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The situation couldn’t have been more perfect; she had the talent I needed, and I had the position she needed. The fact that I had known her for years put aside, I had known long before I owned my own bakery that should I ever need a cake decorator, she would be the one I called on.

The interview was being held on my patio, the sunlight on the water in the pool beside us sparkling and almost blinding, and we sat on opposite sides of my round glass table. I was trying to keep it as professional as possible, dressed in a pale blue strapless sundress that matched my eyes, but it was difficult to do so with an old friend such as she. Even more difficult, was trying to focus on anything but the way her nipples were pressing against the bikini top she wore beneath her purple halter top.

“You know, they say you shouldn’t mix business with friendship, Ocean,” she laughed, her lips pulling back to reveal her brilliant white smile, causing her almond-shaped brown eyes to crease even more in the corners.

I chuckled and nodded slowly as I straightened the papers in front of me, “Oh, don’t I know it,” As I looked down at her resume, I could see through the glass her long, lean legs exposed from mid-thigh down to her ankles, a pair of black dress shorts keeping me from being able to tell whether she was wearing her bikini bottoms. “This is difficult. I’m looking down at this, and I’m reading all this stuff about you that I already know. It’s making it difficult to be professional.” I wrinkled my nose a little as I looked over at her, meeting her smile with one of my own.

“Okay, so… Why don’t you pretend that you don’t know me so well? Pretend I’m just some girl coming in for an interview. You’ve looked over my resume, and now you have questions for me.” She just kept on beaming as she pushed her straight black hair over her shoulders, exposing them to me.

I inhaled deeply, put the resume aside, and nodded, “Okay. So, Rylee, tell me why you’re interested in becoming a part of the team here.”

I watched as she tilted her head to the side slightly, her eyes rolling upward as she thought out her answer. For as long as I could remember, every girl in our group had been envious of Rylee’s looks; coming from a white father and an Asian mother had left her with a peachy tone, a lean body, and flawless skin. Add to that her ability to dress exceptionally for every occasion, and the way she knew just what make up to use to bring out her stunning eyes and full lips, there was no doubt in my mind the girl was made for modelling.

“To be totally honest, Ocean.. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Lick the Bowl Bakery. The product gets rave reviews, the customer service is always fantastic, and best of all: I’ve heard the boss is the best boss someone could have.” She held my gaze, her deep brown eyes twinkling with innocence, before I sighed and leaned back, grumbling.

“This is not working at all! I already know why you want to work here, what your qualifications are, and now you’re flirting with me,” I huffed and dragged a hand down through my blonde hair, loosening my bangs from the grip of a bobbi pin. “We’re better off just going into the kitchen, and I’ll give you a trail run — I’ve seen your work, but now I need to see how you work.”

“Relax, love. No need to get all frazzled!” She laughed as she pushed her chair back and stood up, her hand moving to rest on her hip, which she cocked to the side. As inconspicuously as I could, I took in her figure, from her flip-flop clad feet to her thick thighs and the curve of her hips, to the rise and fall of her chest. Standing as well, I nodded toward the back door. “You know where you’re going, Ry.” I muttered, gathering my papers from the table top. I followed her up the stone walkway to the back door, watching the way her ass and hips moved beneath her shorts, and I shook my head. “I’ve got a cake already baked, and the icing and fondant made up, all that’s left is for you to work your magic and create something that looks as good — if not better — than it tastes.”

She nodded that little nod of hers and led the way into the kitchen, grabbing my white apron from its spot on the wall and quickly putting it on, “You set everything up already?” Rylee grinned as she looked around the workspace, instantly reaching for the bowl of butter cream icing I had prepped hours before she showed up. I hummed my acknowledgement of her question and leaned back against the counter opposite her, watching the way she used a spatula to scoop the icing and plop it down on the cake. There was hardly time for me to even take in what she was doing — the girl had been at it for so long that filling, stacking, and icing the 8-inch round cake happened in less than 10 minutes, something I knew she was capable of, but had yet to actually see.

“You’re fast,” I commented as she put the spreader in the tall glass of hot water, and she nodded at me, clearly in the zone. Using the hot spatula, she smoothed the icing casino şirketleri down before cleaning the edges of the turntable with a damp cloth. I pushed off the counter and walked over, helping her move the turntable so she could quickly roll out the yellow fondant until it was thin and wide enough to cover the iced cake. I moved the cake back onto the counter before her, and watched silently as she cautiously draped the decoration over the cake and trimmed the edges.

