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Chapter 1

My parents’ divorce came as no surprise to me. For months I had watched as their fights had escalated and became more frequent. Eventually it came to the point that I actually hoped they would get divorced, rather than fearing it like I once had. The night my mother came in my bedroom to give me the news I knew what she was going to say even before she spoke.

“Chris, I have something to tell you.” she said. Her hands trembled and I could tell that she had been crying.

“I know,” I interjected “you and dad are splitting up.

Mom nodded, then began sobbing.

That was over four years ago and seems like another lifetime to me. A few months after my eighteenth birthday my mother re-married. She began dating a guy named Robert — whom everyone called Bob. They had been dating for almost two years when he asked her to marry him, on Valentine’s Day no less. Mom could barely contain her excitement that night when she came home to tell me the news. I was very happy for her and had been expecting this for months. Bob was a nice guy and treated me well, but most importantly he treated my mother well. I couldn’t remember her ever seeming so happy when she was with dad. Bob was also good to me, so I never went through the usual “you’re not my dad — you can’t tell me what to do” phase with him. We got along well and he welcomed me as part of the family.

Bob had a twenty-one year-old daughter, Anna, who lived with him. She had been living with her mother, but I guess that never worked out. I never knew why and didn’t ask; it was none of my business. I felt like an interloper once mom and I moved in with them so I did my best to stay under Anna’s radar.

I could not help but notice how pretty and sexy Anna was though. She was shorter than me, about 5’5 I guessed, with short thick black hair, hazel eyes, full lips that always seemed moist and a lush hourglass figure. To some, Anna might have seemed somewhat overweight, but I loved her cushiony ass and thighs. I imagined sliding between them as I lay atop her, grabbing handfuls of her pendulous breasts.

Anna had a job as a waitress at a nice restaurant in town. That, and her social life, kept her busy so she and I had little interaction at first. But most nights after going to bed images of her filled my mind as I tugged at my swollen cock. I was sure to see her during breakfast and supper, and that time around her was enough for me to be able to store up enough mental images to replay in my mind later at night.

One Saturday evening a few weeks after mom and Bob had gotten married they went out to dinner at the restaurant where Anna worked. I went up to my room to search for porn online. I nearly shot straight out of my chair when I saw Anna leaning against the doorway to my room a half hour later, arms folded under her breasts as she watched me. She laughed at my reaction, then walked in and sat down on my bed to my left. I quickly loaded another webpage before she could discover what I had been looking at.

“Looking at porn, huh?” she surmised with a snicker.

Fear must have showed on my face because she gave me a gentle smile, her eyes sparkling.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom or dad.” She sounded sincere and I was grateful.

I gave her a guilty stare, but never admitted that she was right.

Anna was wearing a knee-length red paisley skirt and a blue tanktop. My eyes moved up her voluptuous thighs, then to her heavy breasts filling out the front of her top. My cock stiffened and I slid closer to my computer. Anna got up and walked over to a shelf to the left of my computer, her head tilting to the right as she read the titles on the spines of my CD cases.

“Would it be okay if I borrowed some of your CDs sometime?” she asked, glancing towards me.

“Sure.” I told her, eager to do whatever it took for us to become closer.

“Cool.” she squeaked, then resumed scanning the jewel cases, row by row.

Anna picked out a few CDs and tossed them behind her on the bed, then sat down to look them over. After a few minutes she looked up at me, seeming puzzled.

“So you’re my brother now, huh?”

“Yeah… step-brother.” I corrected, expecting her to lament the fact.

Anna frowned, resting her hands on her lap, still holding one of my CDs. “So I guess that makes me some kind of pervert then.” she concluded as the corners of her fulls lips turned down.

“What?” I blurted out, confused by her comment.

Anna tossed the CD aside and leaned towards me, her elbows resting on her thighs. Her breasts shifted and I could see her cleavage down the front of her tank top.

“You’re cute, Chris.” she said, almost whispering.

I felt my face grow warm and my jaw go slack. “Oh… ahhh… thanks.” I mumbled.

“But, now that you’re my brother I’m not allowed to think that,” she continued, then paused “that would be incest.”

I cocked my head to one side, thinking, then gave it a quick shake. “No. Not just thinking that I’m cute — that doesn’t count, I don’t think.”

“What casino oyna counts then?” she prodded, seeming perplexed.

