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Josephine Myers looked at her cute niece, Morgan, as she napped on the sofa. The short, pretty brunette had graduated from high school the previous Friday, slightly more than a month after celebrating her eighteenth birthday, and was staying in the city with her favorite aunt for the rest of June. She had her own bedroom in the apartment, but had fallen asleep on the sofa after a day of shopping and sightseeing, and was obviously having a pleasantly erotic dream. While she squirmed in her sleep, the girl’s short denim skirt had ridden up her thighs, exposing her white cotton panties. Even as Josephine watched, a wet spot in the crotch spread, and its aroma became stronger and more enticing. The sight and the aroma happened to be very pleasantly erotic to her because she was extremely attracted to cute chubby young dark-haired women who looked like her niece.

As an eighteen year old virgin, she had gotten married right after finishing high school in her small home town. The young bride quickly learned she had made two mistakes, and that one of them was keeping her virginity for so long, rather than gaining the experience necessary to make a more informed choice. The other was marrying the man who took her maidenhead on what her mother and all her older relatives told her would be the most exciting night of her life.

It wasn’t. During the process of being deflowered, Josephine became aware she had practically no interest in Donald, the man she had just married, and not even any real affection. While she lay patiently on her back on their honeymoon bed, he inflicted a sharply painful penetration on her and followed that by panting and grunting atop her acquiescent form until he sighed and relieved himself by ejaculating into her pussy. The groom thought and acted as if he had done a great thing for both of them, and his bride saw no point in disabusing him of that notion, although she had received no pleasure whatsoever from the few minutes of coupling.

When it was over, she realized that one of the main reasons for keeping her virginity until that night was that not one of the boys or men she knew had ever aroused any real sexual interest, although many of them had tried. Her bridegroom, who quickly fell asleep next to her, wasn’t much better than the others who had tried to convince her they should be the one to provide her first sexual thrill. However, he was a pleasant man, who could make her laugh, as well as being a good dancer and very well off financially. Donald was the kind of man all her friends and relatives described as “a good catch” and marriage to him seemed to be the right thing to do.

After her wedding night, Josephine resisted his sexual advances whenever she reasonably could, only giving in when she felt she had to. Having been brought up with the belief that females were sensitive creatures, not much given to carnal desires, Donald believed her reticence to be normal, and that any other woman would be the same way. His own libido was not very high anyhow, so his wife’s lack of sexual interest was not a serious problem to him.

Eighteen months after their wedding, nothing was a problem to him. On his way to the corner mailbox, Donald was the victim of a drunken driver, whose heavy sedan jumped the curb and crushed him against a brick wall, killing him instantly. The driver died of internal injuries a few days later. Josephine missed her late husband’s sense of humor and his pleasant disposition, but she didn’t miss his clumsy attempts at seduction. What little genuine sadness she felt was more than assuaged by the very considerable settlement from the drunk’s insurance company and by the payoff on the large life insurance policy her husband had insisted on taking out. When his estate was added, Josephine became a wealthy young widow, and judicious investments provided a regular and substantial income.

She was rich enough that she could afford to move to a large nearby city and work at a job that didn’t pay much but interested her and enabled her to indulge her artistic inclinations. Her new coworkers, none of whom were anywhere nearly as well off, were all of a Bohemian nature, and were glad to have a new companion to finance their weekly parties. One night, after drinking a little too much red wine, Josephine allowed herself to be seduced by a chubby, intense woman with long, straight black hair.

It was a revelation! The young brunette did things for her body that Josephine had never even heard of, and that her late husband would never have done anyhow. Following her momentous orgasm, by far the best one of her life, she reciprocated, and found it was as much fun to eat a pussy as to have hers eaten. The second best orgasm of her life was elicited by a double dong she shared with that same woman. After that, the young widow always joined her new friends in what they did after the wine consumption slowed. This was mostly sex with a wide variety of partners, and Josephine found she much preferred getting it on with the women, casino oyna especially her first seductress and other’s who resembled her. In particular, she reveled in hearing cries of orgasmic joy while having the sides of her head squeezed by sexily plump female legs in response to her tongue caressing the clit that nestled at the junction of her partner’s thighs.

