked, perplexed, as she arched an eyebrow. “Whatever could my sweet Master want, I wonder,” she said, trying not to smile.

“I want to see that ass,” Jason said matter-of-factly.

“Is that so…”

“Jason, who are you talking to?” Margret asked, as she and Mary walked out of the bathroom in nothing but the collars they wore whenever they served their master. “Mama!” she cried out, as the chain connected to her collar swayed between her breasts as she saw Mara on the screen. Quickly dropping to her knees, along with Mary, as Jason’s eyes glanced over at them. “Forgive me Master, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” Margret said, holding out her chain for him. Her heart fluttered as Jason’s hand caressed her left cheek before taking hold of her leash.

“Hello Mistress,” Mary said, waving at Mara as she too offered her chain to Jason. To show him that she trusted him wholeheartedly not to hurt her.

“Hello Mary, I hope you’re enjoying Cincinnati,” Mara said, smiling at the girl she had broken over a year and a half ago. Blowing her daughter a kiss. She couldn’t be more pleased with her son as he had stepped into his role as Master of their family very well over the past year.

“Mmmhmm,” Mary nodded as her hand ran down Jason’s arm.

“Now that ass,” Jason said sternly. He knew how his mother loved it when he would become forceful with her.

“Mmm,” Mara purred, sucking on her lip. Her hunger burning in her hazel eyes as she gazed at her true master.

“Mara! Where are you?!” Scarlet called out as she walked through his home.

“In our master’s office!” Mara called back to her sister.

“What are you doing in here?” Scarlet asked standing in the doorway. She had checked on her son and niece soon after the wet-nurses they hired had put them down for the night.

“Talking to our master, what else?” Mara said smiling to her sister as she quickly hurried over to the desk. “How’s Ash and Iris?” she asked, as her sister’s black hair settled against her chest.

“Sound asleep,” Scarlet said, her blue eyes sparkling as she looked down at her stomach remembering the months she carried Ash.

“Good. The wet-nurses aren’t giving you any trouble I hope?” Jason asked, chuckling as Scarlet pushed his mother out of the way.

“Baby! You’re wife/aunt misses you so much! Your sub has been so hungry since you’ve been gone,” Scarlet said, her face filling the screen.

“No, they haven’t Jason,” Mara said, hip checking her sister out of the way. Her hands went to the button of her jeans, watching her son’s eyes as her fingers slowly lowered her zipper. Licking her upper lip as her red lace panties peeked out as her son’s eyes centered on her dancefloor. Slowly turning around so her son could see how well she had maintained her ass during her pregnancy. Her hips rocked as she slowly pushed her jeans from her hips. Her left hand rested on the armrest of her son’s desk chair as she bent over. “Is this the ass you wanted to see baby?” Mara asked, as her right hand ran over her backside.

“Mmmhmm,” Jason nodded as his sister and Mary moved to either side of his legs.

“Look at this ass Master, isn’t it so fuckable?” Scarlet asked, spanking her sister’s ass causing Mara to release a light moan. Grabbing hold of Mara’s ass cheeks giving them a little shake for Jason’s pleasure. Peering down Scarlet noticed a small wet spot that was forming on his sister’s panties. “Look at it Master!” Scarlet said taking Mara’s phone from the stand moving it a few inches away from her sister’s mound. “Look how wet she’s getting,” she said, pulling aside Mara’s panties to show her nephew his mother’s moist labia.

“Mmm,” Jason said, glancing down as Margret and Mary pulled at the belt of his robe, “are you hungry for your master’s cock?” he asked, as he gazed down at them.

“Mmmhmm,” Margret nodded as her hand slipped beneath his robe, traveling up his thigh; her eyes flickered back up as Jason gave a little tug on her collar.

“Did I say you could?”

“Please Master,” Mary said, batting her eyelashes at him.

“Oh, do my little pets want their master’s cock?”

“Yes!” Came a chorus of all four voices.

“Please güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Jason, let me see it,” Scarlet purred as she set her sister’s phone back down onto its stand.

“First, give that naughty little peach a spanking for getting all wet,” Jason commanded.

“Oh Master!” Mara cried out as she felt her sister’s hand spanking her mound. “Yes Master, punish me for being so naughty for you,” she moaned as her right hand held her right ass check open so her son could see how her canal quivered as she waited for his command.


“Yes my love?” Scarlet said, feeling how her mound was throbbing. It was always as such when Jason spoke so authoritatively.