My cock throbbed in my jeans as my mind filled with all sorts of lewd acts that would qualify as incest. “Lots of other things, I guess, but not just thinking that I’m cute.” I assured her.

Anna was silent for a moment as she thought it over, then she gave me a flirtatious smile. “Would letting you feel me up count then?” she asked with a foxy grin.

My face felt like a furnace and my cock was pulsing in rhythm to my heart. “Ah… yeah, I think so.”

“Oh… okay.” she replied, seeming satisfied with my answer. She leaned back on my bed, resting on her elbows. Now her tank top was pulled over her chest tighter and my eyes were glued to it. She crossed her legs, swinging her foot as her shimmering eyes met mine.

“Having a little brother is going to be fun.” she remarked in a soft, sexy voice.

“Really? I… I thought that you didn’t like me.” I admitted.

“No, silly — not at all,” she laughed, shaking her head “I was just sort of shy at first because I found you cute and well… look at me…” She lowered her head as a dismal expression crept over her pretty face.

“I have,” I blurted out before I could rein my words in.

“Have what?” Anna asked.

“Looked at you,” I clarified “what’s wrong with you?”

Anna shot me a look of surprise, then took in a deep breath. “Let’s just say I’m not supermodel material, Chris.” she snapped.

“I think you’re pretty.” I spat out, worried that I was being too honest.

“You don’t have to say it just because I said it to you.” she scoffed, her eyes narrowing.

“But I mean it. Besides, I probably shouldn’t even think it, let alone say it.”

Anna’s eyes widened as she raised her head, smiling. “It’s okay. Someone told me that doesn’t count as incest.”

I laughed. “What does?”

Anna stood up and took two steps towards me. She took my hand from my lap and pressed it to her heavy right breast, hanging down inches before my face. I felt it move up as my fingers sank into her flesh through her top. It was soft and my hand suddenly seemed small as I cupped it. Her nipple swelled and I rubbed it with my fingertips.

“I think this does.” she grinned.

I gave Anna’s hefty breast a long, slow squeeze. Seconds later she eased away, then sat back down on the bed. She crossed her legs and leaned back once more, looking pleased. Her nipples were now two thick bumps, rising from her top.

I was speechless, and for a while I was scared that I was going to cum in my jeans. Finally I calmed down some and was able to speak.

“I don’t think that counts either.” I smirked.

Anna let out a loud laugh, giving her head a shake. “You’re as naughty as me,” she observed “maybe we’re related for real.”

I heard the sound of two car doors closing in the yard and spun my chair around. Anna lept up and went to look out the window.

“They’re home.” she informed me.

Maybe it was just guilt, or nervousness, but I assumed that Anna would leave my room before mom or her father could discover her there. Instead, she sat back down on my bed. This time sitting upright with her knees pressed together.

“We’re back.” my mother announced, sticking her head in my room.

I looked up and nodded.

“Did you guys have a good time, Laura?” Anna asked.

“Wonderful,” mom said “we took your advice and ate at The Alcove.”

“Did they give you the family discount?” Anna asked.


“Next time tell them who you are; they’ll give you ten percent off.” Anna reminded her.

“Great, thanks, Anna,” mom told her “we’ll be going to bed in a while. You guys have a good night.”

“You too.” Anna and I called out in unison.

While we listened to the sounds in the bathroom, waiting for my mother and Bob to go to bed Anna, and I talked about our mutual interests: music and movies. I was surprised to learn that our tastes were quite alike. I was also happy to discover that we had things in-common to discuss.

Close to an hour later Anna stood up, stretching her arms and arching her back. I looked up and down her writhing body. She smiled as she relaxed her arms, noticing my eyes on her.

“Time for bed.” she announced.

Anna stepped over to me and placed her hand on my right shoulder. She bent over and kissed my left cheek. I could feel her breasts on my back. They felt firm and moved a bit.

“Sweet dreams, little brother.” she whispered in my ear.

“You too, sis.” I grinned.

Chapter 2

One thing I learned soon after mom and Bob got married was that he was an early riser. He was always the first one up every morning — even on Saturdays and Sundays when he didn’t have to work. That Saturday was no exception.

By the time I finished my shower and got dressed Bob and mom had already been up for over an hour. He had finished breakfast and was reading the paper. Sitting across the table from Bob Mom was sipping her tea and chewing on canlı casino a bagel.

“Morning, honey.” mom said.