Seven years after her first lesbian experience, Josephine Myers was in her late twenties, and regarded sympathetically by older members of her family. “Poor Jo,” they said to each other. “A widow so young and still grieving too much to take any interest in another man.” They were right about their kinswoman’s lack of interest in other men, but not about the reason.

As an object of their sympathy and because she was so well off financially, Josephine was a frequent and welcome guest in the homes of those same family members. She was the youngest issue of her parents, not all that much older than her nieces and nephews, and they thought of her as more of a big sister than an aunt. Because of that, and her artistic nature and her job and apartment in the more sophisticated big city, she became their confidante, especially that of her nieces. She also became their favorite aunt, and they visited her whenever they could.

As a combined birthday and graduation gift, her oldest niece, was allowed to visit for a month with Aunty Jo, who was very happy to have her company. The young lady stayed in her aunt’s guest room the night she arrived in town, and they went out on their sightseeing and shopping excursion the next day. Morgan enjoyed herself immensely that day, and the change in her routine was helping her get over a recent breakup with a perfidious schoolmate, whom she used to think of as her boyfriend.

The young swain had fervently professed his undying love but, immediately after deflowering the supposed object of his affection two days after her eighteenth birthday, he turned indifferent. Beginning with the next day, he avoided her at school and broke his promise to call her. When Morgan finally caught up with him, after almost a week of being avoided, he suggested that they were “getting too serious” and should start seeing other people. “It’s not you; it’s me,” was his claim, but Morgan was too smart to believe that. Nevertheless, she couldn’t very well impose her unwanted company on him, and she barely made it through the last few weeks until graduation. When her mother and aunt suggested the extended visit, Morgan jumped at the chance.

For one thing, she would have somebody to talk to about her problems with boys. Aunty Jo was mature and experienced enough, Morgan reasoned, to be able to listen and give good advice, but not so old as to be out of touch with the needs of young girls and the changing of social mores. During the course of the day’s adventures, she told everything to Aunty Jo, who provided her a figurative shoulder to cry on. Besides her shoulder, the other woman had provided a sympathetic ear to talk to, and had really listened to everything her unhappy niece had to say.

The advice she gave, that there were plenty of better guys who would be much more appreciative of such a sweet and pretty girl, hit home. She also told her niece that she was better off without the asshole, and the guy may have actually done her a favor by showing what a rotten person he was before Morgan invested too much of her time and affection.

The younger woman felt very much relieved after their conversation and, since she hadn’t been sleeping well at home since the breakup, fell asleep on the sofa shortly after arriving back in the apartment. As Aunty Jo watched the movements of the girl while she was asleep, she pondered something that had occurred to her while Morgan recounted her sad tale, especially the painful experience of losing her virginity. It sounded so much like Josephine’s first sexual encounter that it was uncanny.

For one thing, it had been more painful than enjoyable for both her and Morgan. For another, there had been more a feeling of obligation than of lust. Josephine had already been aware that her niece had never shown much interest in dating, and the guy in question was her first steady boy friend. Until then, all her closest friends had been girls, which was another parallel between the two women.

Morgan had been dating the young man for almost three months, and he had been able to convince her that, after that long, fucking her was his right. She had liked him well enough, but no more than that, before finally giving in to his repeated demands. Morgan did so although she hadn’t really wanted to, and it had actually been physically painful, with no pleasure at all for her in the act. The subsequent loss of the phony boy friend had been more a blow to her self esteem as a woman than a breaking of her heart, but it was no less painful.

Josephine wondered whether her niece might actually be a lesbian and not know it, which had proven to be the true canlı casino fact in her case. She also wondered if she should try to find out. Taking advantage of a vulnerable young girl, especially a relative, was not the kind of thing she liked to even think about, but she might actually be doing Morgan a good turn. Josephine was also aware that, whatever the girl’s true sexual nature, it would be a very pleasurable experience for both of them. She would certainly be able to give her niece a great orgasm, probably several of them, possibly making up for some of the negative experience she had just been through.

