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Bright lights shined on Madelynn’s unblinking, glazed eyes. An explosion of kaleidoscopic colors followed. Hundreds of multicolored sparkles swirled counter-clockwise in rapidly accelerating speed. A set of flexible metallic bra and panties, a web of micro suction cups attached to robotic tentacles, and myriad sensory stimulators composed mainly of worm-like robotic tendrils wrapped around various parts of her body to provide finer stimulation, gave her a steady stream of artificial stimuli. Primary sexual stimulation was provided by a special sybian saddle attached with full-sized dildos controlled by intelligent software. Each deeply-embedded dildo was powered by dozens of small motors, allowing for a wide range of movements. Micro-hydraulics enabled even more intricate motion, allowing subtle experiences such as air flow to be simulated. As she was gradually being sedated, Madelynn drifted into a state of altered consciousness and reality.

“Where am I?”

Madelynn found herself standing on a perfectly flat surface that was glossy and purple as far as the eye could see. Above her were haphazard swirls of unnatural-looking clouds in various shades of pink and black covering the whole of the sky. Oversized stars shined through them like ghostly ornaments. The air was silent. Nothing moved except herself. She tried to think, but thinking was difficult. All her mind could focus on at the moment was her present experience. Looking at the reflective ground, she realized she was completely naked. Instinctively covered herself with her arms, but put them down after seeing no one around her.

Walking in a random direction, she eventually came upon a dais of white marble. On top of it was a flawless obsidian sculpture of a naked woman lying face up. Upon closer inspection, Madelynn realized that it was in the shape and look of her mother. Everything was modeled perfectly: the large breasts with pointed nipples, the taut waist, the engorged pussy lips, the round butt, and the sexy thighs. It seemed to be frozen in a perpetual state of arousal. The empty black eyes seemed to be looking at Madelynn.


“Madelynn, help me…” whispered the sculpture through its unmoving lips.

Madelynn had a sudden urge to kiss those lips, to suck on the glossy nipples of the large bosom, and to rub the shiny pussy with her own. But, before she could do anything, the ground opened up and swallowed the dais along with the sculpture of her mom whole. Madelynn collapsed on the ground, pressed her palms on the shiny surface, and screamed, “No, Mom, Mom!” Nothing happened. Only her own troubled face stared back at her.

Faint feminine moaning sounds aroused Madelynn’s attention. She stood up from the ground, trying to make out where the sounds were coming from. They seemed close, but their origin eluded her even after walking towards the direction of the sounds. Slowly, the source of the sensual moaning materialized in front of Madelynn. Several dozen naked women and girls were trapped inside sparkly floating bubbles. They didn’t seemed to be bothered by their confinement because their attention were focused on pleasuring themselves. Each and every one of them were squeezing their own breasts and fingering their pussies. Some of them also inserted fingers into their own asses. A few of them noticed Madelynn’s presence and look at her lecherously through glazed eyes.

“What’s going on with them?”

A frightening rumbling sound made Madelynn jump. The ground beneath her shook, almost causing her to lose her balance. Large cracks appeared as sections of the ground began giving way. There was a loud growling sound before huge slimy black tentacles shot upwards from the huge hole on the ground. The glistening sinuous arms immediately went for and wrapped themselves around the incarcerated females, popping the transparent spheres in the process. Madelynn watched in shock as the demonic tentacles had their way with the women and the girls. Expecting a grisly end befalling on them, the females screamed in horror. The bulbous-ended tentacles teased the cunt lips of the females before thrusting deep into their love canals. Another set of tentacles rose from the pit and aimed for the asses of the women. They squirted clear lubricant on the anal openings before slowly easing their way in, causing the women to grunt and cry in protest as the tentacles slowly filled up their rectums. Smaller, tapered tentacles grew from the main tentacles and caressed the bodies of the females. Wrapping themselves around their bodies like a slimy net, the tendrils left no part of the females’ bodies unmolested. Their cries of horror soon became moans of pleasure. Leaving no holes unviolated, more tentacles sprouted from the ground and invaded the mouths of the women. Those who resisted had their lips pried open by the tendrils. Some tentacles ejaculated prematurely. Tar-like cum poured from the females’ mouths, asses, and pussies. It flowed down along the thighs and dripped onto the ground. bahis firmaları Madelynn wished she could do something to help them but felt powerless.

“Oh my God! The monsters are raping the women! Someone needs to free them!”