“How do you want it decorated?” She asked suddenly as she smoothed the creases in the fondant, her head lifting.

“This is your trial. Do what you want with the tools you have.” Again, she nodded and got right back to work. I was happy to see that she was both serious and passionate about what she was doing, and the way she moved while she was doing it. Her hips kind of wiggled, her head tilting this way and that to expose her long neck, and her lips kind of puckered, almost as if she was kissing the air. I watched as she took a loot at what she had to offer, and smiled to myself as she reached for the gum paste to put some flowers together. Before long, the pale yellow cake was decorated with an array of lilies and leaves that draped over one side, while a pretty pink bow sat cutely on the bottom of the cake opposite the flowers.

“Finis!” Rylee took a step back from her masterpiece and let out a nervous chuckle as she looked to me, my gaze on the cake. “Is it… Is it up to par?”

I blinked a few times, stunned at her sudden lack of confidence, and I let out a soft laugh, shaking my head. “Up to par? Christ girl, it’s freaking gorgeous!” I walked up to the cake like I knew she expected me to, and I bent over slightly to inspect her work. “The fondant is crisp, the flowers are perfect, and the bow is adorable.. And you pulled it together so quickly.” I paused, turned and looked at her. “I’m impressed. However, there are a few things you may need to work on.”

She tilted her head slightly, her brow creasing with worry as she watched me carefully, “Things? Like what?”

“Well, for starters, your hair should have been pulled back right from the start,” I walked up to her and placed my hands on her hips, turning her around until her back faced me. “The last thing we want is to have a client upset because strands of hair were found in their cake.” I reached up and slowly combed my fingers through her thick locks, from the scalp to the roots, before pulling it all up into a messy bun and securing it with a hair tie.

“Second of all…” I paused a moment as I stood behind Rylee, her body so close to mine and her neck now exposed. To this day I have no idea what about her neck I found so enticing; maybe it was just the fact that it was long and slender and almost flowed down to a pair of graceful shoulders. I lifted my hands again to the section of the apron that was looped around her neck. “Second of all… I noticed the apron was loose up top,” My fingers brushed against her skin as I reached to adjust the garment, and I smiled at the sound of a quiet gasp that came from her. “You don’t want it too loose, because one day while you’re mixing up the icing, you’re bound to have a bit of an explosion and you’ll wind up with everything down your shirt.”

She nodded slightly, then cleared her throat and turned around to face me, “So, hair up, apron tight.” Rylee smiled as she paraphrased the points I’d given her, eager to show she’d been listening.

“Exactly; we don’t want customer complaints and we definitely… Definitely don’t want you having to strip in the middle of your shift,” I cleared my throat as well and turned back to the counter, where I reached for the bowl of leftover icing. “Now that that’s been covered, one thing we never ever do at the bakery is lick the bowl — food safety, and plain old sanitation rules. I’m sure you understand.” At her nod, I smiled and tucked the metal bowl under the crook of my arm, before dipping a finger into the leftovers and lifting it to my mouth. As she stood there before me, I purposely took my time savouring the taste of the homemade icing, first licking part of the mess off my finger, before taking it between my lips and sucking it clean. “We’ll make an exception this time, though,” I said with a grin. “Or at least, I will.”

Her eyes went wide and then she glared at me, her hands moving to her hips, “Hey! I’m the one that worked hard to make the pretty cake! I think I deserve some of that,” I laughed as she lunged for me, and I quickly turned my back to her, huddling over the bowl of icing so she couldn’t get at it. Her body was wrapped around mine all of a sudden, my ass against her crotch and her arms around my shoulders, her hands awfully close to the top of my dress.

“You’re gonna make a mess!” I squeaked as she rocked me slightly in her arms, my body reacting on its own and slightly grinding my ass back and forth against her. I felt a slight pause in her actions as she felt this, but she simply continued casino firmalari grabbing at me, trying to pry me to an upright position so she could get to the bowl.

“Oh, I’ll make a mess!” Suddenly, her hand moved for the cake and the next thing I knew, I had chocolate cake and vanilla icing smeared across my chest. I squeaked and stood up quickly in an effort to prevent any of it falling down my dress, giving up the bowl of icing to her. “Mmm, this is tasty,” I heard her murmur amid giggles.

