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I’d love to have your FEEDBACK or COMMENTS on what you like and what you don’t. It’s knowing that someone actually reads my work that inspires me to keep writing. After submitting the original story I am adding this chapter (and possibly more) because all the feedback I received said you were waiting for the next installment! This Chapter is a little longer than I’d like, but I see no good way to split it up. TC 5

Ch. 03 – Cleo

Between my work schedule and Kirk being home on the weekend I didn’t see Kelly again until Monday. I caught a few hours sleep after my night shift, and when I looked out she was in the yard, working again. As I walked towards her I noticed she had been very busy, clumps of brightly colored flowers everywhere in the old flower beds. As soon as she saw me she smiled and yelled out, “Morning neighbor!” The “neighbor” thing had become almost a term of affection, as well as a code word with a lot of other meanings.

“Morning yourself,” I replied with a smile as I approached her. “Wow, it looks great out here! You really do have a green thumb.”

“The nursery has the green thumb, I just dig the holes and put the plants in,” She giggled. “But thanks, I’m glad you like it.”

“Would you like to come in for a visit?” I had had enough of the small talk already.

“I thought you would never ask,” she laughed her reply.

We tried to look nonchalant as we walked to the house, but I was shaking with anticipation. The moment the door shut my arms went around her with such force it would have looked like an attack if she hadn’t grabbed me just as hard at the same time. Our lips devoured each other and our bodies ground together, neither of us able to get enough. When we finally came up for air we were both gasping, staring at each other.

“GOD, I missed you!” she panted. “And him!” she added as she reached down and grasped the bulge in my shorts.

“I guarantee he missed you just as much, Kelly. I spent a lot of time at work thinking about you, and not much about work.”

Our lips locked again, tongues playing deep in her mouth as I ran my hands up and down her body, touching everywhere I could reach. She put both hands on my ass and just ground against me, her pussy positioned directly against my cock. I grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and yanked it over her head in one motion. She pushed mine up just as fast, and together we pulled it off and threw it with hers. When we crushed together again her nipples were rock hard against my chest, her breasts mashed almost flat, and she whimpered as she squirmed against me. I was moaning deeply, into her mouth, and my hips started to roll against her of their own accord.

Soon I couldn’t stand it any longer, and scooped her up in my arms, not stopping till I could toss her onto the bed. We watched each other as we both unbuttoned and unzipped our shorts, and as soon as mine hit the floor along with my briefs, I grabbed the hem of hers and pulled them over her hips and down her legs. She already had her nipples in her fingertips as I leaned forward and buried my head between her thighs, my face mashed against the material of her filmy panties. She wrapped her legs around my head and locked her ankles, pulling hard as I inhaled her scent, then started to lick at the wetness already soaking through.

My hands were on her hips, which were already rocking, as I ran my tongue up the crease of her leg next to the hem of her bikini, then did the same to the other side. Slowly, I pulled the band of her panties over her hips as my mouth worked against the now-soaking little pouch, until finally she unlocked her legs to allow me to pull them off. She spread her legs wide, knees bent, and I dove in again, my tongue sliding between her lips directly into her boiling cunt. She gasped loudly, and as I drank up all the nectar I found waiting, her ass lifted off the bed and her hands grasped my head and pulled down hard, forcing me deeper into her.

She moaned and writhed on the bed, her back arched as she pulled at her nipples, and I was gasping, trying to catch my breath without moving a millimeter away from her. God, she tasted good, and knowing she was feeding herself to me made it even better! I slurped up every drop of her wetness, then slid my tongue slowly up between her swollen lips, my eyes looking up at her. Between the mounds of her breasts I could see her head was thrown back, eyes closed. Her hips were rhythmically bucking, and as my lips found the nub of her clit she practically growled, “OH FUCK! Eat me Ron! OH GOD, that’s it, devour me!”

She knew I was trying, as my lips sucked hard on her clit, tongue swirling and grinding against it. When she felt my teeth playfully graze it she started a series of high pitched whimpers, and as I sucked harder her hips started lifting, faster and faster. When she heaved off the bed with a hoarse scream I locked my mouth over her cunt, ready and waiting to drink down the mouthful of cum that gushed ankara moldovyalı escortlar forth. I slid both hands under her ass and held her against my face till she stopped writhing and the cries changed to gasps.

