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Jennifer and Brenda were very nice women. They were both happily married with wonderful children. They had loving husbands and nice homes. They lived in good neighborhoods and had lots of friends.

They also had some very secret thoughts. Thoughts about sex. Thoughts about other women.

Sometimes, when Jennifer was dressing or in the shower, she would let her hands drift, moving and caressing all over. She had done that for almost as long as she could remember, thinking about boys she liked and later about her husband’s touch. Sometimes she would even think about other men. Jennifer felt guilty about this but kept on doing it. She knew that lots of people masturbated — she had even caught her hubby doing it sometimes. It just felt so nice and was her little secret.

But more and more, she thought about something else. Sometimes she would think about another person watching her touch herself…another woman. Just the thought of being watched…someone seeing her as she pleasured herself…was terribly arousing. Sometimes Jennifer would even think about being the one watching. Seeing the other woman…feel herself. Watching her. Watching her masturbate.

It was even more arousing…to think of her touching Jennifer. Not Jennifer’s hands, but hers, caressing Jennifer’s body. Touching her…feeling all over. Different than her loving hubby — a softer, more knowing touch. Just gently pleasuring her. Or maybe Jennifer was touching her. Feeling another woman’s body. Exploring and pleasuring.

These were such secret thoughts. But Jennifer thought about them more and more. And they became more and more detailed. It wasn’t just touching…it was kissing…licking…rubbing…climaxing…together. And it wasn’t just some mystery woman doing the touching. Jennifer would think about real people…first just strangers she had seen…then people she knew but not well…and then, sometimes, friends she knew very well. Friends that would be shocked if they knew Jennifer was having masturbation fantasies about them.

Brenda was also a very good wife and mother that had some very bahis firmaları secret thoughts. When she was in the shower, her hands would join the hot water flowing all over her body…touching, fondling herself…all over. She would have the same thoughts as Jennifer — about seeing another woman masturbate…her watching Brenda masturbate…the two of them… touching…playing…climaxing…as they shared and explored each other’s bodies.

Brenda also used to think about other men…but that felt so wrong…like cheating on her husband. Women felt different..safer, not the same..and even more exciting. Jennifer felt the same way. Nice girls like Jennifer and Brenda weren’t supposed to think too much about sex at all…and certainly not supposed to be thinking about other women. Other women with their clothes off, masturbating, caressing and licking each other to orgasm. Women having sex.

Oh, they felt guilty about these thoughts, but they just couldn’t stop. It felt so good. It was their little secret from the whole world.

They both had little toys that helped them along the way. Not that they thought of them as toys..or vibrators..or really anything. They were just part of the guilty secret. They had bought them furtively and hid the toys deep in their dresser drawers…until they were naked…already aroused…and they took the toys out to make themselves even more aroused and excited.

They still totally loved their husbands. They were good men and good lovers. But Brenda and Jennifer were married, at home, tied down by the kids they also loved dearly even when they were about to go insane cleaning spilled milk off the floor for the third time that day. They had left their jobs to have kids, and missed so much of it — the idea of having somewhere to go all day, a place with other adults, a place where they were not just the domestic goddess. Their lives were so boring, conventional, obvious, transparent. Wife. Mother. Supermarket bargain-hunter. That was about it.

Except for this. This was their secret from the world. That they masturbated thinking about other kaçak iddaa women.

But a secret was both delicious and draining. Sometimes it was just plain guilty. It was so bad — masturbating at all, not to mention thinking lesbian thoughts. Didn’t they love their husbands? Weren’t they satisfied with their sex lives? How could they go to church on Sunday with this deep secret hidden in their hearts?

It was so hard sometimes. Because it was a secret they could never tell. Both Brenda and Jennifer felt there was no one else like them. No one they could admit these things to. No one that would understand.

* * *

At least they had the internet. Brenda and Jennifer both discovered and read lots of stories — both lesbian and other ones. But no surprise — it was the lesbian ones that were most exciting. The stories could get very detailed and Brenda and Jennifer would grow very wet just sitting and reading. Sometimes the toys would come out and they would spend as much time as life allowed just reading…and playing…often cumming more than once as they read all the naughty stories.

Both women had ventured other places on the net. They had seen a lot of porn that turned them off, and very little that turned them on. No fake blondes with fake boobs making fake love with other fake lesbians, please. They also found bulletin boards and chat rooms, but almost nothing that really interested them.

But they kept exploring…especially the chat rooms, where they could talk with other people. But most of these people were men, men who had zero interest in words that weren’t “cock”, “pussy” and “cam.”

Jennifer sometimes met a guy who was nice…and sometimes the chat got pretty hot. But she felt terribly guilty afterward. It was just like cheating. She had a man she loved. It felt way worse than any of her other secret thoughts.

Brenda also began to chat more. But it was the same. It just made her feel emptier inside and more guilty than ever. She felt so alone with her secret life.

One of them discovered lesbian chat rooms first. They both vaguely knew kaçak bahis that such things existed…but the name didn’t sound right for Brenda and Jennifer. After all, they weren’t actually lesbians. They were married heterosexual women. Who happened to get wet thinking about other women naked and touching each other.

But soon they both started visiting those rooms. A lot was the same — a lot of men, a lot of crazies, and a few “real” lesbians who probably didn’t think much of these married girls indulging their little fantasy lives before making dinner.

Most of the time Brenda and Jennifer just clicked around the rooms, realizing that they were wasting their time. Hardly anything or anybody was even arousing…it was more frustrating than anything. But sometimes they were so horny that they allowed themselves to go pretty far. They were cybering — with other women (or men who did a good job pretending to be women). Detailed, sexual encounters with strangers.

It was hot..and more and more, they were signing on hoping to find a cyberpartner. Most of the time though it was just sexual — not erotic, not really arousing, not even really satisfying. Just desperate getting off, really. They would try to have conversations — just trying to get to know the person a bit — but it was all pretty much about the sex. When people did talk, they often seemed almost a little crazy…off-balance, weird. Weren’t there any normal people in chat? Normal people who happened to have very sexy secret thoughts?

Some days they would almost cry about the whole thing. The masturbation. The lesbian thoughts. The fantasies. The erotic stories. And the crappy cyber that wasn’t very fun but was getting as addictive as everything else.

Could they stop? Did they want to stop? The worst part was just being all alone with their thoughts and struggles. Some days they just felt like crap about the whole thing. They had gone so far; how could they ever turn back? How could they ever tell anyone about it?

Then one day Jennifer was hanging out in a chat room, and saw a new woman sign on — someone whose name wasn’t ‘HOT4U” or “SeXyNiKkI.” It was just “Brenda.” So she said hello. Brenda said hello right back.

Then Brenda sent a private message. “Wanna cyber?”

* * *

To Be Continued

* * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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