I wrinkled my nose and turned to look at her, ready to blast her for the mess she’d just made, and came to a sudden halt. Beneath one arm, Rylee held the bowl just as I had before her, and her other hand was lifted, a finger between her lips. My cheeks flushed with colour as I stared at her, momentarily having forgotten about the cake mess, and as she pulled her finger from between her lips, I could hear my heart pounding in my chest.

“You’ve got cake all over you, Ocean,” she teased with a laugh, reaching down for another scoop of the icing.

I cleared my throat as I watched her, her laughter bringing me back to the present moment, “Oh, do I? I hadn’t noticed.” I sneered at her before chuckling and stepping up to her. “Here, let me take this from you for a moment,” I reached for the bowl and put it aside, not bothering to clean up the mess she’d made, and instead reaching up to slip the apron off of her. As I pulled it away, she shook her hair back once more, a satisfied grin on her lips. I stepped away to hang the apron up, trying to convince myself that no, Rylee’s nipples weren’t harder than they had been before, and no, she wasn’t trying to show off.

“You’re still messy.” I looked over at her as I hung the apron, then turned back and looked down at my chest, humming quietly.

“It would appear that I am, Rylee,” I murmured with a nod, before I lifted my head to look at her once more. “You know, I forgot a rule about working in my kitchen.” I paused as I reached for a towel, and held it out to her. “Everyone cleans up after themselves.”

Her brown eyes focused on the towel for a few seconds, before lifting her gaze to my chest, and then to my face, “Surely you can’t be serious.”

I laughed quietly, shaking the towel at her, “Oh, I am. It could be worse, you know. I could be making you clean it up with your mouth,” a smirk curled on my lips as I saw her cheeks turn slightly pink, and she took the towel from my hand without another word. “If you want to work in my bakery, you need to follow the rules.” I watched as she reached over to dampen the towel at the sink, and met her gaze when she turned back to me. “Even if you are a good friend.”

She nodded and bit her bottom lip a little bit as she stepped up to me, her hand holding the towel daintily. Slowly, she dragged the towel along my chest, cleaning up the bigger bits of cake and smearing more of the icing around in the process. I frowned slightly as I looked down at the mess that was now spreading down toward my dress, and I reached up to pull the top down over just the tops of my full breasts.

“Ocean…” Rylee’s innocent gaze met mine, and I smiled up at her, one of my hands moving to rest lightly against her hip.

“Don’t you go anywhere, Rylee,” I murmured as my fingers hooked into the belt loops of her shorts. “You’ve got a mess to clean up.” My free hand moved to reach for the cake, and I scooped a little of it with my finger. “Here, for all your hard work today, I think you deserve a taste,” I smiled as I offered her the cake-covered finger, and she watched it for a moment, unsure, before she leaned in, her lips surrounding my fingertip. “There you go… Tasty, isn’t it?”

She nodded slowly before pulling back, her gaze finding mine once more, “Very tasty. Did you bake it?”

I nodded and smiled as I reached back for more, my finger not moving so close to her mouth this time, “I did. My secret chocolate recipe,” I laughed and watched her as she guided the towel in circles against my chest in attempt to clean me up, and then smiled as she finally leaned in for a second taste of the cake. “You’re gonna be a great addition to the team, you know,” my voice was becoming husky as I watched her clean the cake from my finger, and I could feel my nipples stiffening against the thin top of my sundress.

“So… You’ll hire me?” She pulled back quickly and she looked at me with a mixture of curiosity and excitement, her hand stopping the towel’s movements.

I shrugged a little, once more scooping a bit of cake onto my finger, and this time holding it up just before my lips, “Well… we’ll have to see what skills you have to offer, outside of your decorating. So far, you aren’t doing a very good job of cleaning up the mess you made.”

She stood there and stared at the bit of cake that was on my finger, and she pulled back the towel and shook her head, “I really don’t think tha–”

“Rylee… Come on. You want this job, don’t you? You güvenilir casino want to spend your life decorating cakes, remember?” I smiled as my hand against her hip slightly rubbed the spot it rested against, and my blue eyes looked up at her. “Don’t you want to work for ‘the best boss someone could have’?” I watched her chew on her bottom lip, and I smiled as I pulled her toward me a little by the belt loops of her shorts. “Just this last little bit of cake.. I want you to get really familiar with the product we sell. Come on.”

