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There’s a place called AAA Inc. The pool hall/ bar combination where many people would pass by unnoticed than to look at the little red and white sign. It’s located in middle of the town where very little happens and people tend to their own business. The fact is if you happened upon it you definitely had to be looking for it. The establishment is located to the rear of a City Hall and the local police department only one street behind Main Street. It is slap dab in the middle of anywhere, Hicksville, U.S.A.

When you enter the AAA Inc. in the window is a neon red and white sign which flashes open over and over. People never notice that the sign is never off and the business is never closed. It isn’t what the eyes see at first glance that intrigues its customers. When you walk in further, you see it has multiple pool tables, dart boards, posters of half-naked swim suit models, the beers ice cold on tap, with several bottles of liquor on shelves, in front of a large mirror and trophy case. It also has something that often would go unnoticed as well; security camera’s which cover every angle from the front door entrance, to the bathroom, and definitely the rear halls.

There are always two men with a beer mug from the tap in front of them inside the place. To the unwary observer the establishment looks normal. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The two men are strategically sitting on opposite far corners of the wooden length of the bar looking as if they are centuries rather than men merely in the bar for a drink. Even more ominous is the fact that neither men have his back to door but rather, they face the door with their backs to the bar. To the untrained eye they appear to be merely slobs that are drunk. Yet wouldn’t it stand to reason they would sit with one another if this were so? Sort of like the standard misery loves company. However, these supposed lushes have on clean neat pressed jeans and the shirts they’re wearing are neat as well with button down collars. They also where black military style boots or Rockies. The men mentioned appear to be in a sort of uniform but not to the general public appearance.

After passing the bar, walking further into the back you pass by a Ms. Pac Man Machine making noises, the men’s bathroom, the woman’s bathroom, and a closed door to the manager’s office with a small badly tarnished brass sign which says Employees Only. Beyond this sign is a hunter green steel door which leads to another set of steps down an even scarier corridor.

This corridor is narrower, the lighting much dimmer almost giving off a yellow hue. If you look up, you notice that the lights are strung up by metal hooks from the ceiling and extension cord. The air in this hallway is unmoved, stagnant, and damp smelling. The walls appear to sweat the further in you travel down this gauntlet. Soon you come to a slightly bigger door where the final warning is given. It says on a small wooden framed carving “AAA Inc. Members Only Pass at Your Own Risk”.

It is here where we find the darkest sickest minds of society. They find the realm of Bondage and Discipline or Sadomasochism as a reality. Here we also find the underground room where daughters are taught public humiliation and how to properly suck cock without gagging. This is where Master’s learn the trade and slaves are trained to perfection. The customers are well cared for and spoiled. The secret is kept by the drawing of which is made months prior to the assembly. Money from customers never exchanges hand every transaction occurs months in advance using wire transfers.

Now the specialty is here anything goes, where sons can accost their own mother, brothers can tie up, torture, and play with their own sisters. The fathers enjoy their daughters as trained whores as well as aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and stranger to stranger public sex throughout. The trouble isn’t the place itself but the fact that it is always booked for up to almost two years in advanced. Most do not even understand why it is called AAA Inc. The initials stand for {Always Anal or Airtight Incorporated} founded by a mystery Master.

People wanting to train their significant loved one here must sign a waiver and it is faxed to a number designated only twenty four hours prior to pick up. If the waiver is incomplete or there is a problem with not receiving the allotted slot then you will not be given a confirmation number and date. Your money is non-refundable. However, if all is completed with appointment, confirmation number, as well as a medical release for the health of the participant, a final date will be issued for you and your participant.

If for any reason you cannot make the date in question you will be allowed only one makeup date which will be given to you with no exceptions. If you cannot make the makeup date remember your money is non-refundable. Every actor and every participant must have completed their nineteenth birthday prior to the signing of your waiver. Those are the rules no exceptions.

