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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 30). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 35 – A Hoax. Pam and Elsa Strip in Vegas


The pipe bomb had been a hoax. Elsa called in near the end of the business day. I gave her an update about the security threat. From outward appearances, the bomb looked credible and real. Inside, there was nothing explosive, only sand to give the unit some threatening weight and make everyone think it was real.

The bomb squad had spent over an hour getting the device off the car and then diagnosing the threat. The car was dusted for fingerprints but nothing showed up worthy of mention.

Detective George Reinhart came and talked with Sheila, Melanie, and me, and we got KC and Cindy on the phone. He speculated that we had a stalker who wanted some attention and notoriety. Whether he was after me or one or all of the girls was a mystery. We were often in the news in some combination. Reinhart advised us to lay low for a while, and avoid public appearances.

I laughed out loud at his idea. Avoiding being in public was probably good advice, but hard to implement. I had a steady stream of appearances and commitments I’d made to various local organizations, plus I was always out somewhere in connection with my own business.

Reinhart suggested that we try to avoid advance announcements of my appearances. Again, I laughed. I was the draw to get many to pay a thousand-dollars a plate or more at a charitable event where I would be the main speaker.

The Detective tried again, “Well, can you’re girlfriends work from home instead of going into their offices and galleries?”

Cindy spoke first, “Detective, we are worried about our security, yes, but we are NOT going to hide away. Maybe that’s exactly the response this kook wants, to scare us so we stay home. I, for one, do not plan to change my routine, except to be willing to accept a little extra protection for a while.”

The other girls chimed in and agreed with her. I admired their courage. They were haloed into this mess because of my wealth and position, but they still weren’t letting that slow them down or takeover their lives.

The detective shrugged. He’d done all he could do at this stage. He gave us some pointers, and asked us to be alert to seeing the same strangers repeatedly.

At home that night, I apologized to the girls for their worry and inconvenience. Two hours later they had convinced me that they were not in the least inconvenienced. I was in a totally compromised position.

Cindy had her pussy against my mouth and tongue. She held onto the bed’s headboard as she rode me to what she hoped would be yet another orgasm. The fingers of my right hand were buried in Melanie’s cunt, as I massaged her and tried to elicit another orgasm. My left hand had a similar task with Sheila.

A relatively new pussy rode my cock – Marcia, my bodyguard and our extra security. Beside us, in a nearly comatose state, KC lay panting after several orgasms as she’d ridden me before Marcia mounted up.

I remember thinking that if I had other hands, tongues, or cocks I could accommodate more women. My feet weren’t that talented that I could use them to deliver pleasure the way I could with my upper body.

Each of the women professed their love for me, and that gave me a very warm feeling and self-confidence far greater than any business accomplishment I’d made. Love had a tremendous power in my life that I hadn’t known existed before.


“Elsa, this is Sean. Pam and I are thinking about dinner – finally, and would like you to join us. We’ve been talking about you … mostly in a good way. Do you have some clothes that Pam could borrow that are less dowdy than what she was wearing earlier? You two are about the same height.”

“Come by my room and I’ll give you something for her,” I told him.

I smiled to myself as I went to my suitcase. I was going to make Pam push her limits with what I had in mind. I picked out my mini-skirt and a decorative top that would require some courage on her part to wear; the top said ‘Do me!’ on it in fancy script lettering. The implication was purely sexual.

Sean knocked on my door and I passed him the two garments. I told him, “Tell Pam that they are meant to be worn without panties or a bra. She’s to leave those in her suitcase. Tell her to wear her tallest heels too.”

He grinned approvingly especially at the blouse’s ankara bayan escortlar message, took the two items, and headed back down the hall.

I met Pam and Sean five minutes later when they knocked on my door. Pam looked really hot in the skirt and top. She had on three inch heels – not outrageously tall or sexy, but just tall enough to make her legs look like a million bucks in the short skirt. I noted she’d also added a little makeup to spruce up her face. After we got in the elevator, I lifted up Pam’s skirt to do a commando check; sure enough she was bare. I smelled her sex too; she was horny.

I teased, “So, did you two have a nice afternoon?”