I pulled myself up next to her, throwing an arm over her as I pressed my cum-covered lips against hers, and she tasted herself as we kissed long and hard. When I moved my mouth down to her chest and sucked in one of the nipples she had tortured into unbelievable hardness, I felt her hand wrap around my cock. As I sucked and tongued her, she started stroking, long and slow. God, that felt good! My cock had been waiting for that for days!

Her back was arched, hand on the back of my head, and I took as much of her as I could into my mouth. I could hear her legs sliding back and forth, kicking on the bed, and I knew she was already feeling it again. I caught her nipple in my teeth and looked up at her as I pulled up hard, stretching the already swollen nub. Her eyes opened wide, and she gasped out, “Oh damn, you bastard! You’re pushing all my buttons at once!” Once again, her hips were bucking against the bed and her whole body was rolling as she moaned and groaned.

She grabbed my head in both hands and pulled me off of her, then pushed me onto my back, hard. As she scrambled between my legs she growled, “My turn, dammit!”

She grabbed my cock in one hand and slid her lips over it, slowly sliding all the way down to her fingers. Her eyes stared at me, unblinking, as she forced me into her throat, not stopping until her lips pressed into my dark hair. I could feel her throat contracting around me and her mouth was dripping wet, but she didn’t move until she was forced to release me to catch her breath. I realized I hadn’t been breathing either, and my hands were fists on both sides of me, pressed into the bed.

“OH GOD baby! That’s so amazing!” I gasped out.

In answer she rammed her head down onto me again, filling her throat, and this time she bobbed up and down with short strokes, as my hips bucked. I laced my fingers into her curly blonde hair, as she took another breath, then sucked me down yet again. The strokes on my cock were longer and faster this time, and her tongue was pressed against my shaft. I was shuddering, trembling, and I gently pulled her head up, pleading, “No more baby, I can’t take that again!”

Her breath was coming in long deep gasps as she put her hands on the bed beside my hips and pushed herself up. In one motion she swung both her legs outside of mine and ended up on her knees, straddling me. Her hand grabbed the shaft of my cock tightly, and started stroking up and down, fast and hard, the wetness from her mouth making it feel wonderful. She stared at me and almost shouted, “Oh FUCK! I’ve been wanting this so bad!!

She straightened up just long enough to position my cock under herself, and with one long downward thrust, impaled herself on me, her ass resting on my thighs. “AHHHhhhhhhhh, YES! That feels so damn good! She snarled as she rotated her hips and ground her pussy against my groin. She leaned forward over me, putting her hands on my chest, and started rocking back and forth, sliding up and down on my cock so hard her ass slapped against me with a loud wet rhythm. I reached up and grasped her swinging breasts and squeezed hard, the nipples between my finger tips. Every time she rocked back she pulled against them as I pinched harder.

I raised my knees in back of her and started rolling my hips, meeting her thrusts and pounding my cock into her dripping wet cunt. I watched her body shake from the impact each time we came together. My cock was on fire, and I gasped and moaned with every stroke. Her head was back, eyes closed and she was making little high pitched cries as she slammed down on me. Juices from her cunt were running down my shaft, over my legs and onto the bed. She pulled loose from my hands and sat up, her hips going up and down faster and faster, hoarse screeches coming out with every stroke. I bit my lip and clenched my ass tight, trying to hold on, not wanting this to end so soon.

Suddenly she slammed down on me with a growling moan. Then her hips started bucking, out of control, as her cum poured out around my cock. Her hands were sliding up and down her body and I could see her shaking as her orgasm rushed through her. Tears ran down her cheeks from the sudden rush she felt. Somehow I avoided joining her, and lay still, buried in her and feeling her cunt clenching over and over.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I didn’t know I needed it THAT bad!” she whimpered, staring at me.

She fell forward limply onto my chest, and my arms went around her as we kissed, hungry little kisses, over and over. I started moving my hips very slowly, my cock sliding in and out of her with long slow strokes; god that felt so good! Soon she started moving very gently, in time with me, and she stared down into my face. “Oh god ankara ukraynalı escortlar yes! God yes, god yes, god yes! She was almost crying, the pleasure was so intense.