A sound that seemed to be a mix of a whimper and a sigh left her lips and she leaned in uncertainly toward my finger, never once removing her gaze from mine. As her lips wrapped around my fingertip one last time, I let out a soft purr and gave her hip a little squeeze. Her sucking was slower and seemed more sensual this last time, and slowly I withdrew my finger from between her lips, only to lightly kiss them the moment they were free.

Her body tensed at the brief touch of our lips, and I smiled slightly when I pulled back, pleased to see that she hadn’t budged, “Ahh, there we go. How was that?” My voice was just a touch louder than a whisper, my hand still lightly squeezing her hip.

Rylee looked at me, her cheeks crimson red and her lips parted slightly, “It… Tasty,” She murmured quietly, and I grinned.

“Would you… Like another taste?” The room went silent for what seemed like an eternity before she nodded ever-so-slightly, and I chuckled, my free hand moving to rest against the other side of her hips. Gently, I pulled her towards me until our hips were just barely touching, and I tilted my head to press my lips softly against hers, kissing her tenderly, coaxing her to do the same.

Not wanting to push her boundaries, I kept the kiss tender and coaxing as my hands worked along the curve of her hips, the occasional moan leaving me. I leaned back against the counter, smiling slightly as I felt her tongue lightly flick against my bottom lip, and I parted my lips for her. Without warning, her kisses became deep and slow, and her hands found their way to my shoulders. My head tilted back and I offered her my mouth, allowing her to control the passion of the kisses, while my hands worked slowly up her body, bunching her halter top up over her smooth tummy and under her breasts.

She moaned into my mouth as she started to become more feverish in her affection, her body pressing to my touch as my soft palms trailed along her stomach. I met her moans with my own quiet purrs of excitement, and my hands moved up along her body to the back of her halter top’s neck, where my fingers deftly untied the garment. The top of her shirt fell to meet the rest of it beneath her breasts, and I slowly moved my hands to cup her pert mounds in my palms, her hard nipples pushing against me through her thin bikini top.

I softly squeezed her breasts, and she arched her back toward me before she suddenly broke the kiss, panting and lowering her gaze to mine. “They’re so small,” she whispered, gasping for air as my hands worked her tits.

I chuckled quietly, lifting my head once more to watch my fingers as they singled out her nipples through her top, “They’re so perfect,” I murmured back, before leaning in. I pushed her breasts together slightly, and trailed light kisses along either side of her cleavage, purposely avoiding going straight to her nipples. “They’re what.. B-cups?” As she nodded, I tugged slowly at her stiff and sensitive nipples, making her head fall back as she groaned. “Exactly. Perfection.”

Her hands squeezed my shoulders as my head moved lower, and from side to side, teasing my lips against her flesh, from one bra cup to the next. I pulled the left cup of her bikini top to the side slowly, baring her pink areola and hard pink nipple, and I pinched the latter lightly, before softly dragging the tip of my tongue over it. A loud groan filled the room as I swirled my tongue around her nipple, and her hands found their way into my hair as I took as much of her left breast into my eager mouth, sucking firmly as I pulled my mouth along it until I was tugging at her nipple with my lips.

I turned my head to the other side and pulled the right cup of her bikini top to the side as well, repeating the same process on her slightly larger right breast. Instead of pulling away, however, I simply suckled on her overly sensitive nipple, moaning and purring with her. She tugged at my hair a little bit, and I grinned around her tit, biting down on her nipple in response before I pulled back and stood up, looking up at her.

“Seems like someone was enjoying herself,” I whispered as my lips brushed against hers, before moving them down to her defined jaw. “Touch me, Rylee,” I murmured between kisses, my hands moving to pull the top of my dress down over my naked, swollen breasts. “Touch my titties.”

Rylee nodded and inhaled sharply as I nipped at her skin, her slender hands moving over my broad shoulders before coming to cup my larger breasts, simply feeling the weight of them in comparison to hers, “Yours are so heavy… So big,” I laughed at the awe in her voice, and I planted a light kiss just below her ear before pulling back once more and nodding up at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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