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To G…Happy Valentine’s Day!

* * * * *

You had been in an inquisitive mood, wanting some adventure, so it took only a little convincing, and glass of cabernet, to get you to agree.

Your nervous glance as we arrived revealed your anxiety, yet I could tell there was rising excitement. Yes, this was the adventure you desired. I could tell, your face lightly flushed, sweat gathering on your neck and shoulders, and your hand, holding mine tight…almost clenching it as we entered the club.

I had requested you wear something sexy, easily accessed as I expressed it. As always, you had not disappointed, wearing a light sheer bra and panty combination you had always saved for ‘those’ occasions. Yes, you looked incredibly hot, and I knew you were ready and willing. This would be quite an evening.

We had socialized at the bar awhile, not so subtly letting our interest be known, then taken a seat in a private area near the dance floor. We sat close, I lightly kissed along the back of your neck, whispering to you as we watched and waited. Your hand had casually slid down the front of my pants, your fingers gripping my hardening cock, when the approach came.

With dark hair and dark eyes she silently and seductively motioned to the dance floor. You looked at me, and I smiled. She reached out for your hand, and led you away.

I watched intently as her body moved fluidly, in perfect unison with yours. She was good, very good, at first lightly touching you, then as the music’s tempo slowed, began to aggressively tease. You shifted uncomfortably, and shot me a quick glance as she slowly unbuttoned the front of your dress, just enough to give her access, to slide her hand in along your ample breasts, brushing over your nipples, feeling them harden through the light material of your bra. Your sigh was visible as you exhaled when she lowered the zipper on the front of her dress, and moved your hand to her cleavage. I became conscious of my own arousal as I watched the outline of your hand caress under her breasts.

She came back with you and I shifted to make room. You looked at me approvingly and I nodded as she sat down close beside you. I felt you squirm as she placed her hands on your face and kissed you, then felt you relax as she slowly drew away, she smiled and said something to you. You turned toward me and I kissed you passionately. Our tongues twisting and turning in an intricate pattern…darting in and out, around and around…whirling, swirling, and jousting. I felt you move slightly and glanced down; she had unbuttoned further down your dress, her hand had slipped into your panties and her fingers were buried in your hot, wet, and by now I knew, throbbing pussy.

You moaned audibly as I slowly broke off our kiss. She withdrew her hand, examined her glistening fingers with obvious satisfaction, and offered them to me. I licked underneath her fingers then released, she then drew them to her lips and sucked hungrily. I held you in my arms as she returned her fingers. She knew exactly what you liked, lightly vibrating your clit, occasionally dipping a finger into your hot core and gently tapping along the upper wall. I could feel the heat of your flushed face as I kissed and traced my tongue along the side of your cheek. Your breathing had become heavy and uneven.

You shifted in your seat, bracing yourself as you passed the point of no return. She had completely unbuttoned your dress and had slipped one of your breasts out of the bra. Her cheeks moved in and out rhythmically as she was sucking and drawing on your nipple. You twitched and moved with her motions. And her fingers expertly worked your clit…rubbing it, vibrating it, flicking it…bringing you to the edge, then moving lower, gliding along the slick swollen lips, then penetrating into the core where she lightly tapped on your G-spot. She worked relentlessly, I could feel you shiver as ankara escort bayan you drew close, then pause as she backed off, prolonging the pleasure, yet leaving you desperate for release.

Finally I whispered, “Do you want to come now baby?” Your eyes pleaded, and I felt her eyes also, watching our exchange as her tongue flicked and teased your engorged nipple. I saw her smile and this time her fingers never wavered. Vibrating vigorously over your clit, harder and faster than before, I could feel you stiffen as she drove you to orgasm. I buried your head in my shoulder as you screamed when you came, convulsing in the seat, then slowly coming down as she drew her hand away. She smiled at us as she eagerly licked her fingers.

I smiled back at her, “Perhaps you would join us in the private couples area?” She nodded, and as she did, you reached for her and kissed her full on the mouth.


The three of us walked casually down the hall, I watched you move closer to her, slide your arm across her back, caressing along the top of the towel that covered her lithe willowy body. She seemed comfortable, at ease, communicating primarily with her dark eyes and the occasional nod or shake of her head. Her look was almost gothic, smooth white skin with jet black hair cut short. When she kissed I could see a glint of silver on her tongue; perhaps she had similar piercings elsewhere.