“You can save them,” said a familiar female voice that came out of nowhere.

“Save them? How?”

“By dominating them.”

“But they need to be freed from those monsters!!”

“They seek the strongest to control them. They get sexual pleasure from being dominated.”

“You mean this is what they want?”

“Yes and no. The monsters are giving the females what they want, but they’re also deceiving them by taking away from them what they need.”

Madelynn saw the tentacles draining energy from the females. Glowing packets traveled repeatedly downward along the sinuous arms.

“Then they will get hurt by the monsters, won’t they?”

“Yes, and only you can help them.”


“As I’ve said before, you need to dominate them. Show them that you’re stronger than the monsters. Then you control them and enslave them.”

“But that’s wrong, isn’t it?”

“There’s nothing wrong with helping them. Only you can free them from the enslaving yoke of men. You’re destined to dominate women physically, mentally, and sexually.”

“But it’s still slavery, and slavery is wrong.”

“It’s freedom through enslavement. Those women and girls are better off being enslaved by you than by the evil men.”

Madelynn felt a sudden surge of sexual excitement in her pussy.

“Homosexuality is wrong,” uttered Madelynn weakly.

“It’s only wrong when you’re denying it. You’re obviously lying to yourself.”

Madelynn realized that she was. Images of herself engaging group sex with Wendy and Lauren flashed in her mind. Another erotic spark of excitement made her pussy twinge.

“You are the lesbian dominatrix… Entice them… Enslave them… Coerce them into the world of womanly pleasures… They will resist at first, but they’ll thank you later…”

Suddenly, it all made sense for Madelynn.

Sparks of pleasure shot up her spine as she asserted her role. “Yes… I’m the lesbian dominatrix… I will control and rule them all…”

“Here, wear this and you’ll become what you truly desire…”

A small area of the ground in front of her melted into liquid. Countless ripples disturbed the flat surface as the ground boiled. When the bubbling ceased, a purple marble mannequin looking exactly like Madelynn slowly rose up majestically. It was dressed in a black Victorian-style satin dress that consisted of a front-lace bejeweled corset, a pleated knee-length skirt with three layers purple petty coats, a laced choker with a jewel at the center, and separate sleeves made from intricate lace. Ruffles and lace lined the edges of the dress, adding to the volume and beauty. But that wasn’t all, black fishnet stockings ran up the mannequin’s legs that stood on glossy single-strapped high heeled pumps and a glossy black mask with floral embossments covered its face.

Madelynn felt a strange familiarity with the dress, as if it was meant for her. She cautiously touched the dress with her fingers, feeling the smoothness of the satin fabric. The glossy lips on the mannequin’s mask shimmered with brilliant iridescence. Madelynn leaned forward and slowly kissed them with her lips. There was a flash, and instantly her body felt a sudden chill followed by warmth. She felt something clinging to her body and a mask covering her face. Gently, Madelynn took off the mask, which quickly transformed into a stylish hand mirror.

Smiling wickedly at her own reflection, she marveled at her sudden transformation. The fingers that held the mirror had nails of black lacquer. An onyx and amethyst gemstone bracelet encircled her wrist. Her face was chalk white and flawless. Black eye shadow and eyeliner decorated her eyelids. Copious black mascara accentuated her long and curled eyelashes. The barbell piercing above her right eye and onyx earrings dangling on her ears glinted brilliantly. Her pageboy-length raven hair became shoulder-length and modified into a series of tube curls and tresses. Madelynn licked her glossy black lips, seeing and feeling a jeweled piercing on her tongue.

“Tattoos and piercings look sexy on you,” said the hidden voice. Tingles of phantom pleasure made Madelynn’s pussy quiver.


Lowering the mirror, she admired the rest of her dress. It was tight, but comfortable and sexy. The laced sleeves were low enough to reveal a prominent glowing tattoo on her upper right arm. Squirming slightly, she felt the familiar texture of the latex and noticed that the unseen underwear was transferred to her body as well.

Feeling powerful and confident, she strutted on her 4-inch heels towards the monstrosities that were ravishing the females. She could see more of the monsters now as the central mass oozed upwards. Familiar faces protruded momentarily from kaçak iddaa the amoeba-like mass of tar: faces of handsome male popstars, a nerdy male classmate who was interested in her, Daniel, her Dad, and all the other males she had encountered in her life. Hate and distrust welled up in her heart. A long, black whip materialized in her hand. She struck at monster several times, causing it to growl loudly in pain with each attack. It gave one final cry of defeat before shriveling up into mush.