“Morning.” I mumbled as I sauntered into the kitchen.

Bob said something from behind his paper but I wasn’t sure what. I pulled a bagel from the bag on the table and began buttering it.

“So, what are you doing today?” mom asked.

I shrugged, tearing at my bagel with my teeth. “Hanging out, I guess.”

“Bob and I are going to Hantsburg. There’s a sale on plants and shrubs at a nursery there. Would you like to come?”

I would have rather had my balls stapled to a chair than spend my Saturday looking at flowers. I shook my head. “No, that’s okay.” I told her, thinking I might have time alone to continue my porn search online.

It was going on nine forty-five, but Anna was not up yet — although that did not surprise me. She was not a morning person like her father. As I drank a glass of milk I thought about how she had let me feel her the night before. My cock twitched and I wondered if it would be a one time occurrence, or the start of something — hoping for the latter, of course.

About fifteen minutes later Anna joined us. As she walked to the fridge I followed her from the corner of my eye. She was wearing a knee-length pink cotton robe, decorated with tiny yellow flowers. It was tied tightly around her, hugging her body. I stared at the contours of her breasts as she reached over my left shoulder for a bagel. Glancing to my left I noticed Bob peering over his paper at her as she leaned over the table. Her breasts swayed beneath her robe and I could see her upper chest in her slightly open top.

“Ready to go?” mom asked, prompting Bob to fold his paper and place it beside his coffee mug.

“Oh… yeah… sure.” he said, seeming flustered.

Anna was behind me, leaning against the counter as she ate her bagel. I waved to my mom and Bob as they left, then drank the rest of my milk. I could hear Anna’s bare feet padding across the kitchen floor as she came over to the table. She pulled a chair out and sat down to my right, crossing her legs. Her robe fell open and I could see almost all of her bare right leg. Her skin was smooth and dusky, making me wonder what the rest of her body looked like. She swung her bare right foot around as she observed me.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“Nothing. Just finishing breakfast.” I told her.

“I have to be at work at three.” she said with a frown.

“Till when?”

“Probably close to midnight, if it’s busy.”

“That sucks.” I commented.

“At least I make good tips on the weekends,” she said “it’s always busy then.”

Anna went to the fridge and poured a glass of orange juice. She gulped it down, then went to look out the back door into the yard. She stepped out on to the porch.

“Come on out. It’s beautiful out here.” she called to me.

I didn’t especially want to go outside, but was willing to go wherever Anna was.

Anna was leaning back against the railing, her hands braced against it on either side of her curvy hips. Her out-stretched arms had pulled her robe open some at the top. As I approached her I ran my eyes down the V-shaped opening in her robe to the tops of her breasts, now visible. They were round and smooth. I stared at them until her voice distracted me.

“Like my robe?” she smirked.

“Yeah… it looks good on you.” I told her, hoping she would not notice my arousal.

“Dad says I shouldn’t wear it around the house,” she began, then darted her eyes upwards as she smiled “but I know that he really doesn’t mind that much.” She gave me a cryptic grin.

“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.

Anna’s eyes narrowed as they met mine. “Promise you’ll never tell anyone? Especially your mom.”

Now I was really intrigued. “Yeah, I promise.” I told her, trying to sound as sincere as possible.

“Well, dad says I shouldn’t wear this robe around the house, but he always seems to like it whenever I do.” she said, almost whispering, as if someone might overhear her.

“What do you mean?” I asked, quite sure that I knew what she was insinuating, but unable to believe it. Then I recalled how Bob had looked at her as she reached for a bagel earlier.

“You know what I mean, Chris,” she insisted “dad likes to check me out when I wear this, or other clothes too sometimes.”

“Wow… has he ever done anything?” I asked.

“You mean like try to feel me up?”

I nodded, growing even more aroused.

“No,” she replied, then paused as she shrugged “well, maybe a few times.”

“Really? What did he do?” My cock was swollen and throbbed.

Anna let her arms fall to her sides. She fumbled with the belt of her robe, seeming nervous. Now the front of her robe was looser around her, revealing more of her upper chest. Her skin was dark and silky looking. I wanted to touch her. I was surprised that she wasn’t wearing anything under her robe, or at least not a top. I wondered if she even had panties on beneath her robe. Her nipples kaçak casino had reacted to the morning breeze, swelling so they stood out from the cotton.