While pondering what to do, Josephine knelt on the floor beside Morgan and cautiously leaned forward to sniff the juices that were slowly spreading on the crotch of her niece’s tight panties. Their aroma was delightful and enticing, and she couldn’t resist a small sample. After lightly brushing the tip of her tongue against the wetness, she had to have more. The pretty young woman’s pussy had produced some of the most delicious juices Josephine had ever tasted, even soaked into her panties as they were. The older woman leaned in more closely and her tongue began lapping more vigorously at the ambrosia.

“Aunty Jo, what are you doing,” was the rather plaintive query that interrupted her treat.

Josephine looked again at her niece’s face. Both of Morgan’s brown eyes were staring at her, but she was smiling, and made no move to pull down her skirt or do anything else to discourage the attentions that she couldn’t have been expecting.

“I’m just trying something different, Sweetie. How does it feel? If you don’t like it, I’ll stop.”

“No, don’t stop. It feels really nice. Different but nice.”

“I’m glad you like it. It’ll feel a lot better if I take your panties off.” As she spoke, Josephine reached along the young woman’s hips and put the tips of her fingers into the waistband of the superfluous garment.

“Okay.” Morgan raised her body from the sofa and let her aunt pull the elastic down and around her hips and ass, receiving a delicious and thrilling sensation when stray currents of air contacted her wet, engorged pussy lips.

Josephine pulled the damp garment down her niece’s legs and off over her sneakers. She thought about removing the shoes too, but decided against it. If she continued what she had started, and it became an extensive sexual adventure, she would remove them, as well as all the clothing that the two of them were wearing.

She moved in closer, wrapped her arms around the young woman’s thighs and gazed adoringly at the delightful pussy she was about to start relishing. The sexually inexperienced Morgan was far from being any kind of femme fatale, and her pubic hair was not even trimmed. The beautiful, creamy white skin of her thighs and lower body framed the sparse, dark curls, and the inner lips, dark pink and swollen from her erotic dream, peeped through. Josephine moved her face in closer and breathed deeply of the heavenly aroma, even better when fresh from the source than it had been after soaking through her panties. She gently licked at Morgan’s inner thighs, and the flavor was even better than the scent. The texture of the soft, smooth skin might have the most pleasurable thing of all.

“Oh, Aunty Jo! That feels so good!” Morgan’s lower body began squirming from the gentle touch of her aunt’s tongue on such a sensitive part of her body.

It felt good, even wonderful to Josephine too. After licking up all the juices from her niece’s plump thighs, she had some reluctance to leave, because the skin there was so enticing. When she did, and moved her face in closer so her tongue could sluice up everything from Morgan’s crotch, the nectar was thicker, and even more delicious, and the flesh felt softer and warmer and more vibrant. After cleaning off all the juices from the surrounding parts of her niece’s pussy, Josephine’s tongue started caressing one of her outer lips. The flesh there was even smoother and more alluring than in the other places she had explored, and the hair that tickled her mouth was downy and immature, and felt almost as good as the girl’s bare skin would have.

As most young women do, Morgan played with her pussy sometimes, and it always felt pretty good, but it was nothing compared to what her aunt’s tongue was starting to do. Against her thighs, it had been divine; on her crotch, it had been so much better that she had thrust her body in the general direction of the tantalizing organ but, once the caressing of her pussy lip started, it was more incredibly wonderful than anything Morgan had ever felt. She moaned blissfully, and her body began writhing under her aunt’s touch.

During those involuntary movements, she put her hands on her breasts, and was surprised at the rigidity of her nipples. She tweaked them between her thumbs and index fingers, and was even more surprised at the connection she seemed to make between them and her clit, which she liked to fondle kaçak casino while masturbating. It made the whole experience even better, so Morgan continued rolling her nipples between her fingers and thumbs, reveling in the currents of pleasure rocketing among those three sensitive places.

