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April and Destiny have always been best of friends ever since Kindergarten; In fact, they have developed a bond that is more like a sisterhood and are completely inseparable. You never see one without the other and they have their own private club between them known as B.F.S.M.F. or “Bestest Friends and Soulmates Forever.”

April and Destiny have shared everything from dolls when they were little to clothes in Jr. and high school and most recently each other. In school, April and Destiny were so tight that people, mainly the cliquey girls who were jealous of their popularity, began circulating rumors that they were lezbos but they didn’t let it bother them.

Those who knew them best knew that even though they were close they weren’t queer. They never tried to deny it or play it down but decided to have fun with it and when the girls who hated them heckled them they just smiled and said “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

After graduation, their bond would grow deeper and they would begin to develop an intimacy that would go beyond words and they would begin to slowly develop a relationship that would lay the seeds for a beautiful Sapphic bond.

Physically speaking, April and Destiny were knockouts and could have any guy they wanted and usually did. April stood about 5’7″ with long, straight, dark chestnut brown hair, that came down past her shoulders, brown eyes, a slender body and measured about 34B-22-34.

Destiny was equally as ravishing with her long naturally curly(poodle style) brazen fire red hair that came down to past her shoulders, standing 5’7″ with emerald green eyes, a slender build, measuring 34B-24-34.

The night after graduation was when they would first cross to being intimate friends. That night they were spending the night at Destiny’s house in Destiny’s basement room and sitting around in their t-shirts and panties talking laughing and having a good time.

The mood shifted from light hearted to sentimental as they looked back on their high school yearbooks and recalling all the fun they had. Their bodies came closer together and they hugged as they had so many times before then without saying a word their lips met for the first time.

The kiss was soft gentle yet passionate as they softly slinked their tongues in each other’s mouths. The kiss broke and they both smiled.

“I Love you Destiny” April said softly.

“I love you too,” Destiny replied and they kissed again.

They might have gone further but just then there was a knock on the door and the girls jarred apart and Destiny said “Come in” It was Destiny’s mom telling them good night

For the next two years April and Destiny would attend the Jr. College in town to get all the basics out to the way. All through the two years, their bond remained strong and they would kiss regularly but neither of them was ready to completely cross the line to Lesbian love but the seeds were there.

After their sophomore year, they would transfer to the State University some 140 miles away from home and would rent an apartment together with 2 bedrooms a nice spacious den but would share a bath. The apartment was convenient being only a 10 minute walk from their classes.

During their first semester at school they would share many guys. They would bring home boys, fuck them and then swap partners. Also to get the guys hot they would put on a strip show where they would dance naked together and simulate sex but never actually do it.

They would finally cross the line the night of April’s twenty first birthday. It was on a Friday night in January and April’s parents came up for the weekend to take April and Destiny out.

That evening as they were getting dressed and at the time were only in their thigh high stockings, Destiny came in with a small box for April.

“Since this is a special night and this gift is a special reflection of our close friendship and love for each other I want to give you this before we meet your folks,” Destiny said with a soft smile.

April opened the box and inside was a gold charm bracelet with a small heart on it.

“Thank you,” April said as she hugged Destiny then gave her a warm loving kiss, their supple breasts touching as they embraced.

“Read the inscription on the back sweetie,” Destiny said as they broke the kiss.

“To my beloved soulmate and bestest friend, Love always Destiny,” April read aloud.

“There’s more,” Destiny said as she took out another smaller jewelry box. Inside was a 14 carat gold necklace with a heart shaped locket and on the inside was a picture of April and Destiny at graduation and on the back was inscribed ” To April, my BFSMF.”

“Here sweetie turn around and let me put it on you,” Destiny said smiling and April turned so she was in front of Destiny. Destiny clasped the necklace in place and ran her hand over it as they both stared in the mirror,

“Thank you so very much darling,” April said with a smile. “This is really too much and more than I expected.”

“Hey nothing is too great for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my BFSM,” Destiny said as April turned back to face her.

Tears began to well up in April’s eyes but they were tears of joy and gratitude.