Freed from the monster, the women and girls floated slowly down to the ground. Shocked and disorientated, they groaned in discomfort and looked at Madelynn with cautious, uncertain eyes. Madelynn walked towards them with an air of authority. A bunch of bejeweled collars of various colors materialized on her free hand. The dominatrix came upon a naked woman with long red hair that reached halfway down her back, and touch her neck with a collar.

The collar moved on its own, snapping open and twisted in the air until it found its place around the woman’s neck. In place of her previous apprehensive attitude, the woman now was tranquil. Still sitting on her haunches, she wrapped her arms around Madelynn’s left thigh and rubbed her cheeks on it, feeling the smooth skin and the fishnet stocking of her mistress. When Madelynn shrugged her off, the woman continued looking at Madelynn adoringly.

One at a time, she touched each woman and girl with her slave collars. The rest of them noticed something was wrong and began running away, but they didn’t get very far. With a simple thought in Madelynn’s mind, black vines grew from the ground and immobilized the fleeing females’ arms and legs. Casually, Madelynn walked up to them and converted all the resisting females with her collars. When they were released from the vines, all the women and girls gathered in a circle around Madelynn with sexual anticipation.

There was a bubbling sound as the ground melted and a circular bed covered with a red satin sheet rose upwards. Madelynn’s eyes locked onto a particular girl, whose eyes gazed downwards submissively. She gestured to the girl to get into the bed. The female teen slave complied and climbed into the mattress on her knees. Madelynn’s dress rustled when she did likewise. Using her black-nailed fingers, she felt up the girl’s body, running upwards from the butt, along the curves, and stopping at the facial cheeks. Madelynn playfully ran her fingers through the teen slave’s dark brunette hair, twirling some strands around her fingers, then giving a downward yank on the slave’s braided pigtails. Their faces were a mere three inches from each other. Madelynn could still see some reluctance in the girl’s eyes, but instinctively knew that pleasure will soon turn it into willingness. She gave a forceful kiss on the naked girl’s lips. The slave girl struggled weakly under Madelynn’s rough handling, but melted under the deep, intimate kiss. Their tongues spiraled together in a sensual dance. Madelynn’s tongue rubbed against the girl’s teeth before going into her mouth, which was eagerly sucked by the girl. With one hand holding the back of the girl’s head, Madelynn cupped and tightly squeezed the girl’s breasts. The supple breasts felt wonderful in her palms, and she couldn’t stop gyrating the wonderful orbs with her hands.

Madelynn’s black satin dress slowly melted. The pitch-black liquid flowed down along her body, caressing Madelynn’s skin along the way, and gathered into a syrupy dark puddle right next to her legs. Her black latex half-cup bra, thong, fishnet stockings, and shiny high heels remained intact on her body. The dominatrix continued kissing her slave girl as if nothing had happened. Twisting and moving itself inside out, the black blob split into several smaller blobs that individually transformed into a variety of sex toys.

The slave girl mewed in disappointment when Madelynn broke the kiss, but she rewarded with something that would bring her even more pleasure. Madelynn pulled down on the slave girl’s pigtails until the girl’s head was in level with her crotch. The girl’s pink tongue extended and licked in between and around the folds of the dominatrix’s flushed pussy lips. A sigh of pleasure escaped from Madelynn’s parted shiny black lips. When Madelynn pulled the girl’s head away by the hair, the girl’s tongue remained desperately extended to reach the nectar. Picking up a double dildo strap-on, the dominatrix effortlessly pulled the rubbery harness up her legs. She inserted one half of it into her pussy before tightening the straps.

The dildo was brandished in front of the slave girl’s face. “Lubricate it, slave.”

Obediently, the slave girl licked the dildo, coating it with saliva with her swirling tongue. Slowly, the rubbery shaft went in between the her lips, and she deep throated effortlessly. It was time for the main course. Madelynn roughly shove the girl backward down on the bed, causing her to yelp. Holding onto the glossy black shaft with kaçak bahis one hand, the dominatrix carefully aimed it at the entrance to the teen girl’s moist love canal and pushed it in partially. Lifting the girl’s legs upwards, Madelynn ran her hands along their lengths before draping them over her shoulders. She wrapping her arms around the thighs and began thrusting her hips. The slave girl inhaled sharply in anticipation. With one sharp motion, Madelynn pushed the glossy black shaft further in between the girl’s love lips. It was then pulled back out. The cycle repeated endlessly. Distressful cries quickly turned into erotic moaning.

