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“Did you prepare the table?” shouted Linda, from the kitchen.

“Yes, everything is ready,” I replied, placing the last wine glass on the table.

“Good boy,” she praised me, coming into the living room through a small alcove between the rooms.

Looking at my beautiful wife all made up, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I was so lucky to have her. Her long blonde hair that were usually straight, were now forming gentle waves. Her dark brown eyes, emphasized by black eyeliner were looking at me from underneath her long eyelashes. “I’ve got everything ready in the kitchen too,” her red-colored lips turned into a pout as she blew me a kiss.

She was wearing a white blouse, that was hugging her figure tightly. It was cut low, leaving a small piercing, decorating her belly button, exposed to my probing eyes. In contrast to her blouse she wore a black two layered skirt. The lace layer was long, reaching all the way down to her ankles. On top of which was a short full layer which reached just above her knees.

Although she would never say it, we both knew that she was going all out to top her best friend in looks. A sort of an unspoken game between them. In my eyes though, Linda would win even if she did not try at all.

Her friend insistent on having a game night tonight because, she was really excited to introduce a new friend she met a while ago. I felt my stomach turn at the thought.

As always, Linda immediately picked up on it. “Tonight will be fun, you will see,” she told me soothingly, pulling me into a hug.

“I sure hope so,” I replied jokingly, trying to hide the nervousness that was building inside of me. I had nothing against our plans tonight, I just never felt very comfortable in groups. Mainly when it’s with people that I didn’t know that well. I knew Rachel, Linda’s bestie, well enough but I’ve never felt like we really clicked. If anything, I always felt judged by her, as if she was still evaluating after all these years whether I am good enough for Linda or not. Her friend was yet another source for my worries. He was complete mystery for both me and Linda.

Just as I was thinking of finally starting this night so it’s soon over with, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, Rachel immediately rushed in to hug Linda.

“Hi Mike,” she smiled at me briefly, quickly turning her attention to the man standing next to her. “So, this is John,” she announced cheerfully.

Being relatively short myself, I had to turn my head up to look into his eyes, which were looking back at me intently. I could tell he was judging me but his rough features didn’t tell me what he was thinking at all.

I guess that’s something he and Rachel have in common. I thought to myself. But as far as I could see, that was where the similarities ended. While Rachel wasn’t exactly small nor skinny, she was not the opposite by any means either. Her build was just normal. With curly red hair, glasses on her nose and freckles covering her face, she gave of a stereotypically smart vibe though in reality she could be very wild. She was in her early 30s, same as Linda, and she did not look a day older.

On the other hand John was obviously way older, easily in his 50s. His hair was visibly starting to gray, with only few strands still purely retaining their former black color. Easily being the tallest of us, he was also easily the heaviest of us. I wouldn’t call him fat, but he had very thickset build with a bit of a beer belly going on.

After Rachel introduced us, John shook our hands with a warm-hearted smile. “Pleasure to meet you both,” he said in a deep voice. Then turning towards Linda, he continued: “Looking at you, I can tell why Rachel calls you her best friend. I can feel a very compassionate aura around you. You’re kind natured. You’re also very strong and confident, aren’t you? I would be surprised if you weren’t successful in whatever you set your mind to.”

I could see Linda’s eyebrow raised during his assessment of her. “Ehm, I am…” she tried to reply but Rachel interrupted her excitedly. “Isn’t he amazing? I didn’t tell him much of anything about you. And yet he read you like a book.”

Seeing the discomfort on my wife’s face, I decided to quickly move the night forward. “Why don’t we go sit down in the living room?”

“Good idea,” John patted my back, moving further into our apartment. Sitting down in the middle of the couch, I sat down on his right side, while Rachel sat down on his left. My wife went through the kitchen, bringing a plate with all kinds of cheese and a bottle of wine and then took her favorite spot in the armchair.

While eating snacks and sipping on our wine, the conversation was moving smoothly, with Rachel and Linda at the helm for the most part.

“We met few months ago. I think I told you about him before, remember?” Rachel turned to Linda.

“Yes, yes, I remember. You told me you met a very interesting guy,” she nodded. “And you two are like, together?”

