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Karen was enjoying her well-deserved vacation with her husband Steve, they had spent the previous week relaxing at the pool, enjoying the free bar, they had on a couple of occasions taken in the local sites, but if all be told they did prefer the to relax by the pool.

Karen found herself each day by the pool, she would find a sun lounger that gave her an unobstructed view across the pool and wearing her sunglasses, in the hope that she wouldn’t be caught, she would stare at all the gorgeous couples, some swimming others just sunbathing, she would watch as couples would apply sun lotion to each other. She closed her eyes and imagined it was her hands smoothing the cool oil into hot skin, running her hands up the thighs of the hunks, running her hands over the strong muscular torsos. She then started to imagine helping the women, her hands massaging the supple skin of their thighs, over their buttocks. As she imagined all this, she found herself becoming slightly aroused, without thinking she let her thighs spread slightly, the slight breath of the warm breeze coming off the ocean, teasing her inner thighs. She felt her breasts start to ache, her nipples clearly visible through the thin material of her bikini top. She was sure that her bikini bottoms would be showing a small damp spot as she felt herself becoming damp; she desperately wanted to slip a finger inside her bikini bottoms, to run a finger along her damp slit, to tease her throbbing clit. She closed her eyes and began to fantasize about masturbating in front of everyone.

Steve awoke her, his shadow cast across her face. “Karen darling, I’ve arranged a fishing trip tomorrow, I’m going to be setting off early, I’ve booked you in for a pampering in the hotel spa facility.”

Karen wasn’t at all bothered, she had fancied the idea of a relaxing day in the spa.

The following day Steve set off early on his fishing trip with a few of the other guests. Karen got showered and put on her skimpy bikini, wrapped her sarong around her and set off for the spa.

There were a couple of other women there, booking themselves in for the spa treatment, finally Karen got herself booked in and was asked to go through to the waiting area, she was offered a complementary drink and chose a vodka and tonic with lots of ice. She sat there watching all the other women being collected and being taken to their treatment rooms, finally, just as she had almost given up, someone came to collect her, not just someone, but a beautiful someone, she was a six-foot-tall, Amazonian looking beauty, her skin a light brown, luscious black hair, her breasts straining against the white starched material of her wrap around uniform.

“Are you Karen?”

“Yes.” Karen replied, becoming weak at the knees looking at this Beauty.

“Hi, I am Ana, I am your masseuse for the day.” And with that she took Karen gently by the hand and escorted her over to treatment rooms.

On entering the room, Karen was asked to go behind a screen and remove her sarong and bikini and to wrap herself in one of the towels provided. Karen did as she was asked, and went behind the screen, and stripped, she admired herself in the mirror as she stood there naked, her long slim legs, her almost perfect flat stomach and her large breasts, her gaze then centered between her thighs, her mound newly trimmed the previous evening. She then noticed in the mirror that she wasn’t the only one looking at her body, Ana was also coyly looking. Karen smiled and pretended to drop her bikini top on the floor, she then bent forward, her legs slightly spread, giving Ana the most perfect view of her tight bottom and between her thighs.

Picking up the bikini top Karen placed it on the chair and wrapped the white towel around her body, the towel only just big enough to cover her ample breasts and hide her pussy. Karen then turned around and walked out from behind the screen. Ana was still staring at her, but as soon as she emerged from behind the screen, she dropped her gaze and turned around.

“Please take a seat Karen, and we will get started”

Ana indicated a seat opposite a large mirror, and Karen sat down. Karen looked at herself in the mirror, noticing that the towel was just not long enough to cover her modesty, she could just make out her puffy lips. Ana stood beside her and leant forward to start on her facial, Karen took in the beautiful odor of her perfume, and just relaxed as Ana went to work on her.

After about 30 minutes Ana had finished on Karen’s face and brought canlı bahis over a chair and small table ready to start on her finger nails. As Ana worked on her nails, Karen she couldn’t help but start to get turned on, the gentle hands of Ana delicately stroking her hands and arms sending a warm glow through her body.

After a further 30 minutes working on her hands Ana then moved the chair and table to Karen’s feet, taking one of them in her lap she started to give her a pedicure. Karen loved the feeling of her feet being touched and Ana was an expert. After Ana had finished Karen’s first foot she gently placed in back on the floor and moved to her other. Karen opened her eyes and looked down at Ana. Ana, whilst working on her feet, was staring up at her thighs and beyond to the outline of her swollen pussy lips. A smile spread across Karen’s face and she opened her legs, allowing Ana to get a good look at her moist vagina. Ana stared intently, her fingers massaging Karen’s feet even more purposefully.

Finally, Ana stopped her work on Karen’s feet and stood up, Karen watched her, was she getting slightly hot under the collar, her breathing seemed to have speeded up and she was perspiring slightly, making her skin glisten and when she looked, she was sure that her nipples were, and did she just see her gently brush her hand over her mound?

Ana spent a moment composing her-self and called Karen over to the massage couch.

