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This is a story to remember.

When Adam and I became friends, his sister Susan was just a kid, and so were we. Cute, freckle faced and nothing to think about for two boys whose main goals were to take bike rides, buy comic books and drink egg creams at Betty & Bob’s Sweet Shop on Ridgewood Road in Maplewood.

Years went by fast as we grew, from bike rides to trains into NYC, to car trips all over the place. From Soda Pop to smoking cigarettes to smoking joints and sneaking an occasional beer. From Captain America to Playboy and Penthouse. From fantasizing about sex to lying about it, to doing the real thing. From grade school to high school to college. All a blur now.

They lived, as my family did, a typical suburban lifestyle. House, cars, furniture and vacations at the shore. Adam went off the college, and so did I, as was expected. We sailed through, again expected, learning very little about academics and a great deal about life.

When college was over, we both moved home and began working, saving some money and oblivious to what to do next year, much less the rest of our lives.

Susan was now an 18 year old high school senior. Her face, once chubby and freckled, became defined and engaging. Her teeth, so small and spread, became straight and perfect, displaying a smile that was at once charming and mischievous. Her hair, all frazzled and disheveled, was now a deep chestnut brown with red highlights. Her eyes remained brilliant blue.

Susan’s breasts went from lumps, to pointy cones, to large, heavy, shapely melons, even while the rest of her body went from girlish to lithe and voluptuous.

Her only remaining childish quality was the slight lisp that had haunted her for many years, the subject of much shameful adolescent taunting. As a result, Susan was somewhat shy, despite her obvious physical attributes. Her relationship with Adam was touching, though. A kind and soft-spoken gentleman, he had always been her friend and defender.

I’ll never forget that night, though.

Adam’s parents were at their shore house for the weekend. Adam and Susan were home alone. Susan had friends, but they happened to be scattered around the towns that night, leaving her with nothing to do. Adam was relaxing from a long week at his first job out of college, a junior journalist for a regional newspaper. Their plans boiled down to a pizza and a video.

At the video store, the clerk was talking to his friend at the counter and his girlfriend on the phone, when a customer walked in and returned the adult movie. In the midst of depositing videos back in their cases, he didn’t notice for a minute that he had put the adult video “Cloud Nine” with Racquel Darrian in the case for “A Walk in the Clouds,” a syrupy love story with Keanu Reeves that Susan wanted to see.

The two siblings were enjoying each other’s company, eating pizza and polishing off a six pack that Adam had purchased. Not a big drinker, Susan was feeling safe at home with her big brother and quite pleasantly buzzed from just one beer. By the time they watched the movie at 10:00, she was working on her third and was now more than a little drunk. She also didn’t mind when Adam suggested they polish off half a joint of fairly decent Colombian reefer Adam had left.

Feeling no pain, they sat comfortably in the dimly lit den while Adam started the movie. Going to the bathroom during the credits, he left Susan alone for a few minutes.

Adult video credits typically casino oyna advertise other adult videos, plus call-in sex hot-lines and other sexually oriented products. Susan watched them all, as if in a trance, as her pussy started to tingle, her nipples becoming erect and sensitive.

On the way out of the bathroom, the phone rang and Adam picked it up. I was calling him from a friend’s house to see what was shaking. Adam called out to Susan, “Watch for a few minutes if you like Sue, or just pause it. I’ll be there in a minute, it’s Doug.” Susan didn’t even answer as the trailers ended and the movie started.

The screen action quickly progressed. The gorgeous porn star Racquel Darrian, who actually resembled Susan a great deal, was frolicking with two other nubile babes in an all-girl scene. Kissing and tit licking, became pussy lapping and asshole fingering. A large black strap-on dildo was produced and used by one star to impale the other’s ass, while the third girl used her tongue everywhere it would fit.

Susan’s eyes were as wide as saucers, her mouth open in disbelief. Her pussy, at first just tingling, was positively buzzing. She gulped the beer she was holding, never taking her eyes of the screen. Polishing it off, she popped the top on a new brew and began to drink it as well.