“Oh no, not together. casino şirketleri We’re just good friends,” Rachel replied, giving me a strange look. I raissed my eyebrow questioningly but she just turned back to Linda.

Not really a surprise. He could be her dad. I realized.

“Do you have a girlfriend John? I do not see a ring so I assume you’re not married.”

“No no, not married. And no, I am single. Been a while since I’ve been with anyone actually. My last relationship didn’t go that well, so I’ve been keeping to myself.”

“Aww, I am sorry to hear that. But I am sure you will find someone special soon!”

“I believe I already did actually. But only time will tell if it works out.”

“Fingers crossed!”

Contrary to his appearance, we found John to be very charming and pleasant company. He had many stories to share with us, though most of them very hard to believe. And as the night went on, the stories started to get more and more explicit.

“Many many years ago, when me and my sister used to live together, she invited few of her girl friends for a sleepover. I remember I went to the toilet that night and I met one of her friends in the hall. I was half asleep so it took me a while before I realized something was wrong. You see, I like to sleep naked. And at the time I was taking this medication, which had a side effect of making my penis look larger. So I was standing there in front of her, buck naked and with enlarged penis. And she couldn’t take her eyes of off it,” John laughed. “You can probably imagine the kind of rumors that started to spread about me back then. Big John they called me.

“Oh my,” Linda let out a gasp, which made John laugh even more. “I am sorry, I did not expect to hear that tonight,” she blushed.

“Sorry if it was too forward. The wine is making me talkative,” John grinned, nudging me gently with his elbow.

It was then that I realized I have been staring at his crotch since the moment he uttered the words Big John. “Oh, it’s-it’s fine by me,” I stuttered, turning towards the snacks on the table.

“You must have been quite popular than,” Linda quarried.

“I suppose so, yes,” he turned his attention to her again. “I was a bit of a player to be honest. I had many partners. Some of them weren’t exactly single. And to be honest I wasn’t always either.”

As they talked and giggled, I felt my eyes once again drawn to his crotch. I could see a slight outline of what must have been his cock. And it looked very big. Shaking my head, I tried to get the image out of my head but it kept coming back. Taking a big gulp of wine, I did my best to listen to the conversation again.

The night was slowly coming to an end. At this point it was mostly just Rachel and Linda chatting about the old days. “You’re a lucky guy, Linda is an amazing woman,” John spoke to me.

“Yes, she’s the best,” I smiled.

“How long did you two know each other?”

“Since the first year in college. I just started while she was already midway through masters. We’ve been together ever since,” I said, feeling a bit awkward talking about this.

“Oh, is she older than you? I wouldn’t have guessed,” John looked at Linda. “You’re her little cub then,” he continued with a smirk.

Not knowing what to reply to that, I just stayed quiet.

“But you are not looking bad yourself. I bet you were very popular too,” he said, his eyes digging into me.

“Ehm,” I paused for a while. “She’s kind of the only one,” I answered honestly.

“Really? That is hard to believe,” he sounded genuinely surprised.

“Well, I never was…” I started when Linda interrupted me by getting up. “Come come, I will show you,” she said excitedly, pulling Rachel into the kitchen. I was left alone with John.

“I saw you looking,” John whispered, the moment both of the girls disappeared.


Lifting one leg up on the couch, he turned towards me. My eyes dropped down, as he adjusted his pants again, letting the silhouette of his cock shine through. I gulped heavily, unable to look away.

“I wasn’t huge just because of the medication, you know,” he whispered, placing a hand on my forearm. Looking over his shoulder to make sure the girls were still gone; he brought my hand to his crotch.

“I-I…” I tried to say something but I didn’t even know what. I was mesmerized. I could feel the hot flesh under the texture of his pants moving, getting harder from my touch. I was lost. Move your hand away. A voice in my head yelled. But I didn’t. I just let my hand rest in his crotch.

Then I twitched when I heard my wife’s giggle from behind. Quickly moving my hand away, I looked back, seeing her coming back from the kitchen with Rachel right behind her. Thankfully they wouldn’t be able to see anything even if they were looking from their position. But they seemed to be distracted by whatever they were talking about anyway.

“It’s getting late. I think I’ll be heading home.” Rachel smiled casino firmalari at John.

“Yeah, me too,” he nodded, getting up from the couch to my relief.