I tightened my arms around her, and she locked her legs around mine as I slowly rolled her over onto her back, ending up on top of her without ever letting my cock slide out. She lay back and spread her legs wide, lifting her hips to me as I slid my legs between hers. Our lips locked for one more long deep kiss, and then I pushed myself up and slid my hands to her hips. On my knees between her thighs, I slid my cock very slowly back until I could see the beginning of the head, then just as slowly back into her, all the way. I did it over and over, slowly increasing the speed and force of the thrusts, until, at last, I rammed myself into her and ground my body against hers. I could feel her hips moving under me, and her fingers had captured her nipples again, slowly pinching and pulling as her back arched.

I started fucking her at a steady pace, my cock sliding easily in and out of her open, sopping wet tunnel. Her body was moving in unison with mine, and we enjoyed each other as I gradually increased the tempo, until soon I was slapping against her with every thrust. I had been very close to cumming, and I knew it wouldn’t take much, so I wanted to prolong the pleasure as much as possible.

When she started moaning with every stroke and pulling hard on her nipples I knew she was ready, and leaned forward, my hands at her sides on the mattress, staring down into her eyes. Her body started to bounce as I slammed into her hard and fast, and soon the bed was rocking under us. She was moaning loudly, and I was gasping, starting to sweat and watching the drops fall from my face onto her breasts. She was squirming and started softly chanting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” with hoarse gasps.

I gasped breathlessly, “Damn, Kelly, this is SOO FUCKINGGG GOODDD!” and I started pounding her, ramming harder and harder as I felt my cock throb and tingle, no longer able to hold back or wanting to.

Her moans changed to high-pitched cries again, and her hips began bucking, meeting my hard thrusts with her own. I slammed myself into her one final time and pressed down, forcing her ass into the mattress. My head went back and I snarled as my cock exploded, spurting and pumping, my hips bucking as I filled her shuddering cunt. I felt the hot flood as she joined me, screaming out her orgasm over and over, back arched so only her shoulders and ass touched the bed.

I lowered myself on top of her, my head coming to rest between her breasts. I was gasping, chest heaving. I could hear the little whimpering sounds she was making and feel her body shiver as the aftershocks of her orgasm ran through her. I finally forced myself to slide off next to her, knowing she couldn’t breathe with my weight on her, and we lay that way for several minutes.

I felt her hands begin to move, running lightly over my hair, and I lifted my head to look up at her. She had a little smile and her face was glowing as her eyes met mine. I gave her gentle little kisses, along the side of her breast, then down beneath it. I felt her breathing deepen and both her hands were lightly on my head, but she didn’t move. I slowly kissed and licked up her breast, teasing, until my lips met the hard pointed nipple, and I slid them gently over it. I kissed and sucked lightly, my tongue making slow wet circles around the tip, and she gave a soft moan of total contentment and pleasure. I felt her hands push my head down lightly, telling me she wanted more, and I was prepared to give all she wanted. As my lips and teeth and tongue played on her breast, her back arched more and more, as she pressed herself into my mouth. She whispered softly, “Oh god Ron, do anything, but just don’t STOP!”

One of my hands was running softly over her body, petting her anywhere I could reach, and it finally slipped down between her legs. When I gently cupped and stroked and squeezed her pussy, I fell the gentle undulation of her hips begin, and my fingertips got wetter each time they slipped between her lips. I was a little surprised when she said quietly, “Ron, please, will you 69 with me?” What a wonderful idea!

I straddled her on my knees, and as I bent over her I felt her hand grasp my cock and start stroking the length of it. I rested my elbows next to her hips and lowered my mouth to her, kissing lightly over her pussy and letting my tongue slide up and down the creases of her legs, teasing her. At the same time I felt her hand guide my cock to her mouth and she kissed and licked the tip. As I ran my tongue down the slit between her lips she spread her legs a little, allowing me to kiss my way down between them till I reached the entrance to her tunnel. She was already wet, and I licked up the juices leaking from her, then slid my tongue slowly inside her. At the same time I felt her lips slide ankara minyon tipli escortlar over the head of my cock, and her tongue softly swirled around it.

