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Racquel Jackson sat at her desk, facing her two students. One leg was crossed over the other and she was swinging it idly, a high heel dangling from her foot.

Peter Cavanaugh noticed. He had noticed a lot of things about Miss Jackson today, like how she wasn’t wearing her long auburn hair up in her usual manner. Today it was loose and flowing. She was still dressed like a teacher, but not in her usual business suit. This outfit was less formal, the skirt shorter, her blouse was low-cut and clingy and if you looked carefully, you could see black lace at her cleavage. Her legs were in shiny black stockings and she was wearing heels. What was really cool to Peter was the fact she didn’t have her glasses on, although he found them sexy … on her. For the first time however, Peter could see her beautiful, expressive blue eyes.

Caroline glowered at her younger brother. As far as the pretty 19-year old was concerned, it was likely Peter’s fault they were being kept after school on the last day before graduation. For someone so smart, Peter had a habit of doing stupid things. Her brother had skipped Grade 10 and he shared many classes with his older sister. Many of her friends teased her, but in reality, she and her brother were extremely close and enjoyed spending time together far more than most siblings.

Peter’s good heart was one of the things that got him in trouble — he always stuck up for the underdog. Last year, he’d beaten up a fellow senior for bullying younger students and stealing their money. He’d gotten a week’s detention for that. Their mother had gone to the Principal and protested loudly, but it had fallen on deaf ears.

Neither Caroline nor Peter had been told why they were being detained and Peter didn’t believe he’d done anything to warrant a punishment. Their mother was on her way and Caroline wasn’t looking forward to facing Candice. Since her divorce from their father last year, when Candice got mad, she got M-A-D.

“Why are you keeping us here?” Caroline questioned. “What did Peter do now?”

“Why do you assume it’s something that I did?” Peter said, annoyed with his sibling.

“I’ll tell you both when your mother gets here,” Racquel told them. As if on cue, Candice Cavanaugh walked into the room.

Candice was still a stunning woman at 35; she and her daughter looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. Quite often, they borrowed each other’s clothes. At 5’9″, Candice stood 2″ taller than her daughter, but the facial similarities were remarkable. Peter, with his dark hair and chiseled good looks, took after his father’s family although both of her children had Candice’s eyes and engaging smile.

“Nice to see you Candy, thanks for coming,” Racquel told the blonde mother, who nodded. Brother and sister exchanged glances. Peter knew his mother and Miss Jackson had met, but she was calling her Candy …? Peter also noticed his Legal Secretary-Mom was dressed a bit more provocatively than normal, in one of what he assumed to be one of Caroline’s leather minis, a silk blouse and black stiletto heels.

“Not a problem,” Candice said, looking at her children. They looked back with nervous expressions on their faces.

“Now are you going to tell us why you’ve kept us here?” Caroline said, really feeling her blood about to boil. Like her mother, patience wasn’t one of Caroline’s virtues.

“We know about you two,” Miss Jackson told them.

“We know you two are fucking,” Candice calmly said to her children, using a word they’d never heard her utter before.

“Don’t bother denying it,” Miss Jackson told them. “We’ve been talking it over and what we want to know is …”

“How did it start and would you mind if we joined you?” Candice said, her face breaking into a wide grin as Racquel began to laugh.

Peter and Caroline were too shocked, nervous and stunned to say anything, so it was left for their mother and Racquel to break the ice.

“First of all, I saw you two making out at the Football Playoffs last month … you probably didn’t think anyone was watching and because it was at another school, you didn’t think anyone would know. Second, did you know that your mother and I are cousins … sort of?”

Peter shook his head in amazement, then Caroline finally spoke. “You are? Really? Mom, why didn’t you ever say anything?”

Candice smiled. “Racquel and I are cousins through marriage, Racquel is your father’s cousin. I didn’t say anything because my family and your father’s family didn’t approve of my friendship with Racquel, even though we all went to High School together. Racquel and I were the two hottest little sluts this school ever saw, right baby?” Racquel nodded.

“We got up to some pretty wild stuff in our younger days and we’ve stayed in touch, although we kept that on the down-low,” Racquel said, coming closer to her friend.

“Now that I’m divorced, I want to start having naughty fun again,” Candice said, wrapping her arms around Racquel and drawing her casino siteleri close for a kiss. Their tongues met and mingled, they made out for a few minutes in front of the awe-struck teens. When they finally broke apart, both Caroline and Peter were once again struck dumb.

