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“I will be back in a while Mom.” I said as I was reaching for the door.

“If you are going for a walk and see your brother tell him dinner will be a little late tonight. It should be ready by 6.”

“Ok Mom.” Out the door I went. Now that school had ended and I was finally free for the next couple of months I was going to take advantage of the nice weather. Soon enough college would start and I would be off to State and my brother Billy would be going to Florida with a couple of his friends who got recruited to a college football team there.

Both my twin brother and I turned 18 just after Christmas and since then he has been spending a lot of time over at his friends’ houses playing video games. I spent my time in the books fighting for the Valedictorian spot in the class. It came down to the finals and I just missed it by 1 point on one test.

Finally free and ready to enjoy a walk in the woods near the house I had on my old jogging shoes just in case I happened on some mud. No one would care if I got them muddy again. A pair of loose shorts showed off my freshly shaved legs and some bootie socks rounded out the lower half. I was also wearing my old track uniform top. Just an old a jogging bra with racer back on underneath my track top.

Ever since I got large than a C cup several years ago I would always wear some sort of bra when I went out. I didn’t like the way the swung about on their own especially as they passed the D cup size. I would have given up running in track if I hadn’t started wearing two bras at once during races. Luckily they stopped growing at the 30 DD last year. I was already seriously considering reduction surgery. Just out for a walk in the woods one bra should be enough.

The woods began just on the other side of the street from home. There were several paths running though it that my brother and his friends still took when going to each other’s houses. It was quicker than walking over a mile around it on the sidewalks. There were large sections of the woods that were overgrown and someone could hide if they wanted to. My brother and I along with a few of the neighbor kids had spent years playing hide and seek in those woods when we were younger. We had even built a fort out of some old wood and a door we found. I didn’t even know if it was still standing.

I entered the woods and started down the path that would take me toward Jeff’s house. That is where I thought Bobby said he was going to be today. Not more than 100 yards in and all sounds of the outside world were lost in the light ruffling of leaves, chirping of birds, and other small animal and insect sounds. I continued to walk thinking about all the stuff I had and what I would need to get for my dorm room this fall.

My mind drifted to wondering what it would have been like to be an explorer wondering these woods back in the 1500’s. Would I come across and Indian settlement? Would I even seen anyone for days at a time? Amsterdam Shemale How much had this area changed since then?

I was lost in thought when everything went black. In a panic I took a deep breath to scream for help and my body went limp. I remember feeling arms wrap around me but nothing else.

I don’t know long it was until I realized that I was laying down on a wooden floor. My arms were stretched above my head and tied to something. My legs were spread wide and tied as well. Blindfolded and gaged I was helpless to whoever had captured me. Panic and fear got to me and I tried to scream but I was sure I would not be loud enough to be heard much more than a few feet away. Pulling on my bonds produced similar results.

When I stopped struggling long enough I heard feet shuffling on either side of me. Someone grabbed my head when a large hand and turned it to the left. I could feel the body heat as someone leaned in close to my ear. “Calm down little girl and this will be over soon. You owe us and we intend to take our payment.” I heard in a gruff voice. It only caused me to struggle more.

“Hold still so I you don’t get cut.” The voice said. I felt something cold just below my neck and I froze. The only sound I heard was my breathing and the sound of cloth being ripped as my shirt was split down the front and thrown open.

The cold object then slipped under my sports bra between my breasts. My bra was lifted away from me as the ripping sound was heard again. I felt it give way and slide off to my sides leaving my breasts exposed.

The hand was still holding my head as I felt another one on each breast. It immediately occurred to me that there were more hands than one person could have. How many of them were there?

I involuntarily shuttered in a cry when the voice spoke again, “Almost done getting you ready.” I felt the cold object slip down my right hip under my shorts. I felt a tug on them and a ripping sound again. Again the cold object when down my right hip and under my panties. They gave away as easily as everything else had.

Someone tugged my shorts and panties down my left leg leaving me completely exposed to however many people were there. The hand released my head and I started struggling again. All it seem to do is cause my already opened shirt and bra to fall farther down my sides.

Someone drabbed one of my nipples and squeezed it while saying in a gruff voice to hold still. The more I struggled the harder they squeezed until I finally stopped pulling at my bonds.

A pair of finger spread my pussy lips open and I started struggling again. Again some grasped a nipple and squeezed until I stopped struggling. This time when it was released it was immediately covered by something warm and wet. OMG. One of them was sucking on it.

My lips were spread again and when I didn’t immediately start struggling again a warm wet finger shot as far in me as it could. I was Rotterdam Shemale not wet enough so it had to have been covered in some sort of lube. It moved around in me and was withdrawn when I started struggling again. This time they didn’t grab my nipple and squeeze but he one who was sucking on a nipple bit down until I stopped.