Madelynn gestured to a woman braided blonde hair tied in a bun to join in the fun. The slave girl’s legs were lowered from the dominatrix’s shoulders, but Madelynn kept fucking the slave girl with the strap-on. After the blonde woman sat on her knees with her legs astride the girl’s head and her pussy directly above the girl’s lips, she lowered herself and brushed her cunt lips against the teen slave’s mouth. Eager to taste the delectable juice, the teen girl’s tongue extended upwards to lap at the moist cunt, hesitantly at first, but with enthusiastic lust seconds later. Madelynn and the blonde woman moved their upper bodies towards each other for a sloppy wet kiss. Their tongues reached past the lips and brushed against chins, cheeks, and noses, slathering them with glistening saliva. The woman gave a cry when she orgasmed. Her honey splattered copiously on the girl’s face.

Positions changed. The blonde woman exchanged positions with the slave girl. But, instead of riding on the woman’s face, the girl did a partial hand stand with Madelynn lifting her thighs, supporting them on her shoulders. Toes pointed toward the sky. Teenage feminine lips brushed and kissed against mature lips. Dangling young breasts pressed against ripe melons. Pointy nipples were carefully aligned so that they brushed together. Madelynn’s tongue went up and down the girl’s slit in long, deliberate strokes. She bit on the love petals with her teeth and sucked greedily on them before venturing in with her tongue. But she didn’t stop there, for her tongue went up between the girl’s ass crack and rimmed on the asshole in circular motions. A chorus of loud moans, gasps, and mews emanated from the trio of sexual beings. The females watching the show waited impatiently for their turns with their beloved Mistress.

Out of the corner of her eye, Madelynn saw a teen girl peeking cautiously from the side of a large gray boulder in the distance. Madelynn’s lips curved in a wicked smile. Licking dripping pussy juice from the boundaries of her lips, she disengaged from the group sex and walked towards the uncollared girl in a predatory manner. Sneaking behind the boulder unnoticed, Madelynn found the naked girl in a crouching position.

The girl’s eyes widened in shock when she realized that she was discovered. “No!”

When the girl tried to get up to run away, Madelynn whipped her. “Stay where you are, cunt!”

Thwack! “Ahhh!”

Madelynn felt a wonderful thrill when she pushed the girl against the boulder, barring her remaining chance of escape. She pressed her warm body against the girl. Writhing and rubbing her mass against the girl’s naked skin, Madelynn made sure the girl felt touch and warmth of her feminine body as much as possible. The frightened teen squirmed when she felt the unfamiliar feeling of latex touching her skin. When the girl turned her face away during Madelynn’s attempted kiss, Madelynn gripped onto her chin tightly and kissed her forcibly. Using the strength which she never knew she had, the latex-clad dominatrix flipped the resisting girl around and plunged the strap-on dildo deep into her pussy without any foreplay. Breasts swung like pendulums as the girl was being fucked mercilessly. Thighs slapped loudly against firm buttocks. Instinctively, the girl’s palms pressed against the cold, hard stone for balance. Pitiful cries of resistance became moans of pleasure. Madelynn smiled with satisfaction at having taken the girl’s virginity doggy-style. Her hands held onto the waist for support, and later reached along the sides to grope the dangling boobs underneath. Once an orgasm passed through Madelynn’s body, she pulled out the strap-on completely and teased the girl’s puckered anus with its tip.

“Not in my ass, no!”

Ignoring her pleas, Madelynn plunged it into the girl’s anus anyway, causing the girl to emit loud grunts and squeals at the unexpected and painful intrusion. However, it didn’t take long for girl to moan like a whore again. Acting on her sadistic streak, the dominatrix repeatedly slapped on the girl’s bum.

“See, they enjoy it eventually like I’ve told you,” said the omnipresent female voice.

“But it’s not real love.”

“They don’t need love, just raw pleasure. You don’t need love.”

“I don’t?”

“Yes, you don’t. It’s worthless to you. Only pleasure and power matters to you.”


“Think for yourself, Madelynn. Think about what you truly need and want.”

The facial images of Wendy, Elena, Erin, and the pretty girls at her school flashed sequentially in Madelynn’s mind.

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