When she heard and felt the young brunette’s reactions, and saw what she was doing with her hands, Josephine smiled inside. She was extremely happy to be the first person to bring this particular delight to her beloved niece, and she wanted the first time to be as good as she could make it. Progressing slowly, wanting to make the pleasure last as long as she could, and build Morgan up to a memorable orgasm, Josephine’s tongue caressed all the way to the other woman’s mons before stopping. She kissed the plump mound and looked up to see how her niece felt about what had happened so far.

“Oh! Oh, Aunty Jo! That’s just wonderful! I’ve never felt anything like it, and I hope you won’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry, Sweetie. It’ll get even better, and I promise I won’t stop what I’m doing until it’s the best thing you’ve ever felt.”

Having made that promise, Josephine’s mouth returned to Morgan’s wet pussy. After feasting on all the nectar that had just been produced, she started to treat the other outer lip the same way. As her tongue moved slowly along, working its magic, the movements of the younger woman’s body grew more frenetic. Her legs started thrusting back and forth over Josephine’s shoulders, and her heels pounded against the older woman’s back, causing Aunty Jo to wonder if she should have delayed long enough to remove Morgan’s shoes. It was too late now; she didn’t want to interrupt the climax that she could tell was building up in her niece’s body, so she accepted the slight discomfort.

Morgan was feeling no discomfort at all. As she had said, her Aunty Jo was doing things that felt better than anything else in her very limited experience. The second time a loving kiss was planted on her soft round mount of Venus, the older woman looked up, caught her eye and smiled, before her face once again dropped out of sight. The sensations that began within a few seconds were even better than the earlier ones; she moaned from the exquisite pleasure and her body involuntarily writhed on the sofa and rocked back and forth on her ass.

Once again, her Aunty Jo’s smiling face appeared, but this time it was shiny and wet. Morgan realized it was the juices that she had been producing, and she hoped her aunt wouldn’t be angry about the messiness. Before she could say she was sorry, the face disappeared again, and the sensations resumed, only better. Morgan could feel something building up in her body, similar to what she felt when she masturbated, but vastly stronger and more intense. The strange sensation seemed to start from much deeper inside, and its immensity made her think of a storm gathering above a meadow.

“Oh! Oh, Aunty! That just keeps getting better and better!” she gushed to the woman who was bestowing such a tremendous gift on her.

It was getting better and better for Josephine too. Morgan’s pussy was the youngest she had ever eaten, and certainly one of the most delectable. She was one of the most responsive too and, while the pretty brunette’s body pitched and tossed on the sofa, she moaned and whimpered from the bliss she was feeling, and begged her aunt not to stop. That was totally unnecessary, because stopping was something that Aunty Jo had no intention of doing. What she intended to do was much more of what she had just been doing.

That had been thrusting her tongue between a pair of inner and outer lips, all the way to where she had been licking Morgan’s clit hood, and she was starting to do the same for the other pair. With every stroke her aunt’s tongue made, Morgan was getting closer to cumming. Josephine had taken her time pleasuring the first pair, licking the same place over and over, before finally reaching and letting her tongue caress the protective hood at the end of the inner lip. After devouring the delicious fresh juices that had been produced, she started on the second pair of lips, intending to treat these the same way. With her face canted slightly to allow her tongue to slide between them, she thrust in and out of the labia, moving slowly upward.

By the time she reached her niece’s clit hood again, Morgan’s body was thrashing about on the sofa, seeming to be in danger of falling off. Wanting to avoid such a mishap, Josephine moved to the side, pulling the younger woman against the back, and viewed her face and body again. Morgan’s head was rolling from side to side on the throw pillow, with her eyes closed and her face bisected by a smile of pure, blissful lust. Her entire body was in motion, rocking from side to side, with her legs thrusting out and back while her pussy fucked up toward the face that had just been there. Josephine looked down and noted that her niece’s adorable clit, looking like a lovely pink pearl, had entirely pushed its way out from its protective hood and was waiting to be fondled and pleasured some more. It was obvious the younger woman was as ready to cum as she ever would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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