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I’m eighteen and I’m much too old to need a babysitter. You’d think it would be me that watched my younger siblings but Mom doesn’t think I’m mature enough to handle the responsibility.

Aunt Heather is always the one to come watch the kids and I don’t mind her company one bit. She’s the cool Aunt. The one that buys you nudey magazines and orders your favorite meal.

Mom leaves at six and Aunt Heather arrives just a little late.

“I stopped to get pizza!” Aunt Heather announces as she walks through the door.

Aunt Heather is petite but has large breasts and a large booty. She’s got long, blonde hair that reaches passed her shoulders.

She wears tank tops and very tight, high-wasted denim jeans. Jeans so tight you can see her panty outline.

Mom and Aunt Heather are sister’s and they’re very close. So close that out of five other siblings we’re the only ones that know Aunt Heather is a lesbian.

We sit down to eat at the table and Aunt Heather pulls movies out of her purse as a surprise. She’s brought the kids a movie and a more adult oriented movie for us to watch after my siblings go to sleep.

We watch the kids movie and it’s time for my little brother and sister to go to sleep. I help by getting them a glass of water.

I’m slim, small for eighteen. In all areas. I’m very short with a short, black faux hawk. The only thing big on my entire body is my booty. Having a very tiny dick and an ass a girl would love to have on her body might be what led me to so much confusion casino siteleri during my formative years.

Once the kids are asleep Aunt Heather pulls out the movie she’s brought for is to secretly watch. It’s Girls Gone Wild.

“I know you’ll like this one because it’s flashing girls and it’s sort of funny.” Aunt Heather says while she shimmies her booty to make room for me on the loveseat.

I’m only wearing my boxer shorts. They’re black with little Valentine’s day hearts all over them.

“Now, I don’t want to see that thing of yours come up, mister, have some self control!” She says while pointing at my crotch.

“Don’t worry, I don’t think I could get hard sitting next to my Aunt.” I say.

We watch the video and tons of young co-eds flash their body parts but I’m not very interested and Aunt Heather is beginning to notice. (I haven’t got hard yet.)

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” She asks.

She’s asking this because usually even the hint of the female form will get me erect. Hell, I’ve got erect because of Aunt Heather in a bikini at the pool!

“I have to tell you something bad…” I say to her while looking down at the floor.

“What is it sweety? You can tell me anything!”

“I’m gay!” I say bluntly.

“Honey, I know for a fact you are not gay but even if you were that’s not bad. What makes you say you’re gay?”

“I can’t stop thinking about being bent over by a man or putting a penis in my mouth!” I tell her with my head canlı casino down.

“You think you’re gay because of some thoughts about the same sex you’re having? Everyone has those sweetheart. It might just be fantasy or you might be bisexual. Have you ever stuck something up your ass? You know, to see if you like it?” She asks as some bimbo flashes her vagina on the television.

“Well… I put a hotdog in there for a second and it didn’t feel bad.” I say.

“A hotdog is way too small and for a second? You need to ruthlessly pound yourself out of your own control for fifteen minutes to decide if you like anal!” She says while getting up and going into my mom’s bedroom.

“I didn’t know that…” I say as I start to observe the television a little more in my aunt’s absense. There’s two brunette twins making out and I can definitely tell you that I’m not gay.

When Aunt Heather emerges from my mother’s room she’s wearing only a matching black bra and panties set and she’s holding what must be my mom’s 12 inch dildo.

“I knew she’d have one! She’s been single too long not to have one! Aunt Heather says with enthusiasm as she sits beside me on The couch, reaching into her purse to find a condom and rolling it over the large dildo.

“Now, sweety, I want you to take off your boxers and bend over my lap. We’ll see if you’re the bottom of if you’re even bisexual for that matter. “

I take off my boxers and get up on the couch, bent over Aunt Heather with my fat ass in the air.

“Do kaçak casino you have enough space to reach down and touch yourself?” She asks and I reach down between my legs and feel my tiny package.


“Okay sweetheart, you’re going to feel some force at first and then your insides are going to have to adjust but once it’s all the way in you it should start to feel good. Put that cock in your hand to keep your mind off the pain!”

I reach down and start slowly stroking as Aunt Heather pushes the tip of the dildo into my young, awaiting butt-hole. I can definitely feel pressure, force and then pain as she pushes it all the way in to the depth of my bowels and it feels like it’s in my stomach.

I start stroking faster as she moves my mom’s dildo in and out of my ass. It’s starting to feel good and I start moaning like a sissy slut. I’ve never moaned like this before. I sound like.. Like a girl.

Aunt Heather reaches down to feel my erect penis! “Yea, someone’s having a good time!” She says as she strokes it a few times before letting me take back over.

She slams the dildo in and out of my ass now. Very quickly pumping it all the way in and all the way out!

“I’m going to cum!” I moan in a high voice.

She pulls the dildo out of my ass and nudges me to flip over. I do as I’m instructed. Now I’m looking up at my loving lesbian Aunt as she leans forward and take my penis all the way down her throat.

I buck my hips, gently thrusting her face as I begin to shoot my hot load into my own aunt’s mouth.

“Aw…Aw…Aw.” I moan as she makes one big swallowing motion.

“You know you’re the best Aunt ever, right” i say with a smile.

“You know you’re bisexual right?” She says smiling back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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