This is what I remember about the paper I signed casino oyna when my brother and uncle come to me to have me sign it. They asked would I be a Member of the AAA Inc. I asked them what it was but the two of them looked at one another then kind of chuckled. I should have known I was signing away my life as it existed. My name for the record of sorts will be Naomi Brianna Jefferson or { B.low J.ob for my initials}, not my real name of course. I will respond to just about any name that you call me anyways after what I’ve been through.

I for the purpose of this story will claim no ethnicity, I will say I am female, I am very pretty with dimpled cheeks and dimpled tight ass. I am about 5’03, 116 lbs. with 36 C- cup breasts. I was asked to take part in an elite club by my kin and they understood about what they were asking. I was not aware places like the triple A existed. That’s just what we slaves call it. We know that it is the single spookiest place on the planet for a slave, a pet, a humility bird, or a toy. It is where the elite in society abandon all reason and use us anyway they please. I thought when my own brother and uncle looked at one another it was merely a joke. I took it as a dare and signed the damn paper.

Once I signed, a sequence of events occurred to me that are still to this day a whirl wind in my mind. I was attending college at a smaller school most people took classes on line. I was studying to be a massage therapist. I was leaving class when I was taken by my brother to get a physical exam. It was scary because he picked me up from school as if he had followed me there. Once at the tiny doctor’s office I was given a complete physical to include blood draw and urine screen. I was given a pregnancy test. Hair follicle samples were taken and would be kept. They did a retinal scan, tooth and gum examination as well.

After all was done I was given a digital bracelet to be kept on at all times as part of my initiation to include taking a shower with it. I looked at the bracelet it was made of copper with a fancy floral design on top. Little did I know I was looking at a tracking device on my wrist with global GPS capability? It was so when Triple A Inc. decided to snatch me they’d have my coordinates.

They always take the slaves first. It appears as a random disappearance like something out of the twilight zone. We are all just faces on the milk carton or on some wanted poster. Triple A Inc. never makes mistakes. I was headed to a massage appointment almost a year later after signing that waiver. I was carrying a large leather bag where I kept my massage table and supplies like oils and lotions. A black van with no license plate, dark tinted windows, and a sliding door, drove quickly up beside me snatching me in. I was given an injection and twenty four hours later, I was waking up in a dungeon cell of AAA Inc. However, I had no idea at the time that I was even still in the same country or Universe.

When I woke, I had the worst headache my mouth was as dry as sandpaper. I looked around the cement block room which had four small beds inside of it. There were no windows and one door without handles. The door had a tray slot in it but appeared very sturdy. Hanging from what appeared to be electrical cord was a single light bulb from the ceiling.

I sat up realizing the copper bracelet was off my wrist. I was not wearing the clothes I had on before my arrival. I was looking around at every detail of the entire room. I noticed what looked to be a camera in the upper left hand corner of the room if you were facing the door. I noticed too that where a key whole lock should have been there was a metal plate with six rivets securing it into the actual door on this side of the door. There was one air vent for air or heat and a hole in the floor where the water continually flowed as it was used as a toilet.

I stood up feeling very dizzy. The ground and room began spinning as nausea took over with dry heaves. I began retching from the smell of the stagnant air. I heard no other sounds but my gagging noises up until that point. I had not one person in the room with me. I figured I was the first of a batch with their being four beds in the room. I looked at the mattresses on the bed. The mattresses were well worn white and blue striped as if in a hospital or mental setting with little cushion and no sheets on them either. The beds had no pillows either. I could tell this was the bare minimum spent for the occupants of the room. This indifference scared me because I now occupied said room.

I tried walking a little towards the door this is when I realized I was naked except for a flimsy like hospital gown with red and white vertical thin stripes and my panties. I thought to myself what in the world is this place? I could hear my breathing as I walked then I coughed a little. This is when I heard a voice screaming, “Hey! You motherfuckers let me out of here! I am letting you know I am not the bitch to be fucking with! Hey do you hear me! Let me out of here now!”

