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Angela’s weekend visit to New York was all part of her High School graduation present from her Uncle Denis. She had just turned 18 that spring, and was planning to go to the University of Arizona in the fall.

Uncle Denis was her mother’s older brother. He still kept the house in Scottsdale but for the last few months he was working on the East coast over 2,000 miles away and she didn’t see him all that often. But he was able to find a discount plane ticket, sent it to her by registered mail, and now she was taking the plane to New York.

It was all part of the High School graduation festivities. They were going to have a vacation together on Long Island, someplace in “The Hamptons,” at a place right out of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Her Uncle Denis promised it was going to be an Uncle/niece weekend something “special” for both of them, something she would always remember.

Her Uncle Denis was waiting at the gate when she got off the plane at LaGuardia. He hadn’t aged that much since she saw him last. In fact, she thought he looked a lot younger then his late 40s, as fit and trim as ever. Pretty sexy, really. In a flash, she relived all of the emotions, all of the late night fantasies that tormented her the past year, all of the reasons why she loved him so.

They collected her luggage and took a shuttle bus to the airport parking garage, then drove onto the highway to this place in South Hampton. Angela thought she remembered the name from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel she had read in English class last semester.

Along with the plane ticket, her Uncle Denis sent Angela a check for $ 200. He told her she should go shopping at Victoria’s Secret, to buy a garter belt and stockings. “And a nice sexy bra and panties and bustier to match.” Angela liked the idea, the sexy underwear. He was her Uncle Denis, her mother’s favorite brother, and she wanted so much to please him.

Later Uncle Denis would teach her the rest of the ritual – that the panties always go on last, over the garter belt, so they can come off first, as necessary, whatever the circumstances. But that would be later after she lost some of her inhibitions. Then he would take her shopping to buy a real corset, not the sexy bustier from Victoria’s.

The corset would be custom made, of course, something to lace up very tight. He would join her in the fitting room, and make her take off all of her underwear. And he’d probably find an excuse to give her a spanking that morning, so the fitter would be able to see her very red ass and shaved cunt when she was naked. Yes, there were so many things he would have to teach this little girl.

Uncle Denis’s latest car was a Mercedes, white with a red leather interior, an older S model. It wasn’t the Mercedes Princess Di died in, but the model before that one. But it was a big and fast and very classy. So off they went, and 60 minutes later they were at a beach resort area not that far from New York City.

He had explained that his boss had a “summer house in the Hamptons,” and they were going to spend the weekend in the guest cottage on the grounds. As they drove, he explained that the guest cottage had been converted from a 19th century carriage house. He told his boss that his niece was coming to visit.

“We’ll have the upper floor.” Uncle Denis went on to tell her they would have a sitting room, master bedroom, a smaller bedroom for niece Angela, and a bathroom they would have to share.

“Another couple will have the lower level. But it will be reasonably private, very romantic …” as his voice kind of trailed off.

She didn’t know it, but he thought to himself, “And I hoped that she doesn’t make too much of a racket if she misbehaves and I have to give her a bare bottom spanking or administer some even more humiliating punishment.”

They arrived at the estate, and it was larger than Angela had expected. Several acres, walled in front, the back side directly on the ocean. It had both a pool and its own private beach. This was real money.

The upper floor of the carriage house was a decent size, nicely furnished. Angela noticed that Uncle Denis’s bed had an antique iron frame, very study, painted white. casino oyna Angela glanced at the bed and couldn’t help thinking “lots of places to attach a rope if one is so inclined.”

Her mom had once mentioned that Uncle Denis used to tie her up when she was a kid, and she started to wonder what else the brother and sister did when they were young. Just thinking about Uncle Denis tying up her mom, and probably copping a feel, just thinking about how the ropes felt, and Angela sensed a little bit of wetness starting to develop between her shapely young legs. Their luggage was brought up the stairs by a houseman, but he was told not to unpack.

Finally, they were alone. Her Uncle Denis looked at Angela, smiled, took her in his arms, kissed her lightly on the lips. She knew this would happen, but it was much sooner than she expected. Angela could feel his erection through his trousers. Yes, this is the way she wanted it to happen. Angela started to touch him, to feel his thick cock, to stroke it’s length, but instead he took her hand, put it behind her back, then the other hand. He held her wrists together behind her back with one of his strong hands. Held her tight as he kissed her lips, then stroked her pussy through the fabric of her skirt. She was both aroused and frightened by his directness.

“Uncle Denis,” she started to protest, “this isn’t right. We’re family.” But he bit her lower lip gently, wouldn’t let her finish the sentence, and then his tongue was in her mouth, and she was returning his kiss with all the passion an 18 year old virgin could muster.