As we entered the private area the sound of whispers and moans charged the atmosphere, you glanced at me, a pure look of lust. I knew your pussy was throbbing and dripping. Nothing gets you going more than a good finger fucking, and you would want more. Now you had one of your fantasies unfolding before your eyes; what would it be like to feel your tongue on her body, to probe those sensitive areas you know so well. I knew you wanted to experience that feeling of power and control as you brought her to orgasm.

We found an empty space, sliding onto the firm but comfortable padding. I dropped the towel around my waist and stretched out to watch. The two of you faced each other, on your knees, neither making a move…eyes carefully scanning each other, admiring the firm contours and delightful curves of the feminine form. Finally you reached for her, grasping her towel and pulling on it, watching it fall away as she responded similarly with yours. You moved closer, your breasts pressing against hers, I could see your nipples, hard and taut, as they pressed into her soft supple flesh. She was a little taller and looked down at you as your hands gathered under her firm breasts, and directed her small, hard nipples into your mouth.

As you sucked on them your eyes fell on mine. I smiled, knowing you had wanted to experience this, to know what it was like. You did not acknowledge, content in the knowledge that I loved watching two women make love. Soft moans emanated from her as you sucked and pulled on her nipples, stretching and making them swell. She caressed up and down your back, her fingers lightly touching in a way that would make you tingle with the sensation. You kissed up between her breasts and gently pushed her backward, until you were on top of her, kneeling between her slender thighs.

She reached out to me, firmly grasping my hard cock. Her eyes communicated her desire. I moved to my knees beside her head, and offered myself to her. Her warm, moist lips and tongue worked along the swollen shaft of my manhood. I felt myself grow harder as she sucked, kissed, and licked her way to my balls, then drew each of them into her mouth, sucking on them lightly. I saw you inching your way down her body, laving with your tongue, sliding it over her smooth pale skin, stopping only to lightly blow on it which elicited a small shiver…every time. As you reached her pussy you paused, admiring her completely shaven, swollen lips decorated with three silver loops pierced through her ankara bayan escort labia. You hooked your arms underneath and around her, allowing you to spread her open fully…then dipped your head, the tip of your tongue leading, to just over her clit. Again you paused, letting saliva drip off your tongue onto her clit, a long liquid string disappearing as it mingled with her juices below.

I was pleased as I watched you flatten your tongue along her slit, knowing how good it would feel, how your tongue would make her quiver and shake at the slightest stroke. You would know the satisfaction I felt every time I ate your pussy and drove you to ecstasy, before pounding you unmercifully with my aching cock, until I released inside you.

I felt her begin to lose concentration as you worked on her. Her chest heaved, her tongue diminished against my cock, and she began to moan. You were intent in your mission, your eyes looking up at her, watching her every expression, revealing her desire…more pressure, less pressure… licking…then sucking, then probing…she began to quiver involuntarily. You let up, moved your hands to her nipples, then pulled and stretched them, rolling them in your thumb and forefinger. My cock left her mouth completely, her hand barely grasping it, as her moans grew in intensity.

I watched as you paused slightly, then went down on her clit, sucking it into your mouth, and lashing it with your tongue. Her hips flew in the air, yet you stayed with her, sucking harder still. She let go of my cock as she screamed…the sensuous, erotic sound of a woman totally consumed in orgasm, driven into world of total ecstasy. You stayed with her, working on her until, finally, she had to push you away. I counted at least three massive spasms. Your chin was glistening with her juices as you looked up at me, your expression resembling the proverbial smiling Cheshire cat.

I bent my head down and kissed you, tasting her on your lips. As I broke off I whispered, “Your turn!”


She recovered quickly, seizing the moment of our embrace to sidle up behind you. You shivered as she slipped her arm around your waist, her slender palm on your mound, as her finger explored the area she had so expertly worked earlier on. Her eyes met mine, a broad smile on her lips, you were on fire and she knew what you would want.

Her motions were fluid and graceful as she delicately kissed along your shoulders, her hand rubbing incessantly at your clit, knowing she would distract you from me. I released and sat back, watching as she made love to you…slowly, seductively, tender yet forceful; she was driving, and in complete control. I smiled as you looked at me, your eyes with that look of drunken passion. You wanted her to take you, to surrender to another woman’s touch.