“Didn’t know your Mommy was such a wild woman, did you?” Candice asked. “Well, when I get going, there isn’t a bigger slut to be found, except maybe Racquel here. I’m going to train you kids to be just like me, you’ll be my own personal sex toys. Peter, you’re going to be my personal stud and Carrie, Mommy thinks underneath it all, you’re as big a slut as she is. We’re going to find out, but you’ve already got a head start … nasty little whore, fucking your own brother!” Candice’s nipples were clearly visible under her silk blouse and it didn’t look like she was wearing a bra.

“How did all of that start anyway?” Racquel wanted to know, still pressed close to Candice.

Caroline sighed and related the story. “We were out on a double-date, I really wanted to go out with this guy and he asked me to get a date for his sister. His sister Erin’s a cute little redhead so I rightly figured I was doing Peter a favor. We all hit it off and went out for dinner and then back to their place. Zach and I started making out, so did Peter and Erin. Their parents were in Europe for a month, so we had the place to ourselves.

Zach said that we should have a few drinks and loosen up, I was cool with that, so were Peter and Erin. Welll … a few drinks turned into a few too many drinks and we all got pretty blitzed. I was getting into it with Zach and Peter said to Erin that it really looked like I wanted to fuck Zach. Erin just giggled and said that I should fuck Zach because he was a really good fuck. We both looked at her and then at Zach and they laughed and drunkenly confessed they’d been fucking each other for a few years now.

Then Erin starts stripping and moves over to Zach and kisses him, Peter’s mind is blown, I can see that. I’m slightly pissed because Erin’s hogging my date, so holy shit, Erin says that my brother’s cute, I should go fuck him. No fucking way did I want to be left out of this!

I was pissed enough and drunk enough to go over to Peter, sit in his lap and take off my halter. Peter was staring at me, but not for long … he started playing with my tits and he’s got a wonderful touch, soon, I was really getting into it and was wet. After a while, I had to taste his cock, I could feel it pressed against my pussy as I sat on his lap. I moved off his lap, unzipped his pants and fished out his cock and gave him a blowjob. I looked over and Erin and Zach were passed out, but fucked if I cared and neither did Peter. We got naked and fucked like bunnies, we would have kept on going, but we wanted to get home. When we did get home, you were out Mom, so we went up to my room and fucked again. Peter and I knew we shouldn’t keep going, but we’re so good together, we just can’t stop.”

“I see,” Candice smiled. “Thank you for telling us darling and your honesty. I don’t want or need you to stop, just be open and honest … and careful. I’m going to be sharing you darlings with lots of horny, sexy people, men and women who will do wonderful, perverted things with you both. God kids, we’re going to have such wonderful times from now on!”

Racquel and Candice looked at Caroline and smiled, but when they looked at Peter, he was shaking like a leaf. “Goodness Peter, what’s wrong dear?” Racquel asked the young man.

“You. Mom. It’s all … so … MUCH! Finding out you’re our 2nd cousin, finding out that our Mom’s a … sex fiend … this stuff with Carrie, how am I supposed to handle all of this?” Peter sputtered out.

His sister took his hand and held it. “One day at a time, Peter. One day at a time. LOOK at Racquel … she’s gorgeous and it’s all for us. I know you think I’m sexy …”

“Yeah sis, you’re hotter than any girl I’ve been with …”

“Look … really LOOK … at Mom! She’s taller than I am, she’s hotter and she’s got wayyy more experience, she’s probably a real nasty bitch! Just think of all the things we can do from now on Pete! I think Mom’s right … deep down inside, I am a slut and that’s what I’m meant to be. Don’t be dumb Peter, you’ll have 3 hot women to fuck and probably more!”

Candice nodded. “I can guarantee that.”

Peter quietly shook his head and said “Okay. So what do we do?”

Miss Jackson … Racquel … smiled and said “It’s after 5 and the Custodians won’t be here until tomorrow, so we won’t be disturbed. I think it’d be really kinky if Peter fucked us all here in the classroom, don’t you Candy?”

“I haven’t fucked in this room since we went to school here,” Candice clapped her hands and laughed. She turned to her kids and said “That’s a story I’ll tell you about later. Racquel, that’s a great idea, you get acquainted with my son, I want to play with my gorgeous daughter.”

Racquel walked over to Peter, canlı casino her eyes shining and pulled him close. She kissed him the way she’d been dying to for weeks, passionately and hard. Peter’s first instinct was to back off, but then he realized the situation and leaned into the kiss. His hands went down and squeezed her ass. “I’ve always thought …” Peter said, then his voice trailed off.