Adam’s phone conversation was taking longer than he thought. He called again to Susan, “Just watch the movie, Sue, I’ll catch up.” Susan remained transfixed. “OK,” she replied weakly.

In the next scene, sumptuous Asia Carerra revealed her breasts to Derrick Lane, who fondled and sucked on them. Then he began to lick her sweet pussy. Asia pulled out his huge cock and sucked it with no hands, looking purposefully into his eyes. Eventually, Derrick proceeded to fuck Asia hard in doggie style.

Susan put her beer down and began tweaking her swollen nipples, sending shivers throughout her body. She took her palms and placed them over her large breasts, rubbing them in circles. Her breath became sporadic. Down below, her pussy twitched as sensations flooded her nerve endings.

On screen, Steven St. Croix was fucking the ravishing Ms. Darrien from behind, as she writhed and moaned in typical porn star fashion.

Susan released her tits and began rubbing her pussy with one hand, feeling the juices flow within. In real life, women’s pussies don’t generally fill a swimming pool with liquid, and neither did Susan’s. It was quite well lubricated though.

She couldn’t seem to get the feeling she needed from this simple action, so she pulled her pants down and off. With unfettered access to her genitals, Susan began rubbing her clit with one hand while tickling her asshole with the other, her eyes never leaving the screen, her brain awash and overwhelmed with sex.

Adam was now done with his phone call and, sporting a serious high, made his way into the room. Oblivious to Susan’s actions for a moment, he sat down with his eyes glued to the TV. “What the . . .?” he began to question. He never got to finish.

Susan reached for his head and grabbed it with both hands, planting her mouth on his and forcing her tongue down his throat.

A part of Adam was aware that this was his sister. A part of his knew what he was doing was considered wrong. But the larger part of his male consciousness, in other words his penis, only knew that this fine, fine looking girl was naked before him, with a body from heaven. They were both intoxicated, and his cock canlı casino had immediately grown to huge proportions, his full 6½ thick inches.

Whatever reservations he may have had with a clear head were immediately dispelled as she placed his hands on her huge tits, and he felt their firm softness. Squeezing her nipples, she sighed deeply into his mouth and shuddered. Squeezing them harder between his thumb and index finger, Adam felt her lips tremble as the wonderful sensations took control of her.

Adam broke their kiss and began to caress her breasts while licking her nipples. Susan closed her eyes.

“Adam, that feels so good, what you’re doing to me . . .,” she confessed, her words rushing out. “I haven’t had a boyfriend and I . . . didn’t realize how horny I was so . . . until . . .” .

Her brother stuck a free hand between her legs, and was surprised by the wetness there. With his thumb on her clit, he stuck his index finger firmly into her pussy, where it was eagerly accepted. So wet was it, that it easily enveloped two more of his fingers, which stretched it just a bit. Then Adam inserted a fourth finger. He had almost his entire hand in her pussy, and Susan was loving it, moaning and writhing on the couch.

Her eyes opened wide when Adam stuck his entire hand into her pussy, where it made contact with her cervix and G-spot simultaneously.

It took no more than a few hard strokes of her G-spot before she screamed.

“Oh . . . Oh . . . Adam . . . Ohhhhh . . . . I’m cum . . . Ad . . . cumm . . . . . cummingggg . . . . “

Susan threw her head back and bucked her hips wildly, Adam’s entire fist encased in her pussy. Just as she settled down, he removed it and licked the delicious juices from his fingers.

Susan bent down and, without missing a beat, pulled her brother’s engorged cock out of his shorts. She examined it closely, taking note of the large, purplish head and pulsating veins that ran the length of the shaft. She licked all around that big cock head, just as she had seen the girls in the movie do. She got it soaking wet, then rubbed it all over her face like it was her favorite toy.

Adam was squirming in ecstasy as his little sister took that wet cock between her big tits and squeezed it hard, pumping her tits up and down just as Asia had done.

“Oh baby, Oh Susan . . . that feels so good . . . so good,” he moaned.

“Does it Adam? I want it to, I want to make you feel good,” she said, slurring her words only slightly. Her pussy was buzzing far too much to ignore, though. She needed direct stimulation – his tongue would do.

