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Ann sat in the middle of the living room floor, her legs folded yoga style as she rocked back and forth nervously. She was staring at their big television, as she had been for hours, mesmerized by the action playing out on the screen.

Neil chuckled as he tended to Owen in the dining room, feeding the little tyke in his high chair.

“Are you okay, babe?” he asked, glancing her way as she fidgeted with her hair, twirling it around her left index finger.

“Huh? Oh yeah… I’m fine,” she replied, taking a swig from her bottle of beer. “I’m just glad I’m done breastfeeding. I don’t think I could watch this without alcohol.”

“Will you relax? They’re already up two touchdowns.”

“It’s been way too easy, Neil. And it’s still so early in the game,” she replied, letting logic get in the way of any euphoria she should have been experiencing.

“Suit yourself. But you’re getting worked up for nothing. This is their year.”

“I don’t know how you can say that. They’ve lost to these bastards in this game two years in a row. I don’t think I could take it if they lose this one too.”

“They’re not going to lose. I just told you, it’s their year. I can feel it.”

“Yeah, like I’m supposed to just believe that.”

“I felt this same exact way when the Redskins won a couple of years ago. This team has that same vibe to me.”

“You were the nervous wreck that year.”

“Uuuhhhh, no I wasn’t.”

“Okay, maybe you weren’t. All I know is I’m one now.”

He knew why. Her favorite team was the San Francisco 49ers, and they were facing off against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC championship game. Again. It was third consecutive year those two teams had met in the game, the winner going on to the Super Bowl. And as Ann reminded him, in the previous two, the Cowboys came out victorious.


The first year the two teams met, she was realistic about the outcome. After all, the Niners had been on a spectacular decade long run, winning four Super Bowls in a nine-year span, the last being the year she and Neil were married. But their future Hall of Fame quarterback had been traded, mainly because his back-up was extremely talented and much younger. In fact, his name was Young. In her eyes, it was no shame to get to the championship game and lose in his first year at the helm, so she was okay with it. Part of that reasoning was because she’d felt sorry for her friend, Martina.

Martina was a huge Cowboys fan, and she’d chosen to sit on the sidelines the year Washington represented the NFC in the big game instead of participate in what had become a very sexually charged annual event. One she looked forward to like all the other people that attended.

Neil and Ann had been invited to the first party the year they moved to the area. Their friend Carol hosted it along with her now husband Barry, wanting to have what was supposed to be a casual get together of young couples, inviting them to their house to enjoy the Super Bowl. As luck would have it, it was Ann’s team playing in the game, and she added her own special flair by wearing a hot little outfit to cheer on her team, highlighted by her Joe Montana jersey and a short white spandex miniskirt.

By the end of the party she was nearly naked, only a G-string remaining. It was all Martina’s doing, deciding the party needed a little more excitement since the game was a blowout. Starting at the beginning of the game, with every 49er touchdown, she, Carol and Ann had been drinking a shot of whiskey. Because of the blowout, and all the alcohol she’d consumed, somewhere in the middle of the game Martina stripped off her top after a touchdown. Carol did the same the next time, and when the Niners scored again later, everyone looked at Ann to follow suit, which she did. That turned into them eventually stripping off something with every 49er TD, and a trend had started.

The next year the party evolved. There were shots and stripping from the very start. And another girl joined them, a stunning black-haired beauty named Olivia, who was Carol’s roommate in college. She also had a wild streak in her when it came to sex. She willingly joined the girls in drinking shots and shedding clothes. And since she was a Giants fan and her team was playing in the game, she proclaimed at the end of a close contest that if they won, she would be giving her husband a celebratory blowjob right there in front everyone. The Giants won, and she not only did that, she also rewarded the guy that won the gambling squares game Barry set up with a blowjob as well.

With that precedent being set, Martina christened the group, officially naming the band of four girls the ‘Super Bowl Sluts’. She had been looking forward to being one of them the next year, the idea of the party literally becoming sexual being a huge turn on for her, as well as the others. Her favorite team wasn’t in the game though. Normally that wouldn’t have mattered, as the couples at the ataşehir escort bayan party had all agreed they would always root for whatever NFC team made it to the game. There had to be a catalyst to give the sluts a reason to perform their antics. They needed a team to cheer for so they could have their fun, and that was the gimmick they came up with.