“I mean it, Chris. You can never breathe a word of this to anyone. Dad would be in so much shit.” Now she looked worried.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want him to get in trouble. I like your dad. Plus he makes mom happy.”

“Okay, good,” she said, sounding relieved “I guess it doesn’t matter anymore now that he’s married. He’ll probably never look at me or anyone else ever again because your mom’s got really nice boobs.”

I felt myself blush, but never replied.

“Well…” she prodded, saying the word slowly as her eyebrows darted up.

“Well what?”

“Don’t you think her boobs are nice? They’re almost as big as mine.”

“I don’t know,” I said, my voice raising as I grew defensive “she’s my mom.”

“So?” Anna countered.

“So I don’t notice things like that about her.” I asserted with a glare.

Anna let out a sharp laugh of disbelief. “Yeah, right.” She rolled her eyes.

Anna’s skepticism was well-founded. There had been many times that both my eyes and thoughts had wandered while I was around my mother. There were also times that I found myself snatching furtive glances down the front of her blouse or dress when she was bending over. Occasionally when she hugged me my fingertips would wander down the side of her breast as we embraced. If my mother noticed, or objected, she certainly never indicated that.

I pushed my hands deep into the pockets of my jeans and leaned against the side of the house, avoiding Anna’s accusatory eyes. She pushed herself away from the railing. She moved over and stood beside me. Her shoulder brushed against mine.

“You can be honest with me, Chris.” I just told you my deepest secret — about dad.

I nodded, still not feeling compelled to do the same.

Anna turned so she was leaning against the outer wall on her left shoulder, her eyes locked on my face, trying to read my expression.

“Have you ever felt her up?” she asked, sounding gentle as she tried to coax the truth from me.

“No.” I exclaimed, looking at her in shock.

“I bet you sneak peeks down her tops like dad does with me.” Her voice was self-assured.

Before I could fight it, a smile was manifesting on my face, although I don’t know if it was at the thought of my mother’s breasts or Bob leering at Anna’s.

“I knew it!” she exclaimed, sounding triumphant.

I gave Anna an ashamed look as I raised my head.

“Don’t feel bad about it, Chris. You’re a normal guy — and your mom’s pretty hot.”

I let out a nervous laugh.

“Have you ever seen her naked?” she continued.

“No. No way,” I told her with an emphatic shake of my head, then thought for a second “has your dad ever seen you naked?”

“No, just, like, in my bra and jeans, or a skirt once in a while — that’s the closest. Plus the times he’s looked down my tops.”

“I’ve seen mom like that plenty too.” I finally admitted with a smile.

Anna turned, resting her back against the wall as she peered out at the yard. “You really are bad as me,” she marveled “maybe we were related in another life.”

“You don’t really believe in that reincarnation stuff, do you?” I scoffed.

“Sure. Tibetan Buddhists proved it hundreds of years ago.” she asserted.

“So, I could have been, like, your brother in another life?” I questioned as my brow furrowed.

“Sure, or my son.” Anna shot me a suggestive look.

“I don’t know,” I drawled “it all seems pretty weird to me.”

“I’ll loan you a book sometime.” she offered.

I wasn’t really planning on delving into Buddhism, but any more common ground that I could find with Anna would be beneficial I told myself.

“I’m going to take a shower and get dressed. I’ll be back down in a while.” Anna told me.

“Okay.” I said, watching her turn to go back inside.

While Anna was upstairs I kept myself occupied by watching television. I thought that she would be about a half hour, but it was twice that time before she joined me in the livingroom. When she walked in I was surprised to see that she was wearing a black skirt and white blouse that she wore to work.

“I thought that you didn’t have to be at work till three.”

“I don’t,” she confirmed “but I decided I may as well get dressed for it instead of changing again later.” She dropped her purse on the coffee table in front of us.

Her plan made sense. I nodded, my eyebrows darting up.

Anna slid down on the sofa beside me, crossing her legs. She was wearing black stockings and I found they made her legs look very sexy. My cock twitched as I shifted about, trying to not to be too obvious about ogling her. Anna’s arms were folded on her lap as she stared at the television and I noticed that she had applied nail gloss. The notion struck even me as odd, but Anna had nice hands I thought. Her fingers were long and her skin was smooth and looked soft, like she had never done a day of work in her life. Suddenly I pictured her fingers curling around my hard cock, stroking it as she gripped me.

“So you’re just going to hang out here all day?” she asked as she turned her head towards me.

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