“Fetch the strap-on, since I can’t properly punish that hot little pussy of my mother’s,” Jason said, with a sly smirk.

“Oh Jason, please be gentle,” Mara said, peering over her shoulder.

“That depends on how hard your sister wants to fuck you,” Jason said, with a devilish smile.

“Master, when you get home tomorrow will you properly punish your mother for being so horny for her son?” Mara asked, turning around not bothering to pull her pants up as she watched as Mary and Margret shared her son’s cock.

“Oh, I plan on it Mara,” Jason said, watching her cheek twitch. He knew how his mother hated it when he called her by her first name. “So much enjoyment, dance for me,” he said to himself as he leaned back, succumbing to the pleasure of his sister’s and girlfriend’s mouths.

“Okay I’m back!” his cock roared into the back of his mind. Startling Jason, he thought his mental conversations with his cock had ended long ago. “Bah, like I would leave you alone. What would you do without me around, hmm?” his cock murmured as it flexed in Mary’s mouth. “Damn boss, you do have some fine bitches servicing me. I just thought it best to see what you did over the year, and I wasn’t disappointed. I swear I thought I was going to break off that one time.”

“Be silent you,” Jason growled at his appendage.

“Fine. Fine. Tell your sister to suck on my top, you ass.” Jason just rolled his eyes at his rod. First thing he was going to do when he got back was see someone about his babbling cock. “No you won’t, you enjoy our talks. So suck it up buttercup!”

“Jason,” Mara said, drawing him out of his weird conversation with his appendage. “Have we not been together this whole time, can’t you call me Mom?” she asked, looking bashfully into her phone. Trying not to focus on how her daughter was swallowing his cock. A tool that should be within her mouth at that moment and not staring at it through her phone.

“Oh? Are you telling me what to do my little sub?” Jason asked, with an amused smirk.

“No of course not Master, but your mother does want to hear the word every now and again,” Mara said, looking down feeling her cheeks heat.

“Yes Mom,” Jason said, fighting back his chuckle as his mother’s hazel eyes glanced up at him.

“You ready sis?” Scarlet asked as she walked naked into the room, the rubber dildo bouncing with each step she took.

“Master,” Margret said, looking up at her brother. “Will you fuck us while Scarlet fucks Mom?”

“Oh? Does my pet want her master’s cock?” Jason asked, glancing down at her.

“Mmmhmm,” Margret nodded vehemently.

“Then come,” holding out his hand to her, “and let’s take a ride, hmm?” His hands ran down his sister’s bare back as she hovered over his rod. “Take off your shirt Mom,” he said, peering around Margret as she slowly sank onto his pole. “I want to see those tits swaying as Scarlet fucks you,” Jason commanded with a devious smile.

“Yes Master,” Mara said, her cheeks heating. Pleased that her body still brings her son, her beloved Master, pleasure.

“Scarlet squeeze my mother’s breasts,” Jason ordered breathing heavily as his sister’s folds massaged his cock. “Mary, I think my sister’s clit needs some attention,” he said, patting Kelly’s dancefloor.

“Yes Master!” Mary said eagerly.

“Jason!” Margret moaned as Mary’s lips wrapped around her clitoris.

“Yes, does my little sub enjoy that?” Jason asked, as he sent his cock deep into his sister cunt.

“Oh god yes!” Margret said, trembling.

“Not so hard Scarlet!” Mara hissed as her sister squeezed her breasts.

“Be silent you little sub,” Scarlet growled playing proxy for Jason as she smacked her sister’s ass. “Did your master say you could complain?” Taking hold of the dildo, lining it up with Mara’s entrance before sending it deep into her hot mound.

“Fuck! Forgive me Master, but you know how sensitive they have been since Iris was born; and I didn’t want to cover your desk in my milk,” Mara panted as she felt that rubber cock gliding through her folds.

“Just for that, Scarlet milk my mother and have her lick it clean,” Jason ordered.

“Yes Master,” Scarlet nodded.

“No, no, don’t…!” Mara begged, yet she couldn’t and wouldn’t stop her sister as her fingers pinched güvenilir bahis şirketleri her nipples, milking her as she fucked her on their master’s order. Mara couldn’t stop herself as she came on that rubber phallus.

“Lick it all clean for your master,” Scarlet huffed as she watched her sister’s cream coating the dildo.

“Master, is it my turn now?” Mary asked, as Margret came down from her orgasm.