Finally her Uncle Denis broke off the kiss. “There will be a party around the pool tonight,” he told her. “We need to get ready. There’ll be plenty of time later.” So he slapped her playfully on her sexy young butt and sent her off to take her shower.

Angela wished her Uncle would join her in the shower so they could soap each other up. More then once she had this fantasy -.the two of them in the shower, her Uncle Denis playing with her sexy little titties, teasing her nipples, making her very hot. Then it would be her turn. Angela would concentrate on his cock and balls, rinsed him off, then kneel down and teased the tip of his penis with her tongue.

Angela had done that a few times with High School boys, kissed the tips of their penis, before she jerked them off in the back seat of a car. But she had never taken a boy’s cock into her mouth and sucked them to an orgasm, so she hoped the first time with Uncle Denis she would be good at it.

All these thoughts raced through her mind, standing there, in the shower, as she worked up a lather. Yes, she wanted it to be special, whatever her Uncle Denis wanted to do to her. So she soaped her pussy and the crack of her ass, made sure the pucker of her asshole was squeaky clean, in case that was what he demanded of her.

Angela wore a summer dress, under it a very sheer bra, and the white garter belt and stockings she purchased at Victoria’s.

“The panties go on last,” her Uncle Denis told her thought the bedroom door, as she was getting dress. And her Uncle Denis wore a white linen jacket and flannel trousers, shirt and tie. Gadsby was right, you DID dress up in the Hamptons.

Around the pool, the crowd had already started to gather. Waiters served champagne and Angela grabbed a drink, and then another. Maybe it was the excitement, maybe it was the jet lag from the trip but the champagne went right to her head.

She was introduced to her Denis’s boss.

“This is my niece, Angela. She just graduated from High School and she starts at the University of Arizona in the fall.” She knew she was flirting. She didn’t try to touch his cock or anything, but it was obvious she was coming on to the man.

Another glass of champagne and then it happened. They were in a crowd, her Uncle Denis talking to this other couple, and she was flirting with this other man. Their guy’s name was Biff and woman Sunshine, “Sunny” for short. This time she was more overt. She had her hand on this man’s shoulder, this complete stranger, and was just starting to caress his neck. Quickly her Uncle Denis reached up and took hold of her ear lobe, canlı casino squeezed it hard, as if she was a naughty child.

“Angela, come with me,” he commanded. And without letting go of her ear, he dragged her away from the couple. That was so humiliating! They ended up at a row of cabanas on the far side of the pool. Uncle Denis opened the door of the nearest and pushed her inside.

He turned on the light and Angela could see it was fairly spacious. Inside it was maybe 8 by 10 feet, with a small table and a bench along one wall. And the shelves were stocked with towels and beach robes. He had taken off his jacket and was taking his belt out from the loops of his trousers.

“Angela, turn around and bend over. Put your hands on the bench.”


“Because you’re acting like a fool, like a naughty child. It’s clear you still ARE a child! You need a spanking!”

“Please, Uncle Denis, not here. Please, Uncle D, later. People will hear, please!”

“You should have thought about that before.”

Then he hit her with the belt, doubled over, across the front of her thigh.


“Do it, NOW! And be quite or I’ll make it much worse when I punish you again later.”


Then he hit her a second time, much harder.


“Turn around, NOW.”

Angela did as she was told. Then he lifted her dress over her slim hips, exposing her to the waist. To maximized her humiliation, he very slowly worked her panties down over her shapely hips, lowered them to her ankles, made her step out of them one leg at a time. Then he stood up and put the tiny wisp of lacy into his trousers pocket.

Then he reached between her legs, gently caressed the inside of her thigh, the soft skin just below her recently shaved cunt but still virgin.

“You know I’m doing this because you’ve been very naughty. But always remember I care for you, that I love you very much.”

Then he stood back and took a full swing, hit her with the strap, hard, six or eight on the fullest part of her hot little ass. Then he gave her a dozen more, even harder, across the backs of her slim legs.


“Just one more, before I let you stand up and lower your dress.”

Denis lowered the belt, and then snapped it straight up, into the lips of her open cunt.


“Don’t move until I tell you, or I’ll give you another between your legs.”

Jeez, the pain was intense. Finally it subsided and he let the beaten little girl stand up.

“My panties, Uncle Denis, please, can I have them back?”

“You won’t need them the rest of the evening,” he said coldly, and her heart sank.

He took Angela back out side, back to the party, purposely took her over to Sunny and Biff. Sunny whispered something in his ear. Angela was sure she had asked if he had spanked her, and her Uncle Denis nodded his head. Angela thought she would die of shame, knowing that this very pretty older woman knew she had been spanked like a child for misbehaving. Her Uncle Denis made small talk for a while, and then Sunny and Biff drifted away to join another couple.