Sean volunteered in a very open manner, “Oh, yes. We watched two of the DVDs I bought and fucked along with them. We talked too. My message is getting through.”

Pam blushed and was pretty quiet at that point. She appeared a little shocked that Sean had been so open in describing what they’d done since two o’clock.

We picked a cozy little Italian place just off the main strip for dinner. After we got our wine, Sean said, “I told Pam about your evening at the Wet Pussy Lounge. I hope that was all right?”

I smiled, “It was fine. I had fun.”

“Would you tell Pam what it was like, and what you were feeling as you danced and strutted around the stage?”

I held Pam’s hand as I talked. I gave her some preamble too. “Pam, many people would label me a slut. I’ll tell you why. I love to have fun. No, I don’t do drugs. Once in a while I drink too much, but not as much as I did when I was in college. I’m rarely over the limit. Most of all, I love sex. I have a boyfriend who I love and we have sex often, but neither of us is exclusive. I fuck other men; in fact I’d like to fuck Sean sometime soon. I look for opportunities to explore my sexuality – to test the limits of what I do that is sexy, sexual, or demonstrates my sexuality.”

Pam seemed to hang on every word. She looked shocked that I wanted to fuck her husband. I started to stroke her bare thigh. She looked at where I was touching her leg but did nothing to stop me. I thought she might be a little numb and overwhelmed with all that had happened since two o’clock.

I continued, “As part of his education, Sean needed to go to a nude strip show; so we went to the Wet Pussy Lounge. I got all turned on watching the girls dance. Did I mention that I’m bisexual? I love and prefer men, but also find pleasure with some women. Anyway, I motioned one of the prettier dancers named Belle over to give Sean a lap dance. She did a great job, but then she asked me to dance with her. That sounded like fun, plus it would push my boundaries, so I did it. I’d never done anything like that – stripping and in public.

“Oh, wait. Sean took a movie on my iPhone of me dancing and doing the show. Here, watch this. Keep the volume down. The music was loud.”

I queued up the video on my iPhone and passed it to Pam. She watched about five minutes of my performance, even skipping ahead to where I was nude and doing lewd things in front of the other patrons as they cheered me on. She giggled here and there, and had a serious expression at other times.

I said to Pam, “I thought we’d go back there after dinner. I reserved us a table.”

Pam’s eyes flared at the thought. I added with a twist, “I might dance again. Maybe you’ll join me.”

“Oh, dear. I’m not sure about that idea.” Pam didn’t exactly say no. Maybe some progress had been made during the afternoon.

I explained, “My partner in that dance was Belle. She’s nice – has a college degree and a four year old kid. She’ll be there tonight. You’ll like her.” I paused and said, “Sean and I thought we’d take you by the adult toy store before that so you can buy some other girl toys too – you know, vibrators, a dildo you prefer, and anything else that strikes you as cool. I tried to get Sean to do it, but he wasn’t at all sure what you’d use.”

Pam’s eyes flared again. The sexy ideas and things to do were coming at her faster than she could cope with.

Pam had something she wanted to say to me. I speculated about what it might be, but didn’t know how much Sean had said to her. There turned out to be two things she wanted to talk about.

Pam said, “Sean said that your boyfriend is Mark Worthington, the billionaire.”

I smiled, “He is. He doesn’t flaunt his wealth, but we do have to be careful since billionaires are not trusted or liked in many quarters.” I gestured two table over where Jana and a man about as big as a redwood tree sat having dinner. “Those two people at that table are with me; they’re my bodyguards. We had a bit of scare at home this morning with a fake car bomb, so I have a little extra protection more than normal, but I’m fairly certain nothing followed me here.”

Pam’s eyes again got real large as she gaped at Jana and her compatriot. They both nodded at us.

Pam hemmed and hawed, about the other item. I finally said, “Pam, you can ankara seksi escortlar say anything to me. You can ask me anything. I like you, and I will be entirely honest with you. Please ask away.”

“Did you give my husband a lap dance?”

I laughed, “Oh, that. Yes. I was so horny when we got back from the Wet Pussy Lounge that night, I still wanted to do something sexy, and so I involved Sean. I hope that was all right. We didn’t fuck, but it was a pretty hot undertaking I think we both enjoyed; I know I did.”

