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Note: If there are any typos, spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors please forgive me. I contacted five editors on this sites list of editors and only one of them replied. I sent him a copy of this story for review and it’s been more than sixty-days without any reply. I have tried the best I can to edit this story on my own but as every writer knows, it is hard to catch one’s mistakes. That is why there are editors. So I have decided to publish without an editor. Please enjoy the story.

It was a long flight home. I had been away for two weeks on a business trip in Atlanta. It was nice to be back in Phoenix. The humidity was a killer for sure. I wasn’t going to miss it in the least bit. What I did miss was my wife and my stepdaughter. It couldn’t wait to see them again.

It was disappointing to come home to an empty house after being away for so long. My wife, Abby was at work and would not be home until that evening. My step daughter, Zoe wouldn’t be home from the university until mid-afternoon. I was king of an empty castle. Well, at least for a few hours anyway.

The noon day sun burned bright so I thought what the hell, I am off work for the rest of the day with nothing to do and a nice dip in the pool after a four-hour flight would feel great. I walked out the back door. The crystal-clear water of the pool screamed for me to take the plunge. Since I was alone I stripped off everything and hopped in. Wow, the stress of the flight washed right off.

After soaking in the cool water, I got out and toweled off. I laid on my back and put my headphones on. I launched my Amazon Music app on my phone and was soon drifting off to dreamland listening to some soft-rock.

Now I don’t know how long I was asleep for, but the next thing I know is I open my eyes and there was Zoe standing there in her bikini in front of me staring. With one smooth jerk I yanked my headphones out of my ears and bolted straight out of the pool recliner.

With my flaccid swinging penis, I said, “Holy shit! Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

Zoe stifling a laugh and just watched my cock bouncing between by my thighs. “I got out of class twenty minutes ago, and thought I would come out here and have a swim. I had no idea you would be like this.” She said pointing at my lifeless dick.

Now I was truly embarrassed at this point. I was standing there in front of my nineteen-year-old stepdaughter fully exposed. casino oyna She didn’t offer me her towel or anything to cover up with. She just stood there with a sly little smirk looking at my manhood. After a moment, she walked over and sat down in one of our lawn chairs like this was business as usual.

I don’t know what came over me next. Maybe it was because I hadn’t had sex in two weeks or what but my cock began to grow right there in front of both of us and my balls began to tingle. I couldn’t help notice this girl for the first time. She had raven black hair and pale skin with a sprinkle of freckles. Unlike her mother, she was thin and had two perky little tits and a sugary ass that was as solid as a Christmas ham. God help me but she looked amazing in the little black bikini that didn’t cover much of anything.

She started to giggle when she saw my dick stiffen. My veins in my shaft began to bulge as all the blood rushed into it. It was the beginning of the end for me.

As a cloud began to descend over my common sense and my ability to think rationally, I remember her saying with an impish and evil smile, “My, my, my, what do we have here? That looks like that hurts.”

I immediately tried to hide it with my hands.

“Now, now. Don’t try to hide your little man.” She said as she crossed her arms just under her breasts. “Let it stick out. I want to see what you have.”

“I don’t think that would be very appropriate. I mean your mother doesn’t want you to see this.” I said still trying to hide what I can only describe as five inches of aching fuck stick.

“Yes, about that. My mom would be very disappointed to find out that you were stark naked in front of her baby girl. And with a ragging boner no less. That would truly be disastrous for you. Daddy.” She said sarcastically.

“I’m not your dad.”, I replied feeling even more embarrassed and humiliated.

“No shit.” She barked back. “My dad wouldn’t be standing there with his dick sticking out thinking naughty thoughts about me.”

With a sinister look and calculating eyes she said matter of a fact, “This is what you’re going to do. You’re going to stand there and wank that pitiful looking dick for my entertainment.”

