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It stated as a normal day as Fred woke up. He glanced at the paper thinking he should go look for a job. He finished high school two years ago and still hadn’t figured out what he wanted to do. He made coffee and wondered where his mom was but when he looked out the window he saw her in the garden. He went out to see what she was doing.

“Hi mom.” Fred stated with a smile.

“Good morning son. How did you sleep?” She was in a sun dress and Fred immediately noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra under it as she bent over in the garden.

“Great thanks.” Fred mumbled as he took in the cleavage. He’d seen his mother naked a few times but it was only for a second before she covered up. He moved closer to her to try to see more taking advantage while she was bent over the garden like this and he could feel his cock get harder in his shorts. To his surprise his mother didn’t move and he was able to look right down her dress. Her nipples were hard and so was Fred as he stared at her tits. He was entranced by them, sagging a little but beautiful to him, jiggling a little as she dug.

“Could you grab that spade for me over there?” Jill asked.

“Uh sure Mom. ” As he got up he could feel his 8″ cock pressing out against his shorts. He hoped his Mom wasn’t looking at him as he reached for the spade and gave it to her.

“Thank you son” She smiled and bent back over giving him full view of her tits. Fred couldn’t believe his luck as he stared at them thinking how he’s going to jack off later when she looked up and caught him. She looked at him then down her dress and smiled a little saying “isn’t it time for you to take a shower?”

“Yea it is, heh heh…I’ll see you later.” As Fred got up she watched him and saw the enormous bulge in his shorts. Oh my God, she thought, He’s bigger than his Father.

“Ok son.” casino siteleri She stammered as she watched him leave noticing his hard ass through the shorts.

Fred went upstairs and pulled down his shorts as he lay on the bed and started stroking his cock long and slow imagining his Mom’s tits in his mouth. Jill got up and decided that that was enough gardening for now and went in to take the laundry out of the dryer-all Fred’s. He could fold them she thought as she walked to his room. She opened the door and saw Fred stroking his huge cock for all it was worth. She stood mystified staring at it as Fred’s hand was frozen around a gorgeous cock. A few seconds passed and Fred pulled his shorts up. This snapped Jill out of staring at it and she put the load of clothes down.

“Here you go. I thought you were getting in the shower? You know there is a time and a place for everything Fred.”

“I know Mom, I’m sorry,” he said sheepishly as he couldn’t help but notice her nipples were hard through her dress. Fred got off the bed and took off his shirt, “I guess you need all the dirty clothes right Mom?” as he handed her his shirt. “Hey have you noticed I’ve been working out? Look at my stomach muscles.”

“Nice” was all she could get out as she couldn’t ignore the outline of his erect cock in the shorts that appeared way too small right now.

“Feel how hard they are Mom.” Fred took a step closer offering his body to her. Jill reached out with a wavering hand and rubbed his ripped stomach, running her hand across and then down.

“Hard huh?” Fred said smiling, getting more and more turned on by what was happening.

“You’re definitely in good shape son,” she stated as she removed her hand and turned to walk out.

“Wait! My abs go lower too you know….” Fred pulled down his shorts and stepped out them leaving canlı casino just his briefs, which held his engorged cock that was fighting to be released as the head was starting to poke out the top. “See?” Jill was looking as she turned back around to face her son again.

“Fred….” She said quietly.

“Feel Mom…feel how hard….” Jill looked up at her son, who was almost a foot taller than her, with confusion mixed with lust and appeared to look as if she was giving up or giving in to something as she looked back down and reached out to feel her son again. Fred stepped closer as she started rubbing up high then moved lower almost touching his bulging cock. She continued this, almost in a trance, as she made no attempt to hide that she was staring at his cock while she rubbed. Rubbing his stomach became an afterthought as she looked at the head peek out of his briefs and turn a dark red/purple

“Son, you look uncomfortable…. let me help you, ” she whispered as she pulled down his underwear and released his rock hard cock. It stood straight up and throbbed as she marveled at how beautiful it was. “There is that better?” she looked up at him.

“Yea mom…that’s great….” And with that she wrapped her hand around his cock and started to stroke it, “I’ll help you with this too Fred.” Jill rubbed it with both hands not believing she was doing this but not caring either. She couldn’t believe how big and hard it was. And it was hard because of her; the least she could do was help her Son a little. Jill got on her knees staring at Fred’s cock with her head tilted to the side when she pulled her dress over her head and off.

“Now you can do more than just stare Fred.” Jill purred as she went back to stroking her son’s cock. Fred looked down at his slutty Mom stroking his cock in nothing but her panties as he took a breast in his kaçak casino hand and kneaded it, playing with the nipple between his fingers. Jill cupped her Son’s balls as she continued stroking with her other hand, the head purple with a little pre-cum coming out. Jill cupped her Son’s balls as she continued stroking with her other hand, the head purple with a little pre-cum coming out.

Jill stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-cum off his head and into her mouth. She swirled the head with her tongue then went down the shaft with it several times driving Fred crazy. Jill looked up at him as she lowered her mouth onto his wet meat and started blowing him.

“Ooooohh yea you slut suck it.” Her mouth came off his cock as she looked at him.

“I am your Mother not a slut. You need to give me respect even though I’m….”

“Sucking my cock?” Fred said smiling, his rock hard meat right by her face. “Sure mom whatever you say…. you’re not a slut.” Fred couldn’t help but find the humor in this as she got onto her knees within minutes of seeing his hard cock. Jill felt beaten but there was nothing she could do-she wanted this cock bad. “Why don’t you get out of those panties mom?” Jill looked up at him alarmed.

“No son I’m just going to suck your cock and that’s it…..” Jill then started sucking Fred again but he backed up as soon as she got going and stood in front of her with his wet cock glistening.

“I’m naked mom, I think its only fair don’t you?” He looked down at her on the floor in her white cotton panties and her nipples hard as 2 erasers. Jill stood up, her tits jiggling as she did.

“Son I’m your Mother and there’s only so far we can go. Now lets go to my bed and I’ll suck you real good.” She smiled and turned to go. Fred followed her and stood in front of her as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Just show me your pussy mom please?” She didn’t see the harm in that and spread her legs. There was already a large wet spot in the center of her panties as she pulled them to the side and revealed her very wet hairy pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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