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Big Dicks

Based on a real story. It is a bit long but I felt it needed the context to help explain most of the whole story.

Mike’s new found sexual experiences lead him to want more variety in his sex life.

Sometimes a want becomes reality.

Todd invited Mike to his house for a swim, a few drinks and snacks on a Tuesday afternoon.

The first thing he noticed upon arrival was Gail in the pool wearing a very small string bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

She was beautiful.

Gail knew Mike was examining her body carefully and wontedly.

Large areola’s and pointed nipples, on what looked like 34-36C breast, showing through the bikini top, a nicely formed ass and puffy pussy that were barely covered by the thong. Yeah, she looked great and knew it.

Gail was checking Mike out as well in his swim trunks and the bulge in his crotch.

She floated on her back with her chest extended and then would turn over and breast stroke so her ass would stick out of the water. She was putting on a show. Her teasing made her wet thinking about what her and Todd had planned. She wanted Mike, there would be a time and place soon enough.

Gail left the pool, showered off, dressed very sexy looking but in an up-class way, came back outside, and sat down next to the pool. Mike and Todd joined her.

After a few minutes of conversation and ogling, Gail bid them adieu as she had an appointment to get to.

Before she left, Gail handed an invite to Mike for a private party at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans on Friday night. Dinner, drinks and a breakfast will be provided.

“Plan to be gone until Sunday evening.” She told Mike.

How could Mike say no?

Mike visualizing how good and tender Todd’s girlfriend looked made his cock as hard as a rock.

Todd seeing his friend’s predicament, got on his knees in front of Mike, took Mike’s cock out and started sucking it slow and deep.

“Does this help make you feel a little better?” Todd asked Mike.

“Yeah, it does help take some of the edge off.” Mike responded, “Can we move inside so I can participate in return?”

Todd led Mike to a spare bedroom where they undressed each other, got in a sixty-nine position and sucked each other’s cocks. Both men were giving full throated cock sucking. Todd stopped sucking on Mike’s cock and started licking his way down to his balls and then to licking and tonguing his ass. Todd handed Mike a bottle of poppers. After inhaling a large sniff, Mike groaned and opened up for Todd.

Todd took this as an ok, got up, put some lube on his cock and Mike’s ass, then moved to get his cock lined up with Mike’s ass. Todd started slowly pushing his cock against Mike’s ass and felt Mike pushing back. He let Mike control the depth and speed until he was buried deep in his ass.

“Oh yes! That feels so good. Fuck my ass slow and deep.” Mike exclaimed as he sniffed some more of the poppers.

“Just for you,” Todd replied back. and slowly and deeply fucked Mike’s ass.

It didn’t take long and Mike felt this feeling in his ass that was about to make him cum. It blew his mind how good a cock felt fucking his ass.

Todd feeling Mike’s ass contract, knew Mike was about to cum and it made him ready to cum also.

Todd exploded cum deep into Mike’s ass and the feeling of cum being shot up his ass caused Mike to cum hard also.

They both lay there exhausted and pleased until they got up and showered.

They went down for a parting drink and Mike gave Todd a complement on the large house and yard layout.

Todd said, “This was Gail’s mother’s house and Gail inherited it after her mother passed away.”

“Gail made a few improvements so the pool area would be secluded and added the sunken bar.”

‘How did you and Gail meet?” Mike asked.

“I had a summer job working on a cruise liner out of New Orleans and she was on a cruise when we first met.” Todd told him.

“I worked during the day and would dance during the night for extra cash and amenities, if you know what I mean, ha ha.”

“I had a few dances with her the first night out and told her about this being my last cruise working before heading back home for schooling.”

“It was a seven-day cruise so we got to see each other in passing every day and she would buy dances from me in the evenings.”

“It didn’t take long until we ended up in bed together.”

“She was fairly kinky and I fell in love immediately.”

“Apparently she liked I was very receptive to her desires and satisfied her wants and needs, so she started to stay all night with me.”

“Lying in bed talking one night, Gail mentioned she would be moving not far from me. We made arrangements to meet again after the cruise, and here we are 2 years later.”

“WOW! Great way to meet. Thanks for the evening,” Mike said as he got up to leave. “See you Friday night.”

