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I told you about how I broke into that chick Chrissie’s house one night and taught her a thing or two about fucking with me. See, she really wanted me bad, but didn’t want her friends to know it, right? So she was bad mouthing me and stuff with sarcasm. I went over there and let her have what she wanted, and I told her that if I heard her bad mouthing me again, it wouldn’t be my dick in her face next time.

That was such a fuckin’ cool thing to do and I still haven’t seen the slut since. Once she got a taste of me, she was like every other fuckin’ whore. She wanted more but knew I wouldn’t give it to her, so she disappeared to another school so she wouldn’t have to put up with seeing me and knowing that I won’t put out for her again. Chicks are so fuckin’ fickle, man. And you wonder why I don’t have a fuckin’ girlfriend?

Now, if you think I’m talking about ‘home invasion’ or some shit like that when I said I broke into her bedroom, then your fuckin’ wrong, okay? It’s not. A ‘home invasion’ is when a bunch of punks breaks in and beat the shit out of the people that live there, then nick off with their TV and stereo and stuff. I don’t do that shit. I’m not a fuckin’ thief, alright?

What I do see, is get into their bedroom and give ’em what they want – kinda like a modern day Santa Clause, you know? Everybody fuckin’ wants me, but I can only give it to a few, right? It isn’t always easy being this fuckin’ hot.

Anyway, so like I was saying, I climb in through their bedroom window when everyone’s asleep and let them taste me. I let them suck me off, or I shove my cock up their arse, and then I go home. Simple, easy, and we both get what we want.

I love getting a good blowjob and some of the fuckin’ faggots out there really know how to give one. I usually gotta beat it out of them first though, ’cause they seem to like playing that fuckin’ game – fuckin’ weirdos, pretending they don’t want it when they do. I know they want it real bad. I see them watching me in the schoolyard or when I’m out walking down the street and stuff, and I can see in their eyes that they’re just thinking about my fuckin’ hot bod and my huge, throbbin’ dick, and they want me to shove it in them. Really want it, man. So I give it to them.

Chicks are all funny about that kinda stuff. Most of them act real weird when I tell them that I wanna shove my cock down their gob. They cock-tease like fuckin’ mad, and then don’t put out, most of them. So when I’m horny, I gotta use the fags. They give it good and they don’t want a fuckin’ relationship out of it, ya know?

I fuckin’ hate faggots, I really do, but sometimes ya just gotta get it off, and they’re the best cunts for it. I use them ’cause they want to be used. Nothing wrong with that.

The pricks never thank me for it. Never. But that’s like the faggot’s way, see? They just suck cock then go home and play with themselves. They haven’t got the brains to hold a fuckin’ conversation unless its beggin’ for more in their fuckin’ “please don’t” kinda way. Like a fuckin’ woman, I swear! They know they want it. Why can’t they just fuckin’ say so instead of pretending like they don’t and making me have to force it in so they can feel like a fuckin’ victim? What a load of shit!

Anyway, there was the one time when I got the biggest fuckin’ bonus ever, man. It was like, totally unexpected and so fuckin’ cool in the end, though it freaked me out at first.

Y’all know that I love a good challenge. The harder the queers fight back, the harder I get, see? The game pisses me off, ’cause I just wanna do it, ya know, but it gets me fuckin’ burning too, dominating them like that. I reckon some of them know that I get off on pushing them around, so they deliberately try to push me away so I can get even hotter before they do it to me. It’s like, they want me so fuckin’ bad that they’ll do anything to me hornier first so I’ll come back for more, ya know?

Anyway, Scott, that twelfth grade dweeb I was telling you about last time? Well he’s got a brother, see. An older brother who he lives with ’cause his folks fuckin’ keeled over or something. And Scott’s brother Tony is like, a fuckin’ fag too! He’s like about 29 or something and heaps of my friends have seen him on weekends coming out of fuckin’ queer joints and holdin’ hands with other blokes.

Now, I didn’t know then that Scott has this brother, see? When I’d paid the fag a little visit sometimes at night, the joint was like dead quiet, you know? Not a fuckin’ sound, ’cause his brother must’ve been sleeping or out fucking his queer mates or something. So I just thought Scott lived with his fuckin’ folks like normal.