It was an ominous revelation canlı casino that I was not the only one in a cage. This too frightened me but I could not find my voice yet. Still groggy, I wanted some water to drink. I mean my mouth was dry and the throbbing in my head was constant. I truly could barely walk. I shuffled more like it, unsure of my footing. I was thinking back about what was the last thing I ate? I couldn’t remember but it would have been one slice of pepperoni pizza the night before the van took me. How long had I been under? Where was I at? I began brainstorming about how to get some nutrition when I heard a set of keys at my door. I tried backing away as quick as I could but a large man in a black ski mask reached in grabbing my arm and pulled me out.

I couldn’t even put up a struggle and was unable to speak still but I sobbed feeling tears fall from my eyes. I was truly helpless as he stood me up by a wall in a narrow hall. I did notice in the lighting the man had hazel green eyes and brown lashes which meant he was probably brown headed. Still he hadn’t spoken to me at all. He looked at my eyes, hands, and fingernails in particular then he left me standing there. I watched him walk two doors down and open another cell.

This is when I heard the other lady, “Yeah, motherfucker! Come on get some you big bastard! I know I will fuck you up!”

The voice went silent and the man exited the room with a blonde woman draped over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I noticed as the man walked out of the room he was so large his shoulders almost expanded the entire hallway. He also walked slumped some I would guess he was six foot nine inches tall or perhaps six foot ten. He had a huge stride and as he walked up to me still with the lady draped he grabbed my arm forcing me to walk in front of him.

The ogre like man pushed me and carried the other lady as if nothing was happening unusual. He didn’t breathe hard as he walked indicating he was in great shape from his respiratory aspect. It is truly funny how you notice every little detail when you are in a hopeless situation. I was watching the walls, the lighting which was very odd, and the floor was made of old brick or cobblestone not modern floors. We arrived at the end of the corridor and a steel door with a double lock. The man stopped me. He opened the door using his free hand and the key which was a massive brass key with several others attached to the key ring on it as well.

The man grabbed my arm pushing me through the door. I entered an open room with a long table. The chairs surrounding the table were not cushioned but rather metal folding chairs that were used for picnic tables and the like. On the table, was a nice spread of food and drink as well? They had plenty of fruits, salad, vegetables, and meats. They had mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob in butter, roast beef, deviled eggs, a huge oven baked turkey, rice pilaf, macaroni and cheese, roasted chicken, and beef tips in gravy and lastly ribeye steak.

I was awestruck as I walked into the room which other than the food filled table had a macabre dark greyish feel to it. The lighting was still very poor the huge masked monster of a man never uttered a word. I walked silently further into the room as I watched the masked giant drop the other lady onto the floor. My mouth suddenly watered for the food. I heard the lady groveling as she began to wake. I continued forward shuffling my tired wobbly legs towards the table knowing I needed nutrition for survival.

Suddenly, a door on the opposite side of the dining hall began clicking as I reached the back of the chair and an eccentric flaming homosexual with a bright pink over gown, sequined red spandex tights, and an open ruffled pink, purple, green, and blue sleeved shirt entered the room. He had jet black hair greased back with too much Vo-5 hair gel. I watched in distasteful silence as he entered with such dramatic fashion flailing his arms as if I was in the Rocky Horror Picture Show of the Seventies and he was Mick Jagger. However, this man was Hispanic because of his dark tan and swagger. It was then that the other lady began sitting up in silence looking at the same thing I was seeing as I glanced towards her direction.

The eccentric man then spoke in a sudden burst of joy as if he was high and we were old friends. “Welcome to AAA Inc. We are here to serve you and hope that your stay here is entirely pleasant. Just remember eat up for your strength everything before you is yours as part of our experience. Enjoy the fine dining before the second half of your new life. I am Edwardo Escalante; I am here at your service. The big man is Hugo and he does not speak because his tongue was removed by our Master. He will grunt or growl. If he growls, well dears, he isn’t too pleased as I am sure one of you ladies found out.”

I sat down at the table seeing a goblet with some liquid in it for drink. Edwardo smiled then explained, “It’s okay dear, that’s iced tea in our mid-evil goblet merely our fashion mystique. Drink, eat, and kaçak casino be merry for tomorrow the real fun begins with your training.”

