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Final Chapter

Over the next few months we experimented with different couples. Tom and Dave went up north to be with Sandy and Tina for the weekend while their husbands came down to stay with Sharon and I. We found some love interest over this weekend. Dave had a very strong love for Tina and as it worked out I had the same feelings for her husband John. The same was true for Tom and Sharon with Sandy and Dale.

Our next adventure was to host John and Tina at our house with Tom and Sharon going to see Sandy and Dale. It was on this weekend things started to change. When Tom and Sharon went up to visit Sandy and Dale they didn’t stay at their house. They went to the cabins Sandy had been telling us about. Sharon had her fantasy of running wild and free in the woods naked and fucking out in the open. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to share that with her. That turned out to be only a small part of her surprise that weekend. Tom had gotten together with Dale and worked out a deal. He bought the cabins and 100 acres around them. He built two more cabins down by the lake. If anyone wants details on these encounters just let me know, I have them all written down.

The four of us have shared Sharon’s fantasy many time since them. There was a lot of love going around but I still felt bad about me and Jason. That was the only time it was not a loving time but just sex. He and I were the only ones that shared that. I thought that since Jason was the cause of my guilt I could use that to share with the other women. I know it was selfish on my part just to rid my own guilt but the girls would be in for a great sexual ride anyway.

It had been well over a year since all the “sluts” had gotten together. Remember the necklaces, Sharon, Lynn, Ursula, Tina and Sandy. I talked Sharon into having a reunion up at the cabins. It was mid July and the house boat was there and warm enough for us all to go naked. I had talked to Ursula and Jason to let them in on my plan. I wanted Ursula and Jason to each take one of the men and women off alone for a while. The other three women would know what I had and I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

It took a while for everyone to get the same week off. I started working on this right after the first of the year and like I said it is now mid July. Tom wanted to get his hands on Ursula again so it wasn’t hard to get him to kick in for the tickets. Tom, Sharon, Dave and I picked them up at the airport and drove straight up to the cabins. Each couple had their own cabin for the week but that’s not saying they would use it as a couple. Ursula and Jason were using the house boat. Sharon and I had the cabins on top of the hill while Sandy and Tina had the ones by the lake.

We called Sandy and told her when we were about a half hour out. When we got there they had dinner ready and the sun was just going down. None of them had seen Ursula and Jason since the weekend of Sharon’s birthday when we first got our necklaces. We were all wearing them. Sandy, John, Tina and Dale were already naked and it didn’t take long for us to join them. Tom had to have another picture of us in order. So here are five naked women in the woods with the word sluts across our chest.

There were hugs and kisses all around as well as a lot of stroking and groping. As we ate we all got caught up on everyone. As expected Ursula was all over my Dave so I hung out with Jason. This gave me time to talk to Jason about what I wanted him to do this week. We talked about each of the women. Like everyone else he couldn’t wait to get hold of Tina who was fighting with Ursula for my husband’s attention. Tina would most likely be Jason’s first. I smiled at Jason and said, “I expect my time alone with you too.”

He kissed me and said, “I was counting on it.”

That first night we all stayed with our own mates in our own cabin. We had a whole week to be together. Right now we all needed some time to unwind and be together away from the day in and day out. We knew the week would get wild so this was our time together.

With the flight and the drive up Jason and Ursula were ready for bed by 9:00. Dave and I walked them down to the house boat. John had to pull Tina away and the other three couples went to their respective cabins. As we walked to the house boat Dave had his arm around Ursula and the way they were I knew we were not leaving the boat that night.

We got on board and Dave was showing them around. Then he fixed us all a drink. By the time they got back to the main cabin I had the hide-a-bed pulled out. Dave and Ursula only had a couple sips of their drink before they were rolling on the bed kissing. I wasted no time in putting our drinks down and had Jason in my mouth while Dave and Ursula were still kissing. With Jason and I it is just pure sex but with Ursula and Dave it is a lot more.

Once Ursula saw me sucking her husband she got my husband’s cock in her pussy fucking her hard and fast. Jason picked me up and lay me next to his wife. Jason was soon pounding my pussy like ankara dansöz escortlar there was some need he had to get out of his system. That was fine with me. With all the planning and anticipation I needed it just as bad.