A while later, as they stood by themselves, Sunny drifted back without Biff and again whispered something in Uncle Denis’s ear. He whispered something in return and she smiled, kissed him on the cheek, and vanished. What was that all about?

“Sunny is very angry that you made a play for Biff. She said tomorrow while Biff is out playing gold, she wants to spank you herself and I told her I’d let her know in the morning. But what I really think is that she wants to fuck you, but is too shy to ask.”

How did a woman fuck another woman? Angela had an idea, but wasn’t really sure she cared to try it. She hoped her Uncle Denis wouldn’t loan her to this woman to be spanked, and certainly not to have sex.

Then the party started to break up. They went back to the carriage house, up the stairs to their apartment. There was an iced bottle of champagne waiting, with two crystal champagne flutes.

“I’m sorry I had to do that, to spank you in the cabana, but you were out of control. Let’s forget about it, drink a toast to the start kaçak casino of a wonderfully vacation.”

They drank the toast in the sitting room, sitting together on the sofa.

Angela apologized for being fresh, for misbehaving, for embarrassing her Uncle in front of his associates.

“Please, Uncle Denis, I really am sorry. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”


She blushed but couldn’t say the words, but nodded her head in agreement.

“Then stand up and take off your dress.

It was the hardest thing she had ever done, harder then undressing for a spanking when she was a little girl. And all of these confused emotions rushed around in her head as she though about undressing for the first time in front of her sexy Uncle Denis.

“You look very pretty that way,” was all he said when she was finished. He asked her to stand in front of him, to put one foot up on the cocktail table. Angela turned bright red, knowing he could see her pussy clearly. She could feel her labia starting to glisten through her recently shaved pubic hair. Maybe shaving her cunt before the trip wasn’t such a good idea.

Then Uncle Denis leaned forward and kissed her thigh, then a second kiss, higher, almost up to her pussy. Angela was frozen with fear, trying to fight the slowly building desire. Very gently, he caresses her, then used his fingers to open her up, to spread the outer labia. She knew her clit was starting to swell, and it became even more swollen as he retracted the hood and touched her with the tip of his tongue.

“Ahhh,” but not from pain.

“My little girl likes that?”

No answer was required. Another kiss, slightly longer. She felt the flutter of his tongue on her clit, and she started to tremble. Angle had to put her hand on his shoulder to steady herself. Finally he stood up, picked her up, and carried her into his bedroom.

Angela sat on the edge of the bed, watched as he undressed. Then he came closer, stood at the edge of the bed. He was erect, not that long, and honest six inches, but very thick. Without having to be told, Angela leaned forward to kiss his penis, to run her tongue over the tip. She guessed he liked oral sex and she wanted to please him. So she licked the shaft, then the head of his penis again, and finally took him deep in her mouth.


Slowly, in and out, giving him pleasure, letting him fuck her mouth.

Then he was on the bed, turning her around, moving her into the classic sixty-nine position all the girls at school talked about. None of the high school boys she dated would go down on a girl, they were all selfish, only wanted blow jobs for themselves. But now it was happening, her Uncle Denis was kissing her pussy, tonguing her clit, fucking her with his tongue. This really was close to heaven.

Then he did what she expected. Stopped and turned around, used his hand to guide his stiff cock into her tight young virgin cunt. She was already very wet, very aroused, and he went in the first inch very easily, before he hit the barrier.

“Please, Uncle Denis, I’m afraid. This isn’t right.”

“And we both love each other, so it isn’t wrong. Now bring your knees up and open your legs wider.” A moment’s pause, and the sudden thrust. Angela winced slightly. “See, not as painful as you though it would be.”

Then he re-positioned her legs, asked her to raise them up, almost to her breasts. In that position he fucked her very slowly, with long, deep, steady strokes. At some point he raised her legs even more, put them over his shoulders, so that he could go in even deeper. More of those steady strokes, and then her took her hands and moved them over her head, held her wrists together. In this position he didn’t need ropes to bind her, but the symbolism was clear.

“This weekend you’re totally mine,” he said as he kissed her on the lips for the third time. His kiss was gently, then more urgent as he fucked her harder and harder. She began to tremble. He could feel her orgasm as it began. Then several more strokes, harder, deeper, and she started to whimper as she felt his hot cum inside of her. She tried not to, but she sobbed slightly as her orgasm exploded.

The last thing Angela remembered, she said his name, told him how much she loved him, over and over, before she fell asleep in her Uncle Denis’s arms.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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