Karen moved over to the couch and lay on it faced down, Ana stood beside her and undid the towel, pealed it down so that it just covered her tight bottom, she lay her head onto a folded-up towel and waited as Ana rubbed warm lotion into her hands. Karen then felt the warm hands of Ana start to rub her hands onto her back, the motion of her hands running in smooth arcs from the base of her spine, just beneath the folded towel, up along each side of her spine continuing up to her shoulders, each repetition working her skin a little harder.

Karen again closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of Ana working on her flesh, Ana was now running her hands down Karen’s sides. Karen couldn’t be sure but it felt as if Ana’s fingers were spending a little more time than was actually necessary on the sides of her breasts, but to be truthful, she wasn’t at all bothered, in fact she would have been more upset if she just stopped.

Karen couldn’t help herself, as Ana ran a hand over her supple flesh of her breasts again, she let out a low moan, she tried to raise herself a little to allow Ana’s fingers to work further underneath her breasts, she let out another moan as those fingers did reach a little further underneath.

The rubbing stopped and Karen opened her eyes to see what was going to happen next, Ana was stood by her legs and raised the towel slightly.

“Please Karen, would you mind spreading your legs for me,”

Karen’s heart skipped a beat, it was if this woman was going to make love to her, and if she was honest with herself that is exactly what she wanted, she had never felt like this for another woman. She did spread her legs and waited.

Ana started on the back of Karen’s firm thighs her hands rubbing her legs from the top of her thighs down to her knees, and then again, and again each time the rubbing was again becoming more intense, and to Karen it felt as if each time Ana’s fingers were touching her higher and higher up her inner thighs, she could almost feel her brushing her sensitive lips.

Then abruptly Ana stopped on her upper legs and proceeded to work on her lower legs, Karen now spread her legs a little bit more, hoping that she could entice Ana to go back to work on her thighs, and hopefully higher.

Sure, enough Ana did go back to her thighs and yes, she did start to run her fingers even higher, but still not high enough.

Karen tried to grind her groin onto the couch as Ana’s fingers reached the top of her thighs again, and with this she let out a long moan, she was sure that on the couch would be a small wet patch, her pussy did feel extremely moist.

Ana walked up the side of her and bent down so she could whisper in her ear.

“Sorry to be so forward miss, but if you are wanting me to go further with the massage, to err touch you intimately then I’m sorry I’m unable” Ana whispered to Karen.

“What do you mean”

“If you want to me to get you off, I’m not allowed, it’s the rules of the spa. But if you want to take care of yourself whilst I continue the massage then that is okay with me.”

Karen bahis siteleri couldn’t believe it, Ana was telling her that she was unable to help her take care of the itch that was now firmly between her legs, but that she would be willing to continue massaging her whilst she masturbated. Instantly Karen turned a very deep shade of red in embarrassment. The thought ran through her mind over and over, and she could feel herself becoming even more aroused, she felt the surge of heat between her legs, her breasts becoming flush, and her nipples aching.

It took her a few moments and then, almost without thinking, her hands started to move, her left hand moved up to her breasts, she raised her self slightly to allow her hand underneath her breasts, her hand starting to massage her flesh, a finger idly rubbing over a hard nipple making her moan.

Ana continued on her Karen’s legs, her hands kneading her spread thighs, gently brushing the very top of her legs almost rubbing across her sensitive lips.

Karen now moved her right hand down, across to feel her hip, and then moved it slowly underneath her body, she raised herself enough to slide her hand underneath herself and placed her hand at the base of her stomach and then she slowly moved it down, the feeling of her wispy pubic hairs against her fingers driving her on, she had her hand cupping her pubic mound, a finger extending and resting along her slit.

As Ana continued her massage Karen started to slowly rub her mound, feeling her extended finger rubbing along her slit, her finger slowly spreading her lips. Ana’s actions coupled with her own actions were making her moan even more, as she did this, she started to grind herself onto her hand, feeling the wetness seeping along her slit.

Ana moved back up her body and knelt next to her, Karen could smell her delicate perfume.

“Miss, why don’t you turn over, I need to do your front and well, you may find it more comfortable.”

Karen turned herself over on the table, looking down her body she could see her breasts rising and falling with her heavy breathing, her nipples swollen. She managed to turn over without losing the towel covering her most intimate parts.

Ana was now stood at the head of the table, leaning over Karen, her hands running over Karen’s sides and up along the sides of her breasts, rubbing the warm lotion into her hot skin.

Karen continued to touch her breasts, access easier now she rubbed over her flesh, feeling the heat from them, her fingers running over her hard nipples, every so often she would gently pinch them, pulling on them, squeezing on them. With every pinch she felt her pussy moisten even further.

Ana reached further down, almost pushing her uniform covered breast into Karen’s face.