“Mmmhmm,” Jason nodded as he patted Margret’s ass.

“I love you, Jason,” Mary said, lightly kissing him, lining up his cock with her canal.

“Love you too,” Jason said, smiling coyly as Mary’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as Margret mirrored her actions from before.

“That’s a good little sub,” Jason cooed as his hand brushed Margret’s hair.

“Look at me master,” Mara said, tasting her milk as she lapped it off the wooden surface of his desk.

“Does it taste good, mother?”

“Mmmhmm,” Mara moaned as she felt another orgasm approaching.

“Then suckle from the source,” Jason ordered.

“Baby, is this going to become a weird fetish with you?” Mara asked, in a motherly voice.

“No back talk, do as your master commands!” Scarlet barked spanking her sister’s ass again.

“Scarlet, you know how that…” Mara shuddered as she felt it, but unable to stop it.

“You nasty bitch, squirting all over your sister,” Scarlet said, fucking Mara harder.

“O…h Ma…ter,” Mara muttered from around her breast as she suckled on her nipple. Her breast fell from her lips as she panted on the verge of another orgasm. “Jason, son cum with your mother,” she pleaded as saw the look on his face; she knew that look all too well.

Mary quickly got to her knees beside Margret as Jason stood over them. Their hungry gaze burning into his cock as his hand ran along the length of his shaft. His eyes glanced to the screen as his mother and aunt looked on. Watching how his mother’s tongue instinctively darted out as his cum shot out from the tip of his cock coating Mary’s and Margret’s faces.

“So when does your flight land tomorrow?” Mara asked, glancing down as Scarlet poked her cheek with the head on the strap-on.

“Clean it Mara,” Scarlet ordered. Giggling when her sister sighed before licking the dildo clean. “So Jason when are you coming home?” she asked, mirroring her sister’s question.

“Our flight lands at nine o’clock,” Jason said, hearing the faint cries of Iris.

“Okay, let me go and check on Iris, I love you baby. Get some sleep, I’ll see you when you land,” Mara said, blowing her son a kiss.

“Bye Mom, give Iris a kiss for me.”

“Of course baby, she likes her daddy’s kisses,” Mara said, before ending the call.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to be home!” Margret yawned as she stretched as they passed security. “To be in my own bed with you,” snuggling up to Jason, “and you can rest your head between my boobs.” Knowing that was how he always fell asleep when he was in high school. She always loved the feel of her brother’s face between her breasts as they slept together.

“Jason, you don’t mind if I go to the beach with my mom, do you?” Mary asked, looking up at him.

“Some boys you want to see?” Jason teased.

“No of course not,” Mary said, slapping his chest playfully. “Our family reunion is this weekend.”

“Ah, don’t miss me too much,” Jason said, placing a kiss on her temple.

“I’ll call every day,” Mary said, hugging him.

“Want me to drop you off at your mother’s place on our way home?” Jason asked. He was going to miss the feel of her breasts in the morning.

“If you don’t mind,” Mary said, slipping her hand into his.

“Of course not,” Jason said giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Jason!” Mara and Scarlet shouted, each waving an arm while holding Ash and Iris in their other. Mary and Margret squealed in delight as their little arms crudely waved at them. Their little hands flexing wanting to be held by them. Which Mara and Scarlet had no problem with, throwing their arms around Jason, planting long wet kisses all over his face.

“I’ve missed you baby,” Mara whispered into his left ear.

“Not as much as I have… husband,” Scarlet purred into his right ear.

“Come, come, let’s get you all home,” Mara said, eager to be in her son’s arms after so many days apart.

Jason’s eyes darted to Margret and Mary as they talked softly to Ash and Iris. He knew how much they too wanted their own kids. They had stated it very plainly to him during their second night in Cincinnati. However, it was already hectic with Ash and Iris just now learning to crawl. Another two kids would put a strain on what limited time he had with school and running around doing events like the one he’d just returned from. Although as his eyes ran down Mary’s back, he had other plans to put into motion before he thought of having more kids. That’s not to say he was opposed to the idea of Mary and Margret getting pregnant. He just didn’t think going on a honeymoon while your wife was pregnant would end well for either of them. He already knew Mary’s ring size, and he had been shopping around when he could sneak away from the house without anyone noticing. He knew the ring should be ready to pick up, Jason just hoped Mary liked the five-carat diamond ring he bought for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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