“You were both naked, and you made him climax on your private area?”

I smiled, “Yes, he came on my pussy. I wanted that. It was spectacular. He made me cum too. I would have fucked him, but I told him you had to approve ahead of time.”

“Oh, thank you,” Pam said in a sincere tone. “I wish I’d been there.” I listened for sarcasm but at that point there was none.

“We could do it again later. We can play together. I’m sure Sean would like a threesome with the two of us.”

“Oh, I’m certain of that,” Pam said, finally with a slight smile and a sideways glance at her husband. I couldn’t tell if that was sarcasm or not. I tried to imagine the conversations that went on through two porno flicks after having every corner of her relationships rattled. Poor Pam’s brain must be scrambled about now.

We finished up dinner, and waited while Jana and the redwood tree settled their bill. The five of us shared a taxi to the adult book and toy store we’d gone to the previous night. I let Sean take the lead in showing Pam around the store. She was mostly quiet, occasionally asking a question about some device.

With Sean’s and my help Pam picked out a dildo, a G-spot vibrator, a bullet, and some ben wa balls. I assured her that there were similar stores in our city so if she felt she wanted something later she could find a ready source.

We got a Uber car to go the Wet Pussy Lounge. We went in as two groups: Sean, Pam, and me, and then Jana and Tree who took another table near us.

Belle had been cruising the audience given lap dances when she saw us. She came running over to me, and gave me a big hug. Sean received a similar hug from the stripper, which seemed to amuse Pam as she then accepted a hug from the naked stripper. She helped us get a good table near the stage, and then disappeared to do her next onstage appearance.

Belle appeared five minutes later dressed as a soldier returning from the Middle East, except instead of combat boots she was wearing tall fuck me heels. She slowly stripped off the uniform as she danced around the stage collecting donations from the horny guys near the stage. About eight of the men at one table were still in the Army, but out of uniform.

I whispered to Pam that I’d made over five-hundred dollars in my dance, and that got her attention. When Belle got near us, I gave Pam a fist full of five-dollar bills from my take the night before, and told her to use them. She got up courage when Belle came over our table, and stuffed a bill into the garter belt Belle wore.

Much to Pam’s surprise, Belle squatted down and displayed her inner-most soul to Pam, but she then took her head in her hands and leaned down and passionately kissed her. Pam came up sputtering and then smiled at Belle. She’d liked the kiss to my surprise and pleasure. Sean grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Sean and I were laughing, along with a number of others in the audience. Everyone cheered when Pam stuck another bill in Belle’s belt and then did a little happy dance before sitting down. Pam had blushed up a nice scarlet color.

I figured Pam was getting leg cramps from holding her thighs together. She was commando, but nonetheless, she hadn’t displayed anything to anybody. I resolved to fix that.

I told her, “Pam, I want you to flash your pussy at the guys at the next table. Spread your legs as you lean over to talk to Sean or something like that.”

She looked shocked and uncertain as she digested my request, but then did exactly as I’d ordered. She checked several times with me to see whether I approved of what she was doing. I was her sensei. I didn’t think she was a submissive, but in this new situation she was definitely looking for some leadership.

It took the first guy about one nanosecond to spot the hairy pussy on display twelve feet in front of him, and an equal amount of time for the rest of the table to know about it. They all stared at Pam’s pussy. Sean was chuckling, because apparently she’d told him what she was doing. Pam opened and closed her legs a few times to tease the men, all the time trying to make it seem innocent and natural.

She sat up and the flash stopped, but the damage had been done. Pam blushed, and I congratulated her on a first. I encouraged her to display herself periodically to the other tables as well. I told her, “I feel sexually excited and exhilarated when I expose myself to others. What are you feeling?”

Pam tentatively smiled, “I feel that bayan ankara escort too – excitement and arousal, but I also feel so naughty. I let other men see my privates. Sean doesn’t get to see them that much.”

I shook my head, “He better from now on. When you’re home, you should be nude or close to it all the time. You should be ready to fuck on a moment’s notice, and you should initiate at least half the time. Get with the new agenda. You are a beautiful, arousing, and sexual creature; behave like one.”