I felt Ursula’s hand find mine and I looked at her. She smiled and pulled me to her. We were kissing when both our husband’s went off inside us. We broke the kiss just long enough to scream our own orgasms to each other. As the guys pulled out of us we rolled together and kissed and held each other. As I did all the planning I never thought that Ursula and I would want each other as much as we did. My hands and mouth were going all over her beautiful body. She was doing the same to me. We both had a hunger for each other I didn’t expect and soon found ourselves in a 69. My husband’s cum was leaking from her pussy as her husband’s was from mine. We went after each other like two starving dogs.

By now we were all totally wiped out. Dave and I were not walking back to our cabin. Dave cuddled up with Ursula and Jason held me as we all went to sleep. As always with Jason I woke some time later with him fucking me again. I looked at Ursula and she was facing me. She had a smile on her face but was fast asleep. Dave’s cock was between her legs pressed up against her pussy and she was holding it there. I don’t know if Dave had fucked her again but she looked very happy holding his cock to her pussy.

The next morning we were all well rested. Jason was ready for another go around. I told him, “You have a lot of fucking to do this week and we’ll have lots of time together.”

Dave and Ursula woke up kissing. It is all sex with Jason and I but for Dave and Ursula just being together is it’s own orgasm. The sex just makes it better. We got up and started for our cabin. The guys had brought the table from the lower cabins up to ours so this is where we would all meet for meals. Tina and Sandy had breakfast going when we walked out of the woods. As soon as Tina saw Dave with his arm around Ursula she came running over to his other side.

I thought to myself, “It’s going to be fun watching these two. Tina doesn’t know Ursula has a mission and she would have lots of time with Dave.”

After we ate we sat around talking and drinking our coffee, like all naked friends do. Jason made his move and I guess he is saving the best for last. Instead of going right for Tina, he started with Sharon. He walked over taking her hand said, “Why don’t you show me your woods. Lynn tells me there are some great places to fuck her. I’d like to see them.”

Ursula moved right in on Tom, leaving my husband for the first time since she got here. She went over and sat on his lap saying, “That will give us some time together.” There was no mistaking Tom’s intention as her stood and carried Ursula to his cabin.

Tina didn’t mss a beat. She was in Dave’s lap almost before Ursula got up. She had her arms around his neck and kissing him like she was claiming a prize. She got her prize when Dave stood and carried her to our cabin. I knew Dave was in for the ride of his life. Tina is always a great fuck with Dave or with me but now she wanted to out do Ursula and that’s going to be hard to do.

I looked around and all that was left were Sandy, Dale, John and myself. I was not about to be left out. I was the first to take on two at once while Sandy sucked my tits. Everyone was just looking around at the people leaving. I climbed up on the table on my back and just said, “Which one of you gets my pussy and the other gets my mouth.” This brought the attention back to the four of us. Big grins spread across all their faces. John went to the end of the table and shoved his cock deep in my pussy. Dale stood and his cock was right at my mouth. I took him in and started sucking him like mad.

My orgasm was building fast with everything going through my mind. John was pounding me good and I was sucking Dale with the same tempo. I felt Sandy’s hand on my tits massaging them. Then her mouth was on first one then the other. That was it for me and I flooded John’s cock which sent him over the edge filling my pussy. Dale was watching John pump his load into me and without warning filled my mouth with his cream. I let Dale’s cock go from my mouth and moaned my own pleasure. John pulled his cock from my pussy. The breeze hit my hot wet freshly fucked pussy and a shot went through me. I didn’t even notice Sandy’s lips kissing their way down my body. When her tongue touched my pussy I started cuming all over again.

Watching Sandy going down on me had the guys back up and ready. When Sandy pulled her mouth away from my pussy and saw those two hard cock she leaned over me and kissed me saying, “My turn on the table.”

I opened my eyes and smiled at her and said, “You’ll have to use the other table I can’t move.”