One day, my friends were whinging like fuckin’ sissies wantin’ to do something with me that night, like go to a movie or something. I’d been fuckin’ playing with myself all day in the toilets ’cause I was real horny and was planning to pay Scott a visit that night. Well, my mates kept carrying on ’cause they like to be seen out with me, right? So I had to tell them I was busy. Then the cunts wanted to know what I bahis firmaları was doing, so finally I told them I was planning to pay Scott a visit and stir him up a bit. They thought that was hot shit man, but I wouldn’t let them come with me even though they fuckin’ begged. I told them that if I saw them near Scott’ fuckin’ house, I was gonna kick their arses into tomorrow, ’cause I know how much they wanna be like me and would probably hang around so they could listen outside otherwise.

About 11 o’clock that night, I was checkin’ myself out in the mirror, getting ready to head off to the fag’s place, flexing my muscles and getting myself all pumped up. I could see why all the fags and the chicks thought I was so cool looking and all. I fuckin’ turn myself on when I see my reflection, especially when I’m all wet still from a shower and stuff. I’ve got the perfect fuckin’ body and the perfect fuckin’ face to go with it.

So after checkin’ myself out for half an hour, I stuck on some jeans and a tank top, so my muscles would be showing and all, making me look ever sexier then when I’m wearing like a shirt or something. Then I jumped out my bedroom window and headed off to Scott’s house. My old man was fast asleep, in his usual drunken fucking stupor, so I knew he wouldn’t come in and find me gone.

I got to Scott’s house pretty quick ’cause it’s only like a 20-minute walk or something, you know? Can’t be too far ’cause you gotta live in the area to go to the school with all this new zoning shit that the government is fuckin’ sprouting.

Anyway, I got there and checked the place out and it was all dark and quiet like usual. I walked around the place real quiet to make sure no fucker was up in the back rooms and stuff, and then went around to the side where Scott’s bedroom was.

The shit had his bedroom window open like usual, so I pulled the fly screen out, real steady so I didn’t wake him or make the neighbours hear me or nothing. Then I climbed in like a fuckin’ panther stalking his dinner, you know? Only it was Scott that was gonna be eating tonight, not me!

The faggot was lying on his bed fast asleep, wearing just his underpants. All the covers were pulled back like he was expecting me, ya know? Like, a total “come and fuckin’ get me” invitation. So I pulled down my fly nice and crept over to his bed, sticking my hand in my pants and playing with my crotch.

He was a fuckin’ weed, Scott was – really skinny like if he turned sideways he’d be invisible, you know? Anyway, he’s laying there on his back with his hand up by his head like he want’s me to pin him down, right? So I climb on top of him so I’m kneeling just over his stomach. Then I tap his cheek real softly and whisper to him.

“Hey faggot. It’s supper time!”

Scott’s eyes fly open and he looks at me real scared and he’s wide awake in like a fuckin’ second, man! I stuff my hand over his mouth and shove him back down on the pillow before he can yell out and his eyes look like their gonna bulge out of their fuckin’ sockets!

“I got something here for you, dweeb,” I say. “It’s pointing your way, so I know it’s you it wants.”

He shakes his head, mumbling some shit and tries to pull my hand away from his mouth, so I squeeze his cheeks nice and tight.

“Ah-ah! You don’t want to make me angry now, do you?”

He stops struggling, just looking up at me and I see his eyes flicker over my shoulder like he’s trying to find some way of escaping.

“You know the routine, faggot. Just do like your told and I won’t have to hurt you. Alright?”

His eyes flickered past me again and then all these warning bells like, start ringing in my head, but before I turn around, I hear this noise behind me. And suddenly, some cunt grabs me from behind, pulling me off Scott and hauling me into a full nelson near the end of the bed.

“What the fuck!” I start struggling, but the cunt has me pinned tight with my hands pulled right back, way up above my head like I’m on a stretching rack.

“Gotcha!” he says, and it ain’t no kids voice, so I know I’m in deep shit.

“Let go of me, you fucker!” I growl, but he pulls my arms back even tighter, making my feet nearly leave the ground. I’m standing there on tiptoe trying to break free, my top lifting up to show my abs, and then I realise I can feel the skin on his chest rubbing against my back. I fuckin’ freeze, man, ’cause I’m surprised, and I’m thinking, “Is this cunt naked or something?”

I see Scott get up off the bed, and he’s standing in front of me in his undies, like he wants me to check him out or something, and then the cunt that’s got hold of me starts talking in this real deep voice.

“Is this him?” he says.

Scott nods, looking real worried, but he doesn’t say anything.

“Justin, isn’t it? And this is the guy you like, huh? After everything you told me, including breaking in here tonight, you still feel the same way?”

Say what????? Scott was nodding again, looking real embarrassed, and I was like, freaking out man! The faggot had a kaçak iddaa crush on me? This was too fuckin’ weird!