I rocked my hips slowly and she took me in and out of her mouth, not deeply or hard, just enjoying the sensation of having me inside her, and perhaps even more, enjoying knowing the intense pleasure she was giving me. Her hand was still on my shaft, controlling the tempo and the depth of my strokes. With every stroke I felt her tongue slide over my shaft. She was making a low purring sound of satisfaction, and the vibrations felt wonderful.

My tongue probed deeper and deeper inside her as I drank the creamy juices she continually replenished. Her hips rolled slowly, and she pressed herself into my face. Concentrating on pleasing her allowed me to focus a little less on the wonderful feeling of my throbbing cock in her mouth. Even so, her wet slurping and the little sounds of contentment and pleasure she was making were great turn -ons! I slid my tongue up and down between her lips, kissing, sucking and nipping as she shuddered under my touch. I swirled my tongue gently over her swollen clit, not sucking on it, to prolong the pleasure for both of us.

When I felt the tempo of her hips increase I pressed my face harder against her, my hands sliding under her ass cheeks and squeezing. I heard a muted whimper from around my cock, and she started raising and lowering her head, her lips squeezing harder and sliding farther onto my shaft. I rolled my hips in response and was fucking her warm, wet mouth, feeling my head press against the opening to her throat. I did not press hard; the sensation was wonderful as it was.

At the same time my lips found her clit and sucked it in, and I squeezed and rolled the little bud with my tongue. She started gasping and moaning, having trouble keeping her mouth tight around my cock. Her creaming pussy was sopping wet, and I enjoyed trying to keep up with the constant flow. I rammed my tongue deeper into her and swirled it inside, and her hips began bucking as her head went back and I felt her lips release me. I heard her gasp hoarsely, “Ronny, please, fuck me!”

I quickly slid off of her, and she showed me what she wanted, getting on her knees, head down on the bed. I moved behind her and bent my head, kissing both her ass cheeks and giving them little nips. As I grasped her hips she was rocking back and forth, and when I pressed against her ass I felt my cock sliding under her slippery wet pussy. I pulled my hips back just a bit, and when she rocked back I slid inside her. My hands pulled her to me and I slowly pushed all the way in, my cock buried in her. She moaned, “God yes!” Her cunt was very tight, and I could feel it contracting around me.

I picked up the rhythm of her rocking, and we fucked at a nice easy pace. This had turned into her show, and I knew she would let me know just what she wanted. I slid my hands up and down her back, and leaning forward, let my fingers slide to her sides, stroking against the swell of her breasts as they swayed back and forth. In that position I was buried deeply inside her, and she started rocking harder, slapping back against my thighs. Both of us were moaning and gasping softly from the pleasure and the effort. I straightened up and gripped her hips again, using them as handles to start ramming harder into her, meeting her thrusts. The wet slapping of our bodies grew louder and louder as we accelerated together.

She started making little wordless cries and I was glad to see she was feeling the same thing I was. My cock was tingling and throbbing, and I knew it would not stand much more. My fingers pressed into her flesh as I gripped her harder and started pounding against her ass, my breath coming in strangled gasps. She started howling “ooooo, ooooo, ooooo, ooooo” in time with our thrusts and I redoubled my efforts, wanting only one thing.

With a snarl I rammed myself into her one final time and held her, impaled on my cock. In response her head lifted off the bed and came back over her shoulders as she let out a guttural scream of total release. My cum spurted deep into her time after time as she bucked against me, and my hips were thrusting, pumping, grinding. It wasn’t until my climax lessened that I realized my hands were holding little rolls of her flesh I had gripped her so tightly, and I ran my fingers softly over her hips, hoping to sooth them.

When my cock softened she rocked forward and slid off of me, rolling onto her back and staring up at me. I fell to her side and gathered her in my arms, crushing her against me. Our lips ground together in a long kiss of total pleasure. “Oh baby, that was so fucking great!” I whispered to her. Her arms tightened around me and she didn’t say a word, only giving a long moan of contentment and happiness as her body stretched and pressed against me.

We both knew it was getting late, and she had to go home, or we might have fallen asleep together. We gathered up our clothes and dressed, sharing a few little kisses as we went. Before she went out the door we locked in a long deep embrace, lips grinding, tongues playing. I walked her to the property line, and she turned to me with a smile, “See you tomorrow neighbor?”

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