“Please be there, Gail has been wanting to meet you. I have told her everything I know about you and she is insatiable” Todd replied.

“Oh, bursa escort and Mike, don’t worry that I will be jealous, she asked and I agreed. It would not be the first time I let her have another man or woman.”

Mike was sure he would be there as he wanted her and loved what seemed to be a challenge in the bedroom.

Noon Friday finally came and Mike drove the 60-mile trip to the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. He gave his ID to check in and was told his room was prepaid. He went to his room, got on his swim trunks and went to the pool for a drink and some views.

The few ladies in very thin bikini’s at the pool got Mike a bit aroused, so he headed back to his room for a nice hot shower and some handmade relief.

As he emerged from the shower, room service showed up with an invitation. It was to be at Brennan’s restaurant for 7pm.

A car would be in front of the lobby at 6:30 pm to drive him to the restaurant.

At 6:50 pm he arrived at Brennan’s, gave the maître de the invitation and was escorted to a private room in the back.

Upon entering he saw two very nice-looking couples along with Todd and Gail. Mike made his way to Todd and a very astonishing looking Gail.

“Gail, Oh la vache!” I am speechless at your looks”

Gail brightly smiled and spun around for Mike to get a look at her all the way around. The dress she wore was a light floral design and opened as she spun. Mike could see she had no undergarments on underneath.

Her smooth, shiny pussy showed and her breast were silky and well formed. He got an immediate hard-on.

“I seem to be the only one here without a date,” Mike said.

Gail smiled and said, “You are our date and I can see you brought your full package with you.”

Mike gave a slight expressive smile and said, “I carry it everywhere,”

They gave each other another once over look and went to meet the other couples.

The first couple was Bobby and Karen. Karen was a pediatrician and Bobby owned a pool company.

The second couple was James and Dawn. James owned a large Air Conditioning company and Dawn had her own business doing copy, printing and editing.

Mike told them he had worked for a construction contractor during his school years and after he graduated started a construction consultant job in drafting and blueprinting. His old boss hired his company and soon after, he had 3 more clients.

A dinner with a mixed fruit and vegetable salad, and a type of grillades and rice was served, then a true Flambeau Banana’s Foster for dessert. It was already a great night in Mike’s mind.

They all talked amongst themselves after desert with a Benedictine Armagnac drink that was exquisite.

After all this, they went for a stroll on Bourbon Street and stopped at Pat O’Brien’s for a famous Hurricane. Thankfully it was not too crowded, as it was not a special weekend.

Mike ran into his old girlfriend Carol as he was leaving the bathroom literally. She wasn’t looking and walked right into Mike. They hugged and chatted for a while and he found out she just got divorced and needed to get away.

“So, are you here with someone?” Carol asked.

“No, I met up with some friends here and I have a room at the Windsor Court on the river”

She looked as good as ever so he took a chance and asked, “Interested in coming over?”

Carol looked at him carefully and said, “Sure, I need a good release. Hope you are up to the challenge.”

Mike hailed a cab and had the driver stop at a store nearby to buy a small box of extra-large puppy pads.

He remembered Carol squirted like a water fountain and wanted to sleep in a dry bed. Carol laughed when she saw what he had bought.

“What no condoms?” Carol giggled.

“Opps, forgot, be right back.” Mike said.

“No worries, I know you well enough to trust you have been safe.” replied Carol.

“I am still that predictable?” Mike replied.

“Oh yeah, you are so set in your ways. But I mean that as a compliment.” Carol said. “it’s what got you where you are in life. You let nothing get in your way.”

They had been great friends and great sex partners once before, but being lovers was a disaster. They both had different paths in life they wanted to pursue and it created problems that ended their relationship. But it made both of them successful.

They wasted no time getting naked and jumping in the shower together. After some shower foreplay, they climbed in bed and it was like a movie, lights, action, no camera.

“You sure have taken care of yourself physically,” Carol said while looking Mike up and down.

“And you look as good as you ever did,” Mike responded.

Carol straddled Mike’s face with her pussy then grabbed his cock and murmured, “I haven’t forgotten this beautiful thing.”