I tried breaking free from the cunt again, but he held me tight, my arms stretched up so fuckin’ far that I couldn’t move them.

“Stay still punk,” he said to me. “Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t give a fuck who you are!” I said. “I’m gonna fuckin’ kill you if you don’t let go!”

He laughed, really gentle, like he was trying to be menacing or something.

“I’m Scott’s brother,” he said. “His big brother. The name is Michael and it’s not something you’re going to forget for a very long time. You see, Scott has told me all about you and what you’ve been doing to him. He even told me that he heard you say you were coming here tonight.”

“You little fuck!” I said to Scott. “Just you wait till I get my fuckin’ hands on you!”

“Ah-ah,” he said, lifting me off the ground again. “No more threats. Tonight you get what you’ve been giving.”

I felt his head move, like he was looking up at Scott now instead of whispering in my ear.

“Go on,” he said to Scott. “Take him. Do what you want with him. I’ve got him.”

“Touch me and I’ll kick your fuckin’ head in,” I said to Scott.

“No you won’t,” Michael said back at me, talking real sweet like he was trying to pick me up or something. “If you so much as go near Scott again after tonight, I’ll be coming after you.”

I started struggling again but couldn’t break free from the cunt’s hold.

“Come on,” Michael said to Scott again. “We haven’t got all night. Do what you want with him.”

Scott hesitated then took a step forward, so I lashed out with my feet, trying to kick the faggot in the head. He jumped back out of reach before I could connect and Michael swung me around, pulling me away from Scott.

“Naughty boy!” he teased, the fuckin’ shithead. Then suddenly the cunt pressed down on my shoulders, forcing me to my knees. Before I knew it, he let himself fall backward, pulling me on top of him, still holding me in the full nelson, and wrapped his fuckin’ legs around mine, spreading them out like a fuckin’ torture rack.

I yelled out ’cause I didn’t expect him to do that, and he was stretching me out so fucking hard now that it hurt. I gritted my teeth, but I was locked tight and couldn’t even struggle now.

“There,” Michael said. ” He can’t touch you now.”

Scott came over to us, standing by my feet, looking real unsure.

“What’ll I do?” he asked. He looked like a lost fuckin’ puppy, one finger in his mouth like a fuckin’ baby.

“Why don’t you start by taking off his top?” Michael said. “You can pull down his pants, and then you can do whatever you want. Give him some of what he gave you.”

“I don’t want to hurt him,” Scott pouted.

“That’s up to you,” his brother said. “Personally, I’d make sure he couldn’t walk for a week.”

“You fuckin’ would, you faggot!” I yelled at him but he started laughing again, making me bounce up and down on top of him.

“Look who’s calling the kettle black!” he says, whatever the fuck that was supposed to mean. Did he think I was a nigger in the dark like this?

Then suddenly Scott leaned over me and grabbed my tank top, yanking at it till it ripped, and he kept on ripping it till it was torn in half and my chest was all sticking out. I saw the shit lick his lips ’cause he could see my muscles rippling now, all down my chest and my stomach.

“That was a new top you little cunt!” I was so pissed off and even more fuckin’ pissed that I couldn’t do nothing to stop him. He sat down on my crotch and started rubbing his hands over my chest, but when he sat down, I felt Michael’s crotch pressing up against mine, and the cunt was hard. The shit was turned on with me on top of him like that! I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it man – I was sandwiched between two fuckin’ hard cocks!

Scott slid down onto my legs and unbuttoned my jeans, then started playing with my dick. I was hard as, in spite of myself and the arsehole started teasing my cock with his hands, and then his mouth, flicking at it with his tongue and all sorts of stuff that only a faggot could think of.

I groaned and felt like I was gonna fuckin’ burst any minute, but I was also hanging to teach these fucking faggots a lesson. Scott played with my dick for ages and then ran his tongue up my chest. When he got to my mouth, I tried turning my head away, but I couldn’t fuckin’ move it ’cause my arms were pressed up against my ears, fuckin’ locking my head forward. He grabbed me under the chin and squeezed tight, forcing my mouth open, and then he kissed it, sticking his tongue in and all. I could taste my own cock in his mouth from when he was sucking it! I wanted to fuckin’ chuck!

I tried yelling out, but I couldn’t move my mouth now and his huge fuckin’ lips were muffling any sound I tried to make. He kept kissing me and kissing me and I could feel his cock sucking tongue twisting around mine and duelling with it like they were swords in a fucking Japanese kaçak bahis flick!

He was lying on top of me and I could feel his scrawny little body rubbing itself up and down over me, raking his bones over my washboard stomach and pecs.