Karen was now moaning with every squeeze, every pinch. Her insistent fingers of her right hand now pushed underneath the towel, down placing her hand over her mound. She looked up at Ana who was staring at the towel covering her modesty, and then as she started to rub herself, she felt the towel start to slide off her body. In any normal circumstances she would have immediately stopped and saved the towel from falling, but she didn’t care, in fact deep down she wanted to be watched, she wanted Ana to see her touch herself, to watch her slide a finger along her slit, to dip into her tight hole, to pinch and pull at her clit and finally to cum over her fingers.

Ana moved to her Karen’s side, still massaging her flesh, using the warm oil on her body. Karen looked down at her, wishing that she would carry out the actions she was doing to herself, wishing that this beautiful woman would carry on masturbating her, but she was too well disciplined, her hands keeping well clear of her erogenous zones.

Karen just couldn’t wait any longer, she spread her legs slightly and pushed hand further between her legs, feeling her wetness on her lips, she rubbed herself harder and harder, the heel of her hand pushing into her mound. She now brought her other hand down, both hands rubbing over her mound, back and forth.

Ana carried on her actions, still the professional, but watching intently, herself becoming aroused, her own nipples hardening, her pussy becoming damp, she wanted to help out, but she knew that if she were caught doing anything inappropriate, she would be fired, she had to make do with just watching, she would have to take care of herself later, alone, in her private accommodation.

Karen was now, gasping bahis şirketleri and moaning with every rub of her own hands on her pussy, her left hand now was starting to rub at her clit, just gently at first, wanting the feeling to last forever. The fingers of her right hand now started to rub along her slit, feeling her lips spread easily, her own lubrication making her finger slide easily along herself. She allowed one of her fingers to start to probe her pussy, gently pressing into it, feeling the wetness seep out.

Karen looked at Ana who was staring at her hands touching herself, Ana was purring slightly under her breath. Karen then pushed her finger into her hole, feeling her pussy walls swallow her finger, she snaked it into her pussy, curling it back toward herself, feeling her long nail scratching along her inner walls. Her back arched as she did this, her fingers on her clit rubbed a bit harder. And then she withdrew her fingers from her pussy, they made a squelching noise as she slowly withdrew them, her finger coated in her wetness. She brought two fingers together and inserted them gently, first up to the first knuckle, then the second and finally she forced them deep inside. Normally this was enough for her, but this time she wanted to go further, she wanted Ana to watch her fuck herself. She brought her fingers out, and then she brought them up to her mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue over them tasting her wetness, savoring her juice, her tongue flicking over her wet fingers, she then sucked on them, taking them deep into her mouth, sucking them like a cock, before finally releasing them from her mouth and placing them back between her spread thighs.

Karen ran her fingers along her slit again, rubbing her juice onto herself, lubricating her wet hole, she was now pinching her clit between her fingers of her left hand, squeezing and the pulling her sensitive bud, her right hand was rubbing up and down her slit, her fingers dipping briefly in and out of her dripping hole, each thrust she would push deeper with, first one finger, then two and finally three. She had three fingers plunging in and out of her cunt, her wetness squelching through her fingers, a gasp every thrust.

Ana was massaging Karen’s feet now, looking up between Karen’s spread thighs at her fingers, watching her fingers slam in and out of her dripping cunt, her own pussy, by now, dripping, she could feel the wetness on her thighs. She wanted to slip a hand between her legs and bring herself off, but she would have to wait.

Karen was now fucking herself hard, her fingers plunging in and out of her wet cunt whilst she frantically rubbed at her throbbing clit, she was panting and moaning, feeling her orgasm approaching she started to speed up, pounding her fingers in and out of herself, her fingers on her clit a blur, and then she started to cum, she could feel the walls of her pussy start to contract around her fingers, her juice running between her thighs forming a pool on the couch. And then she came, her fingers stopped pounding, she stopped rubbing herself momentarily. She screamed, her orgasm hit her, her pussy going into spasm around her fingers, as she came her juice started to gently squirt between her fingers, coating her upper thighs and making the couch wet. Just as she thought she had finished cumming she withdrew her fingers, bringing on another orgasm, as hard as the first, again her cum squirting from her, until finally she was finished, she lay there panting and exhausted.

Ana gently placed Karen’s feet back on the couch.

“I will leave you for a few minutes Karen, to allow you to sort yourself out, in peace, I will return in a few minutes, and thank you.”

Karen lay there panting, trying to get over what she had just done in front of a stranger, she recovered the towel and wrapped it around her, finding some paper towel, she dried herself, and the couch, feeling slightly embarrassed at the amount of her cum was on the couch.

Ana was in a small anti-room, she wanted to touch herself but that would have to wait, she checked the recording and slipped the disc into her handbag, this would certainly get her off very quickly when she watched the whole thing again, she couldn’t remember anyone cumming as hard as that before.

Ana returned to the treatment room and found Karen with her Bikini back on, sitting on the couch, she looked exhausted.

“Thank you, Ana, I did enjoy that.”

“I could tell. Here is my card, I do private sessions in my apartment if you are interested, just give me a call.”

And with that Ana showed Karen out of the treatment room and outside. As Karen walked away, she looked at the card in her hands, she might just give her a call and have a private session!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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