But Martina had a problem. It suddenly mattered who was in the game. The NFC team playing for the title was her husband Alphonso’s favorite, but they just happened to be bitter rivals with her favorite team. That fact drastically changed the party for her.

It was part of a bet she’d made with Alphonso. He said she couldn’t be one of the sluts if she were a true Dallas fan. She had to make a choice; be a slut, or be a Cowboy fan. She viewed it as a challenge, going to the party and not being a part of what she helped start. He thought she couldn’t do it. She knew she could, however hard it might be. So it was that she was the only person there that didn’t root for the Redskins that game. She didn’t root against them, but she didn’t cheer for them. And she certainly didn’t participate as one of the sluts.

Instead she became a mentor to a woman who played hostess for the party; a slut in training, as it were. But the party itself had taken on another twist; one that made it more difficult for her to stand on the sidelines and not cheer. Ann admired her, because she was standing up for principle. If you’re truly a fan of your team, you’re not going to openly root for your biggest rival in the biggest game of the year just so you can get naked and have a little fun. That was Alphonso’s point, and the basis for their wager. Martina sat out, and Ann respected her for that.

She knew it had to be hard because the rules of the party were yet again being tweaked to add more fun. The change for that game was that not only was an oral sexual favor given out at the end of the game, the girls started giving them to the winner of each quarter, even if it was a woman.

It seemed each year the party evolved, with more nudity and more sexual fun throughout the game. Carol was careful to make sure everyone was okay with the way things had changed from year to year, having lost one friend after the first party, and she’d almost lost another. Beth and Tyler bowed out after the first, only to return for the third annual affair, what with Tyler being a huge Redskins fan, and his wife feeling pressure to make him happy. She had to beg Carol to let them come back, and she agreed to be the party hostess as penance. It was a life changing event for them as a couple, with Martina guiding her through the party as that mentor.

The game hadn’t been a total loss as far as being able to participate, however. In addition to being a tutor to Beth, who had decided to a pledge to become one of the sluts the next year, Martina also reaped the benefits from that latest change. She won one of the quarters in the square game, and she found herself peeling down her jeans and sitting in a chair, becoming the recipient of an oral orgasm from the very woman she’d been tutoring.

It was another precedent, which was why Carol was always adamant about discussing things beforehand. She wasn’t about to go through what she did after the first party; hating the idea that someone might take offense to what happened in her home. She also didn’t want to curtail the fun. It was her house and her party, and she wanted to have fun her way. So starting with the second party, she began each one with a meeting, going over the rules and any modifications to them, making sure no one had any issues with the way things were so quickly transforming. Actually, she’d have two meetings; one with the sluts to decide what they might do differently, and then one just before the game started with the group of twelve couples. The consensus was that everyone seemed to love the way things were headed, excited to see what the next big game might bring.

The party wasn’t a total loss for Martina, obviously. She’d won one of the squares, the money that went along with it, and had a marvelous orgasm to boot. She also won the bet with her husband, and he had to take her to Dallas the next year to watch a game at Cowboy Stadium. And while she was there, she bought herself an authentic Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders outfit. All in all, that Super Bowl was a pretty good outcome for a game in which her husband’s team actually won.

It was Martina’s team that found their way into the Super Bowl for the fourth annual party, and Ann was genuinely happy for her, even with it being at the expense of her beloved 49ers. Martina took full advantage of being back in the fold, putting on her new cheerleader outfit for the party, and asking for another, more radical change in the rules.

She proposed that if one of the sluts were a fan of the NFC team in the game, a true fan, and she was the only one, then she would be allowed to become the focus of the game in some way. Her idea was to do something escort kadıöy sexual every time her team scored, no matter what kind of score, or when during the game. The other girls would still get to have fun, servicing the winners of the squares, or if need be, the spouse or significant other of the winner. But she wanted to celebrate the Cowboys’ appearance in the game in spectacular fashion.