“Oh Destiny honey this is so very wonderful and you are the best friend a girl could ever have and I love you so very much too. I will treasure these gifts forever but not as much as I treasure our bond together,” and with that April hugged Destiny and planted warm loving passionate kiss on her.

Their lips met and this time their kisses were deep and April’s hands found their way to Destiny’s breasts and April slowly pushed Destiny down on the bed so that she was on top of her, their breasts touching and their limbs intertwined as they passionately French kissed.

Their hands began to find their way over each other’s bodies and their pussies slowly began to grind together but before they could go further, fate would interrupt again and the phone would ring. April’s parents were on the phone saying they were just coming into town and would be there in 20 minutes.

Destiny and April would have to finished getting dressed but the die was cast. They had crossed the line but they would not consummate it until later that evening when fate would finally smile on them and lead them into a night of sensual Sapphic pleasures.

That evening, April’s parents took them to dinner at the country club where they had one of the most elegant buffets around. Her father had rented a small room and there were balloons and a birthday cake with hats April and Destiny put on a hat and both posed for a picture.

The evening would be one to remember and would be the best birthday April had, but the party her parents gave her would be nothing to the private party she and Destiny would have once they got home.

April’s parents would drop her and Destiny off at 10:30 and April said her goodbyes to her folks and they went on their way to the convention center where they had a room reserved for the night.

“We will be by in the morning around 9:30 to take you to breakfast at IHOP before we leave,” April’s mom said “You two have a good night and we will see you in the morning.”

“Bye mom, bye dad love you and thank you again for tonight”

“Bye Mr. and Misses Harris” Destiny said smiling.

“Bye Destiny love,” Misses Harris said giving Destiny a warm loving hug. “You are the best thing that ever happened to April and we love you just like you were our very own little girl.”

“Bye April” her parents said as they drove off and Destiny and April went inside and locked the door behind them.

“I don’t know about you but I am going to slip out of this dress into something more comfortable,” Destiny said. “Why don’t you do the same and join me in my room.” Destiny added. “But knock first, I have a surprise for you and I wanna make sure it’s ready.”

April slipped out of her white blouse and navy blue skirt, her navy blue bra, thigh highs and shoes and was wearing only her navy blue panties along with her party hat and went to Destiny’s room and knocked on the door.

“Just a minute sweetie” Destiny said as she made last minute preparations. “Okay honey you can come in.”

Destiny had her party hat on and was sitting only in her hot pink panties April went over and sat next to her and the two girls kissed.

“Happy Birthday Honey” Destiny said as she broke the kiss and put her hand on the side of April’s face. “I have two more gifts to give you but I wanted to wait until we were alone and had the rest of the night. I didn’t give ’em to you earlier because I figured if I had, we would have not made it to the dinner your parents had planned.”

“Mmmmm what is it,” April said intrigued.

“Something I think we both will enjoy,” Destiny replied and with that she reached into the sack and pulled out two boxes.

April opened them with eager anticipation. In the first one was two torpedo shaped vibrating dildoes One was a silver-black color and measured five inches long and the other was eight inches and white.

April put her hand to her mouth and said with a mild embarrassment “Is this what I think it is?”

“Yep,” Destiny replied smiling. “It’s a vibrator. Here let me show you how it works,” and with that she turned on the small one and placed the tip of it on April’s arm.

“Ooooooh that feels funny but nice,” April replied, “but aren’t you supposed to use it, you know, down between your legs.”

“You mean like this” and without warning Destiny spread her legs pulled her panties to the side and inserted it into her own pussy and began to frig herself with it.

“Here you try it,” Destiny said taking April’s hand and putting it on the dildo as it is still in her. “

“Move it in and out slowly. Mmmmm yeah that’s right baby,” Destiny purred. “You’re getting the hang of it “

April was entranced by what was going on and Destiny was getting hot and is on the verge of an orgasm.

“Oh güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri god yes baby,” Destiny panted “Move it to the right a little. That’s right baby. Ooooooh hell yes!! Oh shit baby, that’s so damn good!!”