Belle came and joined us, sliding into our table area so that she could give Sean a lap dance. She was almost naked and held his hands on her breasts as she straddled his lap. Sean obviously enjoyed his time with Belle again, only this time he didn’t embarrass himself by soiling his pants. Belle teased him about that. Apparently, he’d forgotten to mention that small detail to Pam, who then laughed her head off at what had happened in his first lap dance after Belle squealed on him.

Belle asked Pam and me to join her on stage for her next performance. Pam shook her head no, but we ganged up on her and Sean joined in, even pushing her to her feet, an act that raised Pam’s skirt hemline up to her waist totally exposing her pussy to the entire bar. Our neighbors cheered the wardrobe malfunction.

Pam finally said, “Damn it, OK, I’ll do it. You and your ideas about sexing up our marriage. You want sex; I’ll show you sex all right!” She stomped off towards the stage stairs, and we followed her backstage.

I felt some anger from Pam about having to behave in a way far from her norm, and she was taking it out on Sean. On the other hand, she was nervous and unsure about just how far to go. If he wanted her over the top, she was going to go waaaaay over the top at the Wet Pussy Lounge. I’d already talked to her about being far away from home so that no one knew whom she was nor would they ever even care.

I kissed Pam, “Let it all hang out, girl. Do anything lewd and sexual that occurs to you. Watch us too. We’re actresses in a sexy scene, that’s all. We happen to have a horny audience that loves tits, ass, and pussy. Our purpose is to amuse and titillate. You’re not going to fuck anybody. You might let them touch you, especially to tuck some money in your garter or waistband.”

Belle put us in schoolgirl costumes, the opposite role I’d played with her earlier. She’d be the teacher. She talked about some of our dance moves and how we should strip, how she’d spank us, and prompted Pam on how to work the audience when all she had on was her garter belt for the guys to tuck money into. I apparently didn’t need that kind of coaching; it came naturally to me.

Belle wheeled a large blackboard with scholarly writing on it onstage. She then called for her students to appear, and Pam and I walked out, each carrying some books that we set on a tall stool. Strutted out might be a better description for what we did. To my great surprise, Pam added all sorts of wiggle and sexy sway to her walk in time to the raucous music. She waggled her clad ass at the audience too. Somewhere she’d gotten a couple of pieces of gum in her mouth and made exaggerated chewing motions. I joined in.

Belle scolded us for chewing gum in class. Pam pretended to take the gum out and stick it to the bottom of the blackboard frame. Belle scolded further, and then made Pam bend over with her cute ass facing the audience. Pam wore large tighty-whities, and Belle used her yardstick to spank her fanny. Pam stood up and feigned embarrassment and hurt at the event.

Belle then turned to me for some imaginary infraction. I got spanked next. Belle then made motions for the two of us to remove our blouses. The audience was really cheering at this point. Of course, during all this, there were various turns we took on one of the poles.

Pam made a point of walking over to a nearby table of young men, and asked them whether they thought she should take her top off for the ‘teacher.’ They all yelled, “Yes.” Pam undid each button very slowly as she swayed to the music and gazed off into space. When she had undone all the buttons she turned back to the same table, and asked, “Are you sure I should take it off?” All the men in the Lounge roared, ‘YES!’ She then took the blouse off, but held the material to her breasts so nothing daring showed.

I repeated the move of asking in an innocent way another table of guys about ‘going bare.’ They all encouraged me, so I did what Pam did. In the meanwhile, Pam was giving the table of guys she’d asked little flashes of her tits, but still holding the blouse up as an demure girl might.

Belle again indicated that we should bare our breasts, but we pointed to her to indicate that she had to lead the way. She then took her top off, allowing her surgically enhanced wonders to shimmy into the spotlights. Pam and I simultaneously dropped our blouses as that happened. There was a lot of applause and cheering.

I went back to the table of guys I’d asked and let them feel my tits. I promised I’d be back soon. Pam watched me and then she went to her table of guys to get felt up. A few bills got stuck in the belt of her skirt. She blew a kiss to each guy and I thought that was a nice gesture so I adopted that too.

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