It was something only a fan of a franchise that had the nerve to proclaim itself ‘America’s Team’ would come up with. It was big. It was bold. It was a Texas-sized statement. And it was met with surprisingly good favor. For what was essentially a room full of fans from Redskin territory, they welcomed the idea, again because Martina had sacrificed for her team the previous season.

For what it was worth, they knew a good deal when the saw it. It didn’t matter that the Cowboys were in the game and they’d be rooting for them. If anything, it gave them an actual reason to. The more Dallas scored, the better the chance someone would be receiving a happy ending from Martina. How could it be viewed as a bad thing?

When the Cowboys met the Niners in the NFC championship game again the following season, Ann was a bit ambivalent about the outcome. First of all, she’d literally just had a baby. While she wanted to be a part of the party in the worst way, she knew it would be difficult to attend.

She’d worked her ass off, exercising incessantly to get herself back in shape just in case. But when the Niners lost, it came with some sense of relief. Martina had set the stage. If San Francisco had won, she would have been expected to be the star of the party in much the same way, and she knew she wasn’t up to that. Instead, she set her sights on making an appearance; something no one expected. And she did, stunning everyone by not only showing up, but showing off her reclaimed body in the process.

Asking a favor of the girls knowing their stay would be short, Ann wanted to be the one to perform at the end of the first quarter. With Martina being the front and center slut for a second consecutive year, she knew she’d only have one chance to be the center of attention. She and Neil had committed to going, but only for one quarter. After that they’d be heading home with Owen, whom they brought with them to show off.

Once she got the baby to sleep just before the game started, Ann wanted to show off too, and the other girls willingly let her. She did usurp the rules of the striptease a bit. She wore the required four articles of clothing, but she’d dressed frumpy, wearing a loose sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants to hide her hard body underneath. She counted her socks as the other two items, going without any underwear. She wanted to unwrap the surprise underneath; a reward to herself for all the hard work she’d put in to get herself back in shape. She’d used the party as motivation to help get herself there. It would have been a shame not to be able to unveil the results.

Fortunately, the Cowboys scored twice in the first quarter, and much to everyone’s amazement, she chose to remove her top and her bottom, leaving just the socks on. She wanted to get naked fast, and leaving the socks helped to that end. Then again, she was always the one pushing the envelope, wearing half bras and barely-there G-strings to become naked even when she wasn’t; the perks of working in a lingerie store. But this was an honest attempt to strip as fast as the rules allowed, and no one was complaining. That was except Martina, who did so silently.

After Ann had gotten naked, and sucked their friend Brian’s cock at the end of the quarter, they left the party, allowing Martina to become the main attraction once again. And she reveled in that role, even if it didn’t turn out exactly as she’d hoped.

Fortune had not smiled upon her like it had the year before. The Cowboys still won, but the game was a lot closer, and Dallas didn’t put up as many points. To make matters worse, the person that ended up with the corresponding square whenever her team scored was always a woman. She went the entire game eating pussy, never once getting the chance to suck a cock like she so desperately wanted. It was always one of the other sluts that got to do that.

Martina didn’t complain, but she couldn’t wait to get her mouth around her husband’s shaft after they left. That was just how the game played out, and there was nothing she could do about it. But that didn’t mean she wasn’t a bit upset. While she didn’t say anything at the time, it bothered her that Ann had kind of stolen the spotlight early on. She knew she shouldn’t have felt that way. After all, her friend was just celebrating the birth of her child and she wanted to share the joy with everyone. But she couldn’t help but feel jealous, as odd as that seemed. It was supposed to be her night, because she was a Cowboy fan.

Of course, she was only feeding off the vibe Ann had created. The truth was that Ann went into the party hoping to steal a bit of Martina’s maltepe escort thunder. She was going to be the star of the party for the second straight year, and she was the one that came up with the idea. It was a bit self-serving to ask for the rules to be changed when you were the one that would immediately reap the benefits from the change. No one really questioned the motive the first year because she’d sacrificed her place among the rest of the sluts on principle the year before, and Ann respected that. But it was her choice. No one told her to bow out when the Redskins were in the game. More to the point, no one expected the Cowboys to be in the game a second straight year.