Rising up from the couch, she stood over Adam and spread her legs, fully exposing her beautiful pussy to his waiting lips. He responded by licking all around her slit, gorging himself on her delectable juices. Sticking a couple of fingers back in her hole, he took her clit in his mouth and sucked it like a newborn with a pacifier.

“Oh Adam . . . .mmmmm . . . that feels so intense . . . . . you’re making . . . . you’re making me so hot big brother, so HOT.”

Susan couldn’t take any more foreplay. She got off her brother’s face and sank her pussy onto his cock, her back to Adam. Impaled on his pole that way, she used her strong shapely legs to push up and down on his straight, hard pole. Adam reached around her back and caressed her magnificent tits, causing her to bounce up and down even faster.

“Woooo . . . . wooooo,” she wailed like a dog in heat, kaçak casino as his cock made contact with her cervix and sent shivers up and down her spine. She leaned back and placed her hands over his, on top of her tits.

On screen Racquel was being hammered by Derrick doggie style. Susan opened her eyes and watched, heightening her arousal.

“Lets . . . let’s do that, Adam, “she pleaded. Let’s do THAT.”

Still firmly planted in her pussy, Adam swung his sister over onto the couch, where she crouched on all fours. Adam put one knee up next to her and the other knee on her right side. From this angle, he was able to bang her hard and fast. Susan had to hold on to her furiously shaking tits, though she didn’t mind.

Looking down at this incredible sight, Adam happened to spy his sisters rosebud asshole, which seemed to open slightly, fairly winking at him as he smashed into her pussy. He decided to give her the orgasm deluxe.

Slowing down his pace slightly, Adam wet his thumb thoroughly with Susan’s flowing pussy juices. Then he just lightly played with her asshole, giving her a preview. Susan sighed deeply at this new sensation.

“Oooh, that feels nice . . . that feels good,” she purred.

“Time to rock her world,” Adam thought. He began to pound her faster and faster. Susan was pushing back against him, letting his cock sink in all the way to his balls. Just then, Adam took his lubricated thumb and stuck it firmly into her anxious asshole. Her wonderful body recoiled a second, then eagerly accepted the intruder. A thin sheen of shiny sweat covered the smooth skin of her back as her body rocked back and forth, being fucked so hard by her older brother. It felt so strange and wonderful to Susan. It emersed her entire body in goose-bumps.

“Oh my God,” she managed. “I’m so . . . I really feel like a . . . . woman . . . I’m so.”

And so it began. Susan’s genitals felt like they were in fairyland, awash with pasions she had never known. Her pussy began a steady throbbing as her climax began to hit her in full force, heightened by her brother’s thumb in her asshole. Her mouth dropped open, her long, dark hair falling over her face, covering her sensuous mouth.

“Adam,” she garbled, I feel a . . . “I’m going to cum now . . gong to cum.”

Susan’s body shuddered hard as she climaxed. She tilted her head back and the exquisite feeling sliced through her. Hearing Adam moaning behind her, she swiveled her head around to watch his face and encourage him.

“That’s it, Adam, let me see you cum. I want to see it happen.”

Adam couldn’t quite register what she was saying, for his own climax was steaming into port. He felt it roaring up his shaft as he pulled out, shooting geysers of sperm onto Susan. It shot so far and hard that it hit her face and hair, then trailed down her neck and back. He pulled his cock out after the last few drops landed on her perfect ass and fell back against the couch.

Susan sat back, too, wiping the cum off her face and neck, and enjoying its salty taste as she licked it off her fingers. She looked over at Adam, appreciating his sturdy frame and handsome face, and thought about what the rest of the weekend might bring. She’d opened up a bank vault of desire, and needed to have some deposits made.

I’d love to tell you the rest of the story, as Adam told it to me, but I’ll wait for your feedback to see if you like it . . .

Note: I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Anything from a kind word to a complete review. Writing stories takes a lot of time, effort and thought. I personally do it because I love the idea of people enjoying what I have created. So please, take a moment and say hello!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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