Destiny’s body tightened as her pussy gripped the sides of the dildo and quivered as she sent her juices flooding the viibrator and cooed with delight as she took April’s hand and guided the dildo out of her pussy.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before sweetie,” Destiny sighed with delight “because you worked it like a real pro”

“I just did what my instincts told me to do,” April replied.

“Well you got some damned good ones,” and with that Destiny gave April a big wet kiss.

“So does the birthday girl wanna try out her new toy,” Destiny said with a devilish grin.

“Well I was hoping you could demonstrate for me how it works and show me all the finer points of pleasing a woman,” April said with a soft sigh.

“Mmmmmm aren’t we the naughty one,” Destiny said with a grin “I would be more than happy to please you. Just lie back and let Destiny carry you on wings of pleasure to unspoken delights.”

Destiny laid April back and had her spread her legs so she could get her panties off and then Destiny laid on top of April and the two women embraced and kissed.

As April and Destiny kissed, their soft warm bodies rubbed up against each other’s and they intertwined their limbs

“Spread your legs April honey,” Destiny whispered erotically into April’s ear as she was nibbling and kissing the sides of April’s neck. April did as Destiny asked and Destiny took her nicely trimmed pussy and began to grind it up against April’s.

April began to whimper as the pleasure built up in her body and begged for Destiny to rub harder and Destiny obliged and soon was grinding her clit against April’s as the two girls both came in unison.

“Don’t stop baby,” April moaned “I am your private little slut to do with as you please.”

Destiny began moving her way down April’s soft little warm body and came to her breasts. Taking her tongue and running it around her nipple she softly began sucking on April’s breasts.

Taking the small dildo, Destiny used it on April’s left breast while she sucked on her right and switched out every 3-4 minutes. This sent April into orbit and caused her to whimper with delight and gasp for breath.

Destiny would work her way down April’s torso to her waiting cunt. April’s legs instinctively parted and allowed Destiny full access to her nicely trimmed pussy. Destiny would take the eight inch torpedo shaped dildo lick it in her mouth until it was good and wet and then proceed to bring April off using it and her tongue.

As the dildo rubbed against April’s waiting cunt, she whimpered and stirred. Destiny would put her tongue on April’s clit and between her tongue and the dildo she would have April cumming wailing like the banshee.

The eight inch dildo would go in and out of April’s pussy as Destiny would continue to eat her out and April took her hand put it on Destiny’s hair and held her head their as April bucked up and fucked Destiny’s face.

It wouldn’t be long until April’s tight little body shuddered as her orgasm peaked and she flooded Destiny’s mouth with her sweet cream.

“Oh god yes baby that felt so good,” April crooned with delight “I wanna know more. Make love to me like we made love to all those guys.”

“Very well,” Destiny replied. “Let me get your other presents and I promise you will not be disappointed.”

” More presents,” April gasped with surprise. “I can’t wait,” and she watched with eager anticipation as Destiny opened the second box.

“Oh my god,” April replied as her eyes go wide looking on the contents of the box. Inside was a huge nine inch Caucasian flesh colored strap on dildo and a pink sixteen inch flexible hard rubber double ended dildo.

Destiny took the ten inch strap on and placed it between her breasts and then licked it like she would sucking a cock. She then strapped it on. Lying on her back she spread her legs and with a authoritative tone said to April “Suck my cock baby.”

April’s eyes lit up and she wasted no time at going down on the strap on dildo sucking on it like she had sucked on so many guys cocks before.

April sucked on the cock taking it all down deep throating it like she would a guy and is completely enjoying herself. She worked on the dildo for a good ten minutes until it is completely soaked in slobber then sensing what Destiny wanted her to do next she lowered her pussy onto the dildo.

Embracing Destiny, April planted a deep wet French kiss as her tongue probed inside Destiny’s mouth. The two girls passionately kissed as April slowly pumped the dildo April moved her way to Destiny’s neck and she begins to nibble and softly bite Destiny on the neck giving her a huge hickey.

April then raises up and begins to ride the dildo cowgirl style gradually building up speed until she is going güvenilir bahis şirketleri at it hot and heavy. She pulls Destiny up so that she is now embracing April and the two girls rock back and forth as April continues to work the dildo.