Mike, loved the sight and smell of her clean shaved pussy said, “And I remember this sweet tasting thing.”

It made both of them laugh and they got down to business.

Carol treated Mike’s cock like an addiction and Mike did the bursa escort bayan same with her pussy. They both enjoyed the flashbacks from times past and took the opportunity to relish it.

Mike turned Carol around, kneeled between her legs, took his hard cock in his hand and placed it next to Carol’s pussy lips. He rubbed his cock on her clit, slowly at first then harder and faster, up and down, just barely inside her pussy lips. The teasing with his cock stirred Carol’s sex drive into overdrive and she orgasmed again and again.

Carol pulled Mike closer and moaned loudly, “Fuck my pussy like you did in the old days.”

Mike knew what she wanted so he put the tip of his cock against her pussy, slowly rubbed her clit, and then rammed it in as hard as he could.

He continued this pattern for about 5 minutes then slowed down and teased her pussy with his cock again. Using his hands to guide his cock, he brushed her G-spot until she squirted heavily.

‘You are such a tease, quit and fuck me” Carol moaned.

Mike continued fucking Carol feeling her juices flow down between them. Carol finally got on top and took control. God, he loved to feel her orgasm’s rushing between his legs, down his balls and between his ass cheeks.

Carol needed more, she stopped Mike, looked at him with pleading eyes said, “Please, take my ass.”

Mike did not need to be asked twice. First thing was to change the dripping wet puppy pad. Thank goodness they work so well.

Carol laid back down, raised her ass and offered it fully for his attention.

“Pease,” Carol whispered lustfully.

Mike licked her ass and used her pussy juice to get it nice and wet until Carol was squirming. He slowly moved his cock inside her tight ass until it was buried as deep as he could go. Carol was panting at this point.

Carol wanted him to slam fuck her ass now that she was loosened. Mike knew this was going to happen so he slowly took his time building up to it.

Carol was practically screaming at him to pound her hard and rough.

Angling his cock in her ass, toward her G-spot, he got her squirting over and over. Carol was gasping.

Mike sped up and slammed her ass again and again until he ripped off a big orgasm. Cum started squishing out her ass as he slowed down his fucking during the finale.

Slowly Mike pulled away and a gush of cum came out with his cock.

They lay there for about 15 minutes holding each other when Carol got up, thanked Mike for the evening, took a shower and left.

Mike slept with no problem and woke up feeling great and wondering if it could get any better.

After a delicious breakfast off Mimosa’s, Eggs Benedict, light grits and some homemade biscuits with a strawberry marmalade was finished, Gail announced that a Limousine was waiting outside to take them to the Party house.

A stretched Limo was waiting outside the restaurant and all 7 people fit comfortably inside.

Sitting next to Todd, Mike asked, “How much do I owe you for this?”

Todd laughed and said, “Your participation this weekend is your payment.”

“So can you give me a hint of what is going on?” Mike asked.

“All will be explained when we arrive,” was the answer Todd gave him.

After about a 40-minute drive they arrived at a huge old plantation style house. It was on a large piece of property with a bridge and security gate across a bayou to get to the house.

Huge shrubs with 10-foot chain fencing inside it surrounded the outside of the property. There was cypress swamp all the way around except for where the road came in at.

They noticed another piece of property with a helipad. It had a large hanger and covered docks on both sides of the separating bayou. There were a few nice-looking boats to get from the helipad to a reception cabin, some carts to get back and forth to the house and some boats that looked like they were set up for fishing and hunting trips.

They got to the large porch and Gail reintroduced herself and Todd and thanked them for coming out. She then explained the purpose of the introduction because of what the weekend was about.

“My great grandmother was very wealthy by marriage and she had this house built to escape from all the celebrity madness and to have private banquets.”

“They had a very nice old house off of St. Charles Street in New Orleans but it was surrounded by other houses and nosey people.”

“My great-grandfather was a fairly popular politician in Louisiana, who made a fortune in alcohol and then in the oil and gas business.”

“They had one daughter. This is where my story here begins in a way.”

“My grandmother, as a young lady, moved here from New Orleans to take care of her aging parents and inherited it when her parents passed on.”