I heard some shuffling around as my sore nipple was being sucked on. I felt someone moving around between my legs and heard someone off to my other side moving around. There were at least 3 of them.

I felt someone spread my lips again. This time instead of a finger it was something much bigger and warm that sunk into me. OMG. One of them had shoved his dick into me. I tried to move away but my bonds did not give and teeth started biting down on my nipple again.

He sunk in until he hit bottom in my pussy. He was not all the way in but he was close because I could feel some of his hairs touching me but not his ball or belly against me yet. When I stopped struggling and the teeth released my nipple he pulled back so he was just barely in me. I was hoping that he and his friends had decided it was just a mistake and were leaving.

No such luck. He pushed forward hard into me hitting bottom hard and forcing himself all the way in me. I threw back my head to scream in pain but not much noise came out. I took a deep breath as he pulled back. He pushed in hard again but fortunately the pain wasn’t as bad. I took a couple more strokes before my nipple that was being sucked on was hurting worse than his dick hitting bottom on each in stroke.

I don’t know how long he pounded into me until his movements started to get jerky. I pushed in as far as he could go and I felt his dick pulse twice before I was hit on the inside by a burning liquid. Not on had he just fucked me but he came in me also.

He held himself in me until I could feel him start to shrink. He pulled out and I could feel myself gaping open. A big blob of his cum came out of me and ran down my ass crack. He moved away and someone else took his place between my legs.

I felt another dick push into my used and leaking pussy. He at least wasn’t as long but was slightly bigger around. He proceeded to fuck me. My body had started to betray me and I was begging to like it. My sore nipple was gently being sucked on and someone else had started kissing and licking my other nipple.

I didn’t want to but I came just before the guy fucking me. He kept fucking me through my orgasm never stopping. He again bathed my insides with scolding hot liquid and stayed balls deep in me until he started to shrink.

As he backed out of me the guy that had been gently sucking on my sore nipple backed away from me also. I heard some motion on my right side. Someone was again between my legs. This time I felt the dick rub up and down my lips and still gaping pussy a couple of times before his head was put at my opening.

I felt Netherlands Shemale him start to push and my sore pussy reluctantly opened to allow his head to push into me. My opening kept getting wider and wider as he kept pushing until I was sure he was going rip me open. I started to try to get away from him when the genital kisses on my nipple suddenly turned into teeth. I stopped moving as he continued to push into me. Finally his head popped in. He had to be almost twice as big around as the first guy. If he was as long I wasn’t sure I would be walking away from this.

Luckily he have me a minute before he pushed more of himself into me. I would have sworn he was trying to shove a baseball bat into me and not a dick. He then pulled back until just the head was in and pushed forward again. After 5 more strokes he hit bottom but was still not all the way in. He back almost all the way out and back in pushing hard at the end to get more of himself in me. Another stroke and I would swear he was up to me breasts but still not all the way in. 2 more strokes of him pushing and I felt a set of huge balls touch my ass. It felt he was at the back of my throat.

Thankfully he held still for a little bit before he proceeded to start fucking me in earnest. I grunted on each of his in stroke as the air was pushed out of me. When he pulled back I felt like my chest would collapse. As uncomfortable as it was being stuffed like that I could feel a big orgasm building. I tried to stop it. I didn’t want them to think I enjoyed this too much.

My legs started twitching and I felt I had to pee really badly. It would serve him right if I peed on him. I wanted to pee on him but the urge to cum was so bad I was worried that if I did pee I wouldn’t be able to hold off cuming any longer.

On an in stroke he hit my clit just right and I lost it. My body locked up and my back arched forcing my breast into the face of the guy still gently licking and kissing my nipple. I felt a sudden gush of pee come out of me and it stopped. Then another gush and it stopped. Then a third. What the hell?

When my body released me I fell back to the floor and the guy got to more strokes in before he swelled even farther and came in me like the other 2 had. I had no more fight left in me. All I could do was lay there and breathe. When the guy pulled out of me it felt like a river was flowing out of my wide open pussy. I didn’t care if they wanted another round. I had no energy left to fight them off.

The guy between my legs moved over to my right side and placed a hand on my head again. Panting into my ear he said, “That is what you get for thinking you could be Valedictorian. I will put a knife in your hand. Count until 30 and free yourself. You will find a bag with some clothes by the door. I will remove your gag now. Don’t try to scream. Do you understand?” I nodded my head that I understood.

The gag came off and I felt a knife handle in my right hand. I moved it enough to feel it touch the bond holding that arm but not enough to look like I was trying to cut it too early.

I turned my head toward him when he released it and said, “The bet is settled now. And Bobby, Mom said dinner will be at 6.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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