“What?” Racquel asked. She believed Peter needed to come out of his shell a bit more if this was all going to work.

“Well … I’ve always thought you had a great ass, Miss Jackson,” Peter said as she nuzzled his neck.

“Thanks Peter, but you have to stop calling me Miss Jackson, after tomorrow, I’m not your teacher anymore. Besides that, we’re family. We’re going to be a very close family, right?” She winked at Candice.

“Right!” Everyone in the room said at the same time. Racquel sat up on the desk and motioned for Peter to come closer. She watched her cousin and Caroline embrace, they almost looked like twins and it was very sensual, their bodies pressed tight together. There wasn’t really a lot of space for them to have sex, Racquel and Peter had commandeered the desk, but Candice knew they’d figure something out.

“Undress me Peter. Have you ever wanted to see me naked?” Peter just said “Uh-huh” and Racquel smiled. “You’re going to now Peter, all of me, my tits, my legs, my cunt … all of me, stud! I want to see if you’re any good at eating pussy!”

Caroline called out. “He’s fucking wonderful and he’s gotten better since we began fucking!”

Racquel giggled. “That’s good to know.” Her jacket came off; Peter folded it and placed it on a nearby desk, followed by her blouse. He took time to admire her gorgeous legs and 34B tits, the lovely smile on her face. Under her conservative “teacher” clothes had been a truly smokin’-hot body, Peter realized. Her blouse came off and he lingered a bit with her bra, loving the feeling of the black lace under his fingertips.

“I see you like lingerie, that’s good,” Racquel smiled. “If I know your mother, she has lots of it. I do as well.” The bra came off and how her tits were in full view, round and gorgeous, with cotton-candy nipples. “You can suck them, do whatever it is you want to do, lover,” Racquel said, hoping she was turning the boy on. She looked over and saw that Caroline was sitting in one of the smaller desk chairs, her blouse gone and her mom was sucking her tits. Caroline’s head was thrown back and she was purring in ecstasy.

Racquel’s own sighs and moans began to blend with Caroline’s, she moved a bit and told Peter “Let’s get my skirt off. It’s time for you to suck my pussy!”

Peter thrilled to that suggestion, Racquel lifted her hips and the skirt slid down her lovely, long legs. Now clad in a tiny black thong and black silk stockings, she smiled down at Peter. “Go for it Peter, lick that cunt!”

Caroline looked over at her brother and yelled out her encouragement. “Go for it Pete, I bet she’s delicious!”

Candice lifted her head from her daughter’s breasts and smiled. “Yes, she is.”

Caroline’s facial expressions showed her surprise. “Wow, Mom! You and Miss … I mean, Racquel?”

Candice began working her daughter’s skirt off and soon had her almost totally naked. “I told you baby, your Mommy was a real slut back in the day. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to get my kicks and I plan on being like that again and taking both of you with me!” Candice’s voice was silenced by her dipping her tongue into her daughter’s bared cunt and eating her fiercely.

“Your lucky, lucky sister,” Racquel murmured as Peter’s tongue began sliding all over her cunt. “She’s been fucking you and now she’s with one of the best pussy-eaters I know. I’m going to do her next Peter, I’m going to have lesbian sex with your sister, won’t that be hot?”

Peter didn’t talk, but sort-of nodded his head, he was too busy eating his sexy teacher’s horny cunt. He looked sideways to see his mother with her head face-deep in Caroline’s pussy, a pussy he knew well and he felt a bit jealous, although he knew that was just silliness. Caroline’s head was thrown back and her fingers were tangled in their mother’s long, blonde hair, it was obvious Carrie’s first time with a woman … as far as he knew … was very pleasurable for her.

Racquel didn’t seem to have any complaints either; her cream was all over his face. She looked at him studiously and said to Candice “You know what Candy; we’re not being very fair to Peter. His sister is having fun and I’m having fun, but no one is taking care of his cock. I bet it’s hard as a rock, isn’t it Peter?”

“Uh … yeah,” Peter said, his confidence still not large. He knew that his sister was into him and that he could fuck her the way she liked, but these two sexy, confident, older women intimidated him. Candice and Racquel were determined to put a stop to that. His mother got up from between his sister’s legs and joined Racquel. They had Peter kaçak casino sit on the edge of the desk and then each of them went on the other side of him and began yanking his clothes off. Caroline watched her brother squirm a bit, it was very cute, but she knew what a surprise they were in for.