She kissed me again and went running to the other table. Both guys were right behind her. I was able to roll over and looked at them. John was pounding her pussy ankara saatlik veren escortlar and her husband was over her tits on the table feeding her his cock. I slid off the table still weak. I came over and slid my hands under Dale’s ass to play with Sandy’s tits. Keeping one hand on her tit I reached down with the other and started playing with her clit. Her hips came up off the table. She took her husband’s cock out of her mouth just long enough to scream her orgasm then went right back to sucking him off.

They say never go first, well the guys lasted much longer having just fucked my pussy and mouth. Sandy didn’t last that long at all and had several big orgasms before Dale filled her mouth. She was gasping her own orgasm so her mouth was open wide as Dale pumped his load in to it. Dale had moved to the side when I started playing with Sandy’s tits so John and I had a great view of him shooting in her open mouth. John lost it and gave that last final shove and filled her pussy. Both guys pulled away and just as Sandy had done to me I kissed my way down to her pussy. I was licking up every drop I could find and Sandy had to finally push my head away from her pussy.

While the four of us were fucking on the tables Sharon took Jason for a nice long walk in the woods. They had been gone about twenty minutes talking and holding hands. They came upon one of the clearings. Sharon pointed out, “This is one of those great places to fuck Lynn was telling you about.”

Jason pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He looked around and said, “It’s just you and me out here all alone. No one to bother us. No one to watch us, just you and me. Why don’t we give it a try?” He was pulling her down to the soft moss. She was soon on her back with Jason kissing and stroking her body. The freedom of being alone hit her like a bolt of lighting. She pulled Jason on top of her kissing him madly. She reached down to stroke his cock and said, “Yes, put this inside me. Just you and me right here right now.”

That was all Jason needed to hear. He was in her and fucking her before she finished asking him to. It was raw animal sex. Just two people fucking in the woods. As beautiful as her fantasy was of fucking those she loved in the open this was ten times better. It was wild and unrestricted. It was just for their own pleasure. Her orgasm came on hard and fast, bigger than any she had ever had there. She rode through three more massive orgasms before Jason started filling her pussy as he massaged her tits and kissed her wildly. When she felt Jason start to cum she thought the top of her head would come off. Never in her life had she had an orgasm as powerful as that.

Jason rolled to her side still kissing her. She lay breathless on the ground. It was some time before she could speak. She pulled Jason’s face to her’s and kissed him deeply then rolled back and said, “Oh God, Lynn was right. I could get to liking this a lot.” Then she stroked Jason’s face and said, “We don’t need to get back right away do we?”

Jason kissed her and said, “It’s your woods. We can stay as long as you want.” They never saw the rest of Sharon’s property. They spent the next three hours right there. They 69ed each other and fucked two more times. The rest of the time their hands and mouths were all over each other. Finally, out of breath, Sharon said, “As much as I have enjoyed every minute of this and I know my husband is loving your wife just as much, I think we should get back.”

Jason just smiled and kissed her one last time saying, “Maybe before the week is out you can show me more of the woods.”

Sharon was at first shocked then bust out laughing and said, “It would be my pleasure. Oh God would it be my pleasure.” Jason pulled her to her feet and they started walking back to the cabins. About half way back Sharon stopped and turned to Jason and asked, “You and Lynn had this planned didn’t you? This is why she wanted to have this reunion?”

Jason pulled her close and kissed her asking, “I felt like a good plan back there.”

Sharon wrapped herself around Jason and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. When she broke the kiss she said in a low voice, “It’s a plan I want to repeat again before this week is over.”

When Sharon and Jason got back to the cabin we were all sitting around drinking and talking. Jason and Sharon both had big smiles on their faces. Sharon walked right over to me without saying a word. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the cabin closing the door behind her. Then she shoved me in the bedroom and on the bed. She stood there with her hands on her hips trying to be mad saying, “You set me up you little bitch.” The smile on her face gave her away.

I looked up at her from the bed and asked, “Didn’t you just have the fuck of a lifetime?”

She jumped on the bed with me laughing and said, “You bet I did, three times.” We started kissing and rolling all over the bed. We wound up in a 69 and she was freshly fucked. We both got off ankara azeri escortlar more than once. Sharon was still riding her high from being in the woods with Jason. She finally came up to lie next to me. We kissed and held each other. She stroked my cheek saying, “My fantasy was with Tom, you and Dave. This was ten times more than anything I ever fantasied about. Thank you.”