I hardly paid any attention to what was said afterwards, my mind swirling with thoughts of John’s dick. Why did I let him do that? I am not into guys. This is not like me. I scolded myself but somewhere deep inside I did not feel so sure.

As we said our goodbyes, John took my hand into his large one in a firm handshake. After they left, I quickly checked the small piece of paper he left in my hand. There was an address followed by Meet me here tomorrow at 5.


The next day I found myself parking my car in a driveway of a small suburban house, not too far from our apartment. Checking the piece of paper, I received yesterday, I made sure I was at the right place.

What are you doing, Mike? I asked myself for the 10th time. I knew there was only one right answer but I wasn’t ready to accept that yet. I was just curious, that’s all. I wanted to know why did John want to meet me here. Yes, there’s nothing more to it.

Turning off the engine, I got out of the car and slowly made my way towards the main entrance. This was so unlike me. So far out of my comfort zone. Reaching my hand up towards the doorbell, I could see my hands shaking. I was so close to turning back and just running away. But I didn’t.

Shortly, John opened the door, giving me a warm smile. “Mike! Just on time. I like that,” he nodded approvingly. His words filled me with comfort and I steadily accepted his handshake. “Come in, come in,” he waved me inside.

Closing the door behind me, he quickly moved next to me and placing his hand on my back, he gently pushed me forward. “The living room is this way.”

With only one floor, John’s house wasn’t much bigger than our apartment. There wasn’t much to look at in the hallway outside of few shelves and paintings decorating the walls. The living room on the other had gave of a very homely feeling. Most of the furniture was very old fashioned. Many decorated wooden shelves and cupboards were hugging the walls, decked out with old ceramics. There was a sofa with an armchair facing a small fireplace. In between sat a small rustic coffee table.

“Your home is very cozy,” I sat down on the sofa.

“Well, thank you,” he answered. “Would you like some coffee? Or something else to drink?” he asked politely.

“I am good, thanks.”

He nodded sitting down next to me. Not close enough to make contact but still too close for my comfort.

“Why did you invite me here?” I asked sheepishly.

“I think you know,” he replied in a husky voice.

“I don’t know what you think will happen, but I am happily married. Also not gay,” I looked into his eyes, hoping I looked more convincing then I sounded.

He let out a heartfelt laugh. “You didn’t seem very straight when you were rubbing my cock yesterday.”

“No, I wasn’t…” I tried to protest but he shushed me, placing a thick finger across my lips.

“How’s your relationship with Linda?”

“What? How’s that…”

“Does she satisfy you?” he interrupted me again.

“That’s none of your business,” I was starting to feel frustrated at his line of questioning. Getting up, I wanted to get out of here, but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I felt his flabby body on mine as he grabbed me tight, holding me still.

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” I protested, trying to wiggle out of his arms, but he easily overpowered me.

“Answer me this one question honestly and you’re free to go,” he said roughly. “Did you ever feel like something’s missing?” he whispered into my ear.

“I-I…” I trailed off. The truth was, I always felt like that. Linda was a beautiful woman and we had great sex life. But there’s always been this nagging feeling in the back of my head. I never could really make it out. But he was right. Something was missing.

I never thought of myself as anything other than straight. But I couldn’t deny the attraction I felt towards some men. Or the feeling I felt whenever I saw a big nice cock in porn. The way the pornstars worshipped it. The way they begged for more. The way they let themselves be completely dominated by these men with beautiful dicks.

Those feelings were always there and I knew it, I just refused to accept them. Whether it was the way I was raised up or some kind of subconscious bias, I let it blind me.

As all these thoughts flooded my mind, I suddenly realized John was no longer holding me. His hands were now gently resting on my hips, while he patiently waited for my answer.

Shiver ran through my spine as I realized that I didn’t want to leave anymore. All along I knew what would happen here. And it was exactly what I wanted. It was what I came for after all. The feeling of his cock was burned into my hand ever since yesterday. And I wanted more. Much, much more.

I was wrong, he wasn’t waiting for an güvenilir casino answer, he knew he won, the moment I walked in through that door. No, he was waiting for my permission. Without a word, I turned in his arms to face him. His right hand moved from my hips, slowly lifting my chin. I looked into his eyes; eyes filled with lust. And I knew he could see the same lust in mine.