“Holy FUCK Candy, look at that thing!” Racquel squealed. “Lord, if I’d known he was packing this, I would’ve been fucking him a lot sooner!” Racquel plunged her mouth down on Peter’s cock and began sucking his dick. Candice licked her lips and smiled at her son, then went to the other side and began sharing his cock with her friend-cousin. Caroline just watched for a few minutes as she saw the tension melt from her brother’s face.

“Oh God, who’s going to fuck him first?” Racquel sighed as she lifted her lips from Peter’s shaft.

“You take him first babe; I can wait a while for my son to be a motherfucker!” Candice grinned. “Carrie, come over here and get me out of my clothes, you’re going to be a little slut for Mommy and eat her cunt while your brother gets fucked.”

Racquel turned to Peter and grinned, he was feeling more confident now. “Okay stud, you and me are going to fuck. Seeing as how you’ve been fucking your sister, I assume you must have a favorite position.”

“I like it when she’s on top so I can play with her tits,” Peter smiled.

Racquel had Peter get up on the large desk, flat on his back and she straddled his cock, facing him. On the floor, oblivious to whatever grime might be there, mother and daughter were busily eating each other. Racquel could see that Caroline might … no one knew that but Caroline herself … be a novice to eating pussy, was she was certainly enthusiastic! Racquel ran her fingers across Peter’s broad chest, who knew the brainy student was so nicely built? “I’m going to fuck you now baby, Peter, who knew you were so fucking sexy?” Racquel grinned.

“Likewise, you’re so gorgeous Miss … Racquel,” Peter corrected himself. “Although I did notice things about you, you always kept it hidden,” He told her.

“Can’t have all the students staring at my legs and tits or have the bolder ones hitting on me,” Racquel smiled, licking her lips. “Although in your case, I might have made an exception.” With that, she lowered her cunt onto his cock and began to fuck him with all her might. Peter didn’t miss a beat, he positioned himself in the best possible way to maximize her pleasure and began fucking Racquel back.

“He’s good Candy, he’s so good!” Racquel moaned. Caroline felt proud of her younger brother, he’d been okay when they first started fucking, but she believed he was excellent now. Evidently, from the way Racquel was moaning, her beliefs were correct.

“Oh God Mommm,” Caroline sighed. “You sure do know what a girl likes.”

Candice moved from on top of her daughter and lay alongside of her. “That’s only the beginning, darling. I’m going to teach you all sorts of things. I was right and you know it … you’re a little slut, just like Mommy.”

“Oh yes Mommy, I’m a slut, such a slut,” Caroline sighed, kissing her mother and squeezing her mother’s tits. “I can’t wait to see you fucking Peter with your slutty cunt.”

“Let’s not make you wait any longer then,” Candice smiled. “Racquel, would you care to have sex with my daughter while I make my son a motherfucker?”

“Mmmm, yes, I would,” Racquel smiled, eying Caroline’s sexy body. “You’re such a lovely piece of eye-candy Caroline,” Racquel purred, moving from on top of Peter and joining Caroline in a carnal embrace.

“Nope, Mom’s the Candy, I’m Carrie,” Caroline punned and then her breasts were mashed against Racquel’s as they rolled around the floor, naked and scratching, really girl-fucking each other hard.

“I like it from behind, Peter darling,” Candice said. “You can play with Mommy’s tits and slap her ass, just do whatever feels good.”

“Sure thing, Mom,” Peter said. He loved seeing his mother act this way; it was totally unexpected, but also really sexy. He grabbed her hips and eased into her and once he’d established a nice rhythm, he began to explore her body. Candice took excellent care of her body, she ran and biked and swam and it showed, she was still lean and supple. She was also one of the most energetic fucks he’d ever had, she was rolling her body back against his in time to the nice fucking Peter was giving her.

“Oh, you wonderful man, you motherfucking bastard, FUCK ME, fuck Mommy!” Candice howled. If her ex-husband had been as good as her son in bed, she never would have divorced him and she likely would have brought them into their kinky little circle.

“I AM fucking you Mom, you slut, you lezzie bitch, you whore, do you like it?” Peter snarled, now fully confident in his abilities. He had three women who obviously dug his cock, he no longer had anything to be insecure about.

“YES, yessss, I love it, you can fuck Mommy whenever you want, she’ll be a slut for her kids tooooo!!!” Candice moaned as her orgasm overtook her. It had all been sensory overload, re-uniting with Racquel, having girl-on-girl sex with her sexy daughter and now fucking Peter, her body was wracked with spasms of full, orgiastic pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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