She kissed my lips and I thought to myself, “One down and two to go.”

We were in the cabin just over an hour. When we opened the door we were looking at an orgy going on, on the tables. Tina’s less than 5′ body is everyone’s favorite plaything. Take her body and enlarge it to 5′ 9″ and make it Swedish that’s Ursula. While Tina’s body begs to be played with, Ursula’s demands to be fucked. Sandy, Sharon and I all fall somewhere in between. My Dave was pounding Tina from behind as he played with her body. Ursula was on one of the tables being fucked by her husband and sucking off Tina’s husband John. Sandy had Tom and Dale on the other table doing the same. Sharon and I sat in the doorway watching. I don’t think they even knew we were gone.

My husband was the first to lose it and Tina turned around to take his cock in her mouth. That left her well fucked pussy pointing right at me. I jumped right in drinking my husbands cum from her cute little pussy. Sharon went over to her husband who was just filling Sandy’s pussy with his load. Sandy had already taken Dale’s load in her mouth and quickly turned to take Tom in her mouth. That’s when Sharon went down on her. With Ursula it was a different story. When she turned to take her husbands cock, that had just filled her pussy, in her mouth John shoved his cock in her well fucked pussy. They started all over again until both guys filled her mouth and pussy a second time.

It was now time to start dinner but Tom had a plan of his own. He had us line up like the picture. Then had each husband stand facing his wife. He told the guys to take one step to the right. My husband was now in front of Ursula and her husband was now in front of Tina. Tom said, “This is your new mate for the night.”

Dave winked at me and I winked back knowing Dave would be enjoying himself tonight. I had Tom so I would be doing alright myself. I love spending time with Tom. I thought to myself, “Two down, I’ll have to thank Tom tonight.”

Sharon nudged me and whispered, “We only had him for a few hours, what’s Tina going to be like after spending the night with him?” We both started laughing and everyone looked at us like we were crazy.

Tom started the grill. Dave and Ursula went to get wood for the pit for tonight. Sharon and I went in to get the rest of dinner going. Jason wasted no time getting with Tina and they danced on the grass. That left Sandy with her husband and Dale, the two men she always has. The three of them disappeared into the woods and didn’t come back until dinner was ready. They all had big smiles, Sandy just loves two men at a time.

We sat down to eat with our new partners for the night. It was nice spending some non sexual time with each other, if you don’t count all the groping that is bound to happen with 10 naked people sitting around a table. As we finished up the sun was going down and Dave lit the fire pit. We all got with our new partners and cuddled around the fire. The conversation was more about sexual fantasies, past experiences. The normal stuff 5 over sexed naked couples, not with their partners, would talk about. One by one the men took their new wife home to their cabin. The last ones were Dave, Ursula, Tom and I. Things started getting heated and we too went inside for some one on one time. Dave took Ursula to our cabin after kissing me good night. Then Tom and I went to his cabin.

I’m sure everyone had just as loving night as Tom and I did, with the exception of Tina. When we met for breakfast Tina pulled Sandy inside just as Sharon had done to me the day before. I’m sure Tina had a lot to tell Sandy and Sandy had a lot to look forward to. They weren’t in there as long as Sharon and I were but both came out laughing. When we asked what was so funny they would look at each other and start laughing all over again. We never did find out what happened in there between them, but Sharon and I had a good idea.

I thought Tina’s night with Jason would make her want to be with him more but she was right back with my husband. Ursula was still not willing to let go from her time with him last night. I thought it was funny watching these two fighting over my husband. Sandy on the other hand took a new interest in Jason. She knew that with Tom’s way of changing partners Jason would be with her tonight. My plan was working very well with Tom’s unknowing help.

When Tom built the two new cabins he cleared away a recreational area. There was a badminton/volley ball net, horseshoes all the normal summer fun things. I don’t know which was more distracting, the guy’s cocks swinging as they played or our tits bouncing. By the end of the day the scores were about even so I guess they both were distracting. That’s how we spent our days, just 10 naked people having fun. It was not uncommon for a couple people to wander off for a while. More likely than not a little horseplay on the court would wind up with someone fucking.

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