So Ann went to the second ‘Martina party’, as she referred to it, on the pretense of showing off their baby. But she would be lying if she didn’t admit there weren’t ulterior motives. She also wanted to show off her body, and she wanted to take the headlines away from Martina for a bit. It was her own way of redeeming her team for having lost to the Cowboys two years in a row. And Martina somehow picked up on that.

Ann had, in her mind, defended her teams honor at that party. Now San Francisco was given their third straight chance to earn their way into the Super Bowl. They just had to defeat the two-time defending champions to do it. And that had her on edge, for several reasons.


“Honestly, babe, you need to relax.”

“Relax? The fucking assholes just got back into the game!”

Ann was still sitting in the spot she’d been in for hours, her ass planted in the middle of the floor since the beginning of the previous game for the AFC championship. Now it was coming to the end of the first quarter of the NFC game, and she was visibly nervous. Neil just couldn’t understand why.

“They’re up twenty-one to seven, Ann. They’ve dominated the first quarter.”

“No they haven’t. They’ve been lucky so far.”

“Or… they’ve taken advantage of the Cowboy’s mistakes,” he replied, seeing the glass as half-full instead of her totally empty outlook.

She knew all too well the game was far from over. The 49ers had been in the first game when the teams had squared off, losing by ten. But they’d been dominated the following season. They were down by twenty-one points at halftime, and while they came back a little, they went on to lose by seventeen. She knew that Dallas was a formidable opponent, and she wasn’t going to take them lightly.

Yet San Francisco could not have asked for a better start to the game. The defense stepped up first, returning an interception for a touchdown on the third play of the game. The offense followed that up with a second TD after the defense recovered a fumble. And then their special team recovered another fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Just over seven minutes into the game, the Niners led 21-0. But Dallas was moving the ball almost at will, and they scored just before the end of the quarter, which made her anxious.

When San Francisco kicked a field goal she breathed a short-lived sigh of relief.

“Are you okay now?” he laughed, playing with Owen on the floor near the couch.

“A little. I feel better when we’re up three scores.”

“I don’t think you’re giving your defense enough credit.”

“I don’t think you’re giving Dallas’ offense enough respect.”

“Wow,” he said, shaking his head. “You really are nervous about this game.”

“You don’t understand. This game is for the Super Bowl Neil.”

“Well duh! Of course it’s for the Super Bowl. It’s the NFC championship for a reason.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Well what do you mean then?”

“This might as well be the Super Bowl, because the winner of this game is going to beat San Diego, and it won’t be close.”

“You sound pretty sure of that.”

“I am. Didn’t you listen to the announcers in the first game?”

“No, not really. I just watched the game. I wasn’t paying that close attention,” he said of the AFC matchup between San Diego and Pittsburgh.

“What about the guys that did the pregame for this one?”

“Not really.”

“Well let me enlighten you then.”

He laughed once more, his wife finding a way to bring another smile to his face. “By all means, please do.”

“Okay, first a few facts I already knew. The Niners just played the Chargers five weeks ago, IN San Diego. We beat them by three touchdowns, and it wasn’t that close. Plus, last week in the playoffs, both the Niners and the Cowboys scored at least five touchdowns. It took both of the AFC teams that just played TWO games to score that many combined.”

He nodded in agreement, knowing she was right about the Chargers and the Steelers offensive woes.

“Then, they said during the first game that Dallas beat Pittsburgh during the regular season. It was the first game of the year, but it was in Pittsburgh, and they beat them by something like three touchdowns. Or maybe it was three scores. I don’t remember, but it was double digits and it wasn’t close either. So you put all that together, and you add in the fact that the NFC has won ten straight Super Bowls… this is the game, Neil. This is the game for the title. Whoever wins this game will beat the Chargers in two weeks, and I’m telling you, it won’t be close.”

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