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Amateur Blowjob

Becca was meticulously applying her makeup, enjoying a Marlboro Light 100 and her third margarita as she waited for Kevin to get home. The lithe 31-year-old brunette had a surprise in mind for him and had been excited about it all day at work.

When her boyfriend did get home, they had a nice dinner and talked casually about their days. After cleaning up, having several cocktails, and watching a couple of sitcoms uninterestedly, the tall brunette turned to Kevin and said, “Alright, I’ve got a surprise for you. You about ready to go to bed?”

The handsome 38-year-old man looked at her with an arched eyebrow. “A surprise, huh? Sure, I’m game.”

“OK, then. Wait here for five minutes while I get everything ready.” Kevin nodded, intrigued at the possibilities. Becca grabbed her drink and cigarettes and sauntered towards the bedroom, looking back at him with a playfully evil look on her face.

When she was gone, her boyfriend went to the kitchen and made himself a fresh Jack and Coke. I wonder what she’s got in mind? he thought, trying to find something to do in the kitchen to kill four more minutes. He ended up rearranging refrigerator magnets and sticky notes.

When time was up, Kevin headed to the bedroom and called out, “Ready or not, here I come.” “Oh, I’m ready, handsome,” Becca called back. When he entered their bedroom, he saw his girlfriend lying nude on the bed, lightly stroking her perky B-cup tits. He wasn’t sure what she’d had to get ready.

“So, what’s up?” he inquired, entering the room. “Just get naked and sit down,” Becca ordered gently, pointing to the chair that she had pulled up next to the bed. Kevin complied quickly.

When he was bare and seated, the lithe brunette looked at him and pulled out the biggest joint he’d ever seen from under a pillow. “I thought we’d try something new tonight. I want to get high together, and I want you to jerk off while you watch me masturbate.” Kevin looked at her, stunned. Becca continued. “Oh, first, why don’t you turn on the video camera.” She pointed behind him, where the mini-VHS camcorder was already set up.

“Really?” Kevin asked, taken aback. They hadn’t gotten stoned together in forever. And his girlfriend had always illegal bahis been too shy or embarrassed to be filmed before. Becca just grinned and nodded. As Kevin reached back and pushed “Record,” Becca lit up the long, fat joint. She’d wanted to get high with her boyfriend for months. With her new promotion, she didn’t have to worry about drug tests for a long time.

The brunette sucked hard on the joint, bringing it to life. Her boyfriend stared as she closed her eyes and inhaled the savory smoke deep into her lungs and held it. As she exhaled a long plume, she sighed, “Oh god, that’s good.” Becca took another long pull and inhaled like her life depended on it. Then she handed the stick to Kevin and began to gently stroke her smoothly-shaved pussy.

Kevin took a long drag from the joint and held it in. It tasted wonderful. It had been nearly a year since he’d gotten high. He’d never been a pot head, but had enjoyed it now and then. And even he knew that this was some good weed. After he exhaled, Kevin handed it back to Becca, who’d been watching him expectantly.

“So, whatdya think?” she inquired.

Kevin smiled at her. “That’s some good shit. And you look incredible, baby.”

“Mmmm, thank you. I’m feeling pretty good, too.” She was already working her cunt into a lather. “Why don’t you grab that lube and enjoy yourself?” Kevin saw the oily lubricant on the nightstand and reached for it. “But you’re not allowed to cum until I say so, OK?” He grimaced slightly, but nodded.

Becca took another hit of pot and closed her eyes, gently rubbing her growing clit. The marijuana tasted great, and it was already making her completely mellow and unbelievably horny. Or maybe it was just getting herself off in front of her boyfriend. At this point, she didn’t care. She took another drag and handed the joint back to Kevin, who had started stroking his fully-erect dick.

Becca and Kevin slowly masturbated themselves and shared the joint, relaxed yet excited. Kevin loved the image of his beautiful, innocent-looking girlfriend getting high and diddling her smooth pussy. He couldn’t believe how wet she was, practically dripping onto the sheets. And her clit had grown as big as when he sucked on it. Becca’s pleasure illegal bahis siteleri button now looked like a tiny penis jutting out of her shiny cunt.