It isn’t long until April is ready to cum and she floods the cock with her sweet sticky cream. April then gets on her hands and knees and Destiny entered her from behind and began to hammer her doggie style. April grabbed the head board as wave after wave of pleasure crashes through her body.

As Destiny hammered April from behind she pulled April up so that April is upright on her knees and Destiny has her arm around April’s neck holding her up. Destiny began to whisper erotic sayings in French to April and April responds in kind.

Destiny also begins to nibble and softly bite on April causing a huge hickey to show up. This only gets April hotter and soon she floods the dildo with her sweet sticky cream once again.

April dismounted the cock and straps it on herself and for the next 20 minutes fucks Destiny as she rides her cowgirl style, missionary style and then side by side as April slides it in behind Destiny and April holds Destiny as they fuck.

After April removes the strap on dildo Destiny and April lay side by side and embrace as they take a break from the fucking and passionately kiss and embrace as they just hold each other.

April then kisses her way down Destiny’s body and when she reaches Destiny’s pussy she begins to eat her out until Destiny cums in her mouth April will then crawl on top of Destiny and the two girls lock in a hot 69 position as they take turns eating each other out and cumming in each other’s mouths.

After they finish their hot 69 session April and Destiny just hold each other as they cum down from their orgasmic high.

“Oh Destiny that was so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good,” April purred with delight.

“I’m glad you liked, it” Destiny smiled “but I still have one more present for you if you are up to it.”

“I am so fucking hot and horny tonight I could go all night” April replied

“Well If that’s the case let me show you what I have in store for you,” and with that she pulled out the huge double ended dildo

“This is a lesbo’s dream come true,” Destiny said as she held it out. It allows you to fuck your girlfriend while getting pleasure yourself. Here let me show you how it works.”

Destiny proceeded to lick the end of the dildo and gave April one end and together they both slobber it up real good. Destiny then reaches into her desk drawer and pulls out some lube jelly and puts it on one end and half way up the dildo then hands the bottle to April and she does the same.

Taking the dildo in her hands Destiny leaned back and shows April how to insert it and April slides it inside herself and both girls lean back on their hands as they fuck.

April and Destiny fuck each other as they slide ever further up the dildo until their butts are touching. After a few minutes of doing this they dismount the dildo slide it into their pussies from behind and fuck each other doggie style as they face away from each other.

They both pump the dildo hard as their butts slap against the other’s. It isn’t long until they are both ready to cum and they can feel the orgasm build up in their bodies and they gasp for air as the pleasure hits them like a ton of bricks

“Oh god yes,” Destiny crooned as she drops her head and goes down on her elbows. April explodes as well as she creams over the dildo and both girls pull the dildo from their pussies and collapse in each other’s arms

It is nearly half past midnight as April and Destiny softly kiss and caress as they lie together

“Oh thank you Destiny for making this the best birthday ever”, April said with a smile as she cradled Destiny in her arms. You have shown me a world of carnal delights I have never imagined and one I only want to share with you.”

Destiny and April held each other as they cuddled and slowly drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. They are awaken by the buzzing of the alarm clock at 8:30 am and rush to shower, and put everything away before April’s parents arrive.

At 9:35 the door bell rings and it is April’s parents and April gives them a big hug as does Destiny as they walked back to the living room.

“So did you girls have a good time last night, ” April’s mom said smiling and they replied “Yeah sure did,” as they grinned at each other fighting back the urge to giggle with all the strength they could muster.

“Well I am glad you two enjoyed yourselves,” April’s mom said with a smile and they all get in the car and drive to IHOP.

It is almost 11:30 when they get back and April’s parents bid them good-bye and get back on the road for home. Once April and Destiny watch them drive off they close the door, head for Destiny’s room for another round of hot lesbo sex lasting most of the day.

Ever since then, Destiny and April have become exclusive lesbian lovers although they still have to have a good dick inside them so they pick up a lucky guy and treat him to a three way after they put on a good lesbo show for him. Sometimes, however, they get so into their own lesbian love they forget the guy and on occasion he has left but others remind them he is still there and they treat him as well.

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