I could see you squirm as she pinched your ruby red nipple…your perfectly shaped plump aureole swelling further at her touch and caress. She shot me a quick glance as she brought her hand up from your pussy, tracing her wet fingers along your lips, then lightly forcing them into your mouth. She pulled you back toward her and angled her head, her tongue slipping into your mouth engaging yours, so you could both enjoy the sweet taste of your abundant juices.

I watched you arch your back toward her and she sucked your tongue into her mouth. Your thighs were spread before me, your shaven labia glistening with the creamy liquid flowing from you. Her hand left one of your nipples, puffy and swollen from her twisting and stretching, and you visibly shuddered when she grasped the other, to provide the same treatment. As she slowly broke off her kiss I could tell you were left breathless, and completely consumed with passion.

She began to reposition you, turning you around toward her and away from me. About halfway I saw a stunning profile of you, your back arched, breasts thrust forward, and ankara escort bayanlar your face and neck tossed back against her shoulder. Her eyes met mine again, then fell on my own rising excitement. I had absent -mindedly began stroking myself, my cock rock hard, veins protruding along the thick shaft, and the bulbous head purple. She knew I was ready, but was unhurried, somehow she sensed I could wait, and somehow I knew that it would be worth it.

As she finished turning you around she slid down between your thighs, burying her face in your pussy. Her long slender tongue probed deep inside you and I could see you grinding down onto her, fucking her tongue, wanting it deeper. I moved over to your side, but you were oblivious to my presence. It was as if she had you on a string. I admired her technique, knowing where to touch, rub, flick, or suck, and exactly when. Her tongue slithered up and down your pussy, licking and probing, her arms thrust around behind you so she could spread you open with her fingers, and gain access to wherever she wished. She took you up, then brought you down, each time the tension in your body rising to greater heights. The yearning for release increasingly evident as your moans became louder and more urgent. She was driving you further and higher than I could imagine. Your skin had taken on a light sheen of sweat as you shivered, shuddered, and shook from the pleasure you were receiving.

She paused suddenly, and looked at me, I knew it was time. I moved in from behind you and as I got closer she reached up, grasping my cock firmly, I could feel it pulsing against her fingers. She took me in her mouth, sucking powerfully as her tongue swirled along my shaft. I felt my balls tighten and that unmistakable rush of penetration as she released then guided me into your hot, wet, swollen pussy. You turned to look at me as I buried myself to my full length. You always love that feeling of being filled and stretched from within, as I love the heat and subtle contractions from your tight cunt.

We were motionless as her tongue attended to us both. I could feel her licking along your slit, then along to my balls, gently sucking them into her mouth. As I withdrew from you to begin thrusting, she stopped and I could see her emerge from beneath you. She looked at us both, then with her eyes fixed on yours, spread herself wide open for you. Without hesitation you buried your face in her pussy, and began sucking on her clit. A shiver went through her body, she cast another look my way as if to ask, ‘what are you waiting for?’

I began fucking you with long, deep, strong, but controlled strokes, watching you hungrily devour her pussy. I slowly built up the pace, thrusting harder and faster, my cock gliding effortlessly along your pussy walls as I could feel you tighten them, squeezing as hard as you could. I could only imagine your feeling of elation and immense satisfaction, as you ate and drank from her, and I pounded you from behind.

The intensity of our lovemaking began to crest. She started the chain reaction as she suddenly cried out, grinding her pussy into you, your tongue and lips bringing on an orgasm that ripped through her. Then suddenly, I felt you spasm as I drove myself into you, you turned your head away from her pussy, a loud moan escaping as you did. I felt a surge of energy and pounded my throbbing cock as deep, as hard, and as fast I could…thrusting madly…feeling my own imminent release. You screamed as you went over the edge and, at virtually the same moment I could feel your pussy constricting, a stream of hot cum surged through my cock exploding inside you.

I collapsed to your side, breathing heavily, sweating profusely. She knelt beside your head and I could see her lightly kissing you…your neck, your cheeks, then lightly on your sensitive nipples. Her whispers were inaudible, but comforting as you slowly came back to earth.

We had a drink with her at the bar before we left, an exchange of E-mail addresses between you, I doubted this encounter would be our last. Then it was time to go. I knew you would want more and, as much as I love to share, I wanted you all to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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