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Bright winter sunshine fills the room, as you sit and look out over the river and buildings of the city.

The hotel is one that you’ve used before, for these secret meetings with him. You like it. It has a warmth that many other Hotel rooms don’t have and for some reason, the love making is even better when you feel that comfort.

You hear the door open and feel rather than hear him enter the room. That tingle that lies just under your skin that you feel whenever he is near you. Every inch of you feels alive, ready to erupt.

His hands touch your hair, softly gathering the long red tresses and scooping them into a makeshift ponytail. The other hand slides along the side of your neck and along the fine line of your bottom jaw before cupping your chin and lifting your face to him.

He kisses you.

Little explosions run from your lips, all the way down your body until you curl your toes slightly, relishing the taste of him.

Then he is gone again.

You hear water running in the bathroom and then feel him back by your side.

He gently lifts you to your feet and you feel his eyes examining you, drinking in all of you as if the feel and shape of you is new to him.

You are dressed simply today, but as always elegantly. You know how the effect that has on him. The calf length black cashmere sheath dress clings to you at your hips and breasts, highlighting the curves of your body. Stockings, always stockings. Black LaPerla underwear and the shoes he bought you in New York. A simple freshwater pearl necklace gives a splash of colour.

His hands touch your shoulders and you feel that buzz again. For a second you wonder why he has this effect on you, like no other man. But then you just delight in him touching you. His hands running down your arms, clasping your bahis firmaları wrists and lifting them above your head. Pinning them to the wall behind you as his body crushes you against the wall and his lips cover yours with soft, probing kisses. His hands slide down your arms, but you leave them over your head, and you feel his fingers lifting the dress over your head. It slides easily up your body and then lands. A puddle of black on the cream carpet floor.

His mouth is on your skin again and you gasp slightly as he flicks the clasp of your bra and you feel the cooler air on your breasts. The coolness is quickly replaced by his hands, cupping you softly and bending to taste the coral pink tips. He draws you into his mouth, sucking and biting gently at the growing bud, while his other hand gently massages its twin. Teasing and tugging at it as he devours you.

You feel his hand slide around your body and he pulls you tightly to him, then he traces a line down your spine, his fingers leaving a hot trail across your skin. He follows the swell of your bottom and then you feel his fingers slip under the lace of your g string and drag slowly along the crease of your buttocks. His fingers slip under the waistband and inches them slowly down your hips until they drop around your feet and you are left in stockings and shoes. His lips are on you again, this time more insistent as his hands pull you to him and he feasts on your breasts again.

One finger teases the moist outer lips of your sex and you feel yourself crouch slightly, thighs parting to open yourself for him. The finger slips easily inside you and as always you feel your heart start to race. His fingers dance slowly around the hood of your clitoris, never touching the sensitive tip, but tugging and cupping the base of it, massaging the kaçak iddaa hood and feeling you grow under his touch. One finger reaches deep inside you and curls, pressing slowly, but firmly against the swell he finds and you feel an insatiable heat spreading through your belly.

Then, he is on his knees in front of you, his thumbs peeling your outer layers open and his tongue darting into you, His lips cover you and he suckles on your clitoris, drinking you wetness and slipping his tongue impossibly deep into you as you thrust your hips towards him. His tongue flicks at the red hot tip of your clitoris and you cry out as he begins to stroke it with the tip of his tongue. Long, slow strokes alternate with short, sharp stabs until you feel your climax begin to wash over you, rising from deep in your sex to spread through your belly and up your spine. You hear his voice. “Yes my lovely, let it come for me”

That is enough to send you crashing over the edge and you cry out loud as your knees buckle and wave after wave of ecstasy flow through your body.

He gently turns you, moving you to the full length window that looks out over the oblivious traffic and pedestrian’s 12 floors below. Your hands above your ahead again you sense what he wants and support yourself against the glass, arching your back and spreading your feet wide. Offering yourself to him.

You feel his hardness nuzzle at your wet entrance and then in one long deep stroke he is inside you. You gasp as his cock glides across the hot swell of your g spot and his strokes get longer and deeper, responding to your body’s need. His hands reach under you, one cupping your left breast and the under stretching to slide a finger into the crease of your cunt, probing and stroking again at your throbbing clitoris.

You see the window kaçak bahis fog from the heat of your breath as your mouth opens in a silent cry and another orgasm races through your body, your muscles squeezing him tight deep inside you. As your climax starts to subside, you feel him slide out you, still hard. Immediately , you sense his need and you arch your back even more, feeling his strong hands grip the cheeks of your as and open you wide. The head of his cock presses against the tight bud and you take a deep breath and relax yourself. He slides slowly into your ass until you feel the downy hair at the top of his pelvis touching you. You stay that way, motionless, for a minute or more. You relish the fullness of having him in that forbidden place and he slowing his breathing, pacing his own climax. Then he starts to move in and out of you, slowly at first then more insistent, needing you.

This is what thrills you the most about your secret trysts. The abandonment, the joy of letting yourself be as wanton and totally sexual as your body craves at the time. His passion for you, the way he wants you.

Of having the one man you know you should never be allowed to.

He is driving deep into you now, the sweet burning a small price to pay for the delight of knowing how much he is enjoying having you. You feel his hands on your hips grip you tighter and you know what is coming.

He throws his head back and calls your name to the ceiling as you feel the heat of his climax erupt deep in your bowel. Spasm after spasm as he encircles you in his arms, his mouth on your neck.

You stay like that, him inside you, arms wrapped around you for minutes. Relishing the feeling of being with each other. Thrilling in another stolen moment.

He slips out you and his hand takes yours. Leading you to the bed, he pulls back the covers and you both slide under. You rest your head on chest and feel his arms around you. Drifting into semi sleep, you rest.

Safe in Daddy’s arms.


For now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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