Then his rough lips met mine in a surprisingly tender kiss. A whirlpool of butterflies filled my stomach as I gave myself into the kiss. His short stubble tickled my cheeks as the kiss grew more heated. His large hands grabbed my ass, pulling me closer towards him. Parting my lips, I let his tongue invade me and dance passionately with my own.

There was some noise in the back of my head. A voice, yelling at me. But the voice was distant and I couldn’t make it out. I tried to concentrate when I suddenly noticed John’s thick dick moving against my thigh. Feeling it slowly slithering to attention, I lost any interest in the voice. In that moment I wanted one thing and one thing only. I wanted to touch his cock so bad.

As if reading my mind, John suddenly pulled away. Laying his right hand on my shoulder, he gently but firmly pushed me down onto my knees.

“Come on, boy. Time for what you’ve really came for. Pull it out,” he ordered.

It was right in front of my eyes now, the silhouette of his large cock looking at me through his tight pants. I licked my lips unwittingly as my shaky hands reached out for his belt buckle. I started unfastening him, at first slowly but as the thrill of what was waiting for me began rising inside of me, I got more and more impatient. My hands flew from his belt buckle to his zipper and then finally I pulled his pants together with his boxers down.

Right in front of my eyes, his dick swayed from side to side, like a pendulum. And it was large. Even semi-hard it was a gorgeous sight to look at. Long and thick, easily giving most pornstars a run for their money. Foreskin was covering most of it but the very tip of his red head.

“What are you waiting for? Take it in your hand,” John sounded a bit impatient.

With a nervous gulp, I reached out my hand again. My fingers lightly brushing the length of his penis, then wrapping around it at the base, squeezing ever so gently. My own penis was rock hard at this point. The whole situation making me excited like never.

Taking in the incredible feeling of his dick in my hand, I started slowly stroking him. Back and forth. Back and forth. I felt the soft warm flesh against my palm growing bigger, getting harder. With each stroke, the red tip of his head poked out more and more until finally I got to see his incredible cock in its full glory. Even after all these years, his erection was flawless.

I gulped again.

“Good boy, that’s it,” he moaned. “You like? How does it feel in your hand?” John asked me from above.

As I looked up at him, a strange feeling ran through my body. What are you doing? Kneeling in front of this old man, marvelling at his penis? This is not like you. And yet, it felt… I couldn’t find the correct word. I was confused and scared. But I had no intention of stopping. This was what I came for after all. This was what I wanted.

“I asked you a question,” John growled in an assertive tone.

Realizing I got lost in my own thoughts again, I quickly nodded: “Yes, I like it.”

“How does it feel in your hand?”

“It feels…” again. That word. What was it? It felt good, yes. But that did not describe it well enough. That wasn’t the right word. Right word. Right! That’s the word I was looking for. “It feels right,” I answered almost breathlessly. Yes, that’s it. This cock felt so right in my hand. Like it belonged there all along.

“Good answer,” John smiled down at me, his large hand gently stroking my head.

A wave of relief washed over me. Relief? Why did I feel relieved? I didn’t get much time to think about it, however, when he suddenly moved closer. His hand on my head now securely held me as he waved his cock right in front of my face. It was obvious what he wanted and so I steadied his flailing cock with my hand. His engorged head touched my lips, smearing wet precum over them. Pressing on, he pushed his dick past my lips and into my longing mouth. Euphoric feeling blew my mind as I finally got to taste his delicious manhood and his strong musky odor filled my nostrils.

Seeing no resistance from me, John eased his grip on my head, going back to stroking my hair instead. Having no experience with sucking a dick, I started picking up on it pretty fast surprisingly. Swirling my tongue around his sensitive head, I got a loud moan out of John. Considering how huge he was, I was still scared to take him too far in. Nevertheless, I proceeded to bob my head forward, taking him just a bit deeper. Bringing my head back I pulled his dick out of my mouth and took a deep breath. I ran my tongue along his considerable length, stopping to tease the oh so sensitive tip. Then I sucked him back in, once again putting my tongue to work.

With his cock in between my lips, I looked up at John. I could see in his face that my blowjob was having an effect on him, which made me work even harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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