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I was sitting up naked in my bed, still a little shocked by what had just happened. My sister, Marie, was sitting there, also naked. She had just given me my first blow-job and had intimated that she and I were not done just yet. Marie noticed the look on my face and moved closer to me and wrapped her arms around me.

“Don’t worry about anything that happens tonight.” She said. “You’re my brother, and I would never do anything that I thought would harm you or me in any way. Let’s just have some fun with each other, I’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know.”

I thought about that and realized that she was right. And besides, who better to teach me about sex and girls than my sister, someone who already loves me and who wouldn’t ever judge me.

I nodded my agreement and Marie smiled.

“Now just lay back, and let’s get comfortable.”

We both lay back on the bed, on our sides facing each other. The rain was still beating on the window outside, and when the flash of lightning would light up the room, I could see her face, her eyes looking deep into my own. We both leaned into each other at the same time, my lips meeting hers as we shared a soft, almost innocent kiss. I was enjoying the delightful wickedness of this all when her mouth open-end and her tongue flicked against my lips, seeking to pry them open. I obliged, bakırköy escort and her tongue slipped onto my mouth, seeking mine. As our tongues twirled together, my hands started to explore her body. I reached down to feel her tits, marveling at how soft and silky warm they were. Marries’ nipples hardened as I caressed them, rolling them in between my fingers. I rolled onto my back, pulling Marie on top of me. I could feel her nipples against my own, her hair cascading down onto my face as we continued our kiss. My hands slowly moved down her back, towards that firm ass of hers that I had long admired. I felt her cheeks in my hands, loving the way they felt as I squeezed them. Marie moaned and rolled onto her back, bringing me around on top her as she broke our kiss.

“Time to learn how to please a woman.” She said.

Marie took my head in her hands and guided my lips to her breasts. I kissed first the left, and then the night nipple, both nipples hard as rocks. I slowly licked her left nipple with my tongue, and then taking the whole thing into my mouth, trying to devour her whole breast. Marie guided my mouth over both breasts, first one, then the other. I felt I could spend all night just suckling on her nipples, but Marie had other ideas. She moved my mouth down her soft belly until I could feel her pubic hair beşiktaş escort against my chin. I looked down and saw what must have been heaven: my first pussy!! I could smell her muskiness and see a faint glow on her lips where she was already getting wet.

“What do I do?” I asked, looking up at her.

“Start by licking up and down my lips, you’ll learn fast enough what gets me going.” Marie replied.

I hesitantly licked at her lips, finding the taste not as sweet as the porn magazines were always saying, but still not a bad taste at all. I started at the top of her lips, and let my tongue slide down between them until I found her hole at the bottom. I dug my tongue into her pussy and I heard Marie moan. As I tasted her on my lips, I felt Marie guide my head up to the top of her pussy, and felt a small nubbin against my lips.

“That’s my clit, be good to it and I’ll do anything you want.” Marie said.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, feeling it get harder as I licked it. Marie started to moan louder and I looked up to see her grasp both of her tits in her hands, pulling at her nipples.

“That’s good, baby. Keep that up.” she moaned.

I continued to lick up and down her slit, stopping every now and then to concentrate on her clit, while she moaned in pleasure.

“Put your finger beylikdüzü escort in me, please.” Marie begged. “Fuck me with your finger.”

I slid a finger in her pussy as she gasped. I locked my lips on her clit as I finger fucked her, moving my finger in and out of her. Marie started to roll her head side to side as her orgasm approached, her hips moving up and down as I sucked her clit far into my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum, baby, keep sucking my clit!”

I felt her pussy tighten around my finger as she came, a loud, long moan escaping from her lips.

Marie whimpered as I slowly removed my finger from her pussy. I kept a gentle licking motion on her pussy lips as she regained her composure.

“Did I do ok?” I asked, genuinely wanting to know if I did it right.

“Ray, that was pretty damn good for a beginner!” Marie said, smiling down at me. “Just wait till you get more practice!”

She pulled me up on top of her and guided my lips to hers. I was surprised that she would do that, considering where my lips just were. She licked her own pussy from my lips, smacking her own lips in approval.

“I love the taste of my own pussy.” She said wickedly. “Especially when it’s on a guys lips or on his dick after fucking me.”

I was getting past being shocked by what Marie was telling me, but that last remark left me wondering just how far we were gonna take all this. I mean, masturbating each other and giving each other oral was one thing. But, were we really gonna fuck?

Marie smiled at me as lightning lit up the sky.

To be continued.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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