When he finally sat up again, he was on my stomach. He looked down at me like he was a giant, so I spat at him, pushing all of his saliva out of my fuckin’ mouth. I don’t kiss no one and wasn’t gonna have that shit in my mouth!

The prick slapped me across the face and said, “You like that?”, and then he flopped his own cock out and shoved it in my face, sliding his arse up to my chest. I squeezed my eyes shut so I didn’t have to look at it poking me in the mouth, and then I felt his hands squeeze my jaw again, forcing my mouth open.

Fucking Michael was hard as now and was poking me from behind at the other end. I couldn’t tell if he was naked or not ’cause my jeans were still on, thank fuckin’ Christ!

Scott shoved his cock in my mouth and pushed my lips closed around it. He started thrusting forwards and backwards and I started choking on it, my face going all red and stuff, so he pulled it out and I gagged a few times, trying to catch my breath.

“What’s a matter?” Michael said underneath me, “Can’t take it like a man?”

“Maybe he doesn’t like giving head,” Scott said. “Maybe he likes the pain he inflicts instead.” And he grabbed my nipples and squeeze them real tight.

I screamed out in fucking agony, man, and my whole body started to convulse. But it was a good thing, because suddenly I felt one of my hands break free. I swung up, punching Scott in the mouth and sending him flying off me, then twisted around, breaking my other arm free and rolling away from Michael.

Before I could get up though, the fucker jumped on top of me, putting an elbow right in my gut. I doubled over in agony and the cunt sat on me, pinning my arms beneath his knees. His crotch was right in my fuckin’ face and I could smell his hard cock poking against his white jocks near my mouth. If his jocks weren’t on, I swear to fuckin’ God he would’ve poked me in the eye with it.

I could see the fucker too now when I looked up. He was wearing nothing but his jocks, and his chest was all sweaty from holding me against him for so long. He looked a lot like Scott, only older and more solid. He had little pissant bits of fluff sticking out around his huge fuckin’ nipples, but the rest of his bod was smooth like Scott’s, so hair looked really out of place.

“You alright, Scott?” he asked, looking over above my head. I craned my neck back and saw Scott kneeling on the ground rubbing his cheek. He nodded that he was okay.

“Now you’ve really made me mad, my friend,” Michael said to me.

“I’m not your fuckin’ friend, you queer arsed little cunt!”

He laughed at me again and I could tell he was really having a fuckin’ good time.

“Good English,” he said and started slapping my cheeks with both hands. I tried kicking up my legs at him, but they couldn’t reach that far back. His knees were pressing into my biceps and I couldn’t reach any further up than his sides, so I grabbed a handful of skin on both the fuckers hips and squeezed the shit out of them.

The cunt yelled and I yanked my hands free and pushed him off. But I was still really sore and he got up before I did and grabbed me by the hair, hauling me up to my feet. I grabbed his arm to make him let go again, but he dropped on one knee, bringing me down with him and slamming my throat into his fuckin’ kneecap.

I rolled away gagging. My windpipe was fuckin’ crushed, man and I couldn’t see a fuckin’ thing, the room was spinning so fast! I felt the cunt pick me up again and throw me on the bed.

“All your’s Scott,” I heard him say, and then I felt Scott climb on top of me, pressing his bod into mine again and holding me there with my arms forced back over the edge of the bed.

I lay there gasping, I was having so many problems just trying to breathe. My throat fuckin’ hurt man! I was so fuckin’ lucky my goddamn neck didn’t break.

I tried pushing my arms up, but I was too weak and Scott held me there real easily. With my arms pushed right back over my head and down, my back was arched, sticking my chest out against his bony bod like I was desperate for him.

He started kissing me again, and I turned my face away from him so he couldn’t stick his tongue in, so he buried his mouth in my neck and started sucking.

I moaned, squirming under him to get free, but it only made the fucker more hungry for me. He was getting more excited and started sucking on my neck harder, giving me a fuckin’ love bite.

The cunt had marked me. The fuckin’ bruise on my neck would there tomorrow and I’d have to make up some shit about rooting some chick I met in the park or something.

I was freaked, man. The room was still fuckin’ spinning and I still couldn’t breathe right, but worse than that, Scott was a fuckin’ dweeb. I was the tough guy, the one everyone wanted to fuckin’ be like. But his scrawny body was on top of me, rubbing against mine, and his pissant little arms were holding me there like he was fuckin’ Hercules. I was suddenly this cunt’s fuckin’ sex slave and I couldn’t break free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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