The joint lasted about 10 minutes. As Becca took the final hit, she attacked her clit. Keeping the pungent smoke deep in her lungs, she whispered, “Oh, fuck. I’m cumming.” She exhaled violently and began to wail as her orgasm exploded from her clit throughout her body.

Kevin watched in fascination, but slowed down his stroking. He wasn’t supposed to cum yet. His girlfriend, in another world, continued to furiously rub herself for another 10 seconds, her face contorted in ecstasy.

After her spasms subsided, Becca gasped for air and put the spent joint in the ashtray on the nightstand. The brunette gently rubbed her breasts, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. She looked at Kevin and said, “Oh my god, that was incredible. It was such a turn-on to have you watch me.”

“Well, I certainly enjoyed the show,” he replied, his rock-hard prick leaking pre-cum. “Can I cum soon?”

“In a while. I’m not done yet. Would you light me a cigarette, please?”

Kevin reached for her Marlboro Light 100s, lit one, and handed it to her. Then he got out one of his own king- size cigarettes and lit it for himself.

“I’m so stoned,” Becca commented dreamily as she exhaled a long plume of cigarette smoke. She was still playing with her tits.

“Me, too. Feels great. We should do this more often.”

“Mmm hmm,” she agreed, eyes closed. Then she reached under a pillow and brought out Big Bob, her 10-inch vibrator. “Remember, don’t cum yet. I want you to fuck my ass in a while.”

“OK.” Kevin didn’t know if he had that much control, but he would try. He hadn’t fucked his beautiful girlfriend up the butt in almost six months, mainly because they couldn’t resist fucking the “regular” way.

“OK,” Becca said, taking a long drag from her cigarette and turning her monster toy on. Kevin kept slowly stroking his cock as he watched her ease the tool up her oozing cunt. Becca, wasted and nearly in a dream state, worked the vibrating phallus in and out of her pussy while she smoked her long white Marlboro. She knew that her smoking and masturbating canlı bahis siteleri was driving her boyfriend absolutely crazy, and that turned her on even more.

Just a minute later, as she felt another orgasm approaching, she pulled the huge tool out of her cunt and gasped, “Please, fuck my ass, baby.”

Kevin immediately squirted more lube on his cock and got between her legs. Becca lifted her butt, and he positioned his dick against her brown star. He pushed gently and his cockhead slipped right in. Becca grunted. “That’s it, baby. Put it all the way in.”

He slid his throbbing cock all the way up her ass as she moaned and writhed in pleasure. The brunette returned to rubbing her tender clit as Kevin began to fuck her willing asshole. “Oh god, baby, your ass feels incredible.”

Becca took a drag from her dwindling cigarette and groaned, “So does your dick, baby. Now fuck my ass hard.” She looked up at him and exhaled the smoke right in his face, then looked down to watch his hard cock plow her tunnel. “That’s it, Kev. Fuck me. I want to feel you cum in my ass.” With the middle finger of her free hand, the brunette violently massaged her swollen clit.

Kevin rammed her tight ass like it was his last day on earth. Within 30 seconds, he grunted, “Oh fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum.”

“Give it to me, Kev. Cum in my ass. I want it so bad.”

With that, Kevin felt his nuts contract, then explode, shooting a massive load of jism up his shaft and deep into his girlfriend’s grateful bowels. That first spurt sent Becca over the edge and her own anal orgasm wracked her body with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to get ass-fucked.

The slender brunette humped his cock vigorously as she rubbed her engorged clit. Kevin pumped and pumped, squirting several loads into her. Becca groaned with every spurt, loving the feeling of his hot sperm shooting into her rectum.

As their mutual orgasm faded, Kevin practically collapsed on top of her, kissing her passionately. “Oh my god, hon. That was unbelievable. You are so fucking hot,” he gasped.

“You, too, baby,” Becca whimpered. “We really need to do this more often.” His dick was still semi-hard in her rectum, still leaking warm jism. Neither one of them wanted him to pull it out.

Kevin leaned up. “What? Get high, masturbate together, or have anal sex?”

“All of the above.” She smiled at him, then pulled him down to kiss him with complete abandon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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