I had swallowed several mouthfuls of the liquid which tasted fine. I looked up then asked him, “Why are we here? How did we get here? This is kidnapping you do understand that don’t you?”

Edwardo smiled, “You forget, Naomi Brianna Jefferson, that we know every detail about you. You signed a contract without duress or pressure. We have it all on film. Your uncle and your brother wanted you to sign so they could um, have you trained. Now you are here ready for your training my sweet dear girl. They too will be here to train you, soon.”

I looked at the little flaming creep then said, “You mean to tell me that they had something to do with this shit. I will get my brother if it’s the last thing I do.” I broke off a huge piece of bread roll and began buttering it. I was famished and decided to feast.

Edwardo smiled dainty like then he said, “Oh yes, you will get your brother alright but not quite how you think.”

After eating we were taken to a human wash rack with in place shower racks and drains in the floors. They did have modern soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and sponges in the shower. I learned that the other ladies name was Shirley Gwendolyn Parker. She was in her forties but still quite attractive for her age. She explained that her son’s had her sign a waiver of some sort and that she had no idea it was this involved. Shirley never knew anything about this stupid club and she was actually angry about the entire decision to sign. She had her two sons who were college aged. She was told that it was becoming an honorary member of some club she couldn’t remember but yeah, just like me she signed without duress.

After the shower, we were kept naked and marched to another large throne room. Here is where things got down right embarrassing. Both men and women who were abducted were completely naked brought to this same room. I saw over twenty to twenty five young men. They were of various sizes, body types, age, and cock size. They were all in a line as two women were present dressed as Mistresses. Us women were also marched and told to stand on the line which was painted on the floor. I looked down seeing the thick white spray painted line.

The two women who were dressed in body suits and leotard as if in an aerobics class walked to the front of the room. I watched as the flamboyant Edwardo Escalante entered the room with a gong in his hand and he struck it twice which reverberated loudly. Edwardo spoke, “All slaves will kneel before the Master of the AAA Inc. Do it now.”

Immediately, I knelt down not wanting trouble however, I witnessed two or three never kneel. One was a tall muscular white male who appeared to be some type of military or police officer by the looks of his hair cut. I watched Hugo personally in action without a doubt impressive. He never hesitated or flinched he walked over striking the muscled up man one time and he was out on the ground like a sack of potatoes. One hit was all it took. The rest seeing that all knelt quickly. However, the Master already had taken note of who hesitated. They would receive their just do.

I watched as the man we all call Master isn’t very old or very ominously powerful looking. The Master of the AAA Inc. appeared to be a well-educated businessman type. He appeared to me to be more of an intellectual than a brute as one would imagine. However, he had not a hair out of order, clean neat manicured nails, teeth dainty white, with a salt and peppered hair combination that made him look handsome. He was tall but on the thinner side like a runner I would say on the side of error. He never once gave his name he merely announced Master.

He spoke explaining why we were here and that we were to remain until our training was complete. When we are successfully completed from our training we can and will be brought back several times during our lives for retraining here at the AAA Inc. no exceptions. Now, stand on the line before you. We were inspected by the two women who at first merely stood up. The Master clapped twice and a loud speaker playing Lady Gaga, Show Me Your Teeth, began. The two women inspected our teeth, hair, and eyes looking at each of us.

During the night several other’s arrived. One scream turned into several. Some of the new arrivals were of different countries based on the languages and screams. All of us were trapped slaves in training. All of us were brought here to be placed on display and humiliated. All of us were to be the sexual gratification for someone else. We were to evolve and be reborn into a new mind or manipulated fantasy of another.

I was no longer Naomi but I was to become another name for them. My Masters were to rename me and then train me. I became Jasmin twenty four hours after my abduction and rebirth. I learned my new name while I had a cock in my mouth, a dildo in my asshole, and my brother whispering in my ear how beautiful I looked while he finger fucked my sweet pussy to an orgasm. I didn’t know that the cock in my hot sweet sexy mouth was that of my uncle but I didn’t care either. I lost all inhibitions. I was merely a fuck doll. I changed my entire outlook in life.

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