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The merchant set off for the village and took care of business with only half his attention on work. Was it any wonder that he couldn’t get Beauty out of his thoughts? She was every man’s dirty dream, wicked fantasy! And he was very possessive of her, especially now. Maybe he’d always meant to make her his; after all, hadn’t he ridden off all potential suitors for her? He didn’t want his little girl getting married to some bum and moving away from home where he could keep a watchful eye on her.

And he had been keeping a watchful eye on her for a while now—spying on her as she dressed in the mornings, as she bathed in the pond… Just thinking about that soft white skin of her perky pink tipped tits made him ache for her. And that soft round ass of hers made him want to do things to it that he’d never considered doing to anyone before. The more he thought about her delicate naked body, the more thankful he was for the long cape he wore that covered his hard-on from everyone he met with.

His mind was consumed with the images and scents of his beautiful young daughter. Particularly that tight little pussy… Oh, what he’d do to that pussy tonight!

Unfortunately, in his preoccupation with his daughter’s sweet pussy, the merchant lost track of time and didn’t realize that a storm was brewing in the near distance. Suddenly a clash of thunder echoed in the heavens and a streak of lightning illuminated the dusky sky. The rain quickly followed and the poor horse could hardly see his way through the gale. It took all of the merchant’s efforts to stay seated on his nervously jerking horse as gusts of wind threatened to lift him from his seat.

He lost track of time but he knew that they were well off the main dirt road, and with a sinking heart he knew that he was lost. Cold and weary, the merchant was quickly losing all hope of finding an inn when he suddenly noticed a light, like a beacon, shining brightly from the middle of the dark wood.

Lost, cold and hungry, the merchant pushed his horse on until he came to a castle. Finding shelter canlı bahis for his horse, the merchant made his way to the castle’s main door and banged on it with the huge brass knocker. No answer.

“Hello! Is anybody there?!” he shouted, his voice competing with the gale blowing around him. He tried again, but no one came to greet him. Plucking up enough courage, he tried the door handle and to his amazement it was unlocked. He pushed his way into the front hall, shutting the thick door behind him.

Shelter at last!

He looked around at his surroundings and was quite impressed with the brightly lit rooms and the quality of the furniture and the paintings on the walls. Again he called out, but again he got no answer. He ventured further and came across the dining hall inside which was a long table and a steaming hot meal already set out on the table. Not a man to let a good meal go to waste, he sat down and took his fill of the succulent foods before him. It didn’t take long for the hearty meal to weave its soporific spell on him and soon he made his way upstairs in search of a pillow to lay his weary head on. Surely the owner wouldn’t begrudge him that, especially in such a terrible storm.

When he awoke, he was surprised to see a steaming mug of coffee by his head. Taking this as a good sign, he went downstairs and called out to the master of the castle. Again, the halls were eerily quiet. But the breakfast that was waiting for him in the dining hall quickly put any thoughts of alarm out of his head.

The merchant was finally ready to take his leave, but could not find his host to thank him for his generosity. Shaking his head regretfully, he went in search of his horse.

He was just about to get on his horse when a beautiful rosebush caught his attention. Remembering his promise to Beauty, he plucked the most beautiful and vibrant blood-red rose of the bunch. Almost instantly, a horrible beast sprang out of the rose garden. The merchant was horrified and frightened by the sight of the man/beast, finely dressed to rival bahis siteleri any duke, yet furry and growling like a wild beast, its bloodshot yellow eyes holding an almighty rage. Then a terrifying voice growled at the merchant: “You ungrateful fucker! I gave you food and shelter, and now you thank me by stealing my favorite flowers?! Prepare to die!”

The merchant nearly shit in his pants. He fell on his knees before the furry, livid monster and pleaded for his life. “Forgive me! Don’t kill me! I’ll do anything you say! The rose was for my daughter, Beauty. I didn’t mean any harm. Have mercy!”

Beast dropped the paw he’d held up so threateningly. “You’ll do anything?” The frightened merchant looked up with humility, ready to say and do anything to save his ass. But he didn’t count on what he’d have to do…!

The beast tore at his expensively brocaded trousers and his long, thick beast meat popped out of its restraint, bouncing back and forth in front of the merchant’s face. A look of horror passed through the merchant, knowing now what was expected of him.

“I shall spare your life. But you must pleasure me and then bring me your young daughter, this Beauty.”

Horrified by the prospect of putting this…thing’s slimy cock in his mouth and then giving up his lovely daughter… It was preposterous! It was ludicrous! But one look at the beast’s murderous glare and he knew he had very little choice: it was either this or his life…and what would his young daughters do without him?

Ironically reminiscent of Beauty servicing him that morning, he was now forced to service this man-beast in the same way. With each thrust of that cock down his throat, the merchant thought about Beauty’s naked body, pleasuring herself for him. Her image was so lifelike that even when the beast cummed in the merchant’s mouth, he paid it no heed and simply imagined that it was his lovely daughter’s pussy juice that he was swallowing instead.

The merchant finally reached home, degraded and in tears, to be met by his three daughters, who were bahis şirketleri like a ray of sunlight to him. He told them of his dreadful misadventure (leaving out the blowjob, of course) and the monster’s stipulation that he exchange Beauty for his life.

Beauty was shocked by the deal and couldn’t imagine a more hateful person than this beastly tyrant. But it was her dear father’s life on the line and there was nothing that she wouldn’t do for him. “I’ll stay at the castle.”

When the weather turned, the girl was brought to the beast’s lair. Father and daughter stood outside the door and said their final farewells.

“Oh, daddy, I’m so frightened,” she whimpered as he took her in his arms.

“Don’t be. Just remember that I love you, daughter,” he said, slipping his hand in the waistband of her skirt to find the soft furry muff he was after. His fingers ventured further until he found the soft wet slit and then he massaged her ever so gently, slipping a finger inside her, hoping to take her mind off her fear even for a minute.

Beauty’s fright was quickly turning into pleasure as she felt the thick finger slip in through her resisting pussy hole and then proceed to pump gently in and out of her while his thumb played with her clit. And then his mouth came down on hers in a deep kiss that made her shudder. Her hand went to the bulge of her father’s pants and she massaged him in turn, feeling a hollow sense of regret that she wouldn’t get the pleasure of his cock after all. Would she ever see him again? Would she ever get to do all the naughty things she’d fantasized about doing to him? And what about all the naughty things he’d have done to her…

“Oh, daddy, I want your cock,” she pleaded as wave of pleasure quickly washed over her, the finger pumping out of her pussy like a little cock and making her cry out. The merchant’s mouth covered hers to capture the cry.

“And I want you to have my cock, my dear. But not right now. That beast will be here any minute. But I’ll move heaven and hell to get you back. And when I do, my cock is yours.”

“Oh, daddy, thank you,” she sighed with mingled relief and lust. She was about to say more when the thick door was suddenly pulled open, giving them only enough time to draw away discreetly from each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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