I was so stunned. I had never seen this side of her. I never knew she had such a mean streak and besides what alternative did I have? She was going to tell her mother if I didn’t comply. I was also so full of canlı casino cum from two weeks of no sex I couldn’t think of a way out of this even if I wanted to. All the blood that made it possible for me to make a cognitive argument was now powering my erection. What women don’t understand – or maybe they do – is semen is like poison, if a man has too much in him all his body wants to do is expel it. So, that was the case here. I was spanking my dick and that was that. I had too. It was biological, humiliating as this was for sure, but encoded in every man’s DNA.

I began stroking and as I did I got thicker and longer. I was going to explode at any moment as my breathing became more and more ragged with each stroke. Up and down I worked my dick like a piston in a finely tuned race car.

I was humming along going for the checkered flag when she must have sensed how close I was to cumming. She then commanded me to stop. Now I was too focused on her tits, her legs; imaging what she must look like naked. In my mind, I was fucking that little bitch for everything she was worth. At this point my mind set was; go big, or go home. My embarrassment went out with the common-sense tide.

I could see her lips moving but my mind couldn’t make out her words. Is she saying stop? That’s fucking ridiculous. I can’t stop. That train has left the station. I am going to blow the biggest load of my life. It’s going to be fucking epic. Bards will write songs about this cum shot. It will be glorious. The fucking choir will sing about it in church. Stop? That’s crazy!

She got up from her chair and sauntered over to me. He tits jiggled ever so slightly as she glided. She raised her hand and with one smooth strike she slapped my face open handed as solid as she could. The slap shocked me back into reality. I could feel the sting of each digit burn my cheek. It made my eyes water.

Gaining her composer again she said in a silky voice, “I said stop.”

My hand dropped exposing the full length of my now raging cock. I looked down and the head of my dick was a gleaming plum colored spear. A long tear of pre-cum hung suspended from my dick lips. It swung like a pendulum as I trembled. All I want to do was go back to stroking. I need to purge myself of what felt like a couple of quarts of burning venom in my overloaded balls.

“I just want to see that useless little dick in all of its glory.” She purred. “You know, for a man that’s kaçak casino not big at all.” She went on with her critique. “I accidently walked in on my cousin one time and he has a bigger one than that.”

Her words seared my soul. It was so humiliating to stand there being judged as she plunged daggers of insults at me. She was watching me do the most intimate thing a person can do. A little gratitude would have been nice, but alas that was not in the cards.

I knew I had no chance of her ever reciprocating or even offering to assist me in relieving myself of this burden. God I want her to wrap her slender hand around my shaft, but that too was never to be. She was in total control of the situation and she was taking full advantage. It’s my fault really. I empowered her by getting a hard dick in front of her in the first place. If only I had more control but my brain short circuited and my body had other ideas.

“Finnish up stroker-boy. I haven’t all day.”, She snickered.

With a sudden rush of abandonment, I grab my manhood and began rubbing. As I approached my crescendo I began grunting like the pig she painted me as. Then as if someone flicked a switch I started spewing forth ropes of seman. My dick gushed and pulsated ribbon after ribbon of pearlescent love juice. I felt like Zeus throwing bolts of lightning at heretics who broke in to rob my temple. I could hear my seed splattering on the pool deck as it streaked through the air. I could smell its unmistakable fragrance. It was like fine perfume to me. Pure fucking ecstasy.

When I had expelled every drop, I crumpled on my knees before this wicked princess that lorded over me. She reached down and grabbed my face; not in a kind way but the demeaning way a parent grabs a child who is going to be lectured. With my face in her hand she peered into my eyes and said, “You will do that again for me. Maybe not today. But soon. I own you now.” Giggling she released her grip on my face and my head dropped partially acknowledging her supremacy over me and partially in exhaustion.

As quickly as it started it ended. The deed was done. I was mentally and physically spent. It was then that my rational thought process came back online and it hit me like a hammer, I had just debased myself in front of my stepdaughter. I had sealed my fate. I was now beholden to her and her bizarre game. If her mother ever found out I was fucking dead.

As if an afterthought, Zoe looked over her shoulder at me as she walked away like someone who was leaving the theater and quipped, “Maybe next time I’ll have some of my friends over to watch. Wouldn’t that be grand?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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