“She loved a trip she made to Paris were she found Le Chabanais, a private sex club, in the late 1940’s and visited there few more times until it closed in 1951.”

“It gave her the inspiration to modify this house into her own pleasure palace and escort bursa private club.”

“Money was no object to buy 600 acres of land around the house, build the fences and plant the shrubs to help keep people from spying on the house.

“Money bought her all she needed in certain lawyers and Judges who frequently enjoyed the pleasures of the club when it was opened.”

“She never married but had one daughter, my mother, by accident, and had her raised by an Aunt. She would visit her as much as possible, but enjoyed her life too much to fully raise a child.”

“My mother brought me here a few times to visit my grandmother and check up on the property, but never allowed me to roam around the inside of the house alone.”

“There are a few houses down the road she owns for people who take care of the properties and house chores.”

“I was never allowed to be out of her sight. I always wondered why.”

“After mom died in a car accident, I inherited this house, the one on St. Charles Street. and the one I currently live in.”

“That was the true moment that changed my life.”

“While meeting with the lawyer on my inheritances, he gave me a sealed envelope.”

“He explained he was from the family of lawyers that had been assisting this family needs and finances since my great-parents.”

“It was bank account information, insurance information, directions to the master bedroom, a secret office, the location and combination to a vault, and even more interesting, a Diary.”

“Needless to say, I honestly didn’t need a job anymore,”

“I was excited to explore the house so I quickly toured the house then went in hunt of the master bedroom and the secret office,”

“The house was decorated with furnishings from the late 1800″s up to the 1950’s”

“All the paintings are originals from famous and local artists.”

“I found the diary. It was started by my great grandmother and had a lot of pages from her and my grandmother. There were very few entries from my mother except for the date she started learning about the house and her decision to not use it as it was used as a house of sin”

“It had a list of who’s who that visited the house and those who attended the parties.”

“It contained two Law Firms who knew what business she was in and if I wanted to restart the business, who to get in touch with that could be trusted.”

Gail did not tell them it also had all their secret fetishes listed. That could be very dangerous information to let out.

“I realized I had been reading for four hours and was getting hungry so I went and grabbed something to eat.”

“While eating, I made the decision to reopen the house under the same spirit as my grandmother.”

“I got with the lawyers and we reopened the house as a Wedding, Event or Get Away house one year ago, and have already established a waiting list and a private party client list.”

“We sell ourselves as an exclusively private venue and get request from around the world now.”

“Soon after, I had the helipad built so certain clientele could come in anonymously.”

“Finding new caretakers, workers and guards involved extensive interviews and background checks.”

“In the private world this is known as Un Deux, a takeoff of the original pleasure palace in Paris”

“In the business world it is listed as Harlow Manor. Named after a friend of my grandmothers that died too young.”

“I invited you here because I know you enjoy some of the same lifestyles as Todd and I, and invited one extra person out of curiosity.” she nodded toward Mike.

“He has become a very good friend of Todd’s, and I have wanted to enjoy his offerings ever since we first met and from what Todd has told me about him.”

“I will now take you on a tour of the house, starting on the second floor down because I want to save the best for last”

“The house is 2.5 stories tall with a large wrap around porch with railings and a fully operational widows walk. The half top floor is the extravagant master bedroom and office area.”

“One of the biggest challenges was to get a good WIFI system put in place. We do not have any TV’s in the bedrooms because we encourage interaction with the guest.”

Gail did not show the master bedroom, office or the hidden stairway. She also did not mention the secret walkways behind the walls connected to every floor.

“The second floor has 5 large bedrooms, each room has a king size bed and beautiful old furniture and lamps in them. Each bedroom also has its own bathroom with huge two-person club footed tubs, wrap around curtains for the shower, a bidet and a nice high toilet with handrails. Each bathroom room also has laundry chutes.”

“The 1st floor has a huge guest room with a large screen TV on each wall with very plush and comfortable furniture around each TV section. It has a built-in bar that is in the middle of the room. The floor has mosaic designs and elegant tables for side conversations in the corners of the room.”

“There is a large kitchen that still has the old wood burning stove and hearth ovens. There are some modern appliances also. The center piece of the room is an Island, made out of old cypress, with a sitting area and pot and pan rack above it.”

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